tagNonHumanSIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 10

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 10


SIW : Adam and Bronwille.

Another chapter ready and we're getting to the big finale, for this part of the story at least. After that it's full focus on Adam and Bron and really get them together as they're meant to be. Special thanks go out to Nulli Para Ora for providing another excellent Adam written period piece "Revenge". Double thanks for Nulli and Mazuri for giving it the quick once over and not in the least a huge thanks for Mikothebaby for another job well done: THANKS LADIES!

I'll let you get on with the story.


Chapter Ten : The End is Near.

Unable to get rid of the adrenaline coursing through his body, Adam turned to the one thing that at this moment could ease it a little bit. He actually had to smile as he realized that the cute little redhead had provided him with a means to get on top of his feelings and at the same time give his past a final resting place. One day he will thank her for it profusely and thoroughly.

Sitting down, he stared at the blank screen for a few minutes, thinking back at that one moment where he lost part of his control, went beyond enemy lines, to get his personal revenge. The things he'd been witness to for so many times finally had caught up and he needed to put a stop to it, he just had to. He lingered in his past for a few minutes longer and then started typing.

A few hours later, he went over it again and he felt relieved, like a burden fell off his shoulders and he knew he could get into the right mindset to deal with the current affairs. His eyes roamed over the last few lines, they told clearly what was needed.

Anger can be useful, it insulates, empowers and focuses. I accepted anger as my companion and I embraced the power that it gave me. Nothing will replace the satisfaction that anger gave me on that day and nothing will ever come close to the euphoria of revenge.

Revenge is what I need and what I'll get. Then I'll come back to you and come clean he thought. He felt the sting in his eyes, telling him that now would be an ideal time to go to bed and get a few precious hours of sleep.

Before he did just that, he typed down a quick message, attached his story and sent it to Bron. As ever, he was curious at how she'd react. Despite her past, she managed to amaze him every step of the way. He just hoped she would forgive him this little charade of hiding behind this persona. He was sure she would. Now all he had to do was focus and concentrate on getting the revenge he swore he would get for her.

When he tucked himself in for the short remainder of the night, he focused hard on her smell and how her body felt against his. His pent up frustration written out of his system, he now wanted a few moments of happiness. With a smile on his face he drifted off to sleep.

+ + + +

# # #

From Atlas to RedB

Dear RedB,

There is a lot going on in my life right now. It, however, gave me an opportunity to dig into my past and put a few things into perspective. For so long, I had trouble placing them, dealing with them. I was touched by your kind words on my previous story, and they only helped me convince myself that I had finally found a way to get some closure for things long past. You have my gratitude for that, always and forever. For so long, I always hid that part, pretended it was never there. Now I can admit that, yes, I am a soldier at heart and I want to protect the innocent and I want to punish the guilty!

The part you have read, or are about to read, is what happened a few days later. In a way, I admit to you only that I am not proud for losing my common sense and I know it was the discretion of my then Lt that kept it from getting out. I never understood why, only recent events have made a few things more clear to me and now I understand. I'm on my own way to redemption. Just taking a detour for some revenge first.

I will not say enjoy the read this time, it's not a happy thing to read, but it is what happened, in all its brutality.

Forever grateful,


# # #

Bron played with her lower lip, pulling and tugging at it as she read each word of the brief message Atlas had attached his new story to. She wasn't sure what to make of it. She did know he was as tormented as she was, having the same conflicting emotions and now it seems she gave him a means to cope with it. Pride filled her with that thought. Yet, she was apprehensive about his next piece. His warning that it wasn't going to be pretty kinda made her doubt whether to even start reading it.

She thought about his first story, the message that came with it, combined with the current one. His path was in a way similar to hers with the difference being he seemed to actually move forward while she was only taking very small baby steps. Letting out a weary sigh she told herself to put on her big girl panties and just read it. Clicking a few buttons, she downloaded and then opened the attached file.

* * * *

* * * *


Nights in the jungle weren't peaceful. There was never a time when a soldier was not on guard. We didn't sleep in the normal sense of the word. We simply lost consciousness during our designated times, still listening out for orders.

That's exactly what I was doing when the sound of an explosion started my ears to ringing while spurring me into action. My hand was immediately on my weapon and I was on my feet. Another explosion had me turning my head toward the infirmary and my Lieutenant barking orders.

"Fucking eighty one millimeter mortars! Davis, O'Neill, Johnson, move your asses! We need to get all we can out of there!" He was already ahead of us, running like a mad man to secure our injured brothers.

I didn't even blink, I just ran and took up a defensive position along with several others. We created a perimeter and searched the dark forest for any movement or sound. If we were lucky we'd see the light when the next mortar launched, giving us an area to target.

We weren't that lucky. The next explosion hit the infirmary again, sending all of us flying in different directions from the force of the blast. They're targeting our injured? What kind of fucking animal targets men who can't fight back?

There it was again, my closest friend, fresh and ready for retribution. As dazed as I was from the blast, I was still building that same hatred for the enemy. I didn't get up right away, I lay there on the ground, listening, scanning for any indication of their position. Give me one damned sign and your ass is mine!

More explosions told me that there was more than one eighty one millimeter hidden in the blackness of the forest. I was starting to pinpoint their location from the sound of the mortar firing. Gotcha assholes! I crawled on my belly to my weapon and took aim. I couldn't see Charlie, but I could damn sure send some bullets into his general vicinity.

"O'Neill! Get your ass over here! We need to provide some God damned cover fire so that everyone gets outta here"

Son of a bitch! We're gonna let them get away with this? I didn't want to listen to the Lieutenant. I wanted to kill every single one of them out there; but going against protocol had already cost someone their life. "Sir!" I crawled toward the Lieutenant and jumped to my feet just beyond the burning rubble that used to be the infirmary.

I followed Lt. Bradley through scenes of organized chaos. There were people running in every direction, screaming orders and acknowledgments and doing anything they could to salvage what was necessary. We had a contingency plan in case something like this happened.

There was another location that we could fall back to if the need arose. We needed to make sure we didn't leave anything behind that would give Charlie any intel before we left. Everyone was scrambling, doing what they were trained to do.

There was no time to think about the people being blown up as more mortars fell. Our job was to react, to protect as much as we could and ensure the survival of as many as we could save.

Explosions continued on as three Marines stayed behind, Browning 50cals at the ready, distracting Charlie and giving us time to escape. I will never forget, brothers. Semper Fi.

By daybreak, we were heading back, looking for survivors. We'd radioed our sit. rep. and two platoons met up with us at around 0400.

The sight of our fallen was gruesome. I entered the perimeter and stopped at Hawkes' body. His leg was clearly broken, but that wasn't what killed him. I could taste the bitterness of bile rising up in my mouth as I saw that his throat had been slashed. Fucking Charlie! I will kill every last one of you!

It was no different for the next several bodies that we found. Many had been killed by explosions or gunfire, but there were too many whose injuries weren't fatal. Their deaths were brought after they suffered and that was something I wouldn't forgive.

I was approaching the area where the infirmary used to be when I heard the faintest groan. It was a woman's voice, more than likely one of the nurses. I double timed it to the source and that's when I saw her.

She was on the ground, nose bleeding, eyes black and swollen, lip split. There were purple bruises in the shape of fingers around her neck and when she did manage to part her lids, the whites of her eyes were completely red.

My eyes traveled down to find her uniform ripped and torn. She had bite marks on most of her body, including her breasts. With a rage that was quickly turning me into a seething, snarling beast, I allowed my eyes to travel lower, finding blood on her inner thighs. They fucking raped her!

I took off my MARPAT blouse and draped it over her. "I need a medic!" I wouldn't leave her side, and the looks on the faces of the medics when they arrived assured me that she'd never be left alone again. You're all gonna pay, Charlie!

I followed the protocol. I did my duties and people were still dead and even worse. I needed my revenge and I was going to take it.

I waited and patrolled for a couple hours until things were settling down. We'd carried our dead to a special area and covered them with sheets. We made sure that we secured anything useful and waited for the inbound convoy to move us to a new location.

I wasn't needed on the patrol when the sounds of the transports registered. Now or never. I made a wide arc around the perimeter as if patrolling before I slipped into the forest. I moved quickly, searching the ground for any signs of disturbance, any clues at all.

That's when I noticed indentations in the soil in the shape of a triangle. Jackpot! This is where one of the eighty ones rested. I scanned the ground and I could see a clear path ahead of me, marking their escape with the heavy weapon.

I followed it, running as fast as I could through the forest. I wasn't stealthy, I didn't give a fuck. I was going to kill those bastards and they might as well know that death was coming for 'em. It was more warning than we got.

I must have traveled two or three miles before I could hear the sounds of voices. I moved into a position where I could scan the trees and my eyes quickly fell on a clearing not too far ahead of me. I was off in a flash. I unsheathed my combat knife and moved into action.

There were five Charlies patrolling and I had plans for each one of them. I hunkered down under the tall vegetation and waited. They spoke to each other every now and then and I waited for the silence before I crawled forward, timing my movements so that the sways of the plants seemed to be in response to the wind.

I was close to him and I could feel my adrenaline pumping as I watched him through the long, wide leaves. The moment he moved toward me, I was up and on him. I grabbed his throat and squeezed tight. I wasn't going to kill him just yet, but I didn't want him alerting the others.

In one smooth motion, I cut off his pants. He was too busy struggling to breathe to fight me and I needed to be sure of something. Was it you? Were you one of them? I looked down at his exposed skin and saw no blood. Your lucky day, Charlie!

I wouldn't have to gut him slowly as I'd planned to if he was one of the men who raped that nurse. Instead, I brought my knife up high enough for him to see it. His eyes were glued to the shiny metal as I waved it back and forth in front of his face. "Time to die, Charlie."

I let him watch the knife for a few more seconds before I lowered it and stabbed him in the stomach. Pulling the blade from him, I held it sideways and stabbed between his ribs. If you had a fucking heart, It would be bleeding it out right now. As it stands, I'm simply cutting off your supply of life.

I let his limp body drop to the forest floor and I spat on him. "Son of a bitch!" I hunkered down again, watching for the next target. I was moving to him in no time, reveling in my revenge and needing more of it, like a drug.

I waited for him in much the same way and I searched him for signs that he'd been involved in the rape after I had him secured. The traces of blood that I found on him sealed his fate. I didn't hesitate, I used my knife tip to cut his vocal chords without slitting his throat.

When he fell to the ground in pain, I joined him, kneeling next to his body and watching the fear creep into his eyes. "Wasn't she afraid of you, Charlie?" I didn't care that he didn't understand me. I was going to get revenge and he was going to feel it.

My hands trembled in anger and anticipation. I was excited to teach this Charlie a damned lesson and I couldn't decide where to start. His hands were holding his throat as he tried to cough and scream. "Did you use those filthy hands to choke her? To hold her down?"

I grabbed a wrist and yanked his hand from his throat. I forced it down into the soil and put my knee, with my weight behind it, on his palm to hold it. His feeble attempts to swat at me did nothing to deter me and I took my time. I broke every finger on that hand and I did it slowly.

His squirming and hoarse cries only served to make me threaten him with my blade. He couldn't be heard and I couldn't be seen, so I worked him over. Cutting here, stabbing there, breaking this arm, placing my fingers inside his wounds. Whatever the hell I wanted, and there was a lot that I wanted.

The feel of his blood was like the caress of a beautiful woman on my skin and I craved more of her attention. When he released his last breath, I was already on to his comrade, delivering a similar punishment after finding him wearing her blood below his waist. You won't need that eye where you're going asshole.

I'd killed the patrol one by one and I was heading for the clearing when I heard a muffled sound before a thud not two yards away from me. "You got a fucking death wish, Son? What part of my fucking orders included going AWOL to play footsie with Charlie?"

Shit! I knew his voice anywhere and I turned and saluted. I looked down at the body of a Charlie that I didn't even know was there. The Lieutenant had broken his neck, quick and clean.

"You and me are gonna have words, Son. What the hell are you doing all the way out here in bum fucking Egypt?" His eyes were darting around me into the clearing. I knew he'd pick up on the fact that there were more Charlies out there.

I wasn't going to lie to him. I didn't have a reason to. I felt no guilt for what I did but I had the sense to speak appropriately. "Sir, I couldn't let Charlie get away after what they did to us, Sir. I found a path and tracked them here. I found two of them so far who were part of the attack on the nurse, Sir."

I listened to his irritated sigh and waited for his reprimand. I was in the wrong, I knew it, but I was too angry to care. Even if I had to go against a direct order, I planned to kill every one of those cocksuckers.

"God Damn it, O'Neill! If you're gonna fucking stab someone, use the right fucking angle of entry! Fucking Boots!" His eyes traveled over the bodies I'd left before settling back on the clearing. "Let's get this done so I can get back and kick your ass."

He was moving toward the enemy before he finished speaking.

One by one, the Lieutenant and I took out the remaining targets. He allowed me to use my anger, watching me tear several of them apart. He seemed bored by the whole thing as he smoked a cigar with his arms crossed over his chest.

He let me punch and rend until I had no more energy left. I could feel the desire to inflict more pain, to rip more of them in half, but I was out of enemies and out of time.

"Gotcha fucking head out of your ass now?" He was looking at me as though he was seeing a child. "Back to the convoy, O'Neill or so help me God!"

We walked back in silence. There was nothing that I needed to say. This would be the fate of any who hurt the ones I protected. They would die by my hands and I'd show no mercy.

Anger can be useful, it insulates, empowers and focuses. I accepted anger as my companion and I embraced the power that it gave me. Nothing will replace the satisfaction that anger gave me on that day and nothing will ever come close to the euphoria of revenge.

* * * *

* * * *

Bron sat there, lost for words at what she just read. The torment he must have gone through with what he did, no matter how justified the cause may have been. No wonder he was as messed up as she was. The difference between them now was that he confronted the issue and she ran and hid and tried to survive. Her near attack almost making her do the same if it wasn't for one person.

Her heart ached when she thought of him. He was so caring and tender, not once did he push her for anything. She got a bit angry at herself for the roller coaster ride her emotions were taking her on. Grabbing her hair she pulled on it hard until it hurt. She wanted to scream out her frustration at just about anything. Giving in, she did just that and afterward turned bright red, hoping her neighbors didn't think anything was wrong.

Some minutes later she felt safe to move again, nobody had rang or knocked on her door. Then she laughed. Not sure if he had done this on purpose or it was just coincidence but in a way Atlas was letting her see she wasn't alone, that she could share her burden, her fear, maybe turn said fear into something else. Maybe what she had to do was something she should have done instead of running, maybe she should have talked to that cop.

She should talk about this to someone, maybe Mia would be up for a little heart to heart. Something inside of her felt wrong thinking that, not Mia, she had to talk to someone else. Adam. She wanted to talk to Adam, he already proved to be a great listener. The only problem now was when was he getting back into town?

Feeling a bit too raw to reply to Atlas, she shut down everything and hoped that going out for a meal would ease her tension. It didn't take long for her to end up at Adam's tavern and order her usual. She hid a smile as they now treated her as a well-seasoned regular. She managed to always have the same spot available to her, one where she could watch the side entrance into the tavern from the private area in the back, you never know when he could show up.

Not long after she sat down a tall glass of ice water was put in front of her, decorated with a bright colored paper umbrella. Katie simply asked if she wanted the usual and with an affirmative nod from her, twirled around to place the order in the kitchen.

She put down the little notebook and began scribbling down little nothings, ideas floating around in her mind. It could be as simple as a name she liked or a scene that she felt drawn too. She used to be able to just remember it all, but after her ordeal she found that jolting them down was needed. It had frustrated her to no end to be unable to bring forth the details she recalled so easily before. Frowning a little, she tried to smooth down the folded edges of the worn out notebook.

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