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Six Times a Day Pt. 03

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Part 3: Beat It

At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea. Because of the plot and character development, it really helps to start with Part 1.

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. If you're interested in the illustrated version, contact me. On the other hand, you may like to use your own imagination to visualize the characters. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

NOTE: In 2007, this story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you've read it already you might want to read it again.

CHAPTER 1 (Thursday, Oct. 3)

A couple of hours after school on the next afternoon, Alan found himself sitting in the living room with Suzanne while Susan was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Suzanne had been reading the newspaper, but Alan took advantage of the chance to be alone with her to ask a question.

"Aunt Suzy?"

"Hmm?" She put the newspaper down and smiled his way.

He dropped his voice. "Um, you know what you said the other night, that I could stare at your boobs? Is that true for anytime, or just when we're checking out the websites together?"

Suzanne looked at him with slight indignation. "Just in your room, of course. What kind of woman do you think I am?" But even as she said this, the shoulder straps on her dress began to slide down her shoulders.

She continued to protest, "It's not like I'm going to rip my clothes off for you at any old time. I am a married woman, you know. I have my limits." As she spoke, both shoulder straps slid off simultaneously and the top of her dress fell down, leaving her exposed from the waist up. She pretended to be oblivious and indignant, but she couldn't stop from grinning just a little.

Alan grinned a lot. "I see."

"I'm sure you do." She was grinning more.

"How did you do that? It's like the straps moved on their own. Were you making little wiggles with your shoulders or something?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Boy, is it just me, or did it get breezy in here all of the sudden?"

Alan smiled some more, but then he rushed upstairs to masturbate yet again. "Thanks for the help, Aunt Suzy!"

She smiled, pulled her dress back up, and went back to reading the newspaper. Yep. Things are getting a lot more interesting around here. I can't wait until the time is ripe to do more than just looking.

Suzanne had to go home to cook dinner at the Pestridge house, but she came back after dinner and went straight to Alan's room. She and Alan had another "Internet porn viewing session," which really meant another "staring at Suzanne nearly naked session."

At first, events unfolded nearly exactly as they'd done the night before, but Alan wasn't complaining. He could only dream that things would go on like that every night. Suzanne even had him keep his penis hanging out beneath the desk, just like he did the two times before.

But then it got even better. Suzanne still insisted on the pretense that they were looking at Internet porn, though Alan ended up facing Suzanne and only made token glances back to the screen. While she pretended to be busy viewing the porn, not only had her top fallen off again, but her pleated skirt slowly rode up her thighs until the hem of it reached her pussy. Then, ever so slowly, she slumped forward in her chair. But with some clever manipulation, she went forward but her dress did not, causing the hem to ride up and over her pussy, even exposing some of her bush.

Alan was absolutely beside himself. It was the first pussy he'd seen in real life. He was so excited that he forgot to breathe for quite a long time.

But then, only a minute or two later, Suzanne acted as if she was uncomfortable and shifted positions. Then her pussy got completely covered up again.

She quelled his disappointment by saying, "Sweetie, the whole purpose of me being here is to help you have lots of nice climaxes, so why don't you start now?"

"You mean...?"

She grinned, picked up a towel, and handed it to him. "Let's not give that board under your desk any more messy grief."

Alan took the towel and put it down near him, but he said, "I dunno. I'd like to, but I'm having such a good time. And I'm so excited that I know if I touch it, it'll all be over in seconds. I really wanna keep having fun."

She suggested, "Then touch it and shoot off. I'm in no big rush to go anywhere. When you recover, you'll last a lot longer and we'll have even more fun."

He couldn't turn down that idea. So he came into the towel more or less instantly as he'd predicted. Then within minutes, he was hard again. Suzanne muttered something about the resilience of youth. Before long, he resumed stroking but he was self-conscious about it so he did it far under the desk. While he stroked, Suzanne periodically looked at Internet porn and gave running commentaries about what she wanted to do with the attractive women pictured there.

She said things like, "Ooh, Sweetie, look at this one. She's a hottie. Look at that rack, wouldn't you just love to play with those zeppelins? And look at those lips. So full, so kissable. Lips like those belong wrapped around a cock, don't you think? Who would you rather have suck your cock, me or Ms. Zeppelin here?"

Alan squeaked out as he masturbated, "You!"

She laughed. "Good answer. But I'd hate for Ms. Zeppelin to miss out on that tree trunk you're trying to hide beneath the desk. Maybe she and I can take turns blowing you." She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "You know, from this angle I can see everything. I think I'll just stay here with my head perched on your shoulder and watch you spank your salami. I can't wait to see that volcano of teenaged lust explode."

She switched back to her regular voice (while keeping her head there, staring at what Alan was doing), and resumed her picture narration. "Ms. Zeppelin has a mighty fine pussy, too. Mmmm. Look at those nether lips, all puffed up and meaty. I wouldn't mind a taste of that. Can you just imagine her and I locked in a sixty-nine?"

She went on and on in this manner, describing in intimate detail all the things she and Alan could do to the pictured porn models. Needless to say, Alan's second climax with her wasn't too long in arriving either.

Alan loved the whole encounter, but it was the brief sight of her pussy that he vowed to never forget.

He wrongly assumed that all her sexy talk was just that, talk. He didn't even really believe Suzanne was bisexual, since she'd never shown the slightest hint of that in all the many years he'd known her, and he wrongly assumed that was just more sexy talk. Plus, he was so sexually inexperienced that the idea of actually having full blown intercourse with Suzanne seemed beyond impossible. He felt that she was the living embodiment of Jessica Rabbit and he was just a nerd who'd never been kissed who was being helped with his weird medical treatment. Suzanne's pussy was merely some far off wonder that one could only admire and never touch.

After Suzanne left, Alan went to the living room to watch TV by himself.

Katherine knew when the late show he was watching would end, and knew she could tell exactly when he'd return to his room by the sound of the TV turning off. So she went into the bathroom, took a shower, and waited to spring herself on him.

As Alan came down the hallway heading towards his room, Katherine took advantage of the fact that the bathroom was across the hallway from Alan's room and, when she heard his footsteps were close, burst out into the hallway wearing only a towel.

Her timing was perfect: she bumped right into him. The bump was nothing special, but the towel was barely hanging on to her so she pulled away from him, her towel fell down in a seemingly accidental way.

Alan watched in what seemed to be slow motion as the towel fell. Her breasts slowly came into view.

But Katherine wasn't fully comfortable with this kind of behavior, even though she'd initiated it. She grabbed the towel in mid-air and clutched it to her body, preventing it from falling any further. Her face already looked nervous and guilty before the towel fell, but appeared even more that way afterwards, so her blush was hardly feigned.

Luckily, Alan wasn't looking at her face, but rather at her breasts that were still exposed above the arms now wrapped around her.

Katherine looked down, saw what she was still exposing, and blushed even deeper. She cried, "Alan!" and looked at him in dismay, as if the whole thing was his fault. Then she fled to her room. No other words were said between them during the whole incident, and the two didn't even make eye contact.

Alan was far too aroused to question why his sister walked out of the shower in just a towel, something she'd never done before. Despite all the recent nudity around the house, he couldn't imagine she would ever expose herself on purpose, especially since she seemed perturbed about it. He just assumed that he'd had an incredibly lucky free show.

He hurried back to his room to masturbate for the seventh time that day. He never realized it was physically possible for a male to masturbate as many times a day as he was doing now.

He was too wiped out for any more that night, but his brain could think of little else but all the excitement he'd had that day. Not only did Katherine flash him with the towel, but she and Suzanne had been dressing sexily and acting provocatively all day. And then there was Suzanne's visit. Susan hadn't worn anything particularly revealing, but he still could easily recall her black cocktail dress from the night before.

Just down the hallway, Katherine was in her room, lying in her bed and doing the same thing as him. Her chest pounded with excitement from the brief exposure, and it was a long time before her breath returned to normal. She thought, That was so scary! So scary! But so good. I can't help myself - I just have to do it again. Soon!

CHAPTER 2 (Friday, Oct. 4)

Friday afternoon, Alan played a game of basketball with some friends. He came home really needing a shower, but the one across from his room was broken. (No one but Suzanne knew that Suzanne had helped break it, in hopes that Alan would be forced to use Susan's and interesting encounters could result.) He went into the bathroom adjoining his mother's bedroom and heard the shower running. He was really sweaty and tired, so he yelled into the bathroom door, "Hello! I could use a shower real soon!"

It was his mother who replied, "Sorry! You'll have to wait, I just got in here!"

Grumbling, Alan went back into his room and started reading. He had to take his shirt off because the sweat continued to pour off him. He left his door open to listen for when the shower was free.

Susan's shampoo bottle was empty. She could have sworn she'd brought in plenty of shampoo earlier in the day. She didn't know that Suzanne had drained her bottle and made sure Katherine wasn't around to help get another one. She'd remembered Suzanne's advice, not so coincidentally given just an hour before, to take advantage of situations that arose to help sex things up, such as giving Alan a brief peek of her behind the shower curtain. So she said, "Hey Tiger? Can you come here for a sec?"

He got up and went to the bathroom door so he could hear her better. "Yeah? What is it?"

"My shampoo has run out. Can you come in here and get another bottle for me?"

"Sure." Alan screwed up his courage and walked into the bathroom. The shower curtain was drawn, and he could see little of his mother except vague, fleshy shapes through a clouded plastic screen.

A hand poked out from behind the shower curtain, holding a shampoo bottle.

She said, "The bottle here is empty, but you should find another just like it in the bottom right cabinet. It's the only shampoo in there."

He quickly found the right bottle and held it in his hand. He didn't know what to do with it. "Um, how do you want me to give it to you?" he asked, and then realized that wasn't the best way to phrase things, given the circumstances.

Susan had been expecting to just give Alan a tantalizing glimpse of her body's shape through the opaque curtain. Frankly, that was all Suzanne expected as well, assuming her shower setup worked at all.

But Susan found herself saying, "Just slip it in my hand."

As soon as the words left her mouth, she thought, What on Earth?! Did I just say that?! Now he's going to have to open the shower curtain and see me completely naked! She didn't even realize it consciously, but her body loved being stared at by Alan when she'd worn sexy outfits the past few days. It wanted more, even if her logical brain did not.

Alan was at a loss over what to do. Her hand was on the other side of that curtain, and it didn't look like that hand would reach out to him any time soon. He couldn't believe his mother, the same mother that told him dancing was sinful and bikinis should be illegal, was going to let him see her backside in the buff.

After some long moments passed, she still didn't make any move to reach towards him.

So, reluctantly and nervously, he pulled the curtain open. There was a shower door he needed to open too, but he couldn't. He was immobilized by the lusty and lovely vision in front of him.

Susan stood with her back to him, lathering her body up with soap. She seemed to pay him no mind at all. In fact, her heart was wildly pounding and her face was burning at the realization her son was looking at her completely naked body. She had no idea what she was doing or why, but her intellect seemed helpless to stop her libido.

A few moments passed where he just stared at her back. He thought, My GOD! I have never seen any woman so scorching hot anywhere in my life! Not even Suzanne! Not even on the TV or in movies. Every inch is complete perfection. Dad must be absolutely INSANE to go out of town practically all year. Man, if I had a wife like that, I would never, ever, EVER leave the bedroom! Seriously!

He'd been erect since she'd told him to come help her in the bathroom. But now his erection was so hard and engorged that it seemed like it had swollen to twice its size.

Finally, she turned her body partly towards him and eyed the bottle over her shoulder. However, she was surprised to see him topless, and for a second she feared that he had stripped naked. She looked down and realized with great relief that he still wore his shorts, but she couldn't help but notice the pulsing monster threatening to rip his shorts in two.

That both excited and frightened her. She reached out to grab the bottle from him, but then she realized the glass shower door was still closed. "Could you open the door, Tiger?"

Alan reached out to do so, but his hands seemed to move as slow as molasses. He wanted to prolong this once-in-a-lifetime experience as long as he could. His eyes gobbled up her firm ass, shapely back, and a side view of one tremendous boob while her eyes watched the progress of his hands opening the door.

Finally the door opened up. They both realized there was nothing between their bodies but air and Alan's shorts.

Susan mentally freaked out as she thought about that. She reached out, grabbed the bottle, and turned her back on him. "Thanks a ton!" She was too embarrassed to make eye contact.

She thought her little dare of sorts was over, and breathed a big sigh of relief. Phew! Thank goodness! What's gotten into me? He probably saw all of my bouncing boobs when I reached out, too. Heck, what am I talking about - he's certainly staring at my butt this very instant! That's so ... improper!

Alan still stood there. He mumbled, "Um... Sure." He tried to drink in as much as he could of her naked body, hoping to permanently burn the image into his brain. It was the first time he'd ever seen a woman fully naked in real life, since Suzanne hadn't completely taken her dress off the day before.

"I'll just be going then," he said after a few more seconds. His eyes focused mostly on her sudsy buttocks, but his eyes roamed everywhere. Her toned, muscular legs and the gentle curves of her back seemed to be urgently demanding his attention somehow.

Susan closed her eyes tightly. She could tell he was still there, still staring. Her thoughts drifted to the big bulge she'd seen in his shorts, and then she drifted back to visions of Akami stroking it in the doctor's office. She couldn't consciously admit to herself just how much she loved that her body had gotten him so hard, but the feeling was good enough that she couldn't muster the resolve to ensure that he left.

In fact, she stepped back and turned a bit, giving him a great side view of her glistening wet body. She brought her hands to her breasts, though it was unclear, even to herself, if she was making a feeble effort to cover them up or cupping them and thrusting them out and upwards to give him a better view.

She was barely able to control the excitement in her voice as she said, "You know, Tiger, things have been a bit strange lately. To say the least! I hope you don't mind me being more open, like asking you to help with the shampoo. I figure it can only help you out with your treatment. Are you okay with stuff like that? I'm a bit confused about it, but Suzanne thinks it's the right thing to do. I'm just trying to follow her advice about what's best for you." Then she turned away again.

Alan thought, Jesus H. Christ! I saw a bit of her bush. And a nipple, too! I had no idea my mom is so, so... well, just plain fuckable!

He tried to speak, stuttered on air, and then cleared his throat. "Yeah, um, yeah. Sure. Um, thanks, too. I'll be going now."

But her hands now were repeatedly sliding over her ass in what looked to be a very sexual way. There was no way Alan could tear his eyes away from such a sexy sight.

She thought, This has to stop! I'm acting like some kind of porn star performing a strip tease. I'm putting on a private sex show for my very own son! This has to stop. But if it's so wrong, why do I feel so good, so alive? She shifted her weight onto one butt cheek and then onto the other. Then squeezing some shampoo into her hands, she raised both arms up in the air and began rubbing the shampoo into her wet hair. She arched her back, a pose that made her look remarkably like she was in the throes of sexual ecstasy.

Alan continued to stand there for another minute or more, losing all track of time. If I were a braver man, I'd reach out and touch her. Maybe ask if she needs help washing her back. But I could never do that! It's just the same as if she's a million miles away from me right now, because there's no way I could ever get the courage to touch her. I think I'd die of fright, even if she asked me to do it. Especially if she asked me to!

"Okay, good to hear you're okay with that," Susan said after another long pause.

"Thanks for the help with the shampoo. I'm all set now," she added after yet more moments passed.

The conversation continued in slow motion, with Alan finally responding after some more time passed with, "Okay, I'll just be going then. ... I'll, I'll see you later." That was the third time he'd announced he was leaving.

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