Six Month


I untied my self and hobbled to the door and locked the dead bolt to make sure he could not come back. I cried in the corner by the door and then slowly made my way to the bathroom. My ass and my insides were still burning. I sat on the toilet and expelled all the cum he had deposited deep within my bowels along with a some blood. I was bleeding inside, not surprising considering how big his cock was and how hard he fucked my virgin ass. I took a long hot shower and then cried myself to sleep curled up in a fetal position. I woke in the middle of the night as waves of cramps racked my abdomen. He really tore up my insides, the bastard.

Monday morning came and I wondered how I was ever going to go to work face him. I couldn’t believe this happened to me. I also began to realize that there was nothing I could do to him. I couldn’t press rape charges who would believe it. There was nothing really I could do about it! That bastard got away with doing that to me! I was so mad. This is so unfair! I felt sick to my stomach and distressed. I contemplated calling in sick but the fighter in me forced myself to get dressed and go to work. My ass was still very sore and I really did have to walk funny like in the movies except in real life it’s not funny. Going to the bathroom was pure agony! I told my co-workers that I pulled a muscle water skiing. I ran into Richard in the hallway and he had that smirk on his face when he saw me. I tried my best to walk normally despite the pain in my rear and ignored him. He whispered as he passed me “Did you pull a muscle water skiing Alyson?”. I was furious and wanted to scream a millions things at him but all I managed was a feeble “Go to Hell!”

Back at my desk I received an email from him. He said he was really sorry if he hurt me but that I had it coming flaunting my ass in front of him all the time. Don’t think I didn’t know you were doing it on purpose sticking you ass out all the time. Alyson, your ass looked so hot in that G-string on the boat. You were strutting around showing off you ass rubbing oil all over it, Come on, what did you expect when you go around teasing me with you hot little ass all day, you deserved what you got. Don’t tease the big boys if you can handle their kind of fun! A man can’t help himself in a situation like that. If you put all that candy in front of a man, He’s going to take it! Be flattered Alyson, your ass was the best fuck I’ve ever had! Give me a call when you finish pouting. I hope we can still see each other. Then he added: PS> I know it hurt but isn’t there a part of you that enjoyed the whole experience. Didn’t you find it a little bit erotic and sexy having my big cock up that tiny little virgin ass of yours? Alyson, you look so hot bent over like that with my cock up your tiny little ass! I hit PF7 DELETE! The nerve of him suggesting that I brought it on that I somehow deserved it and that I somehow enjoyed the whole ordeal. I was so mad I was shaking at my desk! I was so distressed I wasn’t able to get anything done that day. Our wild passionate affair came to a crashing finish! That was 6 month ago.

David was a great guy. Any gal consider herself very lucky to be with him. He was tall, good looking, charismatic, intelligent, sweet, warm, charming, successful and had a great body! He was a so called “Great Catch”! The kind of guy you would take home to mom as well as show off to your girlfriends. He was 31, did his undergraduate at Cornell, got an MBA from Columbia and worked as an investment banker. One of my girlfriends set me up with him and I was very pleasantly surprised to find out what a hunk he was when we first met! There were sparks between us immediately and He asked to see me again right away! Unlike Tom whom many of my girlfriends didn’t like, all my girl friends loved David! They all said where did you find him and does he have a brother! They said he’s a keeper! You guys make a great couple and look awesome together! He was a very considerate caring sexy lover! We met three month ago and have been together ever since!

I had a dream, I was naked in the public ladies bathroom and David was standing naked in front of me with his back to me. He looked so sexy. I sneaked up behind him and kissed his bare muscular back. He turned around and I saw his cock except it wasn’t his cock. It was huge! I looked up and it wasn’t David at all, it was Richard! I stood there scared and frightened. He just smiled that wicked lustful smile at me. He came closer grabbed me and began kissing me passionately. I tried to push him away but he was so hot and I couldn’t fight him. My knees grew weak and we began kissing hot and heavy. He pushed me down until I was kneeling on the tile floor. He then fed me his beautiful thick cock. I took the big shiny head of his cock in my mouth and began sucking on it taking more and more of his delicious cock in my mouth. He was so hot. I wanted to just kneel there and suck his sexy cock forever. He pulled out of my mouth, turned me around, pushed me over the toilet and entered my pussy doggie style. I was naked on my knees in the ladies room bent over the toilet with my hands, elbows and tits on the toilet seat while Richard fucked me hard from behind. It felt so good and doing it on the toilet was so nasty. My face was almost in the toilet as he rammed into me repeatedly. I was so excited I began licking the toilet seat, running my tongue all over the seat as I was getting close to cumming. Licking the toilet seat in a public ladies restroom sounds like a pretty strange thing to do now but in my dream it just seem the thing to do and it was incredibly sexy and erotic! All of a sudden he pulled out of my pussy and began forcing his cock up my tiny asshole! White hot pain ripped through me as he began sodomizing my tender ass. I screamed in pain for him to stop and began crying hysterically! That’s when I woke up.

My heart was racing a mile a minute and I was shivering. I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt so scared and terrified but more then anything else I felt incredible horny. Reaching down my panties were soaked. I quickly removed my panties, and grabbed one of my satin pillow placing it between my legs and began grinding against the pillow and the bed. My naked body started undulating against the pillow and the satin sheets. The sheets felt so sensuous and erotic against my naked body. I love the way satin feels against my bare skin. Thoughts of Richard raced through my mind. The extreme pain I endured as his cock penetrated my anus that dreadful night. The memory of him thrusting deeper and deeper into my bowels intruding into my body, violating me, and sending wave after wave of burning pain through my bowels. Multiple images reflected in the mirrors of him taking my ass relentlessly flashed through my mind. His huge cock distending my tiny anus obscenely disappearing deeper and deeper into my bowels. The sharp pain in my insides as the big sexy head of his cock battered endlessly against the far recesses of my body seeking pleasure deep within my bowels. The way he punished me brutally with his huge sexy penis tearing my virgin ass apart, filling me to the utter limit with his beautiful phallus. The intense unbearable erotic pain of his engorged thick cock thrusting endlessly into my tortured rear passage.

I was getting more and more aroused as these thoughts bombarded me. I didn’t understand why the memory of that night which has haunted, angered and terrified me was all of a sudden undeniably erotic. These terrible thoughts were exciting me more and more every second. Why did being raped in the ass by Richard all of a sudden turn me on so much! I knew what I was fantasizing about and doing were wrong very wrong and I felt really guilty but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I felt like I was cheating on David and tried desperately to fantasize about him instead but thoughts of Richard kept coming back flooding my mind and arousing me to no end! I began panting heavily as I lay face down on my stomach with the satin pillow underneath my sex and between my legs. I imagined Richard standing behind me. I reached back with both hands and pulled my cheeks apart, wantonly offering my hot little anus to him. I wanted him. I wanted him to step up behind me and impale that beautiful thick cock in my little ass. I wanted to feel his lust, his passion and his desire for my ass. I wanted to feel the pain of his huge cock raping me over and over again pounding endlessly into my tight anal canal. I was so aroused I began licking and kissing the sheets pretending I was bent over the toilet and licking the toilet seat like in my dream. My hands were still behind me parting my cheeks and exposing my anus wide open. I think if by magic he was to have actually appear behind me at that precise moment, I think I would have really voluntarily offered him my tight ass and let him rape, use and abuse it for his pleasure!

Oh god, my mind was spinning so hard, I was lost in a whirlwind of lust and desire. I began grinding my hips furiously against the pillow. I wanted to feel everything I felt that dreadful night as I lay there masturbating savagely against the satin sheets. I wanted to feel the pain of his cock deflowering my bottom, I wanted to give that sexy cock more pleasure with my bowels then it has ever felt, I want his glorious penis to derive the pleasure it wanted and needed from my ass by letting it rape and hurt my insides. I wanted to bring it to the ultimate climax and feel the endless jets of hot delicious cum as it ejaculated over and over again depositing its hot seed into the dark recesses of my tortured bowels. I wanted every drop of it, on my face, in my mouth and most of all I wanted it deep in my virgin ass to quench the painful fire in my bowels. This last thought pushed me over the edge and I began cumming and cumming and cumming! I squeezed the pillow and bit down on the bed in ecstasy, my body twisting and shaking uncontrollably! An earth shattering orgasm rocked through every fiber of my body. Oh god, I came harder then I have ever come before! Never have I had an orgasm like that. Lust overwhelmed me removing the last of my inhibitions. I began screaming in lust and total abandonment “Take my ass lover, Sodomize my virgin ass! Oh god Richard I want your big beautiful hard sexy cock all the way up my ass, every inch of it. Use my ass for you pleasure” as I came for what seemed like an hour. Endless waves of pleasure racked my body. I bit my lip hard drawing blood during my throes of ecstasy imagining Richard painfully sodomizing me with every inch of his thick sexy beautiful delicious cock, fucking my tight little ass without mercy! I wanted him to take my ass more then anything oh God did I want him!

When I finally regained my senses the full weight of what I had just done hit me. I couldn’t believe how my body and my thoughts had betrayed me! I was shocked that I just fantasized about a man that had tied me up and brutally raped my ass. How could I have been so aroused by thoughts of him raping my ass? And even worse I just had the best orgasm of my life reminiscing about how this man brutally tortured my ass with his cock! How could I have possibly found the pain of being raped in the ass by him so sexy and arousing? I have a great boyfriend and lover in David yet instead of fantasizing about him I am fantasizing about a jerk who raped my ass! Have I forgotten just how much it hurt? Have I forgotten the pain and humiliation he put me through??? The bleeding from my insides? Being in agony every time I went to the bathroom for two weeks? Walking around bowlegged? I thought what the hell is wrong with me? What kind of bizarre sick fantasy was this? Am I some kind of perverted kinky masochist? Am I one of those pathetically weak women who like being abused by men? What is going on here! I love David so what the hell am I doing fantasizing about a sick bastard like Richard! I’ve never felt so lonely, confused, guilty and ashamed in my life and there was no one I could talk to. Just who the hell am I now? What have I become? The shame was unbearable. I felt like I had crossed a line that once crossed there was no turning back. A door had been opened, one which once open can never be shut again. I cursed the day I met Richard. I wished that I had married Tom! That was three weeks ago. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Richard since.

I saw Richard in the cafeteria looking very suave in his GQ outfit. I caught my self standing provocatively with my back to him. Did I do that for his benefit? God I hope not. He smiled that sexy lustful knowing smile as he walked by me and said, Alyson, you look great in that outfit, very sexy. My heart skipped a beat. I smiled back and said thanks. That was two days ago.

Today is Saturday. David is away on a business trip and I’ve decided to go to a party thrown by a co-workers of mine tonight. What should I wear? I have this slinky short white dress that has a low cut back. It shows off my tone shoulders arms and back. I’ve worked hard at the gym for it. It’s cut very high and shows off my long sexy legs. Throw in a pair of sexy high heels and I’ve got legs to die for. But most of all it is very tight around my rear and really accents my firm sexy tight little ass. Should I wear a pair of dark G-string panties underneath to really accent my sexy tight bottom? Richard once told me my ass looks so sexy in that dress that all he could think about when he saw me wearing it was ripping off my dress and licking every inch of my fine ass and then fucking me hard up the ass. It was his favorite dress. I had laughed at the time reveling in the power my ass had on him. I had responded by rubbing my ass against his raging hard on teasing him saying wouldn’t you love to do me up the butt. Keep dreaming lover.

How much will I drink tonight? Will I get just a little tipsy or flat out drunk? I don’t know myself anymore. More importantly I don’t trust myself. I am sitting here telling my experience on a pornographic web site, something I would have never dreamed of doing. Perhaps it’s therapy for me. Perhaps someone out there can understand what I am going through. I once was very sure about who I am, what I am, where I am going, what I like, and what I don’t, but that was six month ago and it seem like an eternity.

Did I mention Richard will be at this party?

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