Sisters of the Mists Ch. 16


The tickle behind her mound grew stronger, the first tease of the orgasm he was driving her toward with enthusiastic diligence. Though the glimpses of him looking up into her eyes as he gave her such pleasure made her heart soar, she found it difficult to keep her eyes open as her climax drew ever closer. He found her clit more frequently as she soared toward the heights, his tongue pushing back the bud's protective hood to make her scream from the sudden, sharp sensation.

One of Andrea's hands slapped to the bed, scrunching up the sheets in her clawed fingers. Her toes curled as well, and her head lashed as she teetered on the cusp of sweet oblivion. Then, he was gone.

She forced her eyes open and begged, "Please don't stop," but then gasped when she saw him standing and taking his cock in hand. She barely had time to realize what he was doing — and no time to react — before the whole of his stiff manhood sank into her depths with a measured push.

Andrea's head lifted from the mattress. Her eyes pinched closed and her mouth dropped open. The scream caught in her throat escaped when he withdrew to the tip, and buried his thick cock inside her again. One of his hands gripped her right thigh tight, while the other flashed over her clit.

She could barely hear her own screams over the sound of her heartbeat pounding in her ears. He took her hard and fast, filling her so full and shooting electric pulses all through her body.

The room warmed as what little awareness she had beyond that of her impending orgasm struggled to control her powers. Sweat beaded up on every inch of her skin as her breasts bounced from the power of his thrusts. The pressure grew, taunting her as climax remained just out of reach. Just as the thought flashed through her mind that she would surely black out if she didn't come soon, the shockwave of beautiful agony ripped through her.

She was barely aware of her thrashing and screaming as she came. Every thrust of his cock drove her to a new peak of ecstasy. Over and over again, her muscles tightened, squeezing him even harder and increasing the hot friction of his hardness driving into her. The world vanished, and there was nothing more to her existence than the relentless orgasm that refused to let her go.

She had no idea how long she'd remained caught in the web of her climax when her eyes shot open and she sucked in a noisy gasp to fill her starving lungs with air. Turner stood in front of her, dripping with sweat, his cock still nestled in her depths. She panicked, glancing around the room with eyes that refused to focus, praying that she would find nothing that had caught fire from losing control of her powers.

"Wow," Turner groaned. He wiped sweat out of his eyes, and grinned at her.

Andrea shuddered from a throb of his cock inside her and nodded in agreement, because her voice refused to obey her.

He growled, his glistening muscles tightening as another contraction of her canal squeezed him. "You feel so good," he said from between clenched teeth.

It was only then that she realized that he was still rock hard, and hadn't reached his peak.

Though her body protested, she lifted one foot from the bed and moved it behind him, pulling against his back.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, and dug his fingers into her thighs.

"C-come for me. Come for m-m-me," she cried out as he rocked her body again.

Their bodies collided with loud slaps. Turner growled and panted from exertion, driving his cock into her at a relentless pace. Andrea's screams quavered both from the power of his thrusts and the sensitivity of her still lingering orgasm. His face tightened and the rhythm of his hips turned jerky, and she knew he was there.

The scream that burst from her when he jerked free kept her from telling him to come inside her, but the sight of his semen arching through the air to spatter on her breasts made her gasp in delighted surprise. He slapped his cock against her moist skin and damp curls with a loud, inarticulate cry, and spurted more of his cream on her belly.

"Oh yes. Oh yes," Andrea moaned as cum continued to pulse from the purple head, further decorating her body and pooling in her naval.

He fell forward onto his free hand, the other still holding his throbbing cock against her. His breathing was fast and loud, and the ample evidence of how hard he had come made Andrea moan yet again. She massaged his cream into her breasts and brought her fingers to her lips, shivering when the bittersweet treat awakened her taste buds.

He looked up into her eyes, his expression one of both wonder and bliss. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, never wanting the moment to end.


"What have we here?" Ebonar said as he leaned in closer to the mirror to better see Andrea's cum-spattered body and her panting lover. "How interesting. How interesting indeed."

He chuckled, the sound holding everything of malice, and nothing of mirth. "You make it far too easy, little witch."


Hope you enjoyed the new chapter, and sorry it took so long to get out. My editor is back in action, so no worries about that any longer. I have one more complete, and I'll put it out some time within the next month. After that, we're entirely at the mercy of my muse again. I'm working on Ch. 18 at the moment.

Feedback is the fuel that gets my fingers twitching toward the keyboard, so feel free to leave some for encouragement. As a free author, that's the only payment I get for my stories, so won't you drop a few 'coins' in my hat? Be sure to vote, too.

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