Six Times a Day Pt. 08

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"Before you explain the popcorn trick," interrupted Alan, "are you thinking about what you're doing here? We're in a public place, and I don't think-"

"I know what you've been doing with Suzanne and Mom!" she whispered very quietly, cutting him off. "I even listened outside your door while Mom gave you a blowjob. And I spied on you giving her a 'massage' the other day - you did it right in the living room where anyone could see! The stuff you've done with Mom. Come on, really! It's funny you should be the one to talk about caution! My attitude is just like theirs. A little fun, even sucking a little cock, is perfectly okay and very therapeutic for you. I'll bet you haven't cum six times yet today."

From the look on his face, she knew she was right on that point. She continued, "As long as we don't actually have sex, then what's the harm? You remember what Clinton said - a blowjob isn't sex. Do you doubt the former President of the United States? I'm sure he wants me to give you a blowjob right now, in fact. He's all about family values," she giggled.

She began to unbutton and then unzip his pants with her one free hand. The other held the popcorn.

"Katherine!" Alan hissed quietly, and made a halfhearted move to stop her hand. "I can't fucking believe this! In a movie theater, no less!"

She asked innocently, "What's with all this resistance? Is it that you don't like me? You don't find me attractive? Is it that I can't compare to our Ms. Tits of the Universe mother and her equally-stacked best friend, not to mention your girlfriend Christine?"

"She's not my girlfriend," he hissed.

"Whatever. I see the way you ogle her big E-cups. Why is it every other female that you know besides me seems to have E-cup breasts? What are the odds of that?! Well, I can tell you, breasts aren't everything! How can I possibly compare with S and S? They're both inhumanly gorgeous." She was trying not to use names in case anyone overheard.

"You're pretty gorgeous yourself," he urgently whispered. "And don't mention that kind of stuff in public, like mentioning our you-know-what. You're a complete stunner. I'm so lucky to have you as my, well, as my you-know-what. You'll look every bit as much of a knockout as them in a couple of years. But you're younger than me..."

"Hey! We're almost exactly the same age." She kept pulling Alan's pants zipper, and Alan would keep zipping it back up.

"Okay, whatever. But it would be like corrupting a minor, especially since..." He got all red and stopped talking.

"Since what?" she said, as she tugged on his zipper. She put the popcorn in her lap on the floor, which now gave her a two- to one-hand advantage over her brother.

He stammered, "Like with mom, she has limits, especially now. Even Suzanne has limits. But if you and I started... you know... I don't know if there would be any limits. Between two horny teenagers, you know. I don't know if I could... how good my self-control would be. Or yours, for that matter."

"Oh, is that the problem? I'm very good at limits. Let me prove it to you. I'll give you a blowjob now, and it'll stop there. I'll show you I know when to stop. That would just let me catch up to the other two."

Alan's resistance to her hands finally ended.

Zipper now down, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his erect penis.

"I've been waiting soooo long to do this," she whispered with glee, and began to lick on it for the first time.

"So long?" said Alan, suddenly surprised. "More than the three weeks since I've been diagnosed?"

She briefly paused before swallowing his erection and said, "I'm not telling. Three weeks can be a very long time."

Then she went to town on his dick. She was tentative at first, just keeping part of his penis head inside her lips while running her tongue in circles around the head. But she slowly took more and more in until the entire mushroomy head was in. She couldn't believe just how big it was or how tough it was to stuff all of it inside her mouth.

Alan was so high from the erotic joy and excitement of discovery that he thought he would pass out at any moment. The fear grated on him though, and he complained, "As good as that feels, you have to stop! Can't we go somewhere and finish this in private? What if someone catches us?"

It took her a while to answer because she was having too much fun bobbing up and down on his hard shaft to stop. She thought, This is sooo nasty! I can't believe I'm sucking off my own brother, and in a public place no less! I've been aroused before, but nothing like this! I hear that some women don't like cocksucking, but I can't imagine why. I feel so in control, like he's putty in my hands. Or should I say in my mouth? Heh-heh! The way he's squirming and trying not to moan is just too cute! And if I do this just right, he's going to completely explode. I can bring him to the heights of the utmost pleasure and that makes me feel so good. But not only that, I'm so hot myself that I think I'm about to drown in a puddle of my own cum! I've never leaked so much in my life!

She licked and sucked a bit more, then thought to herself, God, it IS so fucking wide and fat! It seems big enough when you're holding it, but having it in your mouth is another thing altogether. My brother is hung like a horse! And all these thick inches of yummy cock sleep right across the hall from me. I'm gonna be seeing a lot of this baby from now on, heh-heh!

Completely forgetting his questions, she started licking the most sensitive spot just under his penis head and asked, "Tho. How wath it with Chrithine? Did she thuck you off? In the middle of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' did she take your big fat penith out and give it a big fat thuck?"

"Dear God, please don't mention her," he groaned. He was already painfully aroused by what his sister was doing and how good she was making him feel doing it. He didn't think it was possible that a person could get any more aroused than he already was. But when she mentioned Christine he overlaid his thoughts of her blowing him with thoughts of the sexually repressed Christine doing the same. He imagined how good it would have felt if, in the middle of the movie the night before, it was Christine who suddenly bared her big breasts and then started sucking him off.

Katherine's jaw and tongue were getting tired and needed a break, so she pulled back a few inches from the tip of his penis and jacked him off instead. Looking up into his eyes, she whispered, "What's wrong? The Ice Queen doesn't put out? Boy, that's a big surprise. Would you rather get a little goodnight peck on the cheek or get stroked and blown all night long? Hmm?" Her mouth was still so close to his penis that every few words she'd stop and lightly blow on his supersensitive erection.

Alan was in such a wonderful heaven that he wanted to scream for joy at the top of his lungs. But then he'd remember he couldn't do that because he was in the middle of a theater, a public place, and that would get him even more turned on and make him want to cry out even more. In the end, he tried to respond to her but could only let out a low whimpering moan.

She giggled to hear him lost in the throes of lust. Encouraged, she went back to slurping on his meaty rod. She knew right away that cocksucking was something she loved to do, and she suspected she would grow to love it even more. She kept imagining sneaking into his room at all hours of day or night and holding it in her mouth for hours on end.

The only problems were that her unpracticed jaw could only handle doing it a few minutes at a time and she had very little idea on the proper technique for what she was doing. She'd lied when she'd told Alan that she'd done this to a couple of guys on dates before - in fact, she'd never done more than necking with any guy. But whatever she lacked in terms of technique she made up for in sheer enthusiasm. She did suffer some gagging from being too ambitious at times, however.

Her lack of endurance and skill actually worked to make both of them even more crazed with lust. It seemed that just when Alan was ready to blow, she'd pull off to rest. Then, trying to make up for the fact that she was only jacking him off, she would say the most delightfully naughty things. This process would repeat every few minutes.

Even then, Alan would have cum long ago because he was so incredibly aroused, except that she didn't know where all his sensitive spots were. So she was able to keep going for nearly half an hour purely by accident.

Not only was Alan completely unaware what was happening in the movie, he hardly would have noticed if the lights were turned on and someone slapped him in the face. He was so in love with life at that moment that tears of joy actually leaked down his face.

Katherine was jacking him off and whispering, "So, would 'my big fat Greek tits' treat you like this at the movies? I think not. I'll bet Christine made you pay for both the tickets and all you got was one lousy kiss on the cheek for your trouble. Am I right?"

Alan didn't reply, but she was right.

She continued, "I'll tell you what. Next time we go out to a movie you only need to buy one ticket because I'm gonna sit on your lap the whole time! Except that I'm not going to wear any kind of skirt at all and you're not going to wear shorts or jeans. I'm gonna sit down on your huge log! That'll keep me in my place in more ways than one! We should watch a really exciting flick so I'll bounce up and down a lot. Would you like that? Would you like to spend a couple of hours with your sister bouncing in your lap? Why, it would be almost like fucking!"

Even though she was only lightly stroking him at the time, her words made him finally lose control. He knew he lost it for sure when she whispered the word "sister" almost inaudibly, directly in his ear.

Seeing his eyes get really big, she knew he was about to blow. She immediately ducked down into his lap and began sucking and licking for all she was worth.

Alan had the most difficult time of his life cumming in public without screaming. He had to clench his teeth together so hard that it hurt, but he managed to not make that much noise. Luckily, there happened to be a song playing loudly in the movie. At the same time, his body writhed and shook in his chair like he was in a rocket ship being blasted into space.

Katherine had heard that most women didn't like to the taste of cum and that swallowing it was rare. But she was determined to drink it all down no matter how bad it tasted because it was her brother's cum and she loved him.

She boldly attempted to drink it all from the very first rope that hit the back of her throat, but it was way more than she expected. Mostly out of surprise, she found herself pulling back and she ended up with most of it on her face. Alan not only ejaculated tasty cum, he also generally ejaculated a great deal of it. Still, she thought that at most it could only be a few teaspoons of ejaculate and she couldn't square that with the sensation that a torrent of cum had just blasted into her face and mouth.

A lot of it ended up in her mouth and on her tongue. So as his eruption subsided she found herself testing the taste and even savoring it. She thought, Hot damn! Why does everyone say swallowing is such a repugnant act? This stuff is GOOD! I would have swallowed even if it tasted like whale oil just cos it's my brother's, but damn! Now I DON'T want to swallow only 'cos if it all goes straight down I'm gonna miss out on the yummy feast.

She immediately decided that she wanted to drink as much of his cum as he could produce, on a very regular basis. She suddenly had visions of sucking him off thousands of times in the years to come. She was delighted beyond belief.


Alan was slumped in his chair and was so overwhelmed that he appeared nearly comatose.

But Katherine was bubbly with excitement and whispered to him, "Big Brother, did you enjoy that as much as I did? I think so!" She giggled, completely forgetting she shouldn't use the word "brother."

She went on, "I think we've got a really good thing going here. The only way you're NOT gonna find my face lapping and sucking in your lap every hour of the day from now on is if you wear some kind of metal underwear. The only thing that bums me out is the thought of all that cum that you must have spilled into hankies and whatnot over the years. But you know what's cool? Our bedrooms are right across the hall from each other! How would you like to wake up in the middle of the night some night and find me nibbling on your knob? What do you think of THAT?!"

She gave him an encouraging nudge.

However, Alan WAS nearly comatose. He mumbled, "Please, no more sexy... Too sexy..."

She just giggled, proud of how much she'd overwhelmed him with an orgasm he would never forget. For the next few minutes, she spent her time scooping up gobs of cum from her face and then licking them off of her fingers.

Alan eventually revived enough to open his eyes and start watching her do that. He immediately began to grow aroused again, though more mentally than physically since his dick was still too sensitive to grow erect.

He thought, What is it about seeing my cum on someone's face that's such a turn on? I don't know, I only know that I like it. And if Sister is at all serious with her mumblings, it looks like I could be seeing a lot more of that in the near future. Dang!

But at the same time, now that Alan had cum, the post-coital let down started to hit him. He suddenly got very self-conscious and worried. He whispered, "Sis, I loved that so much. Thanks. But just look at you, with cum all over your face! What little there is to your dress is opened up. We're in a public theater, for crying out loud. What if someone sees you now?"

"If it's a female, then I'll have to tell her, 'So sorry, but I'm not sharing,'" she giggled. "Or would you like it if I shared? I aim to please. Hey! Why don't we invite Christine along next time? I can show her some cocksucking tricks and we can practice on you together."

Alan just groaned. His sister was so constantly arousing that he couldn't take it.

"Don't worry. It's plenty dark and we're far from the aisle."

Alan fretted nervously, and made her at least thoroughly clean off her face. She wiped it all into her mouth.

She tried to stall for time so she could get maximal enjoyment out of each gob of cum, swirling it around in her mouth as if tasting a fine wine, but she eventually ran out. Once she finally finished off the last of his seed, she whispered, "So did you like that?"

"Are you kidding? That was great. Except for the fact it was in a movie theater. I'm so scared out of my mind."

"Oh, come on. You know it turned you on - the fact that you're doing it out in the open with a girl. And not just any girl, but with your sister." She whispered the last two words directly into his ear, both for security and for effect. Then, since her mouth was up against his ear, she started to lick it.

Alan discovered for the first time just what an erotic zone the ear could be.

But as good as she was making him feel, he just sat there as his arms tightly gripped the armrests of his chair. Mostly, he was just trying to hang on for dear life, like he was riding the most extreme amusement park ride.

She eventually asked him, "Are you going to play with my tits already, or what? This is supposed to be an interactive activity, you know."

"Oh right. Sorry." He had to force himself to snap out of his blissful daze. He caressed her tits with both hands and devoted all of his attention to them as she continued to eat his ear and nibbled down his neck. Neither of them still paid any attention whatsoever to the movie.

After a while, she pulled back from him and said, "Since you're so worried about getting caught, I think it's time to show you the popcorn trick. Poke a hole in the bottom of the popcorn box, and then stick your penis through it. Then I can reach in and grab it like I'm grabbing popcorn. People won't know what we're REALLY doing."

"You know, it takes a while for a guy to get hard again," Alan pointed out, but in fact it had just become hard again without realizing it. Katherine was simply too sexy to resist.

She just pointed at his crotch and giggled.

"Oh. Yeah." So Alan put his penis through the box.

Soon she vigorously rubbed his penis through all the buttery popcorn. With her free hand, she reached into his popcorn container and began to eat some of the popcorn. "Mmmm, I don't think I'm ever gonna think of popcorn in the same way again," she whispered between mouthfuls.

"Why are you eating MY popcorn?" Alan whispered back. "What's your extra large popcorn for? Isn't this suspicious-looking?"

"My popcorn is 'cos the trick can work both ways." She pulled her short miniskirt up and exposed her pussy to Alan's eyes. Then she placed her popcorn over it, and poked a big hole in the bottom. Popcorn fell through the hole and filled up the empty air between her legs. But she scooted all the way back in her chair and kept her knees close together, so all the popcorn wouldn't fall onto the floor.

"Now, you stick your hand in my popcorn, and find a special surprise at the bottom. It's just like Crackerjacks!" She now used her free hand that held the popcorn to guide his hand through the hole. "And now it looks like we're two kids on a date, with you eating my popcorn and me eating yours, like how people do with wine glasses. So we've got an alibi..."

"Most teenaged girls on dates don't sit topless in a movie theater," Alan pointed out.

She answered saucily, "Hey, I'm not actually completely topless, I just don't believe in using all the buttons." She giggled. "Anyways... You're familiar enough with my pussy by now - what are you waiting for? I think you know what to do."

Alan reached into the popcorn and quickly found her crotch. He tenderly rubbed her pubic hair, but stopped at just that for a minute or so.

Then he said, embarrassed, "Actually, you may find this hard to believe, but this is the first time I've had the opportunity to, you know. Put a finger in. With any woman." He gathered up his nerve and stuck his finger up into her pussy.

"Really?" Katherine asked, surprised. "Oh! Right there!" she said in response to his finger action. "Those two old broads don't know how to have a good time? Don't worry; you can practice on me anytime you want. It feels great already!"

Alan joked, "It's quite the popular place for fingers to linger lately, isn't it? Did you like it when Kim did it to you?"

"I've never done anything with a woman before. You know how I was, a few weeks ago. But I think we don't want to end Kim's blackmailing TOO soon. She seems nice at heart; it's Heather I'm afraid of. Kim's fingers definitely get me off, I have to admit. But not as much as you. Oooh! Oh! Like that!" she cried, but still their voices were no louder than whispers.

Both of them grew closer to climax. Her exposed chest heaved in time to his rhythmic probing.

"I'm about to shoot," said Alan. "What do I do?" His penis still was surrounded by popcorn.

"Just do it in the popcorn, Big Cream-filled Brother. There's enough to stop it from flying out. But be quiet about it!"

"Okay, Sis," he whispered. In the excitement he completely forgot about not using words like "Brother" or "Sis."

They both came rather unexpectedly. Alan's sperm shot onto many kernels of popcorn, but none flew out of the top of the container.

Katherine practically flew out of her seat, and just managed to prevent herself from screaming.


Alan rested for a while. Then he looked over at Katherine and was struck by how naked she appeared. The straps which previously covered her boobs were now under her arms and, from the front, made it appear as if she was naked from the waist up.

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