Six Times a Day Pt. 08

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That got him nervous, and as his orgasm subsided he looked around the theater to see if anyone was watching them. He had gotten so absorbed that he had nearly forgotten where he was. The coast seemed clear. He wiped his sweaty brow and heaved a sigh of relief.

They put their hands back on their own laps for a while.

Katherine had also gotten off from the attentions of Alan's hand. "That was soooo good..." she cooed. "And looky, it looks like the popcorn has extra-special flavor now." She reached into Alan's popcorn bucket and found some of the popcorn splattered with his cum. "Try some," she said.

"What are you doing? NO way! That's gross!" he whispered almost too loudly.

"I'm doing this for a reason. We need to get rid of a lot of the popcorn and I don't want to be rude and just toss it on the floor. Actually, your surprisingly sweet cum doesn't go well with butter flavor. Did you see how I was eating your popcorn before? I have to get it the level of the top of your cock, so I can stick my head in there." She continued to eat the cum-flavored popcorn.

She suddenly turned and looked up at him with an extremely naughty expression. "And do you know WHY I'm going to stick my head in there? Can you guess what my lips are going to be wrapped around?"

Alan could guess very well, but he didn't want to encourage her teasing or he figured he might blow yet another load before she could even touch him. Instead, he asked her nervously, "Can't you cover your boobs up? Do they really need to be exposed like that?"

"They're that way so you can play with them. I'll make you a deal. After you're done playing with them, I'll close up."

Alan was weary, but no fool. Her magnificently shaped breasts looked so tempting that only a complete idiot would turn down that offer. He reached over and resumed groping her tits.

He lost track of time doing that. He was such a "tit man" that he would have been perfectly happy to play with them for hours on end.

Meanwhile Katherine continued to eat his popcorn. After about ten minutes she said, "I can't wait any longer," and began to shovel the remaining popcorn out onto the floor with her hands.

Then she dove her head into the bucket. Her mouth quickly found the tip of his penis, but she couldn't really get any further down, because of the sides of the container. She made rips in the side nearest to her, pushed the cardboard down, and dove back in. Soon her head sank deeper and forced the remaining popcorn out of the way.

Alan held Katherine's box of popcorn up in the air with one hand and tried to use it as a shield, positioning it between her head and the aisle as best he could. "What if someone looks now?" he groaned between labored breaths.

Katherine was too busy sucking to answer. She kept at it until her jaw grew too sore to go on.

When she finally pulled her face out of the box, Alan thought she looked quite amusing. Her face was completely covered with buttery oil. There even was a kernel of popcorn lodged in one of her nostrils. He pulled it out for her.

"Next time, we're getting unbuttered," he said.

They both quietly giggled.

"I think I like it better buttered though," she replied in all seriousness. "It makes everything slippery, just like the soap today. Next time, we get extra butter!"

She put her hand on his upper arm and wiped. Sure enough, it was soaked with oil and left a big trail on his skin. Then she took that oily hand and brought it down to his erection.

As she started to slip and slide her hand up, down, and all around, she asked, "So. Having a good time? Who's the better date, me or Christine?"

Alan groaned, and for once it wasn't only because of intense pleasure. "Sis, uh, I mean Katherine, what is it with you and Christine? How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not interested in her any more?"

"Oh, about a thousand. For starters." Her hand pumped and pumped and pumped. "Ten thousand."

"Why?! For one thing, why does she bother you so much, but S and S don't? I don't get that."

She just rolled her eyes and sighed. "Men. Duh! They're cute but so dumb. I'll bet if you were feeling an intense emotion down to your guts you'd mistake it for hunger." She leaned over and went back to sucking on his knob.

"Huh? What was that all about?"

But she didn't answer; she was too busy loving his thick pole.

Alan was still confused, but the way she was swirling her tongue around his penis head felt so good that he eventually forgot all about the issue.

He spent many minutes fondling her pussy, ass, and everywhere else he could reach. She was completely naked for all practical purposes and he wanted to get to know every last inch of her body.

Katherine, by contrast, was mostly interested in his dick, and spent as much time with it in her mouth as she possibly could.

They continued like that on and off for most of the rest of the movie. They were only limited by the ability of Alan's penis to revive and the endurance of Katherine's tongue, jaw, and fingers.

At one point, Katherine even made the suggestion that Alan should fuck her. She lifted up her leg and exposed her pussy yet again to Alan's eyes. As Alan held his penis, she said, "Why don't you put that someplace useful?"

"Katherine!" he whispered anxiously. "Are you suggesting what I think you are?"

"I'm just saying, why not just rub the outside lips? Kind of a dry fuck? It would feel so good!" She figured once she had him doing that, the rest would naturally follow.

But Alan had the same thought. "No way, man! If we do that, who knows where it will lead. You don't really want me to fuck you, do you? Much less, in a public movie theater! That's so totally wrong. Tell me you don't have that idea."

In face of his resistance she said, "Of course not. I just like playing. Speaking of which, don't you want to touch it? In the meantime, let me take care of this."

Her hand returned to his shaft, his hand went to her pussy, and they went back to playing some more.

But Katherine considered it merely a temporary, strategic retreat. She suspected that if blowjobs made her feel that good, true intercourse would probably make her feel even better. She couldn't wait to find out if it was true.

Alan started paying some attention to the movie, only because he was worried about the time. He didn't want to be sitting there with both hands running over his nearly totally naked sister with her hand bobbing in his lap when the movie ended and some people tried to get past them out the way out.

At one point, he noticed Hugh Grant in the film up on a stage, dramatically playing guitar in front of a large crowd of people. He got the vibe that it was a Hollywood kind of movie climax, so he determined to have another climax of his own, while he still could. He'd been desperately fighting the urge to cum for some time now, so it was easy as pie for him to simply give in and let go.

Katherine happened to be stroking him as she rested her jaw yet again.

He whispered, "Sis, you're making me so hot I can't stand it anymore. I'm gonna blow. Again! I want your hot lips around me. I wanna fill your mouth with my seed. Again! Dang, three times in an hour or so. Even I can't believe I can manage it. And it's only because you're so amazingly inspiring."

She dropped her mouth to his rod yet again. She'd lost count of the dozens of times she'd done that since the movie had started. "Am I? Even more than Christine?"

"Sis, if Christine is as hot as a fire in our fireplace, you're a fucking sunspot! There's no comparison. The Ice Queen isn't even worthy of holding a bag of your toenail clippings." He didn't exactly know what he meant by that weird comment, but it appeared to have worked since his sister's eyes lit up.


"Really. All she's got are the big tits, okay, and the big intellect too, but she's got a cold heart. You, you're like a fireball of pure lust. You're so sexy that you're gonna give me a heart attack!"

"Oh Alan! I love you so much!" She attacked his erection like a woman possessed. She tried to jack it off with both hands while swirling her tongue everywhere on it and sucking it down to the root at the same time.

Not everything worked, but enough did to cause him to lose control within less than a minute.

He coated the back of her throat with his cum for the third time, but she still didn't get enough of it.

The most remarkable thing of all though was that after all that, they still had energy left. Alan happened to be riding a wave of energy and found he was vigorously fondling her sweet body only a couple of minutes after shooting his load. His penis was still down for the count, but that didn't slow his ardor at all.

The movie finally ended about five minutes later. Alan had played with Katherine's tits off and on for most of the movie, but she didn't fully cover them up until the credits started to roll.

With the movie coming to an end, and with Alan using one hand to squeeze her right tit and the other hand to pull at the nipple in the middle of it, Katherine decided to say a few last things while she still could. She whispered to him, "You really know how to get me off, do you know that? Mmmm. I think I'm going to have to be a slut for you from now on. A cocksucking sister-slut. Would you like that?"

"Sssshhh!" He whispered back. "Don't say that!" He saw the credits starting and began to freak out. Luckily there was no one sitting near them because they were completely unprepared for someone to pass them by.

Katherine though, was so turned on that she didn't want to stop for anything. She whispered, "Say what? That you have a sister who wants to suck your cock? Are you saying I should just stand up and shout that to the whole movie theater? Maybe I should just take off what little is left of my fucking dress and just stand up buck naked and fucking scream out, 'I love my brother's juicy cock! We're going to go home right now and then he's going to shove it up my pussy!' Do you think that might get people's attention?"

He groaned in tortured ecstasy, especially since her words caused his dick to immediately engorge again. He could scarcely believe that such a thing was possible.

Katherine immediately took advantage. His dick was so slicked up with cum and popcorn oil that it was slicker than a greased pig. Her hands resumed flying up and down his penis, completely heedless of any danger.

"Sssh!" He realized that he'd been moaning far too loudly, and that Katherine was making too much noise as well. He looked around the theater closely, but no one seemed the wiser.

As more people stood up, he grew desperate. "Stop it, please! I beg you! If you love me, pleeeasse! Stop!"

At that, she immediately stopped and began covering herself up.

He'd stumbled across the magic words unwittingly, because she resolved to do anything she could to show the depth of her love for him. His only clue to this though was that she whispered, "Okay, if you put it that way..."

Finally, they both finished dressing. They thought that they were in the clear now and that no one had noticed their amorous activities, but as the theater cleared out an older woman who had sat a couple of rows in front of them muttered "Disgusting!" as she walked past them.

The two of them had periodically tried to clean themselves and their chairs off, but they hadn't brought enough napkins so Katherine's face was still covered with the residue of buttery oil.

Alan did his best to lick it all off while the last of the other moviegoers left, but he refused to give her a kiss on the lips, to her immense frustration. "Boundaries," he said. His stance on boundaries shifted from minute to minute depending on which head was in control - the one on his shoulders or the one between his legs.

Finally they stood up to go. The credits were all done and the lights had turned back on.

Katherine looked back fondly at her seat and commented, "Think about the poor schmuck who has to clean this place up tomorrow. I wonder if he'll look at the popcorn boxes" - both of them were on the floor in a ripped, punctured, and mangled state - "then see all the white stuff on the popcorn on the floor, and put two and two together!"

"I'd like to think that we came buckets," Alan quipped.

They both had a good laugh.

He was amazed at himself - one minute he was calm and joking, then next he would be perspiring and shaking from nervousness.

He pointed at her seat, now that he could see it clearly. "Holy crap! And who's going to clean that?" There was cum all over the place. She had literally cum a small puddle, and then she'd smeared it all around as her ass shifted around in her seat. Popcorn kernels were stuck to it everywhere.

She just walked away. "Oops. Let's say we didn't see that!" She giggled. She clung to him tightly and joked, "Good movie, huh?"

Alan laughed. "Yeah! My favorite movie of all time! What was it about?"

"I don't know!" she giggled.

Then he said, "What was it even called, anyways?"


As Alan finished asking the question, he remembered that the title was "About a Boy." But he joked, "Wait, I remember. It was called 'About a Blowjob,' wasn't it?"

It wasn't the funniest joke in the world, but Katherine thought it was hilarious and laughed a long time.

As they walked out of the theater and headed to the parking lot, Alan said to his sister, "You know, we're not actually going to do anything more tonight, are we? For one thing, I don't think my penis could take it. Not to mention my heart."

"Whatever you like, sweetheart," she said breezily, still happily clinging to him. "I just love to get off, and get you off. Now that I've started, I don't think I'm ever going to stop. Isn't it great that our bedrooms are only ten feet from each other? Any time your penis gets even the slightest twitch of life, just come on over to my room and I'll suck you dry, okay? Now I know why God gave me this pair of lips. Not to eat food. Who cares about that. No, it's so I can be an insatiable cocksucking machine for my brother. Anytime and anywhere he wants it."

"Katherine!" he complained. "Not here!" Although they were outside, there were some other people nearby walking to their cars.

However, there weren't that many since it had been such a late movie, and Katherine was still so horny that the idea of strangers watching only encouraged her. "Why? Does that get you excited? It does for me!" She grabbed at his penis through his pants, but it was done for the time being.

"Katherine, what's gotten into you?"

She let go and put her hands behind her back. She tried to look innocent and even skipped a bit as they reached the sidewalk outside of the theater. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe that I love my brother, and he loves me?"

She turned to him and flashed him such a winning smile that he thought his heart would melt. His fears and doubts completely dissolved, and they walked down the street in a state of near giddiness, hand in hand.

"I don't know who this brother of yours is," he finally said, "since you wouldn't want to be mentioning that kind of thing in public. But I have a sneaking suspicion he loves you very much too."

"I know," she said confidently. "I just have one request."

"What's that?"

"That you don't see any more movies with Christine."

"Okay, fine. After what you did to me, I'd give you the world. However, you should have been more demanding. No more movies with her, but that doesn't mean no more outings period."


"But why? Why this big jealousy of her, and only her?"

"You doof! Don't you get it? It's because she's like me, but better. Mom and Suzanne are different enough that they don't feel like direct competition. But Christine feels like competition."

"Never. First off, there's nothing going on with her and me, so don't worry. Second, I love you so much that it physically hurts. True, I had a crush on her, but that doesn't even begin to compare with the years of fun and love you and I have shared. And most importantly, she's not better than you in any way, unless maybe one is into breast size, and I don't know anyone like that."

She laughed at his joke since he was such a notorious tit man. She elbowed him in the ribs. "Liar! However, I love that you lied for me." She clung to him even tighter.

The truth was, he was lying. Christine was not only drop dead gorgeous, but she was also a near genius. That was what Katherine feared the most, because she knew that Alan's interest in a beautiful airhead would only go so far, but Christine had the smarts to be a potential soul mate for him. However, he was honest in expressing how much stronger his feelings for his sister were.

Changing the subject, he said, "By the way, one more thing I forgot to mention. Guess what I found in my pocket last night?"

"Let me see." She reached over and grabbed his penis through his pants again, not even getting close to a pocket. It happened to be flaccid though. It deserved a rest.

"Not that!" he said, "Or, not just that," he chuckled. He pulled out a key. "I found the key to the supply closet. I didn't mean to, but in all the excitement I forgot to return it to Ms. Rhymer on Friday."

Katherine's eyes lit up. "Interesting! Since you told me, then I guess you'll have no objection if I make a copy before school on Monday... Heh, heh, heh!"

They made it to the car. It was a dark parking lot and they were far from anyone else. As Alan stood by the driver's side, ready to open the door, Katherine said, "Here, let me get your keys for you."

Alan rolled his eyes and sighed. "Sis, first off, I can get the keys myself. Secondly, that's not even my pocket."

She feigned confusion. "It isn't?" She giggled. "Never mind though. I've found something a lot more interesting." She rubbed Alan's newly emergent erection over his pants.

Alan put his hand on her hand and tried to pull her away. "Sis, please, don't. I don't even know how it got hard yet again, but if I cum one more time, I think It's going to break or something. I'm serious."

She stopped stroking it for a moment, but then said, "Awww. Poor thing. Looks like it could use some help. Oh! I know! How 'bout I give it a good massage?" She broke into another fit of giggles as she resumed stroking it.

Alan was still trying to pull her hand away but not trying that hard. It simply felt too good. At least he managed to grasp her wrist tightly enough to keep her hand from moving up and down very much. He thought, Sis has already tried something like this twice since we left the movie theater and she just won't take no for an answer. Doesn't she realize the danger, even out here in the parking lot?

His thoughts ran deeper. You know, Sis has always been a bit spoiled. Why is it that she got that way and I didn't? I think maybe it was because Mom seemed to need my help with Father being gone so much. I remember one time she told me that with him being always overseas, it was up to me to be the "man of the house." That made me feel so good, so responsible.

Hmm. I wonder if even back then, if I wasn't so eager to be a good kid just so I could win Mom's favor in hopes of becoming her lover someday. I mean, I tried so hard not to look at her as a sexual creature, but when your Mom has looks to put most Hollywood actresses to shame, it's hard not to feel something, at least subconsciously. Not to mention her chest. DANG, that chest!

Alan luxuriated in intensely pleasurable feelings as he thought about his mother and her big rack. He realized though the feelings seemed uncommonly powerful and then he remembered with a start that his sister was still stroking his erection. While he was thinking, he'd loosened the grip on his hand and now it was moving up and down too as Katherine's hand carried it along.

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