Sitting My Niece Ch. 01


*** Thursday: Night ***

My stomach was doing flops. I tried to watch TV, but that became annoying, so I paced for a while but realized the futility in that. In desperation, I raided my sister's liquor cabinet. Finding a suitable scotch, I downed a double, which burned on its descent but took the edge off, and then I took my time actually tasting another one. Slowly, I found some peace.

I turned off the lights, washed up and headed for my bed. At Mary-Kate's room, I pressed my ear to the door and heard nothing, but I prudently decided against looking in on her.

I stripped down to my boxers and slid into bed. I couldn't believe that the week wasn't even half over. I thought about giving myself another moral pep talk but couldn't bear the hypocrisy of it. No, I knew now that I wasn't going to be firm. Instead, I would just have to avoid ...

Suddenly, my door opened and closed, and through the darkness, a lithe figure pitter-patted around to the far side of the bed and ducked under the sheets. The figure slid up against me, and two thin arms snaked around my body. Her breathing was laboured and anxious. Her body was writhing slightly against my body.

"Mary-Kate," I tried to say with some authority, but she pinched my lips closed with her fingers as soon as I started speaking. Her face appeared beside mine. Panting, she inspected me like a predator scrutinizing a downed prey. Pant, pant. Her nose came close to my face and grazed my chin in passing. Pant, pant. Then she brought her mouth to my ear. "Uncle ..." Pant, pant. "I'm burning up." Pant, pant.

She brought her face over mine, her lips hovering barely over my mouth. Her breathing blew onto my lips. Pant ... pant ... pant ... pant ... Suddenly, she pressed onto my mouth with force. She kissed me savagely without stopping. Over and over, she mushed and smacked. I could barely catch my breath between assaults. Her lips squished and molded my mouth like putty, and the room filled with wet smucking sounds.

Then she pulled back. "Uncle," she whimpered, "I can't stand it anymore." She grabbed my wrist and rolled onto her back, pulling me onto my side in the process. "Please," she said, placing my hand on her stomach, "Please."

It was too pathetic for me to bear. I gave her a kiss and slid my hand over her abdomen to her fur patch. Realizing that I was going to comply, she exhaled loudly and stretched out her body. My fingers combed through her fine hair and pushed gently into her wet folds. She gasped.

I tickled a finger around her lips, and each time I passed over her clitoris, I pressed down a bit. She seemed to be frozen at the end of an inhale, focusing on the sensation, and then, she gyrated her hips to my circling finger.

I changed to buffing gently on the side of her clit. Not too fast, not too slow. Not too hard, not too soft. "Mmmm!" she strained, "Mmmm!" Buff and buff and buff. Buff and buff and buff. Her hips rocked to adjust the pressure.

Finally, I moved my finger to her opening. It was sopping wet, and as I slowly inserted, her juices oozed out onto the mattress. "Ohhhhh!!" she exhaled.

I extracted my finger completely and then slowly glided it back in, slipping wetly through her moist tunnel. "Hssst," she gasped as I eased my finger in. I pulled it out again and then paused before returning it. Out, pause, in. Out, pause, in. Eventually, her pussy began to lunge for my finger. "Mmmm," she whined impatiently.

I kept my finger inside and moved it in and out in a rhythm. Her juices lubricated my sliding. In and out. In and out. Her tunnel walls gripped my digit. In and out. In and out. Her body writhed as if begging me to speed up, but I kept the same rhythm. In and out. In and out.

Finally, her inner walls clenched, and her back arched. I vibrated my hand swiftly. Swick, swick, swick, swick, swick. My fingertip found a spot on the upper wall of her vagina, and I focused all of my energy there. Swick, swick, swick, swick, swick.

"OHHH! OHHH! OHHH!" she bellowed. Then her whole body went rigid, and I stopped moving. She maintained the spasm for a second or two and then collapsed onto the bed. Anxiously, she pushed on my arm to force its withdrawal, and then she quivered all over again, and then again.

Finally, she buried her head into my armpit and started crying. That scared me a bit. I petted her hair and murmured to her soothingly. "There, there. It's okay. Everything's okay."

I lifted up her chin and saw tears running over her cheeks onto the sheets. When our eyes met, she snickered in embarrassment.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah," she whimpered, "I don't know why I'm crying. That felt fantastic." She started blubbering again, so I hugged her to my chest until she settled down.

"Are you getting emotional on me?" I asked.

"No," she replied, "I just felt like crying, that's all." Then she propped herself on an elbow. "That's right!" She slapped my chest. "I'm crying because you're a brute! You have violated me, and I am devastated." She raised the back of her hand melodramatically to her forehead and then swooned onto the mattress.

I laughed at her antics. "Okay, Meryl Streep. Take your performance over to your room. It's bedtime now."


I threw back the sheets. "Let's go. You've got school tomorrow. If you fall asleep in class, I don't want to be telling your teacher why."

"But I'm sleeping with you tonight."

"Ohhh, no you're not. Unh unh. Let's go." I gave her bottom a little slap.

"But you've already deflowered me, so I have no virtue left to protect."

"What are you talking about? I have hardly deflowered you, and there are far more things that could go wrong."

"Really?!!" she exclaimed, pouncing onto my chest. Her eyes opened wide. "Like what?"

"Like none of your business. Come on. Out you go." I tried to roll her over me, so that I could carry her off the bed, but she twisted away.

"No, tell me what else we can do."

"All right, you asked for it." I jumped out of bed and grabbed for her to take her back to her room, but she saw what I was doing and squirmed across the bed. I snatched her ankle and pulled her towards me. As she slid across the mattress, she squealed loudly. Then she clutched onto the edge of the mattress, and when I pulled her body again, the mattress curved with her and then sling-shotted her back when I let go.

Finally, I gripped a vulnerable area under her armpits, forcing her arms to snap back to her sides for protection. She shrieked at the treacherousness of the tactic. I carried her to the door and then put her down to walk her out, but she bolted to the other side of the bed and slipped back into the sheets.

I sighed and dropped my arms in defeat. "Okay. Have it your way. I'm going to go sleep on the couch."

"Uncle! Uncle! Wait," she called me back, "Don't go. You don't want to sleep out there."

"No, but we're not going to be sleeping together tonight."

"Okay, I'll make you a deal. I'll be a good girl and go back to bed, if ..."

"If what?"

"If you let me see and touch your wiener," she suggested mischievously.

"What?!! No way."

"No. Wait, wait. Don't go," she said, "I just want to touch it, that's all. What could happen?"

"Well, right now ...," I started to say more than I wanted to explain.

"Right now, what?"

"Nothing," I replied, "Okay. Let me get this straight. You look at it and touch it, and then you go to bed."

"Yup. I look at it and touch it, and when I'm done, I'll go to bed."

"No no no no no. You look at it and touch it, and when I say you're done, you'll go to bed."

She screwed up her face, but then she capitulated.

I lay down on my back, and she snuggled up to my side. I was about to take off my shorts, but she placed her hand on top of my groin before I could move. Her fingers traced lightly over the bulge in my shorts, defining its outline. She petted my erection softly through the thin cotton, and it pressed back eagerly to her strokes.

"Here," I whispered, "Let me slip those off."

Her fingers fiddled with my balls and then squeezed them. "No," she whispered back, "I want to do it." Then, she undid the button on my fly and slid her hand inside. She felt for my shaft and followed it down to my balls, which she played with for a bit. Then she wrapped her hand around the base of my penis and slid her hand up to the tip. I inhaled sharply.

"What's wrong?" she whispered.

"Nothing," I replied.

"Then why did you breathe in like that?"

"It just felt good, that's all."

"What? This?" She repeated her stroke.


"It felt good?" She repeated it again.

"Don't do that, or we'll have to stop."

She giggled and drew my hard-on through the fly and out of my shorts. It lay stiffly on top of the material.

She traced a fingernail along it. "Wow! It's so hard, but the skin is still so soft."

She sat up and inspected it more closely. "Look at its tip. The skin is so smooth. It looks like a plum or something." Then she tilted it vertically. "It's pointing up," she said playfully and then formed her hand into a little fist and dragged it down the shaft.

I jerked my body up. "Whoa! Don't do that!"

"Why? Does that feel good like before?"

"It feels way too good."

"What would happen if I kept doing that?"


"So it's okay if I do it again." She formed her hand again and placed it over the tip.

"No don't!"

"Well then, tell me."

"Okay, okay. I would spurt cum all over the place."

"Really?!! Let's see!" She grasped my tip and ran her hand down my shaft.

I jerked my hips away. "No! That's it. We're done for the night. Off to bed."

"Okay, okay. Wait. One more thing. One more thing, and then I'll go to bed. I promise."


"I just want to say good night to it."

"And then you'll go to bed?"

"Yes-s-s-s," she huffed


She leaned over my lap. "Good night, Uncle Harvey's wiener," she said sweetly and then gave its head a big kiss.

I nearly came when she made contact, but I composed myself enough to shoo her to bed. "All right, off you go," I said as she jumped up and scampered across to her room. The image of her lips touching my penis lingered in my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

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