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Six Times a Day Pt. 01

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Part 1: I'm So Tired

At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea.

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. If you're interested in the illustrated version, contact me. On the other hand, you may like to use your own imagination to visualize the characters. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

NOTE: In 2007, this story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you read it once you might want to read it again.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction (Early September 2002)

Suzanne Pestridge needed a man. But not just any man. She had her heart set on Alan Plummer, the son of Susan, her best friend and next-door neighbor. Alan had just turned eighteen. His mother Susan still thought of him as a boy, but in fact he was already very emotionally mature for his age.

Suzanne was unhappily married to a rich man named Eric. She'd married Eric near the end of her time in college, when the two of them had been very much in love, but she was now 39 and the love was gone. However, she hadn't divorced him because she didn't want her two children to live in a broken home.

Eric wasn't a bad man; he was just one of those people who cared more about money than anything else. He spent more and more time at work and less and less time with his wife until finally they stopped having sex altogether. Suzanne didn't think her husband was cheating; he just never had much of a sex drive to begin with. Over the years the two of them had developed different interests and slowly drifted apart.

When it came to sex they were a bad match because Suzanne was a sexual dynamo. On the outside, her shimmering green eyes radiated a serenity, grace, and sophistication that perfectly reflected her inner personality. But this persona masked a wild and mischievous side. For years she had made up for her husband's lack of attention by finding other lovers.

Given Suzanne's appearance - a perfectly sculpted knockout from head to toe - she had no trouble finding partners to fool around with. She kept her five foot eleven inch frame in great shape by working out every day, but what really grabbed the attention of admirers were her large E-cup sized breasts and the arrestingly deep cleavage between them that she frequently displayed.

Between her chest, sultry face, and long, curly, dark brown hair with some red in it, so many people compared her to Jessica Rabbit that she had a strong desire to strangle that famous cartoon character.

But as her family grew richer and richer, she grew increasingly bored with her other lovers. About the only people she met lately were other upper class snobs from her part of town. There were many attractive men well versed in having mistresses and lovers, and who knew how to keep such things a secret. But it was all so formulaic that she no longer found any pleasure in it, aside from the pure physical joy of having sex. She craved something more emotional, more forbidden, and unpredictable.

Of all the males she knew, the only one who didn't strike her as greedy, insensitive, and/or self-centered was Alan. He lived with his younger sister Katherine and his mother Susan in the big house next door to Suzanne's. The two mothers were extremely close best friends, and in fact were essentially each other's only friend.

Susan's marriage to Ron, her husband, was also an unhappy one. He was nice enough, but his job took him overseas for all but a few weeks out of the year. Like Suzanne's husband Eric, Ron was rich because he worked hard, and focused on money. Ron was gone so much that their two children felt like they didn't have a father.

Superficially, Susan was very similar to her best friend Suzanne. Susan also had a big breasted, beautiful body. They had the same height, weight, bra size, and even wore all the same size clothes. But their personalities were quite different, and these differences were reflected in their faces.

Susan had a pure and innocent look to her that no doubt reflected her strict upbringing. She knew no sex other than the missionary position with her husband, who she had married straight out of high school. She'd never masturbated in her life, as she was taught it was a horrible sin.

And even though her thirty-seven years made her only two years younger than Suzanne, she looked much younger. It irked Suzanne that when they would go out together Susan would sometimes get carded for alcohol but she never would.

Even their different hairdos reflected their opposite personalities. Both had long dark hair, but Suzanne had hers stylishly curled, with a long teased strand that hung down over her extremely pale skin, but Susan's cut was straight and simple. While Suzanne's hair flowed freely in every direction, Susan kept hers restrained with hair bands.

In fact, Susan did about everything she could to hide her tremendous beauty. She hid her dark brown eyes behind a pair of bookish glasses, and wore conservative clothing that she hoped would hide her hourglass figure. It was unusual for her to even be seen in short sleeve shirts, despite the year-round heat where they lived in Southern California. Suzanne was flattered when men openly admired her, whereas it offended Susan's sense of morality and proper behavior.

Susan was very proud of her children and raised them well despite the lack of a father's presence.

Alan in particular was an outstanding child in every way. He was only a senior in high school, yet he already seemed to carry himself with a maturity of someone ten years older. He was extremely intelligent, caring, and friendly, although he was seen as a bit of a nerd as far as friends and hobbies were concerned. He was the kind of person who would gladly help an old lady cross the street because that was the way he was raised.

He only had one major flaw - a lack of energy. He slept a lot at night, napped every afternoon, and when he wasn't sleeping he often felt tired and lethargic. So his grades weren't as outstanding as some others who worked harder and longer on their homework, but he mostly made up for that with his high intelligence.

Alan was tall - already six foot one inch - and his body was trying to fill out his recent growth spurts these past few years. He was finally starting to put on more bulk and muscle, and was generally considered good looking. Yet he had low self-confidence and thought himself too gangly. Partly because of this, he had little experience with women and had yet to even kiss a girl.

Few people appreciated Alan's attributes more than Suzanne. She knew every detail of Alan's life as well as his own mother did. She didn't like being around her own husband Eric, who was actually home quite a lot in the evenings, so she went over to the Plummer house nearly every day and evening. She had her own keys to Susan's house, helped Susan with the chores, and did just about everything with the Plummer family except eat dinners and sleep there. She saw Alan so often that he called her "Aunt Suzy." In many ways she was like his second mother, and had been so since he was a baby.

Additionally, not needing to work, Susan and Suzanne spent a large part of each day talking to each other, and of course they constantly discussed their children. Susan's two children and Suzanne's two children, Brad and Amy were born a little less than a year apart from each other and ended up in the same grade at school. From a young age, each mother heard all the gossip and news about the other's children. Both almost felt as if they were attending high school again along with their children in some ways.

And then there was Suzanne's growing desire for Alan. She had long loved him as much as she loved her own children, but like most everyone else, she considered him a nerd. She had never thought of him in a sexual way until about one year before. One day she was sitting by the Plummer's backyard pool and she happened to glimpse the outline of his erection through his bathing suit. She was amazed to discover that he had a very thick penis that she guessed was about eight inches long. After that, she started checking out his body more often and realized that he was filling out and turning into a man. Since that time, she'd patiently waited until he turned eighteen before starting to seduce him.

She had given a lot of thought about what she'd do once it was time to start her seduction. Although she could see him all the time, there really was no opportunity for her to be alone with him. Because Suzanne was so close to Susan and the two women kept virtually no secrets from each other, she knew it would be next to impossible for her to keep an affair with Alan secret for long. And if it did happen and was exposed, she would risk losing her best friends: Susan and her two children.

CHAPTER 2 (Monday, Sept. 16)

However, Suzanne was a very clever woman. Her years of extramarital affairs had taught her many practical lessons in duplicity, and she'd come to enjoy cooking up new intrigues. Her target for her next affair was a doctor named Wilt Fredrickson. The fact that he was a physician opened up possibilities in her scheming head.

Furthermore, she understood the personalities of men very well, and had Dr. Fredrickson pegged. He was a nice, moral man, but when it came to sex he clearly fell into the category of "thinking with the wrong head." After just a few not very necessary medical appointments, Suzanne decided he was just the person she needed for her latest scheme.

Suzanne could tell he was recklessly cheating on his wife. It was also clear to Suzanne's experienced eye that he was regularly sleeping with his pretty nurse too. Furthermore, she probed for gossip about him and discovered he'd had affairs beyond counting. Obviously he took full advantage of his status as a good-looking doctor to elevate cheating on his wife to an art form. Suzanne strongly suspected the reason he became a doctor in the first place was for the opportunities with women it provided.

Suzanne had known just how to handle him. When she turned on her "come hither and fuck me" look, she always got her man. She'd only met him a few times, all in the past month, but he was already completely wrapped around her finger. He was bursting with anticipation to have sex with her, and now she merely had to figure out how she could best use him.

She thought to herself, All I need to do is get Dr. Fredrickson to diagnose Alan with a sexual ailment that I could help in "curing." I've got the good doctor so hopelessly desperate for sex that he'd practically rob a bank if I promised him sex in return. Certainly I can get him to make up one harmless, little made-up diagnosis.

I'll get him to say that Alan has to have orgasms constantly, every day. Alan doesn't have a girlfriend now, and since I know his life like the back of my hand, I know he won't be getting a girlfriend any time soon either. So Alan will need "help" before too long, and I'll volunteer! Soon I'll be able to have sex with him all the time, and his mother not only won't mind, but she'll thank me for doing him a vital medical service!

The key to making her scheme work was some kind of plausible diagnosis that would convince Alan and Susan that Alan needed a regular prescription of good old fashioned fucking. She allowed Dr. Fredrickson to take her out on a couple of dates, and after teasing and kissing him until he was literally panting for more, she brazenly dropped the idea on him: sex in return for one "little favor."

Despite a show of protest he fell for it completely, as she knew he would, and she played him like a puppet. Once he was on board with the concept, he actually worked with her to refine her ideas and give them more medical plausibility to reduce the chances of getting found out.

Now, everything was ready. In reality, it was a low risk situation for the doctor and for her, a point that helped convince him. If for some reason Alan or his mother didn't buy the set up, she held so much sway with the Plummer family that she was certain she could smooth everything over. Admittedly, there was a chance it wouldn't work out. But if it didn't succeed, she'd find some other scheme until she had what she wanted. She really did always get her man.

Susan escorted her son Alan into Dr. Fredrickson's office. Suzanne had recommended the doctor, saying he was a specialist who might be able to help cure Alan's constant tiredness problem. A few days earlier, Alan had been to the same office to take a battery of tests.

Dr. Fredrickson talked to him then about hormones and thyroid levels. He said that a hormonal imbalance was often the cause of tiredness, but that such imbalances could now be detected and rectified with the right medication. He was optimistic that he could help Alan and restore his energy to equal that of anyone else his age. The tests were done, and now the doctor wanted to discuss the results with him and his mother.

Dr. Fredrickson's nurse, Akami Fubuki, escorted them to a room and told them to wait for the doctor.

Alan thought Akami was quite a beauty. He correctly guessed she was half Japanese and half Caucasian, because she had physical traits of both. Her facial features made her look both intelligent and intense, which she was. Alan guessed the raven-haired beauty was in her early thirties. In fact, she looked more like a doctor than the baby faced Dr. Fredrickson did, and the lab coat she wore made her look more like a doctor than a nurse.

To keep his mind away from his medical appointment, his eyes followed Akami's breasts around the room as she prepared things for the doctor, even though he couldn't see much of them through her coat.

He thought, Her breasts aren't enormous like Mom's or Suzanne's, but they're generous for a Japanese woman.

But his furtive gazing was interrupted by the entrance of Dr. Fredrickson. "Thank you nurse, that will be all," the doctor brusquely said to Akami as he swept into the room. The nurse got up and left.

The doctor gave his diagnosis to Alan and his mother. "Alan, I have mostly good news, but also some potentially bad news. You do in fact have very irregular hormone levels, but I believe they can be adjusted through treatment. As we can see here" - he took some charts of test results and began showing them to Susan and Alan - "most hormonal levels are normal, but some are extremely low. Look at these results here."

He pointed to two graphs in particular. Unbeknownst even to nurse Akami, the doctor had come into the office the night before and altered Alan's test results on the computer before printing out the charts.

The doctor went on to give a complicated explanation about Alan's supposed hormone problem. In short, he pointed to the charts and other data to suggest Alan was lacking in sex hormones such as testosterone. He claimed that this in turn was affecting his thyroid levels, and thus making him tired.

Both Alan and his mother found the explanation logical and reasonable.

Dr. Fredrickson began asking Alan a series of questions, which Alan had no problem answering, until the doctor asked, "What about your sexual activity? Do you mind if I ask if how frequently you engage in sexual intercourse?"

Alan's face turned red in embarrassment. He was raised very conservatively, and as he essentially didn't have a father, he never had a frank "birds and the bees" talk. He knew surprisingly little about sex for someone his age because some of his mother's attitudes on the subject had rubbed off on him. For instance, she hadn't allowed him to attend sex ed class and what little he knew he'd gathered from reading porn stories on the Internet. Susan was so proper and moralistic, he couldn't imagine talking about this kind of thing in her presence, but now she was sitting right next to him.

"Um, I'm a..." was all he was able to get out of his mouth. He stopped talking and bowed his head down.

"Let me answer that question," responded his mother, in a take-charge voice. "Alan is bit embarrassed talking about these kinds of things."

Alan looked up appreciatively towards her.

"He's never had sexual intercourse, and in fact, he's never really had a girlfriend. He's only eighteen. I know kids are getting, uh, romantically active at younger ages these days, but there are many boys his age in his same boat. I hope you're not insinuating that he is somehow inadequate, because he's a very normal, healthy boy. He has very normal sexual desires, I'm sure. It's just that he hasn't found the right girl yet."

"I'm glad to hear that," replied the doctor, "because this is very relevant to his condition. And please don't be offended, but we need to be frank and honest here. Can either of you tell me how frequently Alan masturbates?"

Now it was Susan's turn to start blushing, as she found even the mention of masturbation far beyond the pale. She in fact had no mental conception of her boy masturbating at all. So she had to ask him, "Alan, can you please answer that question for the doctor? If you masturbate, just nod your head."

He nodded his head without raising it.

"If you do it more than once a week, on average, nod your head again, okay, Tiger?" Tiger was Susan's pet name for him, dating back to when he was a little boy and he liked to always wear tiger-themed pajamas.

He nodded his head again. "Twice?" More shy nodding. "Three times?" Another nod. "More than once a day?" He nodded again. "Twice a day?"

His mother was starting to grow incredulous. She never imagined that he masturbated at all.

In fact he did it twice or more a day almost every day, but detecting his mother's tone, he shook his head no in response to that. He didn't want her to think he was weird.

"So doctor," Susan concluded, "I think we can say between one and two times a day."

"Thank you, Mrs. Plummer," the doctor responded. "That's actually about average for someone his age. Eighteen years old is the sexual peak for men, whereas it is about thirty-six or so for females. Some boys masturbate more times a day than one can practically imagine. Despite what many people think, virtually 99% of boys are frequently masturbating at his age. Alan's level of activity shows he has a healthy sexual drive, which is good news, all things considered."

He added, "Because of that, let me change the discussion to what can be done about his condition. Such low levels of sexual hormones are extremely unusual. I've never seen a case like this. But I did some research after I got the test results, and I've determined there are several possible cures for his condition. One, the usual treatment, would be to give him pills that would boost his sex hormone levels. But I warn that this could have a whole range of unpleasant side effects. For instance, there are decent odds that his breasts would grow large like a female's. Certainly that can be very shameful and hard to hide for someone his age."

Doctor Fredrickson let that awful possibility hang in the air before continuing. "But there is another possible solution, one that would cause his body to naturally produce more of these hormones."

He paused, and nervously coughed. Up to this point, everything he said had a grain of truth in it - even Alan's test results were only exaggerated and not completely fabricated. Alan did really have very low thyroid levels, which no doubt explained his energy problem.

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