tagIncest/TabooSister's Surprise

Sister's Surprise


I grew up in a household of women, not a bad thing if they are women other than your mom and sisters. Dad had passed when I was just 15, and he hadn't taken the time to teach me much about the birds and the bees. Up till my 18th birthday, I had learned everything I new about sex, (kissing and light through the clothing petting), from trial and error. I managed to get to 1st base, but was too shy to try for it. Thus, most chicks would find a reason to "like me as a friend", but nothing more.

I spent the summer after graduation from high school hanging around the house, goofing with friends, and making small change cutting grass. I didn't need to bring in too much cash as my mom and two older sisters all had jobs and covered most of the bills. My money made was mine to spend on beer, food, and anything else I wanted. Life was good for the most part. The only thing lacking was the need to get my rocks off by some other means, any other means, than by my own hand. The usual deal was for me to jack off to a "R" rated flick in my room after everyone else had crashed for the night. Needless to say, this began to get old after awhile. My youngest sister Sue, was 21, three years older than me and engaged to a guy who lived on the other side of town. Sue stayed with her guy most every night, permission granted reluctantly by mom. Mom worked the afternoon shift at a local hospital, and my older sister, 26 yr old Pam, was a waitress at a local upscale restaurant. Pam had been divorced from an idiot of a dude and had moved back in with mom, Sue, and me.

Mom started work at 4:00 p.m., usually leaving the house by 3:15 p.m.. My sister Pam started work most nights at about 6:00 p.m., leaving at around 5:30 p.m.. I would find myself home from work no later than 2:00 p.m. and didn't hook up with my pals till later in the evening.

I began to notice a pattern with mom and Pam, involving their bathing habits. Pam was a health nut and would head to the gym at 2:00 p.m. and return tired and sweaty at approx. 4:00 p.m.. Mom is a bath person and would start her routine at 2:30, undressing in her room, wrapping herself with a large towel, then entering the master bath and closing the door before getting in the tub. I began to find myself getting very curious about how mom looked in the buff, I felt this curiosity somewhat wrong, but still it chewed at me. Once I faked a semi emergency which caused me to "need" to enter her bathroom without notice. I had hoped to get a look at her full breasts, 38CC, (found this out by checking her bra size in the laundry). Mom managed to cover her breasts with her arms quickly, preventing my seeing her tits. However, in her haste to cover her beautiful melons, she left her genital area exposed revealing her pubic mound through the somewhat cloudy water.

What caught my eye that day was what wasn't there! Mom was completely shaved around her pussy. Mom saw my gaze drop to her genital area and she used a wash rag to cover up. Mom regained her composer, and in a act of complete control dropped her arms from her ample breasts, looked me in the eye, and asked if there was a problem. By this point I could not help staring at her breasts, stammered something about a wrong number phone call, then said that it wasn't really important and began to leave the room. Mom asked me to hold on, then she half scolded me by saying to never come into her bath again without knocking. I mumbled OK, still staring at her great tits as I turned to leave. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples had become stiff and inviting during this brief encounter, and I swear mom had a hint of a grin on her face when I took one last look into her bath as I closed the door.

I was certain that I was in big trouble because of my little ploy, but mom caught me totally off guard when she gave me a tighter than usual hug before leaving for work. I think that perhaps there was a extra button undone on her blouse that warm summer day as well.

Well since the first voyeur attempt of mine didn't completely go bad, I thought that I might try again when Pam got home and had to shower before heading off to work. Pam normally came home from the gym and showered, said she didn't like to use a public showers, or something like that. Mom's bath was hers alone, and the rest of us used the second bath located between my room and the one shared by my sisters. Pam would normally get home from the gym, strip down on her way to her room, finish undressing her underclothing in her room, then head for the shower. I never dared to try to catch a peek at her as Pam always intimidated me with her self confidence and the way she would tease me about my dating habits, or lack there of. Although she would tease, I always got the feeling that Pam understood my lack of confidence when it came to chicks. Today I would do my best to get a look at my oldest sister's hard, sexy body!

Now I must say that Pam and my mom, Joan, for those who like names, are built very much alike, both are 5-8 take good care of themselves, and must be considered very hot! Mom is softer and a bit more full figured, but very good looking for her 46 years of age. Pam is about the same size as mom clothing wise, but much more firm from working out.

I had just managed to get over what had happened with my mother and her bath when Pam came rushing in the door. It was now 5:30 p.m. and Pam was running late. My sister was stripping as she went through the living room where I was watching a boring baseball game and she never said a word. I heard Pam hurrying around her room, the shower then started and when I dared take a look in that direction I saw Pam leave her room with a towel held in front of her covering all the interesting parts. What the towel did not hide however was my sister's cute ass as she turned the corner into the bathroom. The shower doors were then heard closing.

Strange thing was that the shower sounded a bit louder than usual, this could only mean that the door was not completely shut. I figured this to be my lucky day and decided to take a look. I found the door ajar, and it was easy enough to push open a bit more. The bad part was that the shower doors were steamed and I could see only my sister's outline hurrying to get cleaned up. I decided to wait it out and hope that my sister would not look at the door way when the first opened the shower doors. My luck held as Pam turned the shower off and quickly exited the shower and grabbed a towel. Much to my delight Pam then toweled off while facing away from me giving me an outstanding view of her tight ass, (my first close up of a female butt), and a "hanging" look at her great tits, (my second view of female breasts, today!).

I was paralyzed by the sight of my sister's lovely asshole, I could not take my eyes off her butt. I think Pam saw my body behind her when she bent over to dry her legs and feet, (also when I got the great view of her ass). My sister suddenly stood straight up and threw the towel around her backside, this was my cue to run for the hills which I did, ( actually I ran back to the living room and jumped into a chair and pretended to watch the game). A few short seconds later Pam left for work, a bit late and as she left, I got a very nasty look from her, she knew! Well I hoped all would be forgotten, and I then showered, and went out for beers with my friends. I got home early for me, but normally it would be after mom and Pam had gotten in and gone to bed. Pam however, was not yet home. I figured she worked late and after some TV I headed for bed around 3:00 a.m.

I was just dosing off when I heard Pam come in the front door. Pam dropped her keys on the floor, then dropped them again, after words I could hear her giggle a bit. Pam had been out partying after work and was a bit intoxicated! This was rare for Pam, as she is a health nut and rarely drinks. Whatever, it would be her headache in the morning, not mine.

Pam went into the bathroom, washed up, brushed her teeth, then went into her room. I heard Pam stumbling around, getting dressed for bed, I guessed, then she went into the kitchen where I heard her get a drink of water. Next thing I new Pam was standing in my bedroom doorway, balancing herself with both arms. there was a light on behind Pam, and I could tell that she wore only a thin robe that she usually wears over pajamas. The outline of her breasts were very clear, as was the shape of her muscular hips. Pam asked if I was awake and I cautiously said that I was. Pam came over and sat on the side of my bed, she said she wanted to talk to me. I could tell Pam was not as intoxicated as I had thought, and I feared this was the "I have to tell mom about earlier" talk. Pam asked why I was sneaking around looking at her earlier today, violating her privacy. I told my sister that I was curious what a naked girl looked like, (not untrue sadly), and that I would not tell anyone and that I hoped she wouldn't either.

My sister seemed to relax a bit and proceeded to tell me that what I had done was wrong, (mom didn't seem to mind I thought). Pam then produced two cold beers she had brought from the kitchen, and she offered me one. We both drank in silence for awhile then Pam asked if her naked body was the first I had seen. I truly wanted to say hell no, but I reluctantly and honestly, said yes. Pam asked how much of her body I had seen, I told her not much at all, hoping she would not be too mad. Pam asked me if I had ever touched a girls bare breasts or genital area. Embarrassed, I had to tell the truth, and said no. My sister asked me if my friends were dating girls and getting "lucky". I said yes, then pretended to not care much. Pam asked me how badly I wanted to feel a girls bare breasts, her pussy, her butt. I said that I would very much like too, but it did not look like it would happen anytime soon.

My sister then made me promise that I would never again spy on her in the shower or anywhere else that she may be changing or nude. I agreed and figured that mom would not find out, goodnight, sleep tight. Boy was I wrong. Pam then stood up and turned around as if to leave my room, she went to the door and closed it, but remained inside. My sister then walked back towards my bed, and to my amazement dropped her robe to the floor as she did. Pam sat on the side of my bed and gently took my hand in hers and placed it on her left breast. My hand was shaking and hers was as well. Her nipples were sticking out, (much stiffer and bigger than mom's earlier), Pam moved my hand all over her breast, saving the nipple for last. When my fingers ran over my sisters hard nipple, she quivered and moaned a little. Needless to say my cock was hard as a rock, and I reached to stroke it with my free hand. Pam was now using my hand to rub over both her tits and nipples, her eyes were closed for the most part and she was now rubbing her genital area with her free hand. This was way beyond what I had ever expected that morning, and it would only get better.

I decided to get a bit aggressive and I pinched Pam's nipple, she moaned more loudly and rubbed her crotch faster, letting go of my hand and pinching her own nipples. I watched in amazement as my sister, rubbed her pussy and pinched her nipples, now totally unaware I was there. I truly didn't know what to expect and was completely surprised when Pam's whole body began to quiver, she let out a long low moan, and at the same time pinched her nipple to the point I thought it would fall off! Pam partially lay across my body, her fingers in her pussy and her hands now massaging her breasts. She finally comes back to earth, seeing that I am watching her and also noticing that I am stroking my cock. There is little doubt I would have cum all over myself had it not been for my total amazement with my sister's self pleasure. Reality sets in and I find myself very near ejaculation. As if on cue, Pam holds her wet fingers out to me and tells me to take them, I do as told using the hand I was jacking off with. Pam gently pushes her fingers towards my mouth, I greedily take them in. I instantly love the taste of my sister, I also instantly know where I can get much more of this nectar. I try to move towards Pam's sweet crotch, wanting to taste more and more of her juices. Pam distracts me by reaching out and grazing her hand over my hard cock. I know that if she grabs hold of my penis that I will instantly cum, I tell her so.

I know she says, with that Pam pulls my shorts aside and firmly grasps my huger than ever cock. My sister then leans down and takes the head of my cock into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it's head. Of course that is all I can take and I cum in a quantity I could never have imagined. Most of my load ends up on my stomach, my chest. I think a drop actually hit my chin, I had never cum so hard! Pam now giggles, I am know embarrassed, and she is as well. Pam gives the head of my now semi hard cock a quick kiss, then just as quickly thrusts her fingers in front of my mouth, which I wantingly take in, expecting again to taste her sweet juices. I am caught off guard by the thick texture and salty/sweet taste of my own cum.

Pam giggles again and then puts on her robe and leaves my room. If it were not for the complete dumbfoundness of what happened, I may have been very upset with my older sister, but then I didn't puke.... I felt that I was a very lucky man this day, I am ready now to sprint for 2nd, maybe 3rd, or home with the next chick I go out with.

The odd thing is, as I was straightening the sheets and getting my shorts on correctly, I noticed mom standing in the doorway. I asked her if everything was OK and she said, "I don't know dear, is it?". Mom had on a very thin nighty, and I could see that her nipples were very erect, Could Mom have seen what went on between Pam and myself?

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