Sitting My Niece Ch. 01


I intercepted her grasp but not before her fingers twanged off my projection. "Oap! Hey! Don't!"

"Why not?" She sat up and prepared for another assault. "Maybe you need me to rub you. Are you tingly down there too?" She pounced. Both her hands thrust forward. I grabbed them in mid-flight, but her arms took turns breaking my grip and lunging. We grappled hand-over-hand in a frenzy. Her fingers hooked onto my waistband and snapped it a few times. She squealed, and we both gasped from exertion.

Finally, I wrestled her back and fell on top of her body. I threw her arms over her head. I had her chest pinned under my chest and her elbows held down with my hands. Her eyes were wide with excitement, and I had to admit that, lying on top of her, I was all fired up myself.

We both panted, as we calmed down. Staring into each other's eyes, we both seemed surprised by the outburst. "Uncle Harvey?" she finally broke into our reverie.


"Why is your wiener hard?"

"Never mind."

"Tell-l-l-l me. Are you excited about something?"

"Never mind. It's time for you to go to sleep now."

"No! Tell me," she insisted. "Is it sore? Should I look at it?" She flinched her arms to break my grip.

"Mary-Kate! Enough!"

"O-o-okay," she moped. "If you give me another good-night kiss, I'll be a good girl."

I sighed. "Promise?"

"Yes, Uncle Harvey," she replied in a sing-song way, "I promise."

I released my grip, hesitantly at first, but when she stayed put, I repositioned myself over her face and lowered my lips slowly towards her mouth. Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in. My lips mushed onto her mouth.

I struggled to get up. She took up the tension around my neck with one arm, freeing the other one to wriggle under my body. I squirmed to avoid its descent but it snaked unerringly towards my groin.

I bellowed into her mouth, "Moh! Moh! Mop!" and tried to get up, but her grip on my neck was surprisingly strong. I shifted my hips, but her hand found its mark, wrapping around my shaft through my shorts. She squeezed. Yikes! That was it! I bounded off the bed.

Mary-Kate's grip snagged my boxers down to my knees as I jumped up, causing my hard-on to lurch into the open and wobble in plain view. I doubled over and hiked my shorts back up instantly. I was mortified.

I looked down at my niece. Her eyes and mouth were stretched wide open, as if she were about to break into laughter but was frozen in the moment. Her eyes looked both shocked and gleeful.

I opened and closed my mouth to scold her, but no words came out. My throat clenched shut. I finally just turned and left the room. How would I be able to recover my authority after that? I jumped into bed and lay on my back. This was going to be a long week.

Eventually, there was a light tapping at my door. "Uncle Harvey?" Mary-Kate said softly.

I drew the covers around me into a mummy wrap to protect myself. She was not to be trusted. She was a seductress, a succubus, a harpy. "What?" I said gruffly.

She entered and sat beside me on the bed. Her face looked soft and affectionate. "I just wanted to apologize," she said, caressing my cheek with her hand. "I didn't mean to get carried away like that. Are you okay?"

"Yes," I replied, somewhat more mellow.

She leaned down and gave me a sweet kiss on the mouth. "I'm sorry," she whispered, "The last thing in the world I want to do is embarrass you." Then she stood up and walked back to the door. "Make sure you get me up for school. I'm not a morning person," she said and then sweetly called out, "Good night, Uncle Harvey."

I melted. She was a good kid after all. She was a sprite, a cherub, an angel. "Good night," I replied warmly.

"And good night, Uncle Harvey's wiener." She giggled and left.


*** Thursday: Morning ***

The next morning, I showered and made a big breakfast – scrambled eggs, toast, juice, milk. Then I went to wake the little urchin up, which was no treat. She wasn't kidding about not being a morning person. However, after she learned that she couldn't snarl enough for me to go away or tunnel into her sheets enough to avoid me, she eventually gave in. I finally heard enough alertness in her voice to trust that she would get up, and when I returned to the kitchen, the sound of the shower running reassured me that she was in motion.

I resolved to elevate my morals that morning. For the rest of the week, there would be no more inappropriate contact, no more arousal, no more close calls. Content that everything was back on track, I smiled and tucked into my breakfast.

The shower shut off, and despite my expectation that she would go get dressed, in no time Mary-Kate appeared in the kitchen. Hearing the light slapping of her little feet on the linoleum, I looked up and was shocked to see her merely wrapped in a towel – and it wasn't a very large towel. It barely hooked over itself on her front and scarcely stretched from the edge of her breasts to just under her ass cheeks. There was a shocking amount of cleavage showing, and when she walked, her bosom bounced and the towel's slit flapped – all very precariously.

She smick-smacked her bare feet over to the counter to get a glass of juice and then smick-smacked back to the table. At my chair, she plopped into my lap and placed an arm around my neck. She smelled of humidity and soap and flowers and baby-powder, and my lap became warm and moist from contact with her towel-covered bottom. She picked a slice of crisp bacon off my plate.

"What can I get you?" I asked calmly but felt distinctly uncomfortable with her proximity and near-nakedness.

"I don't eat breakfast," she replied and began to tease the end of the bacon strip around the outside of my mouth.

"But you should eat something. ... Don't! ... You need brain food for school. ... Don't!"

She popped the bacon into my mouth and almost made me gag. "Yeah, but I'm not going to school today." She picked up a forkful of eggs and brought them to my mouth.

"What? ... Stop it! I don't want any eggs right now. ... What makes you think that you're not going to ..." She crammed the fork into my mouth, causing half the eggs to go inside and half to dribble over my chin and onto her bosom.

She giggled, picking the egg bits off her breasts with her fingers and popping them into my mouth. "Because I'm staying home with you, Unc."


She ignored me and continued preening her front. Suddenly, the towel lost tension and slipped. "Oops!" she exclaimed and pressed her chest into me to keep her wrap from falling. Her head was beside mine, and in my ear she purred, "Oh, Unc. You know you want me to stay home with you, so don't pretend." She got a grip on her towel again and sat up. She left it in place, but it looked pretty unstable.

"Listen. I'm not going to argue about this. You're going to school, and that's final!"

She picked up her glass of juice and took a sip. "Uh huh," she said as if she were indulging me. Then she lifted the glass to my lips. "But I'm not going to make it to school now."

Before I could stop her, she tilted the glass. I coughed and sputtered, and juice drooled out of my mouth and onto my chin. "What do you mean?"

"Oooh, I made a mess," she cooed and began licking the spill off my face. A tingle went through my body. I should have stopped her, but I let it happen. The licking turned into sucking and then approached my mouth. After she gave me a wet, passionate kiss, I got scared and righted her. My heart was pounding. Her towel slipped, and she barely caught it.

"What do you mean that you can't make it to school now?" I asked in a slight panic.

"Well, I don't see how," she said, opening her towel as if to fix it but holding it apart longer than needed. Her breasts still glistened with beads of shower water. She refastened her towel and grinned, knowing that she had made me uncomfortable.


"Because my bus is going to be here in seven minutes."

A chill went down my spine. I snapped my head towards the clock. How could I have gotten that wrong? My sister will kill me. I was sure she had told me her pick-up was not for another hour.

I leapt from my seat, and Mary-Kate screamed as she launched off my lap. I grabbed onto her wrist, and together we hustled out of the kitchen and flew to her room. She tripped along behind me, laughing all the way. At her door, I flung her inside. "Get dressed. Hurry! I'll go out to the street and hold the bus."

She was laughing so hard that she had trouble catching her breath. "Unc. Unc. Wait a minute! Wait!" she pleaded.

Miffed, I turned sharply towards her. "What!!" I barked and suddenly noticed that her towel had unravelled. As she clutched it to her chest, it draped loosely on her front and barely screened her breasts and crotch.

With effort, she contained her laughter and then became pouty and solemn. "But I don't know what to wear," she whinged.


"My mother always lays out my clothes for me in the morning," she said.

"What?!! No she doesn't! What? Here!! HERE!" I reached blindly into a drawer and threw some underwear at her. There was no time to argue. "Get dressed! Get dressed! I'm going for the bus."

She broke out laughing and fell backwards on the bed. The towel snaked carelessly over top of her naked body. I didn't know what to do. Was she going to get dressed? I had to grab that bus. I stared at her and then bolted.

"Uncle! Uncle!" she called out to me, choking with laughter, "Come back."

I ran back into the room. "Wha-a-a-at?"

"Kidding. I'm kidding." She continued laughing and sat up. "The bus is coming when my mom said it would."

"What? It will? There's time?"

"Oh, Unc," she sighed, "You didn't think Mom would get a timing wrong, did you?"

I collapsed against the wall in relief. "No. I guess not." I was saved.

"So-o-o," she cooed, "What am I going to wear?"

"Yeah, right," I laughed. Good joke. Then I noticed that her expression wasn't changing. "I'm sorry?"

"Are you going to pick out my clothes, or am I staying home from school?"

"Mary-Kate, quit screwing around. I'm not going to pick out your clothes."

"Good," she exclaimed, reclining back on the bed with a sigh and adjusting the towel meticulously around her. "I knew you wanted me to stay home with you."

Time was becoming an issue again. We couldn't start playing games now. I looked over at the underwear that I had thrown at her. They were all bras, so I grabbed a white one off the bed and shoved it at her. "Here," I said and returned to her drawers to find her some panties.

"Is this what you want me to wear?" she asked.

"I don't know," I responded, "Wear what you want." I glanced over my shoulder at her and swallowed. She had let the towel drop to the floor and was standing in the middle of the room wearing only the bra. Her wispy pubic hair presented itself to me shamelessly. And the bra – the bra I had chosen – was made of some kind of stretchy, translucent material. Except for a white tint, I could see her breasts through the material almost as well as if they were bare. In fact, the pressing of the sheer fabric against her skin made her aureoles seem darker and more pronounced than if they were in the open. My jaw dropped, and my erection began to return.

Mary-Kate giggled at the effect she was having on me. "Got my panties yet?" she said, interrupting my gawking.

"You're not wearing that," I insisted.

"You picked it out," she replied. "Do you want to see the panties that go with this bra? When I wear them, you can see everything."

"Take that off!"

"Okay," she chirped and reached behind her back to unhook the bra.

"No no no no no no, don't take it off yet. Here." I spun around quickly and rifled through her underwear for a safe replacement. Her drawer was a mass of flimsy cotton and silk. How could she find anything in there? Suddenly, she pressed up behind me and looked over my shoulder. I could feel her breasts mushing into my back and her groin cuddling into one of my ass cheeks.

"Can I wear a thong?" she asked eagerly beside my ear.


"O-o-oh!" she moaned. I felt her hand caress my other ass cheek for a second and then go back to my shoulder. My hard-on pushed out noticeably in the front of my shorts, so I leaned against the front of the drawer to hide it. The pressure felt a little too good.

"O-o-okay," she said, pointing at a set of more conservative, buff ones, "Grab that bra and those panties."

She skipped back to the middle of the room, held up her arms and closed her eyes. "Okay. I'm ready," she announced.

I turned and, seeing that she was naked, I averted my eyes and extended the underwear to her blindly. "Here."

"Unh unh. You have to put them on me."

"Mary-Kate!" I scolded, turning back to look at her. I was arrested by the sight of her nude pose. What an angel! With her eyes closed and her arms aloft, she looked like a barely nubile gymnast setting her stance before launching into a tumbling line. I scanned up and down her soft, shapely, young body, appreciating every detail.

"A-hrrrumm," she coughed from her pose.

"Enough!" I said, tossing the underwear onto her bed. "You're going to be late for the bus." Then I stormed out of the room, trembling. Behind me, I heard her call out plaintively, "But Un-cle Har-vey, I can't put these on without your help." I was definitely crossing some kind of line here. I needed to get a grip.

I went to the living room and read through my sister's list to make sure I wasn't supposed to make her a lunch or do anything else by way of preparation. Images of my niece's naked body flashed persistently in my head, and I had the firmest hard-on I've had in years. I went to the front window to watch for the bus.

I couldn't understand how a kid that sweet and innocent could be so evil and manipulative. Maybe that was too harsh, but she wasn't as innocent as I had originally believed. 'I can't put these on without your help.' Really! What a kid! ... Wait a minute. She wasn't saying that she would go to school without wearing underwear, was she? On no! My sister would go nuts if that little anecdote ever came up in conversation.

Mary-Kate skipped into the living room, and as if on cue, the bus appeared down the street. Apparently, she had suddenly found the ability to get herself ready on her own. I scanned her body to detect evidence that she was wearing underwear.

She had combed her hair to the rear and wore a hairband on top of her head in a 1950s sock-hop style. Her make-up was fresh and subtle, and she seemed to have a healthy glow about her. She had on her school uniform again, but this time, it appeared more conservative – the shirt was blousier and the skirt was longer.

"Okay, Unc," she skipped up to me and planted a smack on my cheek that left a little lipstick stain, "Are you going to be able to survive without me, cause you can probably pull me out of school."

I moved with her to the door. "I think I'll be okay," I reassured her and focused my radar vision on her top, trying desperately to detect bra straps through the white material, without success. Was she not wearing one or did the buff colouring camouflage it.

At the door, I stared at her front. If I didn't see anything under her blouse, I decided that I would give her a hug before she left and feel her back for a bra strap.

"Uncle Harvey!" she exclaimed, catching my leer. "What are you looking at?"

Rats! I blushed. The bus pulled up in front of the house. "Sorry. I ... uh ..."

Suddenly, she grabbed the back of my neck with her hand and leaned her mouth to my ear. "Unc, my coochie is all tingly right now," she whispered, "I'm going to think about you all day and touch myself." I was so shocked that I forgot to hug her. Then she gave me a huge kiss on the mouth, rolling her head from side to side for the benefit of the bus people, smacking loudly as she pulled away at the end. "See you tonight, sexy," she chirped and then darted out the door.

I froze in place, trying to comprehend what I had just heard, and then I spun my head towards her fleeing figure. As she ran towards the bus, her skirt flipped up and down, and I thought for a second that I saw a bare cheek, but since the panties were buff, I couldn't be sure.

*** Thursday: After School ***

I stood by the window, waiting for the bus to arrive. Despite trying to relax all day, I was a wreck. I had thought about her naked body, I had thought about her teasing caresses, I had thought about her going without underwear – potentially, and I was obsessed. I conceded my growing depravity and despaired.

The week had just started, and I had lost control. I decided that, when she got home, I would have a talk with her. I was convinced that she would respond well if I addressed her in an open, mature and forthright manner. I was resolved.

The bus stopped, and Mary-Kate bounded off. She clasped her books to her chest and raced across the lawn towards the house. Her hair bounced behind her, and her grin stretched from ear to ear. A tingle of excitement sparked in my chest, and I lost my resolve.

Mary-Kate entered and threw her books on the hall table. Standing in the doorway, she interlaced her fingers in front of her lap, shifted eagerly up and down on her toes and looked at me coyly. "I knew you'd be waiting at the window for me," she said excitedly. Then she careened across the room and flung herself at my chest. We both toppled onto the floor, and she ended up straddling my stomach. Cupping her hands over her mouth, she tried to constrain her laughter over the unintended take-down.

"Mary-Kate, would you please let me up?" I said calmly, trying to recover the situation. "We need to have a talk."

"I am so, so sorry, Unc. I didn't me to tackle you."

"That's okay. I wasn't prepared for your ... uh ... exuberance. Could we just ..."

"Unc?" she interrupted me, placing her elbows on my chest and resting her chin in her hands, "I need to ask you something first."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Did you miss me?"

I smiled. "Well, sure I ..." Without warning, she dropped her mouth onto mine. Her lips were soft and wet. They slipped over the surface of my lips. I grabbed her arms to force her up but then yielded to her kissing. When she felt me surrender, she ended the kiss with a smack, took a breath and went in for more.

Eventually, she sat up. "So what did you do all day? Did you think about me? Did you daydream about me? Did you ... touch yourself?"

"What?!! This is just what we need to talk about. Let me up."

"I thought about you and touched myself," she said and then leaned down to my ear. "I thought about your wiener," she whispered and then sat back up giggling.

"Mary-Kate! Enough! Let me up."

"Why? Am I hurting you?" She bounced on my stomach.

"Oafff! Only when you do that."

"Okay then, talk."

"No! Let me up."

"Well, if we're not going to talk, then I'm going to kiss you." She leaned towards my face.

"Okay, okay," I said and collected my thoughts. "We ... uh ... we have to be careful with what's going on here."

"Why?" she asked, "What's going on here?" She hovered back over my face. Her eyes twinkled.

"Well ... you're just ... um ... I mean, I have to ... uh ... Oh, for heavensake. ... Okay. Let's start with this. I would like to know if you put any underwear on today?" As soon as I had said it, I realized that it was a poor place to start.

She rose and gasped. "Un-cle Har-vey!" she exclaimed. "What do you think?"

Oh gawd. Now what? "I ... uh ... well, yes, I ... uh ... think you probably did, but ..."

"Okay then. What else do you want to talk about?"

"Ummm ... Well, you didn't really answer my question just then. I just want you to tell me 'yes' or 'no' if you wore underwear today."

She cocked her arms onto her hips. "Well, if I tell you, you won't believe me."

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