Sitting on My Son's Lap Pt. 02


Dad finished his cigar, got in and warmed up the car. Yup that stinky cigar would definitely help to mask some odors. After what seemed like forever, Mom finally came out carrying a white paper bag with the food.

"Oh!" Mom mouthed silently at me as she opened my door. She quickly handed me the bag and got in, once more sitting atop me before anyone else saw.

"I'll let you two get settled in, just let me know when you all is ready." Dad said cluelessly as he fumbled with the wipers and headlights.

I set the bag on the floor, and adjusted the seat backwards to make a little room. I lifted Mom up by her thighs and she placed her little feet on the dashboard, grabbing a hold of the hem of her short skirt. She hitched them up higher to her waist, my hands following and eventually resting atop hers as I slowly and gingerly lowered her bare ass onto my throbbing cock.

Both of us let out a barely audible, pleasure-filled sigh as once more my hard, naked dick made contact with her smooth, soft behind. Thankfully the radio was back on and Dad didn't hear a thing. Mom immediately got the fun started, squirming her cute little butt a few times so that my veiny shaft wedged firmly between the cheeks of her delicious derriere.

"All right dear, we're all set... Don't make too much of a rush to get there, it'll be getting dark soon and you know how your eyes get terrible in the dark."

"I ain't that old yet!" Dad huffed.

"Just remember, we got all the time in the world dear..." Mom trailed off.

With that, we were on the road again, the sun lowering in the western horizon as dusk began to settle. My raging erection was still rubbing along the crack of Mom's hot, bubbly ass as she continued to writhe forward and back on top of me. For the first few miles, I enjoyed the pleasing ride, savoring the friction along the underside of my shaft as Mom smothered my smoldering cock with her ass, my dick pinned against my chiseled lower abs. Then she really got into it, thrusting her wide hips up and down, my engorged member angling ever higher with each upward thrust. Finally my dick got closer to heaven as I shifted a little on one of her up-thrusts and furrowed it obscenely along the oozing lips of her steadily creaming cunt. Both of us let out another soft, sighing moan as Mom's slick slash basted the length of my cock with the first layer of her lovely nectar. How I desperately wanted to get back inside her tight, welcoming depths again and plow her!

Mom kept me out though, teasingly grasping my shaft every once in a while and stroking its length; glancing the copiously precum-dribbling head of my cock just inside the hot, wet threshold of her snatch before popping it out again; reaching down, cupping and fondling my big, sperm-laden balls as she purred softly in my ear. I wanted nothing more than to pound her sweet, tight pussy again and dump another thick load deep in her unprotected womb!

Minute after minute, mile after mile went by and still Mom kept me at bay with her teasing. Don't get me wrong, I was thoroughly enjoying her titillation, but it was frustrating nonetheless. She was beginning to drive me nuts! It seemed like an hour had already past, and my aching tool still hadn't tapped the depths of Mom's tantalizing twat. Was she just going to get me off like this, without having me pound her pussy like we both knew she needed? Even the fact that apart from the radio, no one had said anything since we left the diner was unsettling. Damnit! I knew I had to do something.

"How much longer are you gonna torture me like this?" I said softly in Mom's ear.

"You've got to show me you're hungry enough Michael..." she whispered back at me, grinning.

What the hell was that supposed to mean? As if she read my mind, Mom reached down and matter-of-factly picked up the bag of food from the diner and handed it to me. I still didn't know what she meant. Puzzled, I looked inside. A few buns, a Styrofoam container filled with a bunch of sausages (bigger and fatter than the ones from earlier), another one with scrambled eggs, and a container of some white stuff—probably gravy. I didn't see what the big deal was and handed the bag back to Mom. She looked back at me, then exasperatedly rolled her eyes.


The sudden jolt of a voice at normal volume after so many miles of no one having said much (other than Mom and my surreptitious whispers) was jarring. Mom seemed to be exaggerating her tone though.

"Uhhh...yeah sure Mom. What do you got in that bag?" I played along, still not sure what all this was about. We were still grinding, but suddenly it stopped as Mom raised her ass to get up, and then made a point of noisily rustling through the paper bag.

"Hmm, let me see...I got these buns. Don't they look delicious?" she asked, in a girlish voice.

She reached back and handed me a pair of the dinner rolls. I held them up to my face, still perplexed. I was just about to take a bite out of one of them...

"Michael, I said don't these BUNS LOOK DELICIOUS?" Mom repeated.

My focus on the bread shifted to the overt wiggling inches away in front of me that I had failed to notice. Holy shit! There was Mom her skirt was hiked up to her waist, her ass protruding noticeably as her hips swayed back and forth sexily. Both her hands were on her ass, lewdly spreading the cheeks of her buns apart.

Her buns! Like a sudden bolt of lightning, the realization of it all dawned on me at last.

"Mmmm... yeah, Mom. Let me get some of that!"

"Go ahead, son. DIG RIGHT IN!"

I placed my hands on her hips and lowered her firmly on my crotch. Mom gave me a hand and reached down standing my rigid cock upright to meet her target. One swift, horny thrust and TOUCHDOWN! Cockhead and shaft pierced Mom's clammy, clutching pussy lips, my full length buried to the hilt in her depths. When I felt her ass nestled snugly on my balls, I raised her up then slowly lowered her back down. So commenced our ball-busting fun once again and to me, it was pure bliss!

"God, Mom these buns are so good! Mmmmrrrrgh..." I groaned, pretending to make eating noises.

"Mmm, I know son. You want some more?" Mom replied, smacking her own lips.

Mom increased our speed and soon my shaft was basted in her juices. I squeezed tighter on her hips, relishing in the tightness of her luscious cunt as I penetrated her. Our tempo and timing were perfect: each time she lowered her ample butt down, I was eagerly thrusting up into her. Finally, my dick was back in heaven!

"Ha! You two hungry again? Knew you should've eaten more at the diner. You all want to stop?"

Dad's voice was shrill and grating as he interrupted our forbidden, incestuous fuck.

"No don't stop! Michael you don't want to stop... right?" Mom said, half panting.

"No...Let's keep going Mom... We can finish in the car...I don't want to stop till we cum............TO THE SCHOOL."

I nearly forgot to add that last part!

"All right, you two. Keep going then. Honey, make sure you two don't make a mess in the car!"

Mom and I looked at each other and smiled. She leaned forward and brought out the container of sausages. I took the initiative and grabbed a piece with a fork.

"Doesn't that look good Mom? Want a piece of my sausage with your buns?"

"Mmmm...Yesss Michael, stick it in my buns! Your sausage sure is nice and fat, MUCH bigger than that little wrinkly one your Dad had!"

"I know, Mom!"

We smacked out lips together for a torrid kiss. Then I really started giving it to her. This whole charade was taking double-talk and putting one over Dad to a whole new level, and I was loving every minute of it! It went on like that for what seemed like forever, our pretend eating sounds helping to mask the real cause of the lip-smacking as Mom and I kissed, as well as the soft, steady "schluck! schluck! schluck!" of our leisurely and pleasurable forbidden fucking.

We of course barely ate any of the prop food, tossing most of it back into the bag, but I admit, some of the calories did help as Mom and I eagerly continued our casual, illicit intercourse. On the radio, The Eagles' "Witchy Woman" was blaring sensually away. We were almost to my college, maybe thirty minutes away, when Mom whispered in my ear.

"Last course, Michael..."

I reached into the bag and brought out the next container. We kept on making our pretend eating noises. Down below, my cock kept pounding Mom's cunt.

"Come on son, give me some more of that!" Mom whined, loud and yearning.

My cock obliged her and picked up the pace. My own aching need in my rumbling balls was gradually increasing and I knew I wouldn't last long.

"Dear, your son isn't obeying. Tell him to give his Mother some scrambled eggs!"

"Hey sport, listen to your Mom."

"You sure, Dad?"

"Danggit! Don't make me say it again, son... GIVE YOUR MOM SOME SCRAMBLED EGG!"

"All right, Dad!"

I sped up my thrust to a frenetic pace. Mom kept up with me, bouncing her plush, sweaty ass, meeting me stroke for stroke as we neared our climactic finish. In my mind I was screaming the words that I really wanted to yell, right at my Dad, only inches away:

** ''All right Dad! I'll scramble Mom's egg! Scramble her egg with MY SEED!! Scramble HER genes with MY genes!!! Yeah, that's right! I'M GONNA MAKE A FUCKIN' BABY IN HER!!! I'm going to shoot every last sperm out of these young, horny, loaded balls and fuck a baby up YOUR DEAR WIFE, MY MOM!!!!'' **

I felt the familiar twinge and tingling start in my heavy, clenching nuts. Almost there... I could feel this was going to be a thick load!

"Mmm that's sooooo good Michael! Son, think you can you reach into the bottom of that sack?"

"Yeah Mom!"

My raunchy, racing brain shifted to Mom:

** ''Sure, Mom I'll reach into the depths of my nutsack just for you! I'll also reach deep into YOU!! I'll reach in deep and shoot millions of my little Mikeys straight into your willing womb!! Reach in deep and KNOCK YOU UP WITH MY FUCKIN' BABY and THERE ISN'T A DAMN THING DAD CAN DO TO STOP IT!!! '' **

I reached down and got out the container of gravy— WHITE gravy, and had one last final chuckle at Mom's genius. She sure had thought of everything!

"Where do you want this white stuff Mom?"

"Mmmmm...Michael, just dump it. Dump that hot, white, gravy all over my eggs! MAKE SURE YOU GIVE ME A LOT!!!"

"All right Mom!"

That did it. The lewd double-meaning of everything had been steadily building up my lascivious lust, but Mom's last words finally got to me. One last furious thrust and I was balls-deep to the hilt, back bottoming home in the depths of Mom's clutching cunt. My pre-cum dribbling cockhead plowed savagely into Mom's cervix as a split second later, the first searing string of semen streamed from my pisshole. It was followed by strand after strand of thick, potent baby-batter that spewed into Mom-- a loving, fresh batch of nut busted straight from me, her very own son!

"Unnnnnngggghhhhhhhh!!! You're spilling it everywherrrre Michael!!!" Mom squealed.

I sure was. Spilling my seed everywhere all up inside my Mom. Dense clouds of my DNA deposited DEEP inside her. My balls kept churning it out. Wad after wad, rope after rope of my teeming, teenage sperm spurted straight into Mom's unprotected, willing and welcoming womb.

"Mmmmmmrrrgghh...sorry it's so much Mom! but it's sooooo goooood, huhhhhh?!?!" I groaned.

I made sounds like I was licking my fingers, when in reality I had one of Mom's stiff nipples in my mouth. I felt something warm leaking over my balls, and I realized Mom was cumming with me. Her pussy was squirting her own lovely, feminine nectar all over my penis as I kept pistoning into her creaming cunt. Biting my lip I stirred our seething stew of hot, horny, hormonal love-juices. Mom and I mingled it lewdly, a fervid fermenting formed from our forbidden, FAMILIAL fuck-froth!

"Ohhh.. Michael, you're stirring it so mucchh!!!"

"Danggit! He make a mess, hun?" Dad blurted.

"Nnnnnngh... No dear, your son spilled most of his white stuff into my container..."

"Yyyeah, don't worry Dad! I got all my gravy inside Mom's box!"

"Well if your Mom's hungry for more, you just make sure you pour some more out for her!"

"Mmmmmmmmhhhh, okayy..."

"Mmmmmm, yesss Michael, gimme some more of that baby-gravyyy-- umm, I mean gravy, baby!!!!"

"Heeeere you go, Mommmmmm!!!"

Like a contended couple after a filling meal, Mom and I moaned softly as we fulfilled our primal urges, at the same time naughtily obeying Dad's cluelessly given nasty command. Mom was doing her magic with her pussy, coaxing every last drop from my balls. I could feel Mom's spasming cervix lap hungrily on the head of my cock, shamelessly slurping on her own son's sperm. Eagerly I gave it all to her. I wanted to deposit as much of my swarming, swimming, genetic goo deep inside Mom, right into her sacred, special place where babies are bred. As long as I could help it, every last lashing bundle of DNA that my testicles could muster was going to be sent on its merry, eager quest to find her egg. I sure hoped Mom's ovaries did her part. My deepest, most deviant desire was for one of my lucky baby-makers (out of the many millions I was even now giving Mom,) for just one of those lively little chromosome-carriers to meet her ovum. Nature's own magic would do the rest after that, ensuring the dirty, destined deed of knocking Mom up.

"Make sure you get all his stuff if he's done, hun! Danngit son, I told you not to make a mess!"

"Don't worry; I got all of it dear!"

"Couldn't help it Dad!" I smiled, laughing wickedly to myself.

Post-orgasmic adrenaline and youthful testosterone was coursing through me as I relished in sweet satisfaction. Nothing topped the feeling of cocky triumph I had at that moment, knowing I'd filled Mom up to the brim again with another hot load of my spunk. Also there was the illicit thrill of knowing Mom had been my willing partner, wantonly accepting my vigorous, 18-year old sperm right inside of her where it could meet one of her ripe, fertile 37 year-old Mommy-eggs. Mom seemed to be thoroughly enjoying risk of likely getting incestuously pregnant by me-- her very own son. All this while her husband, my Dad, sat helpless only inches away, unable (or unwilling?) to do a thing about it!

I finally plopped my well-pleased penis out of Mom's ravished cunt as we neared the outskirts of the college town. Surprisingly, there wasn't much of a mess as I looked down below and inspected Mom's pussy. I must've shot almost ALL my wad deep inside her, right where I wanted it. A little semen seeped out obscenely, but Mom swiftly straightened her skirt over her knees and squeezed her thighs together. She kept her feet up on the dashboard while she crossed her calves, and let out a lovely, soft, contented sigh as she fell back into me. Mom looked up at me and my heart melted as my eyes met hers. It was then that I felt assured my precious deposit was safe! I got myself settled back, my arms wrapped around Mom's belly. Finally noticing how Mom had her legs propped up, I smiled and wondered how my wriggling throng of tiny, twitching, teenager-tadpoles were doing in her twat, now that Mom had given them some gravitational help. We lay like that for a while, and then Mom got up and began to tidy up some of the crumbs and stuff lying around the front seat. I reached down and put my basketball shorts back up, my semi-hard cannon a little sad to be put away. Mom rolled our window down letting in some balmy, late-summer evening air. The thin sheen of post-fuck sweat that coated us evaporated away, cooling us both. Of course something else was sown to the winds. Come to think of it though, most of the lingering scent that vented out of the car was from Dad's stinky cigar.

We arrived at my dorm almost 7 pm. Mom of course was the first to get out and rush to the trunk, probably to fish out her pair of panties. Dad and were I stretching out our legs when I saw her run quickly to the restroom (I grinned to myself, knowing the true reason why). Once Mom got back, we got started hauling in my gear, starting off of course with my big-screen TV that had been the cause of my day-long dalliance with Mom. It was past 9 pm when the last of my stuff was finally loaded out of the car and dropped off at my dorm. Fortunately there wasn't a sign of a roommate, so my hope of having Mom all to myself next weekend was definitely still in play.

All three of us finally made our way back to the car.

"Awww...they grow up so fast. I'm sure going to miss my sweet boy." Mom cooed, hugging me tightly as we prepared for our parting.

"Now, don't fret dear. They all gotta grow up and leave the nest someday. And remember, you'll see him again next weekend to help him unload." Dad reassured her.

"Oh yeah hun, make sure to bring his basketballs. Maybe you can shoot some hoops with your Mom next week, eh sport?"

"Hmmmmm... I don't know, dear! Think your son can handle his Mom in a little one-on-one?" Mom suggested coyly.

"Hah! I bet he'd probably shoot all over you!" Dad scoffed.

Mom and I shared a knowing glance.

She walked back to me, then whispered softly in my ear as she gave me one last hug:

* ''How 'bout it "sport", or should I say "young stud"? Want to take up your Dad's bet? Bet you'd have more fun though, shooting your OTHER balls in Mommy's basket!'' *

I smiled.

Mom returned to Dad's side and tugged his arm.

"Dear, you think maybe we can eventually have another kid? You DO know, I'm still pretty young!"

"Hah! Woman, what in the heck put that idea in your head? We just finished getting our firstborn off into college, and now you're talking crazy about having another child! 'Sides, ain't you still taking precautions?"

Mom looked at Dad with a sly look on her face as Dad shook my hand firmly to bid his farewell. Then she batted her mesmerizing gaze back at me.

I recognized that look in her eye.

"No dear, I stopped taking the pill..."

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