Sister's Prudish Upbringing


I was speechless.

Gina continued: "I never had any idea how big it was, I mean, how big they are. It was quite an education."

"Well it gets that way sometimes," I said. "You see..."

"I know!" she giggled. "You had a boner. By the way, it makes me think of a really funny joke, "she continued. "It's about the guy who circumcises boys. He makes a lot of money selling wallets made out of the foreskins. Do you know why?"

"Why," I said.

"They're the only wallets you can buy that turn into handbags when you rub them, she said."

"That's really funny." "That's a good one!" It wasn't that funny, but I tried to laugh anyway.

Gina kept talking. "Anyway does yours have a name?"

"What?" I said.

"Di says that all guys give a name to their "friend," you know, their "best buddy."

"Well, I didn't name mine," I said, wondering how Big Di got to be such an authority on dicks.

"Yours should be Alfred, like the butler." She laughed. "You rang madam?" She laughed again. Standing straight up with her arms at her sides, Gina tipped her head back put a snooty look on her face. "At your service madam," she shouted, now laughing hysterically. "Your balls were out too, so he looked like he was carrying two suitcases," she added after she got control of herself. "Shall I carry the bags to your room madam?"

Apparently, my sister was not as innocent as she used to be. We just had a conversation about my stiff cock. In fact, she had given it a name, and thought about how it and my balls looked.

I wondered if she had been thinking about my cock as much as I was thinking about her pussy.

She even figured out that I set her up to see my cock that morning. And she was OK with it! The sound of her voice saying "you had a boner", and "your balls were out" kept playing over and over in my head was now another thing fueling my obsession. I never heard her say anything like that before. I wanted her to see it again, and I wanted her to see it cum this time. I kept thinking about that big hairy beaver. It was ripe. It was ready.

Something clicked inside of me. I started being super nice to Gina. That was a real change.

I washed her car, did her chores, and bought her little things that she liked, like M&Ms, stuff like that. If I saw her carrying something from the car, I would run outside and take it from her.

I also started to look for more opportunities to talk about sex. When Di came up in conversation,

I asked Gina how Di came to be an authority on guy's "best buddies" having names.

Gina said "well, she's got a boyfriend now, sort of." "Di works the late shift at the seven-eleven, and some guy started coming and talking to her a lot. Then one day he asked her if she wanted to smoke a joint with him after she got off work. Anyway, she started spending time in this guy's car after work, drinking and smoking pot. His name is Quinton. By the way, this guy is black, about forty years old, married, and has a kid. We told her that this guy is bad news, but she won't listen.

Anyway, one day, after they had been smoking, he just said "I think it's about time that you met Deana." Di asked him who Deana was, and he just unzipped and pulled it out. He screwed her right there in the front seat. Now she's learning how to give him blowjobs."

"I wish someone would give me blowjobs," I said, hopefully.

"Why don't you talk to that little slut across the street," she said, "Do you see how she walks up and down the block all day swinging her hips? She's advertising. I'll bet she'll do anything you want."

"She looks like a man." I replied. "The trouble is, my beautiful sister makes all the other girls look like men!"

"That's cute." Gina said sarcastically.

"I'm serious, Gina, after seeing you all the time, other girls don't even look human."

"Well you're going to have to get over that!" laughed Gina.

My horniness was at a fever pitch. I was wanking more and more, sometimes four times a day, always thinking of my sister. I convinced myself that it was destroying my motivation to try anything with her. I decided that I wouldn't jerk off again. That would force me to get my nerve up.

I think that I told you about eavesdropping on Gina and her friends Dee and Di on the porch. It had been quite a while since I did that, but after finding out that the conversations on the porch must have gotten more interesting, I started listening again. Lately they had taken to drinking wine from paper cups. Strict as the rules were about dating, wine was no big deal at our house. We drank it at meals all the time. I didn't like the taste, but Gina would have a little sometimes. There was always a large jug of table wine in our fridge and nobody kept track of it. Now the girls seemed to be drinking more than a little of it tonight. They took turns going back in the house to fill up the cups. It seems they were celebrating Dee's birthday.

Dee told a joke. "What is six inches long, has two nuts, and makes you fat," she asked. After a pause, she shouted "An Almond Joy bar!"

The more wine, the louder they got, and the more they giggled. Not a big deal, nobody was driving. They were especially rowdy tonight because my parents were out. They joked about how Gina was nineteen and had never been kissed. Then they were talking about how Shirley Ellis was mad at Ben Brackens because the very first time he kissed her he "frenched" her.

Dee said "he's a hunk; he can put his tongue anywhere he wants as far as I'm concerned."

They all laughed, especially Gina, who then said "we better change the subject or we'll all have to go take cold showers!"

Cold showers, I wondered. How often did she need those? I thought of how when she heard jokes about cocks, she must be thinking about mine, since it was the only one she had ever seen. I thought of that big hairy cunt, and its tiny, frustrated lips. How could such a sweet innocent young girl have all that hair on her pussy? How nasty, how delightfully nasty it was.

I kept hearing Bryan's voice in my head "Your sister has a nice pussy," it said.

After the girls left, Gina took her bath. No one was home, so I thought I would be able to get a good look under the door with my mirror. But she didn't move far enough away from the door this time; I only saw her legs as she stepped out of her clothes, watching each article fall. Finally, I saw the bra hit the floor, then the panties. I heard her splashing around in the tub.

When she got out of the tub, she quickly put on the nightgown (and nothing else) and went straight for the door. I had to get away in a hurry. I leaped up, and pretended to be walking to my room. As usual, I was intoxicated by the smell of bath oil and the sound of the music. My hard-ons were getting more frequent since I quit jerking off, and my nuts were full and heavy. It had been three weeks now. We were home alone. This was shaping up to be the perfect night. I wanted Gina to experience a real eruption.

I removed my clothes and my jockeys, put on some stretchy gym shorts and a tee shirt, and went downstairs. I went down to the family room and Gina had already parked herself on the sofa, lying down on her back, with some romance novel.

This was my plan: I thought that I could get comfortable next to her on the sofa, and see if she would notice the tent in my shorts. I could start by getting her to put her legs across my lap, and then take my cock out and see if I could get her to play with it a little.

I walked up and asked her if I could sit there and watch the ballgame.

"I was here first, she said, you can lay on the floor with a pillow." She sounded drunk. She hadn't been stumbling around or anything, but she definitely sounded intoxicated.

"But I always sit there during the Indians games," I protested. "How about making a little room for me on the end there?"

"Kiss my feet! I'm ree-lax-ing," she said, slurring her speech, sounding more than a bit tipsy from the wine.

I immediately thought of what Larry had said about kissing her feet. I grabbed a pillow from the chair and sat down beside the sofa.

"OK, since you insist." I said as I took one of her cute little feet in my hand and kissed the top of it.

She giggled and said, "I'm not ticklish, and I'm not leaving. You can sit on the floor, and that's that."

I kissed it again and again and then moved to the other foot, kissing it several times, as well. Gina didn't react at all. I then stuck my tongue between the first two toes.

"What was that?" she giggled, when she felt my tongue.

"A French kiss," I replied.

She ignored me and kept looking at the book. I could smell the bath oil on her, and I was getting very excited. I began to put each toe in my mouth, slowly making love to each one separately, one at a time, circling them with my tongue as she wiggled and giggled. Gradually she quit giggling. She was still looking at the book, but I could tell by her expression that she was intrigued by the feeling. No one had ever done that to her before. No one had ever done anything to her before.

I then gently kissed the sole of her foot. It was as soft as it looked. I drew a circle on the bottom of her foot with my tongue. When I did that her hips squirmed.

"Paul." was all she said, protesting.

I remembered that Ken from the gas station said that it was easier to get forgiveness than permission, so I kept pushing my luck. I began moving up, starting at her ankle, working my way up her leg slowly, kissing her calve and teasing it with my tongue.

"That's not my feet," she observed.

I went back down to her foot, then to the other foot, then slowly made my way up the other leg, kissing and licking, until she pushed me away, using her opposite foot to shove my shoulder. This continued for a while. Each time I went too high, she stopped me; I went back to her feet and toes, which she obviously began to enjoy.

After a while, I would begin to work my way back up her leg. I made sure to go a little bit higher each time, before I let her stop me. I looked up at her and she now had the book resting on her chest, her head tipped back and her eyes were shut and squinting. The reading lamp was shining in her face. I reached over and turned the lamp off.

I went back to work. I was up to her knees now. I lifted one leg and flicked the back of her knee with my tongue. That must have tickled. She pulled her feet back, raising both knees, clamping her legs together. With her knees up, her shift fell away, revealing most of her thighs. I kissed and licked every inch of the silky exposed flesh. I realized that she no longer was pushing me away, so I got bolder.

My sister giggled as I tried pushing her knees apart with gentle pressure at first, and then with more force. She slapped my arm playfully. I kept prying. She slapped it again, this time really, really hard.

"What are you doing," she said. It didn't sound like a question.

I looked up and saw her blushing; her eyes were now open, but looking up at the ceiling. "I bet you taste really good," I said, as I pried even harder.

"Gross!" she exclaimed softly, as she finally let me pull her legs apart.

She instantly brought both of her hands between her legs to completely cover her crotch and pubic area. Her beautiful legs were now apart and completely exposed to me. I never saw so much beautiful skin in one place in my life. I was in a trance. If the house caught fire I wouldn't have noticed, and been burned alive. I started kissing and licking my way up the inside of her left thigh. It was even softer and silkier than outside part of her leg. When I got to the top, I started again at the bottom of the opposite knee and worked my way up. I glanced up at my sister's face, and her eyes were now closed, with a slight frown, like she was concentrating on something.

Her hands were still clasping her crotch as I ran my tongue up and down the crack between the outside hand and her thigh. She pulled in a deep breath as I kissed her hands, which were pressed together and covering her pussy. I ran my tongue up and down each of the cracks between her fingers. Gina was breathing in very short, shallow and rapid breaths now.

Growing even bolder, I took my hands from her legs and tried to slip them up her shift and cop a feel of her tits, but her arms were holding it tight against her belly. I then tried to go over the top, but she defensively re-positioned her arms so that they now ran straight down her covered chest, one arm over each breast. She wasn't going to let me anywhere near those tits.

I pressed my tongue forcefully between her fingers, sending the message that I wanted in, but she wouldn't budge, but she wasn't complaining, either.

"Gross." She said.

Although she was protesting, I noticed that she had gradually rotated herself, and swung her legs outward, giving me better access.

I took my hands and slowly slid them up the outsides of her silky thighs. When I tried pushing them up under her ass, she surprised me by raising her hips to let me get underneath. My hands went way underneath, so that most of my fingers were now high on her hips. I had one palm under each cheek. Like her soles, they were also as soft as a baby's. That apparently was the magic touch. She pulled her fingers up and spread her pussy folds open, exposing her little bump of flesh, and not much else. I knew about the clit, but I would never have found it on my own. I was surprised that there was no hair on it, or around it, at all. I flicked it with my tongue and teased it for a while, and then got down to a steady rhythm.

My tongue was getting pretty tired as I licked my sister's clit, but she kept getting more and more excited, breathing louder and squirming like crazy, giving me encouragement. I would alternate a circular motion with flicking motions. Occasionally I sucked it, pulling the flesh surrounding it into my mouth. I was now in familiar territory, because she was reacting like I did when I was nearing my climax when I jerked off. When the time seemed right, I tightened my double-handed grip on her butt and pushed the last two fingers of each hand into warmth of her ass crack. The tip of my baby finger touched her asshole, with enough force that it started to enter. It felt hot and moist.

At that instant Gina rose up and started pumping into my face. I kept licking. She would stop, relax, and then start bucking again. After the fourth time, I couldn't move my numb tongue anymore.

I pulled my hands out from under her ass and pulled my head away.

My sister closed her legs and turned away from me, pulling her nightgown down to cover herself. She was now laying on her side, with her knees pulled up. I saw a small wet spot on the back of her nightgown, where her juices dripped. She lay still with her eyes closed as if she was asleep. My heart slowed down to the point where I could now hear the ballgame. It was the bottom of the third inning.

In my extreme excitement, by cock had gone completely limp, but sprang fully to attention as I relaxed and thought about what had just happened.

I pulled off my shorts, and it stiffened further when I felt the cool breeze on my balls as I looked at Gina. I used my shorts to wipe the considerable pre-cum from my cock. It now felt rock hard and ready to go. I got back down on my knees and reached in through the armhole of her shift to grab her tit. She moved her elbow back, blocking me, and rolled on to her stomach, forcing my hand out completely.

Turning her head towards me, she opened her eyes and saw my completely exposed member. It seemed to take a moment for her to realize what it was. That's when started to turn her head away. But then something caught her attention and she did a double take, looking back at my dick, and narrowing her gaze. My excitement level rose again. Time froze as she curiously stared at my cock. "Alfred's drooling," she reported.

I looked down and saw a slow but steady stream of pre-cum oozing from the tip of my erection. My cock was an angry red, and swollen larger than I ever saw it before, moving up and down in time with my pounding heartbeat. It was about two feet from her face and pointed straight at her as she stared. I felt like I was in another world, like I was drugged. Gina sat up and put her feet on the floor.

"I'm leaving; you can have the sofa," she said pensively, and started to stand up.

"No." I said as I sprung up from my knees to block her.

Gina scooted over to the other end of the sofa, and I quickly stepped to the left to block her. She leaned back and raised her leg defensively. "I'll kick! She shouted semi-playfully as she looked down at my crotch. She fake kicked her leg as a warning. I defensively grabbed her pretty little foot, pulling it onto my package. I felt her heel briefly touch my balls, then the top of her foot pushing my cock back against my stomach.

In my condition, that was all that was necessary. I immediately started to cum. Gobs of jizz shot from my cock as I pressed my sister's soft sole against my cock and balls, grabbing her foot with both hands and rubbing it up and down.

I heard shout from somewhere, but then I realized that it was me. Stunned by my scream, Gina's let her foot go completely limp as I used it to pleasure myself.

The spurts of cum shot upward, dripping down on my shaft and onto the top of her foot, covering some of her bright red toe polish. I looked at Gina, who was watching intently. The expression on her face was an odd mixture of curiosity and surprise. I finished and loosened my grip on her foot, holding it gently in one hand. Cum was dripping between her toes.

Are you OK?" she said. "You sounded like you were going to die." I examined her expression. It was one of embarrassment, except there was a gleam in her eye as well. Gina pulled her foot away, stood up, and walked to the downstairs bathroom. I went upstairs, and Mom came home shortly after. I was totally ecstatic, and didn't sleep much that night, replaying the evening's events over and over, and of course, jerking off.

My chin was covered with my sister's juices, which were starting to dry. I rubbed some onto my hands, savoring the very slight, musky odor. The smell of her ass was on my right pinky finger. I remembered how when I touched her asshole, it was like pushing a button, setting her off. She liked that, I thought. That information might be useful later.

The next day at breakfast, Gina didn't say a single word to me, or even look at me. She clearly was royally pissed. At the time, I really didn't understand how she felt or why she felt that way. I was terrified that she told Mom something, and Dad would find out.

My relationship with my sister was quite strained for several weeks or so, and I felt terrible about it. It was difficult to enjoy the sexy memory of what had happened because I was afraid that I had ruined my life by destroying my relationship with her.

We eventually did speak about what had happened that night. I know now that Gina felt very ashamed and guilty. I, being clueless, made the huge mistake of trying to convince her that what happened was no big deal, which made her very angry at me.

It seemed to me that we just had a little fun. Actually, more fun than I ever had in my short life. More fun than I thought it was possible to have. We didn't actually have sex, and my sister was still a virgin. That is where I was coming from, when I was telling Gina that it was harmless, and no big deal.

Well, that wasn't the kind of thing that my sister wanted to hear, to say the least. I saw a side of Gina that I had never seen before. She was totally enraged, started screaming and said some incredibly hurtful things. I cut them out of this story because they were three paragraphs of buzz-kill. Suffice it to say she totally devastated me. I broke down and started crying like a baby, and said that I was worthless, and that I was going to kill myself, which was exactly how I felt.

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