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Six Times a Day Pt. 08

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Six Times a Day, Part 8: Dazed and Confused

At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea. Because of the plot and character development, it really helps to start with Part 1.

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. If you're interested in the illustrated version, try Googling "Six Times a Day." On the other hand, you may like to use your own imagination to visualize the characters. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

NOTE: In 2007, this story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you've read it already you might want to read it again.


CHAPTER 1 (Saturday, October 19)

The next morning, Suzanne came into Alan's room very early, dressed in normal clothing. She closed the door and whispered to him, "Sweetie, I'm not here, okay? Let's be very quiet because you mother would get mad at me, and she's down in the dining room. But I thought I should risk it, because your father will be arriving in a couple of hours, so this might be the last time I can help you for a while."

"Help me?" Alan asked, unclear what she was up to.

She put her hand on her hips and rolled her eyes in playful frustration. "Alan Evan Plummer, I thought you were supposed to be a smart kid! Help you with your stimulation, you knucklehead."

"But, my mom! Didn't you say she'd get mad if she found out? The new moralistic-"

"Shut up already, and let me please you," she whispered urgently as she started to disrobe. "She's not gonna find out. Time is short. Sorry I can't wear anything sexy today, my Sweetie, but if I take my shirt off hopefully that'll do it for you." She finished unbuttoning her top, and there was no bra underneath. "Do you like these boobs? Here, touch them."

Alan reached forward and played with Suzanne's big knockers. He said jokingly, as if he was a bellhop being ordered around, "Yes ma'am. Right away ma'am." He was growing more relaxed with each new sexual experience.

Suzanne, on the other hand, was very serious and very sexually needy. She said in her distinctive scratchy voice, "Squeeze my breasts. That's it. Play with them. Play with the nipples."

He pushed and pulled her soft mounds every which way, and pulled at her nipples until she had to stifle her urge to cry out. They went on like this for many minutes, until both of them couldn't stand it any more.

Alan found himself planting small kisses up and down her neck while he fondled. As her sexy moans grew louder, he said, "I'm getting pretty good at this, aren't I?"

Realizing she'd been moaning too loud, she said in a low voice, "Don't get cocky all of the sudden." She looked at his shorts and, grinning, corrected herself. "Actually, there's one part of you that I don't mind being cocky."

Then she suddenly dropped to her knees and began to suck him off, even as she drove one of her hands into her pants.

Alan was so aroused that all he could do was stand there and strain his hardest not to cum. He found himself clutching her dark red hair with both hands.

They hadn't been at it for very long when there was a knock on the door. It was Susan. "Suzanne, you in there?"

Suzanne popped her mouth off of his prick long enough to answer the question. "I sure am! I just came by to look at his stimulation chart, and we got to talking." She switched to jacking Alan off instead of sucking while she spoke to Susan through the door. She knew he was dangerously close to cumming, as was she, but the danger just inspired her more

"Talking? I don't hear any talking. What have you been talking about?" Susan tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"It's the sound proofing, Susan. It's impossible to hear through the door unless we practically yell."

That was mostly true, but if one put an ear to the door, or a glass, one could hear a lot better. Susan had her ear to the door at that very moment. She said, "Well, maybe I should come in then, so we can talk easier."

Alan knew that his mother was suspicious of what Suzanne was doing in his room so unusually early in the morning. He was panicky, imaging Susan could her every squishy sound Suzanne's fingers were making as the slid up and down his pre-cum soaked shaft.

Suzanne said with surprising calmness, "No need. We've been having a very stimulating conversation, but I was just about to leave."

"About what?" Susan pressed.

"Um, Ron. And how he's coming soon. Alan's going to have to be stiff. Uh, I mean, Stiffen up! 'Cos he's coming!" Suzanne realized she was too excited and in danger of giving the game away, especially by making too many Freudian slips. So she added in a calmer voice, "But we're just finishing up."

Those words were more accurate than Suzanne realized, because right as she said them, Alan began cumming. As Suzanne knelt right in front of him, he shot his wad all over her face. But aware his mother was just outside the door, he tried to be as quiet as he possibly could. He was as frightened as he was ecstatic. His teeth clenched and his eyes were shut tight as he fought the urge to cry out.

Suzanne went off with her own quiet climax. When she saw Alan's first jet coming at her, she visibly shivered all over with excitement.

Susan still spoke. "By the way Suzanne, I forgot to ask: are you coming with us to the airport?"

Suzanne yelled towards the door, "Yes, I'm cumming! Alan's cumming too! We're both cumming!" Suzanne loved the happy double meaning this time. She was wracked by more orgasms as Alan continued to shoot ropes of cum into her face.

Susan replied, "You are? Why didn't you say so earlier? We'll be leaving in an hour."

Suzanne shouted, "Okay! That's great! See you then!" She stuffed Alan's penis back in her mouth so she could drink up the last of his ropes.

Susan walked off none the wiser. She could be quite clueless about sexual things.

Now that Suzanne had Alan's still hard penis in her mouth she didn't want to let it go. She continued to furiously suck his prick and coaxed out every drop of his delicious cum.

He finally had to wiggle away from her and his penis made a loud, wet popping sound as it pulled out of her greedy mouth.

Once Suzanne was sure the coast was clear, she whispered to Alan, "Look what you made me do with your unfortunate timing, you meanie. I thought it would be so clever to say 'I'm cumming' right then, but now I actually have to go the airport. And I don't even like her husband. Your father. Sorry to say that, but you know it already. I've got to wiggle out of this somehow." She lay down on the floor, exhausted from wonderful orgasms.

Alan whispered, "I don't mind. I don't really think of Ron as my father, if I can help it."

Somewhat dazed from pure pleasure, Suzanne said, "That was so good, Sweetie. So good. I don't know how I'm going to get by with Ron being here. I'll try to sneak in and help you whenever I can, but I may not be able to very often. Getting caught by Susan is one thing - I could repair the damage. But getting caught by him? No way. I can't even imagine what he'd do. But this is too good to stop."

Alan finally spoke. "I love it too, Aunt Suzy. Thanks so much for caring for me."

She looked up and smiled at him tenderly. Then she licked the cum off of herself like a cat, and made to go.

An hour later, Alan went with his sister and mother to meet his father Ron at the airport.

Suzanne could have wiggled out of coming along, but instead she went so she could use the ride there for a last minute lecture. With Alan and Katherine listening in, she said to Susan, "Now, I know you're excited to see your husband again and practice all the sexual things you've learned lately. But don't get yourself too worked up, in case it doesn't work out all that well."

"What do you mean?" Susan asked as she drove.

"Well, I'm just saying, you've been married two decades now and Ron hasn't shown that much of a sex drive. Some people, like Sweetie here, they can handle six times a day. Others, well, two would be a big deal. I'm afraid Ron falls into the latter camp, from everything you told me."

Susan protested, "But maybe he's just been that way because I've been so prudish. Don't you think? I mean, I hardly even know what he looks like naked because I always insisted we do everything in the dark."

"Perhaps," Suzanne conceded. "On the other hand, maybe one reason he married you was because he figured your prudish ways matched his low sex drive. Remember, you told me you two didn't even have much sexual contact before he started working overseas. Of course, that doesn't mean he has NO sex drive. Remember what I said about his other interests." Suzanne was deliberately vague.

Katherine picked up on that right away. "Other interests? What does THAT mean?"

Surprisingly, Susan said, "Suzanne has some kind of crazy notion that Ron cheats on me all these months he's overseas. But I know my Ron. There's just no way." Deep down though, she was far less certain.

Suzanne then said, "I could be wrong, but it's better safe than sorry. He's been spending a lot of time in Thailand. Thailand! That's not exactly a safe place to have sex; there are all kinds of diseases there. You might want to take care before you do anything with him. If you can get me a blood sample, I can get it tested. In complete secrecy, of course."

Susan was crushed to hear that. Her libido was raging from not being able to do anything with Alan and she was planning on having wild sex with Ron for the first time in their lives that evening. But her intuition gave her a feeling that she should listen to Suzanne and get him tested first.

She said, grudgingly, "But... If I were to do that, what would I say to him tonight? His first night back, we always... Well, let's just say it's an intimate time."

Suzanne suggested, "Try your new talents with your hands and mouth. Tell him you read about it in Cosmo and you've been practicing on bananas and things like that. Then you'll be able to see if he responds to your new sexual awakening and you can still stay clean if he's been fooling around."

Susan was practically ready to cry. The thought of Ron cheating had her heart in her throat, and the mention of cheating only reminded her of her own recent activities. She gasped out, "But what if he doesn't respond? What'll I do then?!"

Suzanne just said enigmatically, "You'll cross that bridge when you come to it. Don't worry, I'll be there to help you every step of the way. Meanwhile, try not to have a discussion with him about sexual performance until after checking with me, okay? Guys can be EXTREMELY self-conscious about not performing well, so check in with me first about what you want to say and how to say it."

"Okay. Thanks."

They meet Ron at the baggage claim. Outwardly, the Plummers acted and looked like a real family, but in reality there wasn't much enthusiasm at his return.

Ron had huge bags under his eyes and was visibly staggering with exhaustion. He said it had been an awful and rocky flight. There was no doubt that was true, judging by how bedraggled some of the other passengers looked.

Susan asked if there was anything wrong, but Ron replied only that he had been working very hard just before he left, had gotten little sleep in flight, and should be better given a chance to rest.

Susan was disappointed. She had hoped that all her sexual heat lately would change things for the better with Ron, but she felt no interest in him at all. She kept thinking about Suzanne's cheating allegations.

Nonetheless, she was raised with very traditional values and believed that part of her duty as a wife was "copulation" with her husband. She and Ron had a tradition of sorts of having sex his first night back after a long trip, and very rarely at any other time. So tonight was going to be the big night and as the family returned home and Ron settled back in, Susan tried to psych herself up for it. She willed herself not to think about Alan or Ron's alleged cheating, and decided that for just one night she would play the obedient wife.

Susan couldn't tell Ron about her new sexual energies and desires, but she hoped she could burn off some of that energy with him. Using Suzanne's women's magazine excuse, she told him she wanted to try some new things.

Her first suggestion was that they cuddle and maybe do some fooling around with the lights on. However, that backfired. She looked at Ron's flabby body and his small, flaccid penis. She'd been getting worked up, but seeing him in the buff cooled her back down.

She thought, I can't help it, and I know I shouldn't, but I keep thinking of my Tiger. Any time I look at my handsome son I get so excited and squishy; I don't know what it is but there's just something about him that makes me want to drop to my knees and suck! Whereas, Ron...

Oh God. ... Ron. He's actually killing my tingle. And he's not even hard! That's kind of insulting. My Tiger ALWAYS shows his appreciation by growing big and stiff around me. I feel like sexy and desired. But with my husband, we haven't seen each other in months and I don't think he even wants to be here with me! He MUST be having an affair! Oh, how horrible!

Or maybe it's just his erectile dysfunction. He's always had such troubles. People say I'm built like a "brick shit house" and I understand that's supposed to be a really good thing. Why can't I arouse him any more?

Susan had been ready to try out her new blowjob skills with Ron, but she changed her mind, and instead said, "Ron, honey, you're staggering about just trying to make it to the bed. Let's not try to push things, okay? If you're that tired, why don't we just cuddle and kiss in the dark for a little while, and then you can take a nap?"

Ron gratefully agreed. "Okay, that's fine. As much as I can't wait to share my love with you, my body just isn't up to it. I couldn't sleep on the plane at all and with the jet lag hitting me, I can barely keep my eyes open. Why don't we have our usual big welcome back home night some other night?"

"Okay, honey. Whatever you like."

As they cuddled, Susan thought, Just lying here with him, feeling him touching me, it makes my skin crawl. Ugh. Suddenly I'm already eager for him to leave town. But what am I going to do? My marriage is in tatters and I'm in lust with my own son!

What if I try to suck Ron off tomorrow morning, and fantasize that he's Alan instead? No. I don't know if I could put that tiny little bent thing of his in my mouth without laughing or gagging, especially after knowing he's been running around on me. At least I have a good medical reason with my Tiger when I stroke and blow him. THAT'S a REAL penis that demands respect! And service!

Oh God, just the thought of thinking about doing it with my cutie is making me all horny!

But I have to stop, no matter what happens with Ron. I can't turn into some kind of cocksucking slut for my son and that's what'll happen if I don't watch out. And even if I did help out extensively where will that leave me when Alan gets his energy back and is finally cured? No Susan, your fate is to just remain unloved. Maybe, once Katherine graduates from high school, I should consider getting a divorce?

<Sigh> God, I don't know. At least all these crazy events in recent weeks have helped me finally see what a sorry marriage I have.

After Ron fell asleep, she turned out the lights, snuck downstairs, and had a good cry in the kitchen. While she didn't really love her husband (although she had a hard time admitting that to herself, even now), she was fond of him and they'd had many good times together, especially in their early years as a couple. To be fairly certain that he'd been cheating on her, probably for years and years, was devastating. Still, her natural inclination was to talk things over with him and work everything out. But she remembered Suzanne's advice to strategize with her first before talking to Ron about these matters, so she held her tongue.


Susan cooked a late dinner for four that night hoping Ron would awaken and come downstairs, but he continued sleeping. Susan told her children she wanted to at least sit with Ron while he slept, which gave Katherine and Alan an opportunity to get away from home for their movie plans.

The late dinner caused them to miss the nine o'clock movie showings, so they went to an eleven o'clock movie instead. As a result, the theater wasn't that crowded, even though it was a Saturday night. Katherine insisted on sitting in the back row, which left them all alone.

Now that they were alone and away from the eyes of their parents, Katherine wanted to make something happen with her brother, though she wasn't sure what exactly or how she would do it. Additionally, she was very mindful of the fact that Alan had gone out on a date of sorts with Christine the night before and she'd learned that he'd given her a goodnight kiss. She was determined to completely blow his mind and make him completely forget that he'd ever even heard the name "Christine" before.

She cleverly had them go to a far-off movie theater, so the odds were very low anyone they knew would be there. She wore a sweater and skirt when she left the house, for the sake of her mother's eyes, but as soon as she left she took them both off while Alan drove the car. Underneath was a low-cut blouse that buttoned down the middle of her chest and a black miniskirt, and nothing underneath either.

Katherine had insisted they watch the Hugh Grant romantic comedy "About a Boy," which was rather odd because she had no interest in actually watching the film.

From the minute the movie started, she began to unbutton her blouse. "Alan, isn't it hot in here?" she said as she undid the few buttons which held her blouse closed. "I'm burning up."

"No it's not," he replied in a frustrated tone. "They have air conditioning!"

"Oh, do they?" she responded innocently. "Maybe that explains why my nipples are getting all hard."

By this point she was unbuttoned all the way, and she opened her blouse completely to show Alan what she meant with her nipple comment. She spoke casually, "So how was your movie date with Christine last night? Did she show you her tits? I'll bet not. Mine may not be anywhere as big or as nice, but you can play with these any time you like."

"Katherine!" said Alan in an urgent whisper. "I thought you said you weren't going to tease!"

"I lied. Anyways, I think the air conditioning isn't working or something, 'cos I do feel really hot. Maybe it's because I'm sitting next to you."

"Katherine! We're in a public place! Have you no shame? What if someone who knew us from school saw us here?"

"No shame. Anyways, I took a good look at the crowd as they were coming in, and I didn't recognize anyone, so we're safe. After all, we're miles from home. Plus, your body is blocking the view from the aisle. And finally, that's what the popcorn is for." She motioned to the two large cups of popcorn they both had in their laps.

Alan was puzzled, so she asked, "Don't you know the old popcorn trick? I've seen it in a movie."

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