tagGay MaleSix New Friends Before Noon

Six New Friends Before Noon


He could feel the warmth in his mouth. He could taste the little drops of pre cum that dripped onto his tongue as he rolled it around the tip of the shaft. He could feel it getting bigger, putting more strain on his jaw. As the pulses grew more rapid and his friend's breath grew shallower, he knew it was almost time. All he had to do was run his tongue all the way done the shaft one more time and maybe run his fingers between the balls. And then his friend winced and he knew it was time. Five large, hot splashes hit the back of his throat causing his eyes to roll back in ecstasy induced by the creamy treat. No one would have believed it if they had known this same man was protesting the gay book store only two weeks ago. Now it wasn't even noon and he had already given head to his fifth new friend. Number six was already eyeing him up.

He didn't know how his first encounter really got started. He didn't even know why he had entered a store he had been protesting. At first he had thought maybe it was to check to see if anyone he knew was in there but that couldn't really be it. If he ran into anyone he knew they could give the same excuse as him. So shortly after entering, he no longer knew why he was inside.

Then there was the first friend. He had never seen this man before in his life but they caught each others glance from a crossed the aisles. Perhaps he had given the wrong signs. Perhaps he winked when he should have nodded. Perhaps he smiled when he should have remained calm. Perhaps he moved his hand at the wrong time or maybe didn't move his hand at the right time. What ever occurred to signal the first man was unknown. Never the less, with in 30 seconds of entering the store bathroom he found himself no longer alone.

The first happened so fast. There was no talking because all of the signals had already been given. As soon as the door was closed and locked the first had his pants undone and was holding his hard rod in his hand. A gentle push down and suddenly the tip of the stranger's cock touched his lips. And that's when he became obsessed.

Setting up was always the same. He would stand near the back racks, thumbing through random scraps of erotic literature while the others whispered and nodded amongst themselves. He could tell what was being said; Casual hints, vague gestures, and the suggestion of release. It never took too long for someone to want to see for himself if the stories were true. Shortly after his new friend would enter the store bathroom, he would enter and show them that the rumors and gossip were all true.

When he entered the room he was surprised to find that number six had more then unzipped his pants. Unlike all the other men, number six was completely naked when he entered the room. The man smiled at him as he blinked in surprised as he stared at the nude body. His muscles were full, his legs were strong, his stomach was lean, and his hair was perfectly trimmed. Quickly though he noticed an even more impressive feature.

He stared at his friend's hard penis in awe. He knew it was huge; it had to be at least eleven inches long. It was nearly twice the size of his barely six inch cock. When he finally looked back up at the man's face he was confused as to why he was smiling. It only took a few seconds for him to realize that his jaw had dropped at the massive sight and it still remained open from the shock.

This friend was significantly bigger then any of the previous men he had pleasured. For a moment he considered running out of the room in terror. There was no way he could fit something that big inside of himself, he thought, especial with this being his first day of cock sucking. The more he stared though the more his fears broke down and the more his lusts and desires took over.

After a few minutes of staring and contemplating he kneeled down before his new friend. If he had been capable of looking up he would have seen the look of relief on his new friends face, but he was far to fixated on the treasure in front of his own face to notice.

Unbeknownst to him, some of this newest friend's buddies had gathered around the bathroom door. They had all seen the monstrous member before and were quite unsure about his friend's chances when he entered into the bathroom. One of the men had already been sucked off by the novice cocksucker and knew that while he was enthusiastic and had great desire to please, he lacked the skills acquired through experience. They had expected to see them exit with the well endowed man remaining unappeased.

They were pleasantly shocked when they heard the faint sounds of soft licking and sucking from behind the locked door.

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