tagLoving WivesSix and One is Heaven

Six and One is Heaven


Gravel crunched under my truck's wheels as I pulled into the driveway of a Victorian-style home— a sorority house. The girls had called looking for a handyman to take care of half dozen or so odd jobs. I stepped out of my truck and grabbed my bag of tools.

The doorbell had an old fashion ding-dong ring to it. Before it had completed its announcement, a petite woman with a blue streak of hair, perky breasts, and dimples opened the door. "C'mon in we've been expecting you. But I didn't know you'd be so, so cute."

A bit startled I said, "Hi Miss, thank you. I don't often receive such nice compliments, you flatter me. By the way, my name is ay...Doug."

She said, "Oh and modest too," then she winked at me. "Well Doug, you can get started in the upstairs bathroom; a leaky faucet needs repair," she pointed up the stairway, "Then eventually the ceiling below needs work too from the water damage."

"Yes Miss, I'll get right on it."

She alerted a couple of other girls that I had arrived and a small group gathered outside the bathroom doorway. I guess my plumbers crack was showing because one of the girls asked, "Are you going to play hard to get or are you showing your butt crack like a mail-call to get our attention?" I blushed red and pulled up my jeans. I was glad they couldn't see my face.

Before long there were five or six sorority sisters standing in the doorway. One, a blonde with long hair that rested at the small of her back said out of nowhere, "We like to give head." Then a brunette with a southern accent wearing a see-through blouse that revealed the firmest boobs and hardest nipples I'd ever seen asked, "Do you have any objections to us giving you some?"

Another girl with auburn hair and a milky white complexion extended her arm. I grabbed her hand. She was strong and pulled me to my feet effortlessly, "Come with me." We went down the hallway to a room with two couches and several plush arum chairs. "Sit here." She commanded. "Now unzip it, so we can get to work."

She licked the head of my dick all around the top, back and forth, at least three times. She then slowly brought me into her mouth with a gentle but unmistakable suckling motion sliding me in and out slowly in her wet mouth.

All the other girls began to giggle. "Don't hog him, leave some for us!"

One by one they got on their knees and took turns. Each had her own little twist on how to give a great blow job. It was like they were giving a clinic and I was the lucky subject they were using to demonstrate their techniques.

One ran her mouth up and down my shaft with her lips and then used her tongue to do the same; another took in all of me and just sucked hard without choking. I nearly exploded. But another girl could see I was straining to hold on to my erection and yelled, "Stop! He'll come and the rest of won't get a chance!"

You won't believe what happened next. A set of red haired twins knelt on either side of me and stroked me with their lips, kissing as they moved their mouths and tongues up my harder than ever before shaft. They giggled as they took turns and gently sucked me. Their moans were intoxicating. When one was sucking my hard as stone penis, the other gently fondled my testicles in her mouth. Their skin was smooth, winter white, with a just a few freckles dotting their noses. Each had full round breast with nipples high on each mound of silky skin. They pulled off their pants and exposed a light blush of soft red hair outlining their pussies which had a wet drip ready to slide off into my mouth. The twin to my right climbed up so I could put her pink love box in my face. The other twin slid her wetness over my cock and within a few seconds I was doing them both.

The twins slipped off me and by the time the sixth girl had put my now oak-hard penis in her mouth, I was ready to come at a single lick. However, she held back long enough to let all the girls form a semicircle around me. Some kissed me, others rubbed my chest, and two held my dick firmly in their hands while a third girl licked the tip of my pulsing hardness. She licked and licked until a burst of come flowed out in the most voluminous ejaculation of my life.

Giggles and smiles filled the room. All the girls tried their best to get a little on them or in their mouths. I was transported to an orgasmic place I had never been too before...

Buz, buz, buz... I slapped my hand down hard on the alarm clock. Startled, I leapt from the bed my underwear jism soaked. My wife looked at me like I had just come home from an orgy or, perhaps, I was simply projecting.

"Are you all right? You look like you just saw a ghost."

"I'm fine dear, I just need to get to work early and I thought I had over-slept. I'm going to take a shower." I maneuvered carefully to avoid detection and headed for the bathroom.

The door was closed, but I heard her say, "Oh my, did you have a wet dream? The sheets are all soaked!"

I decided to own-up, sort-of, "Yes Hon, I dreamt of you, but I wish it had been the real thing."

"Well you won't have to wish for long. I'll be waiting for you tonight, and I have a special surprise too, but don't ask any fool questions. Like I said, it's a surprise."

I went about the business of getting ready for work, more relieved than intrigued by her response. The images of my wet dream still flashed in my head. My penis found its second wind and I had to turn the shower cold to get things under control.

When I got home that night the house seemed especially quite. I called out to Rachel, "Hi Hon, I'm home." Then I heard the shower turn on. The sound was faint, but unmistakable. My curiosity rose as did the package between my legs; a reaction I had had before when fantasizing about my wife's beautiful naked body in the shower. "Down boy, we don't know what's going on yet."

With guarded anticipation, I went up to our bedroom. The door to the bathroom was closed, but not shut tight. I could hear the sound of the shower change, it was clear that she had stepped under the water. "C'mon in, don't be shy," she said.

Hurriedly I took off my clothes and slid the shower door open. She put out her hand in a gesture that signaled 'stop'. "Don't come into the shower just yet, take your time."

She wanted me to have a full view of her before getting into the shower. Dressed in just a white T-shirt and silky white panties, she lifted her right leg slightly and gave me a porn movie pose. Her T-shirt was soaked through; the curves of her breasts were magnified magnificently.

Then she beckoned with a crooked finger for me to join her. I was titillated to excess as the water ran over her perfectly formed breasts. Her big nipples were hard, one of the features I loved most about her body. She pulled me in by my steely-rod and we started making out. It was like living out the dream of bagging a wet T-shirt contest winner. We playfully explored for a long time. Then Rachel said, "There's more to come."

When we had dried off she told me, "Go get in bed I'll be there in less than a minute, I don't want to keep you waiting any longer than necessary."

I did as she commanded. As promised, she emerged from the bathroom in about forty seconds, but she wasn't naked. She had on a lacy pair of black panties, but not like anything she had ever worn before. This pair of underwear said kinky loud and clear, they were crotchless!

The black lace accented her just slightly olive skin, which glistened from the aftermath of our shower. Her long flowing hair fell just shy of her full breast, they seemed plumper than usual. Her hips swayed as she approached me and although I could not see her ass from the bed, I knew how firm and high it was it was always a turn on. I was anticipating putting my hands on each bun and giving her a firm squeeze.

As she moved closer I could see that the panties were not just crotchless, they had a tight elastic frame that exposed her vulva. She had shaved herself close and with the pressure the panties put on the outer lips of her vagina she had the look of a goddess. She whispered, "They make the area more sensitive to your touch."

I could hardly breathe I was so excited. Then she said, "But before you touch me I want a good spanking; not hard, just enough to make me wetter than I already am. Can you do that for me?"

I couldn't speak, so I shook my head affirmatively.

As she climbed into bed she said, "So have I surprised you with my erotic approach? Are you ready for me?"

Again all I could muster was a couple of head nods, which made her smile pleased to see how the evening she planned had thrilled me.

A spank or two or five, if done appropriately at the right time, and especially if requested is one of the sexier things a woman can do with her partner, but for my money nothing beats crotchless panties.

She positioned herself on top and after I applied a few painless slaps she inched up to my face. She put her exposed vulva plumped up by the elastic pressure on the outer lips of her vagina close to my mouth. The panties pushed her labia minora out to meet me. Wet and smelling like peaches from the edible lubricant she applied, she pushed up harder against my lips. "Oh Doug, I love you so."

I responded by parting her vaginal lips, gently lifting the hood of her clitoris, and pleasuring her with abandonment. First, I gently licked her button and she responded with an encouraging moan. Her clit was pulsing and my lips and tongue went to work, my saliva dribbled down her slit. When I let my tongue go lower it brought up the most delicious feminine juices - she was coming and I loved it.

It wasn't long before her hips, which had started pulsing slowly at first gyrated ever more violently. She bent backwards and I reached up cupping both of her breasts. A few minutes later she collapsed forward and pulled away from me panting, the pleasure had become too intense.

Then she flipped over and put us into a sixty-nine position. At first she lay with her head next to my bulging mass of meat while I gazed at her beautiful love hole. She put her hand on me and rubbed my penis along the side of her face then moved her mouth in position to lick my stiffness. I twitched and she repositioned herself to put all of me in her mouth while slipping her buttocks toward me.

Naturally, I took the bait and put my arms around her legs grabbed her cheeks and spread her open. Her whole pussy was in my mouth, she dripped her deliciousness into me and I drank it like a fine wine.

In the meanwhile she sucked me so hard I convulsed. My semen rushed into her mouth and she swallowed continuing to play with me using her tongue and cheeks. I moved my still-erect penis slowly in and out of her mouth. She used her tongue to titillate me in between sucking motions and licked up any jism that might have otherwise escaped.

We rolled into a more traditional position. We kissed. Our tongues thrust into the hollows of one another's mouths tasting each other's salty come. Several minutes later she felt me starting to harden again.

Without saying a word she climbed on top and expertly guided me into her wet pussy. Then with a sea-wave action, she slowly and rhythmically made love to me. Her full breasts touched my face bouncing on me like pillows, nipples hard and firm. I sucked one and then the other. She let out a decadent moan. My hands moved to her hips to help keep the rhythm.

The waves became more and more forceful. The trusts were deep and hard; they became faster until the rhythm was gone and we burst into chaos! We screamed in unison, "Oh God!"

"Where are you going Hon?"

"Need to use the throne room, be right back."

"You know the night is young do you want to do something?"

"Yeah eat, I'm starved."

"We can go to that place called Legit Fish and Steaks maybe get us some raw oysters and rib eye steaks?"

"Sounds perfect and when we get back..."

"Sure we can startup all over again."

Ding dong, ding dong. "Wonder who that could be?" said Rachel.

"Don't worry I'll get it." Ding dong. "Okay, okay I'm coming."

When I opened the door a chorus of voices sang out. "Hi we're from delta tau delta sorority collecting for Head Start."

Five beautiful young coeds stood there in scant clothing. Their skin was smooth full of color. One had a lollipop, she licked her lips seductively. Another looked down at my manhood. Two were redheaded twins, another two had blonde hair and the fifth girl was a brunette; her hair shined in the moonlight She looked as if she had come directly from a photo shoot for a shampoo company. Five sets of breast filled my line of sight. It was mesmerizing, I was spellbound and then I hit the floor.

I vaguely heard one of them say, "Look he's fainted."

At that moment my wife came down the stairs, "What happened?" she ran to my side. "Doug are you alright? Someone get a wet cold towel from the kitchen."

Rachel looked up, "Who are you all?"

"We're collecting donations for the Head Start program. When your husband answered the door we told him why we were here and few seconds later he dropped the floor."

Rachel patted my hands and tried to make me come around by squeezing the cold water from the towel on my face. "Help me get him on the couch."

It took four of them to move me. When I awoke everything was blurry. My eyes first focused on Rachel who was kneeling next to me. When I looked upward I saw the five girls all crowed around behind Rachel. I asked, "What are you doing here?"

They giggled and I fainted again.

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