tagFetishSix Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 05

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 05


There was a definite sense of excitement, mixed with the usual dread, as the following Monday evening came around. As we settled down in the lounge with our coffees, Steven had an extra sparkle in his eyes and a small grin, which suggested that Task 5 was likely to blow my socks off.

Following the same little ritual, he handed me the folded piece of paper, which I nervously opened and read.

'For the whole of this week you are going to be my little sex slave. You must do whatever I ask of you, or anyone else asks of you. Love you, Steven XXX'

I looked very curiously at Steven, and asked him exactly what he meant by being his sex slave. He just tapped the end of his nose and smiled.

"You will find out all in good time. But the first rule for my little sex slave is you are to be naked every evening from the time you arrive home, until you go to bed. Starting from right now."

I just looked at him, trying to ascertain whether he was deadly serious. His eyes told me he was. Without complaint I stood and quickly discarded all of my clothing.

I felt a perverted thrill at being naked. I was beginning to like the vulnerability it placed me in. The thought that Steven was in charge of my body all week was terrifying, but it had a certain appeal to my submissive nature that was now breaking through my veneer of normality.

I forced myself to walk down the hallway and into Henrik's bedroom where he was diligently doing his studies. He looked up, saw my nakedness, and smiled.

"I see you are naked again, Mrs. Baker. Have you been a naughty...again?"

"Well, sort of. I guess I have as I am going to be punished all week."

"All week, wow!" Henrik could not contain his excitement.

That night when Steven and I retired to bed, he made me suck his penis and swallow all of his cum. I had performed oral sex on Steven a few times in our younger days, but we had not done it in the last ten years at least. I liked it, but was frustrated as Steven would not allow me any relief. He commented his slave would have to earn her rewards before she would be allowed to orgasm.

The following day, Tuesday, I was surprised when I got a call from Steven on my cell phone while I was at work, as it is very rare. I was even more surprised when he ordered me to go into the women's toilet. Sheepishly I walked past the other staff with my phone in hand, and headed into the toilets. Once I was in the cubical I shut the door, and whispered into the phone to Steven to let him know I was there.

"Take off your panties and throw them in the waste bin."

I was aghast, but did as I was asked.

"Pull your skirt up to your waist and masturbate your pussy until you can feel yourself becoming wet."

I felt exceedingly foolish standing in the cubical with my skirt hiked up to my waist. I slid one hand down to my vagina and began to stroke it. All the time I had to tell Steven what I was doing, and how I was feeling. In no time I was becoming short of breath, and was most definitely wet.

I was then given permission to stop stroking my pussy and to pull my skirt down. Steven asked me if I needed to pee, and I informed him I did. His response was that for the rest of the week I could not pee at work or home without getting his permission first. I tried to protest but he was insistent.

"Now get back to work. We wouldn't want you to lose your job. And only ring me for permission to pee when you are absolutely desperate and can hold it no longer." With that parting shot he hung up. I had a sense of what life was going to be like as his sex slave for a week.

It felt very strange sitting at my desk at work, knowing I had no panties on. I felt vulnerable, as if my co-workers knew I was being a tart. By mid afternoon I began to get desperate to pee. I held on as long as I could before phoning Steven, but he did not answer. Nor did he answer my subsequent calls over the next 20 minutes. I very much suspected he was deliberately not answering.

I actually couldn't believe I was trying to phone my husband to ask his permission to go to the toilet. I knew I could just get up and go, and he would be none the wiser. But my submissive streak was stopping me from doing just that, and it was frustrating me no end. I couldn't believe how much I had allowed my life to change over the past weeks. But it had happened with my consent, due to my willingness and desire to fulfil my fantasies.

To my absolute relief, Steven finally answered.

"Thank god, Steven, I am desperate," I whispered in the phone in frustration.

"Wait another 30 minutes, go to the toilet cubicle, and ring me before you pee."

"What?" I cried disbelievingly into the phone, but Steven had already hung up.

I struggled through the next 30 minutes before dashing into the ladies toilet. Fighting to control my bladder, I hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties, sat on the toilet, and then used my speed dial to phone Steven. He did not answer so desperately I phoned again, and again. Finally the bastard answered.

"Ask me for permission to pee," he stated bluntly.

I didn't hesitate. "Please Steven. Can I have your permission to pee?"

"Yes you can, but hold the phone down between your thighs so I can hear you going."

Despite the indignity, I was not about to argue and did as requested. The urine flooded out of me. When I was finished I brought my cell phone up to my ear.

"Satisfied?" I said to him cheekily.

"Music to my ears."

For the rest of the day I drank almost no fluids as I did not want to suffer the humiliation of phoning Steven again.

When I arrived home that evening I went to my bedroom and did not hesitate to undress. As I walked naked down the hall I could hear voices coming from Henrik's bedroom. Why was I not surprised. Instantly I made a decision. I could either go down to the kitchen and wait for Henrik and his companion, or companions, to come ogling me, or I could go right into the bedroom now and get it over with. Brazenly I decided on the latter.

I knocked lightly on the door, and then strolled right on into his bedroom. Henrik had his girlfriend Kate with him, plus another young female I did not recognise. Suffice to say there was a jaw-dropping silence from the three of them. I made no attempt to hide my nudity, despite my immense embarrassment.

Henrik recovered from the shock somewhat quicker than his two companions, and managed a bumbling introduction of Susan, a classmate of Kate's. I apologised to both girls for my nudity, and gave them the standard response that I was being punished by my husband. Susan gave me a look of distain which didn't do my confidence a world of good.

Kate's innocent round eyes roved over my body. "You look very pretty when you are nude, Mrs. Baker,' she pouted.

"Thank you, Kate," I mumbled.

"I especially like it when you open your legs and show off your pussy," she continued.

"Kate!" I exclaimed, horrified.

Kate was undeterred. "Will you show us you pussy? Your lips are so soft and puffy."

I stared at Kate, flabbergasted. But the thought of exhibiting myself in such a debasing manner appealed to the perverse side of my personality.

I hung my head. "How do you want me to expose myself?" I blushed in shame.

"Kneel on Henrik's bed with your butt in the air."

I obeyed, being sure to arch my back so my buttocks were raised high.

"Now open your legs wide."

Again I submissively obeyed, knowing full well how exposed I would be to my young onlookers. I could hear the three of them moving closer to get the best view possible. I was mortified at how wet I was, and was sure they could both see and smell my arousal.

After an eternity I was dismissed my Miss innocent Kate. "Thank you Mrs. Baker. You really are very sexy for an older person."

I tried to take her comment on board as a compliment, and quickly retreated from the bedroom to the kitchen.

When Steven finally arrived home he gave me a cuddle and asked how I was doing.

"To be honest," I confessed, "Your little sex slave badly needs to be fucked. I need to pee also, but if I am not fucked first I am in danger of spontaneously combusting."

Steven was pleasantly surprised, especially as it is most unlike me to talk dirty. He seemed to consider his options for a moment, then led me into our en suite bathroom and sat me down on the toilet.

"Open your legs and show me how you masturbated yourself at work today."

I eagerly splayed my knees wide and began stroking my vagina.

"Now pee while you are playing with yourself."

Without a second thought as to how perverted my behaviour was, I strained to empty my bladder. At the same time Steven unzipped his trousers and released his semi-erect penis, which he shoved into my mouth. Soon I was sucking, peeing and masturbating all at the same time. It was delightfully degrading.

Steven came quickly, but stopped me from masturbating before I could reach orgasm. I was incredibly frustrated, but obeyed.

Fortunately the two girls had to leave before dinner so I only had to serve a naked meal to Steven and Henrik. That night in bed I again went without sex, despite my best efforts to persuade Steven to give me relief.

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