tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSitting Around

Sitting Around


We were sitting around the bedroom killing time before meeting a few friends for dinner. Lauren rolled over on top of me and started lazily, distractedly, dry humping my leg. I'm not sure either of us was even fully aware of it. With just as much thought I swatted her butt.

"Ouch! Whadya do that for?"

I wasn't sure myself. Whack!

"Stop that. I don't like it." She stopped for a second while a penny dropped and then gave me a deeper hump. "No, do it again."

Whack! This felt kind of good.

"Hmmm. Pull my jeans down and slap it again."

I did and I did. And I got an even better hump for my troubles.

"Oh God, I'm soaked. What's wrong with me? Pull down my panties. I want to feel it on my skin."

As I was slipping them to her knees I could smell her. Whack! Whack!

"Oh come on, take your pants off too. Fuck me."

And so it started.


Our sex play started revolving around spanking. We tried all kinds of ways, including her spanking me though that did nothing for either of us. But the more different ways we found to spank Lauren's tail the more fresh paths we had to orgasms. There were all kinds of role plays. She was the bad girl who needed punishing, or the uncontrollable flirt who tried to get in the pants of her friends' husbands, or the submissive who needed to be walloped. Sometimes she draped over my lap like a kid, or just pulled down her drawers and bent over the kitchen counter. Other times she would stand facing the corner, bare assed except for her bra and heels. But all in all, we didn't need the dramas to be charged up. They were kind of fake, and our heat for spanking was really real.

"Should I get in that porn-y position you like so much?"

"What's a 'porn-y position'?"

"You know, like you like..." She was naked on the bed and rolled onto her knees with her shoulders down, reached back and spread her ass cheeks. "You can see my asshole now, want to poke it? Or just tan my hide? Please?"

More and more, Lauren's ass became the center of her attention, and mine too. Her backside was becoming the focus of our lives. Before, we concentrated her tiny tits we concentrated for foreplay. There were unbelievably cute and sexy, with those puffy kind of areola that seemed to take over her whole breast. Her nipples were unbelievably sensitive to licking, stroking, or biting. I could actually make her come just with only squeezing them the right way. But now, it was butt, butt, butt, all the time. No complaints here, it was a complete erotic experience.

There was no more keester grousing. It was no longer too big, too round, or too jiggly. If Lauren was tiny on the top, she was pretty wide on the bottom, and instead of whining about it she finally reveled in her "backfield in motion," as her Mom used to tease her. She would move her hips from side to side watching how her seat would shake. She'd wiggle it, wriggle, shimmy and wobble it. I would would tell you it was all for my benefit --she was definitely trying to figure out what moves would make me the hardest-- but I'd be lying. She told me she moved herself around just as much in private, trying to figure out what made her ass present the sexiest to anyone who was looking.

Dressing was now completely devoted to styles that would show off her rear end and make it look more prominent, the more to turn us both on. What underpants worked best, she wondered? High cut legs, or teeny bikinis? Boy shorts, or thongs? Do Daisy Dukes show off her cleavage more than just tight cotton shorts? Would A-line dresses or full skirted strapless numbers flatter her derriere better? I was getting a little worried that soon she'd be wanting to go out in some "So Fine" cheekless jeans.

She loved showing off her buns now, in all the obvious ways. She particularly loved dropping things, especially when we were out and about, and slowly bending over at the waist to pick them up.

"Girls with big titties bend over so they can show them off, don't they? Why can't girls with big butts do it too?" she would ask, none too innocently, and give it a jiggle.

Once, we were going to the beach and without any bra top --she still celebrated those boobs-- she put on a tiny t-shirt that barely reached the her bikini bottom.

"Your crack is showing pretty good. You wanna go out in public like that?"

"Just the way I like it." Hey, what do I know? I just work here.


It wasn't just ass exhibitionism either. All the spanking and hind end attention started making us play more with her ass during sex. We started rimming more, and a then, my finger or two. Sometimes when we were fucking she'd shout at me to finger her anus to get her coming, or she stick her own finger in there at the moment of truth. Or she get me to lube her up good and stick things up there. Sometimes it was a sex toy, a butt plug, beads maybe, sometimes even a piece of fruit.

"I bet you'd like to put your own zucchini way up my ass, wouldn't you, big boy? Maybe someday I'll let you."

She loved to feel my hard cock moving back and forth on her lubed up cleavage. She'd have me reach up underneath and frig her clitoris, squeeze her nipple hard, and hump me enough I'd spill all over her ass. Then she'd have me rub it into her skin, and slap it while it was still wet. It stung more that way.


"You like to call it 'fanny', don't you?" she asked me once.


"You know that's what the Brits call a pussy."

"Does that matter?"

"Hey, wanna whack at my fanny, big boy? Hard? Or just fuck my fanny good?"

So I spanked her, hard enough to make her tear up, which made her pound my cock so hard I thought we shoot off like a rocket. Which, of course, I did.


We were getting ready for the movies one Saturday and when she came out of the closet she was dressed in a pretty blouse and a new skirt. Which used to be unusual, a skirt that is, but was becoming more the norm. Tight ones to show her rear curves and hips. Loose ones too. Easy access, you know.

"You like?" She twirled around to make fly up. Was that a garter belt and stockings? That was something very new.

"I always like."

"Is it big enough for you? Is it really wide now?" Now her favorite question. "Does it look sexy to you?"


"I wish it was even bigger, so big it would suck you completely in. How about now?"

And she turned around and pulled the skirt tight across her ample ass. Just like I liked it. Then, Lauren slowly pulled up the skirt to show me. Sure enough, a garter belt, stocking, and sheer enough panties I could not only see her crack, but her dark pubic hair underneath. She just held her skirt high and stood there.

"Lauren, what do you want?"

She got all quiet, I could barely hear her say, "You know."


"You know, " she said as she bent forward almost imperceptibly. "You know."

"If you want me to spank you, you have to tell me. And then we'll be late to the movie. Which, of course, is fine with me."

She hesitated a little. "I want to see the movie, but..." she paused some more, and then it all came spilling out. "But, I want you to spank me. Please make my jelly wiggle. I want it so bad, I want to feel your hands all over my ass. Spank me so hard that I can feel it sting all the way through the movie. If I can feel it that long I'll be able to give you the fucking of your life, I'll be able to suck your come out of your cock just by looking at it."

That's what I was worried about. If I smacked her bottom that much I'd be coming all over the place. But, then again, how good a movie could it be?

"Bend over a little more and push your underpants down to your knees. Tell me exactly what I should do."

"Rub my ass softly, both cheeks. Make it know you love it. Now, spank my right cheek. Harder, I want to be able to see your handprint. Now the left. Ow! Right, like that. The right again. Oooo, you do love it, don't you? You really love my bare ass, my big, fat, bare ass. Take off your belt and really give it to me. Spank my big butt, leave a big welt. A..AA...AAhhh, yes! Again, slap me, spank me, OWW! No, no, don't fuck me, you can't fuck me until we come back. No, no, no, oh, you came all over my sore ass. Your come is on my red, spanked ass. Boo hoo, you won't be able to do me later."

Lauren had nothing to worry about. Hell, I had nothing to worry about. I usually couldn't come more than once a day, bu I was so excited, so hard, I would've been able to fuck a dozen groupies, and taken on a dozen more. If... they let me spank their asses, one by one.

We could barely concentrate on the movie. I sat there watching Lauren struggle to find a comfortable position on the seat. Which didn't seem to be easy. No matter which way she positioned herself she seemed to come down on a sensitive spot. I could almost feel the sting myself. And I could smell her as if my nose was buried up her cunt. As for me, I stayed swollen the whole time. We skipped dinner and went straight to the car, we had things to do. When Lauren got in, she first pull her skirt up and slipped her panties down so her bare skin was directly on the leather.

"Oh, that feels a little better. I wish the movie seat had been this cooling." With that, she leaned over my way and touched my crotch. "Oh, and you seem like you need a little cooling yourself mister." She unzipped me and pulled out my dick. "Can I slobber all over this lollipop, big boy?" Like I was going to object? "I guess I had nothing to worry about. You are going to fuck me as good as I hoped after all." On way home she kept my hard penis in her mouth, with her naked can stuck up in the car window, and my hand reaching over and rubbing it.

Once I parked the car in the driveway Lauren was slipping out of her clothes. First, her blouse, then her bra. I loved it when she went topless outside. Her skirt was unzipped by the time we reached the front door, puddled on our front stoop. We'd retrieve it in the morning.

"Your ass looks incredible in that garter belt and those stockings."

"I was going to keep it on, if that's OK with you, big boy."

I wouldn't have had it any other way. The way the belts framed her cheeks made them protrube even more than usual, and they looked hotter than ever. "What can I do for you?"

"For me? You mean to me don't you?" I nodded. "I want you to blister my backside until I cry, while you're pounding me. I want my tears to fall on your cock while I'm sucking it. I want you to slowly lick my asshole until it opens wide and you can put your fingers up me. And then put your puffed up boner in there too. I want to feel your hard dick fucking my ass while you're spanking me some more until I come a thousand times. And I want to feel you explode inside me so much that your come is leaking out of all of my holes. Can you do that to me?" I nodded again, very slowly.

"But, first off, you can fuck my pussy, it's feeling neglected. From behind, of course. Let's see what happens from there."

Lauren got onto the bed on her knees and shook her gartered, stockinged, bum at me. Was I going to argue?

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