Sitting on Shane


"Oh, I'm sorry, little bitch, did I take away my pussy? Hmm? Do you want that back down there rubbin' on you? You wanna eat me more, can't get enough? Well how about some ass to go with the cunt I was so willing to let you have?" she railed, as she began to turn her body around. "You're gonna love eating this too, aren't you? Wanna please Mandy? Get that tongue of yours out and ready to lick and stick my asshole, Shane." And once she had gotten turned around, she promptly sat back down, her ass completely blocking out all else.

Shane saw the light go out and had his tongue stuck out and ready. Mandy quickly found it and worked her way around till it was squarely on her asshole, then slowly humped back and forth over his face. He was in heaven, she was in heaven. Shane would be coming very soon with no help from anything other than her body riding his face, her voice and a small amount of friction from his boxers. Mandy had had one small orgasm already, but wouldn't be satisfied until she knew he had worshiped her as much and as long as he could; she was even considering making him pass out, but thought better and decided maybe next time.

She was still giving him the little air breaks he needed, more often than before, for she knew it would get worse for him as time went on, and she decided that he had been such a good boy she would give him a reward. She pulled open his black belt, unzipped his fly and opened the shorts he had on, and pulled his 7-inch cock out of his boxers to give it some air. He groaned loudly into her ass, a feeling to which she was getting quickly addicted.

"So I'm thinking you've been so good to my pussy and ass, I'm gonna be good to you soon," she said, as she picked herself up off his face, now covered in juice. His breathing was heavy and ragged as his lungs fought to catch up for what they had been lacking for some 30 minutes now. "It's only gonna take a couple more minutes with that tongue of yours buried in my ass to get me off good, and after you complete that, my little muffin, I'll suck you off good, ok baby?"

"Oh god yes, thank you Mandy, that would be great," he sighed out, after grabbing another deep breath. "I want you to get off so good humping my face. Come on, sit that pussy and ass back down on me and grind away."

She had sat up some, up on her knee and one leg again, so she could see his face during the exchange, and the smile she got was almost enough to make her come. She knew he would be up for this anytime she called, and after play-acting about it for years in cam shows with various guys, she was happy to have found so willing a partner for her games; she looked forward to finding out how much he could take were she to push him further.

Shane had gotten his ultimate wish, and as she sat back down to finish herself off with his tongue up her little brown asshole, they both smiled thinking the best was yet to come.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/22/17

Beautiful and very real

This reflects some of my own experiences, and brings them back with a bittersweet rush of nostalgia. There is no paradise on earth like worshipping a big, beautiful woman's body through a long, sensualmore...

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