Six Times a Day Pt. 10

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Then he remembered Kim there and felt obliged to belatedly add, "Of course these are just fantasies - I would never really think these thoughts of actually doing anything..."

Kim interrupted, "You two are getting me so hot again! How about we trade moms? Mine's a dear, but she's really let her body go to pot. Anyways, do you mind if I watch this time? I mean, since I kinda of am already."

"Sweet Little Sis, you mind?" said Alan, "It's fine with me."

"No prob, Big Hunky Brother. Pull up a chair, Kim, and imagine him pounding into to you on Monday."

Kim smiled broadly. "I think you just might convert me from lesbianism. But then Katherine is bound to convert me back all over again."

All three fucked and fingered each other and themselves for what seemed like an endless amount of time.

Alan worked on his fourth ejaculation. It seemed like he could stay hard forever as he lazily fucked his sister on the bed. The powerful scent of sex in the air grew even thicker with each passing moment.

Kim sat in her chair and worked on her own orgasms. Or at least she tried to sit in her chair. Sometimes she would get so excited that she'd stand up and be practically over them next to the bed while she furiously masturbated herself.

Alan was half-convinced that she would end up in bed with them, and didn't exactly mind the prospect.

However, she restrained herself. She knew that Alan was too nice to turn her away if she wanted to join them, but also that this needed to mainly be Alan and Katherine's special time with each other.

She grew more vocal as the afternoon went on and acted more and more like the cheerleader she was.

"Come on, Alan! Fuck your sister's pussy!" Kim cried while she frigged herself. "Show her how good you are, what a good brother you are. Slip it in and fuck her hard! Fuck her deep! Take your big bone and ram it into her. Plant your cock in her pussy!"

"That's what I'm doing already!" Alan cried out in amused frustration. He and his sister had moved back into the doggy-style position so that he could hammer into her more aggressively.

"Well keep doing it!" Kim yelled back. "Give her the fucking of her life! Fuck her tight, steamy pussy with your monster boner! Stick that bone! You're her brother - fuck her like you mean it!"

Kim liked to point out every few sentences how the two of them were brother and sister, as if they didn't know that fact already. But that encouragement helped keep everyone steamy hot.

At one point, Alan's energy flagged, and he had to take a breather.

Kim though, was ready to help. "Hey, I am a cheerleader after all. I think you two could use some inspiration." She disappeared for a minute and then came back with her pom-poms. Still naked, she started jumping around, shaking the pom-poms. She made up an improvised cheer:

"Fuck her hard

Fuck her deep

Make her cum

And make her weep!"

Alan and Katherine burst into laughter. Katherine in particular got the "sillies" - she just couldn't stop laughing. Kim's presence was most definitely appreciated.

The whole time Kim had been in the next room, she imagined that it was her instead of Katherine getting fucked. She continued to think along these lines: Katherine is so fucking lucky! Imagine having Alan as a brother! And then Susan as a mother! Fuck! Insane! I never knew I could get off on incest until these two came along. Hell, I never seriously even though about sex with a man. Now I'm soooo jealous. Fuuuuuccckkk! Oh God! Fuck each other! Ah! Yeah! Fuck me!

Katherine began to have little orgasms until finally it all merged into one massive orgasm for her. Just as she began to wildly buck under Alan, he shot his hot seed deep into her vagina.

Kim, too, came with them and staggered back into her chair.

Eventually they all shook out of their reverie.

Kim looked around and her eyes fell onto the clock. "It's been more than thirty minutes!" she yelled in sudden agitation. "We're running late. And how am I going to get these sheets cleaned up in time? I wasn't expecting a lake of cum. Shit! I guess I'll have to start the washing machine right now."

"Should we shower together?" Katherine asked her brother in a sexy voice. They dripped with sweat and cum.

He replied, "That would be another amazing first, but I'm totally spent. I don't think I'd be any fun. I have no idea how I'm going to get it up for nurse Akami tomorrow."

"What's that all about?" asked Kim, very curiously.

Alan realized he shouldn't have said that, and vaguely answered, "That's a secret we'll probably tell you later. We'll have to decide that. It's the story about how this sexual stuff all began. In any case, we don't have any time for stories now. Sister, why don't you and Kim take a shower together? You women can keep going long after us guys are all worn out."

"I don't know about that," said Katherine. She got up, but she obviously had trouble just standing, and leaned against the wall. "You fucked me so hard, I don't know if I can walk. Kim, you'll just have to help me tend my wounds in the shower."

"With pleasure!" She threw her pom-poms over her shoulder, glad to forget them when faced with such a tasty proposition. She wondered what it would be like to suck Alan's cum out of Katherine's pussy, if there was enough left.

The showers were quick, since Alan and Katherine were exhausted, sore, and in a hurry.

Kim did help "tend Katherine's wounds" though, and it did turn out there was some cum left to suck out. She was happy to do it.

Everyone got dressed.

Alan and Katherine both kissed Kim good-bye one after another just inside the front door for many minutes. The three of them eventually moved into a group hug and grope.

Private parts began to get uncovered again as the kissing and fondling intensified. But Kim finally said, "My mom is going to be here any minute. Let's save something for next time."

The two Plummer siblings finally and reluctantly disengaged after they profusely thanked Kim for the use of her house and her great hospitality.

Alan literally had to hold Katherine up as she walked to the car, she was so wobbly and her pussy was so sore from her first fucking.

As Alan took the wheel of the car, he looked at Katherine, and said very seriously, "Any regrets?"

"No. None. That was a dream come true. Fuck social convention. Together you and I can overcome everything. What about you?"

"I feel the same. No regrets. I feel like I should be feeling way guilty, but how could anything that feels that good be bad? That was awesome. Thank you, Sis. Thanks for encouraging this. ... We're a team. We'll stick together and deal with whatever may come."

They held hands and connected deeply as they stared into each other's eyes. It was the most romantic moment either of them had experienced.

Katherine thought, My fuck toy fantasy is a total rush, but this is even better! What I wouldn't give to be his wife and share moments like this forever and ever. It almost makes me sad that the one thing I most want I'll never get. But this is no day for sadness.

And so the most mind-blowing sexual experience of both Katherine and Alan so far in their short lives came to an end. Little did they realize that it was just the beginning of many, even greater pleasures.


By the time the two of them got home, it was already past six.

Dinner would be ready in less than an hour, but Alan went back to his room and immediately fell fast asleep. He never thought a person could feel so utterly exhausted.

Katherine did the same. She tried to walk around as little as possible, and when she did it looked like she'd just ridden a horse all day, which wasn't too far off, metaphorically speaking.

They tried to rouse themselves for dinner. They were forced to make up stories about their fake club's first meeting to answer their parents' questions.

Alan was careful to continue acting tortured by his stimulation obligations in front of his mother. It was easy to do, since he was in a sort of agony already from sexual exhaustion. He didn't realize that Suzanne had recently told Susan that he wasn't having such trouble getting around lately, but it didn't really matter. Anything that reminded Susan of his erections served his purpose.

After dinner, Susan asked Alan to wash the dishes with her so she could have a moment alone with him.

Ron watched TV in the living room, totally oblivious.

Alan couldn't help but notice that she was wearing only a towel. It had occurred to him that in recent days she seemed to frequently come and go from taking a shower. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what this was about: that allowed her to wear nothing more than a towel to titillate him, but at the same time her husband wouldn't think anything was amiss in the extremely rare chance that he could be torn from the TV.

She could even partially drop or readjust the towel, but so far she hadn't done that. She was still afraid to take things back to how they were before Ron arrived.

Susan asked Alan in deliberately vague terms, "Tiger, how are things going with your problem?"

Alan put on another extremely pained expression, and said, "I'm hanging in there, but it's hard. So hard." He deliberately used the word "hard" instead of something like "difficult" and really emphasized it so his mother would visually imagine his engorged penis.

Her eyes opened wide, and he knew the little trick worked. It helped that she didn't have to expend much mental effort to imagine his hardness: his penis strained the fabric of his shorts like it fought to get out.

"Hang in there," she said reassuringly. "It's just another week." That was a vague reference to when Ron would finally fly back to Asia. Her voice sounded bland, but her eyes were glued to his crotch. She thought, Oh my. Just look at that thing! If he adjusts his shorts maybe it'll poke right out the bottom. Do it, Tiger! Let me see all of you!

"I know, Mom, I know. Seven days. I can't last that long!"

Susan patted his head reassuringly and said mildly, "Don't worry, it'll be all right."

But her thoughts weren't mild at all. It would be even better if I let this towel drop. Then Alan would see me in the buff and his thing would burst right through his shorts! I'd be forced to suck it off before Ron saw how obscenely his woody stood out. Isn't that the kind of help I'm supposed to give?

Alan said with genuinely, "Thanks, Mom. Your support gives me strength."

"Son, you can do it. Be strong." Maybe if I let this towel fall, that could help you. Or you could really be a man, and grab it off. You know you want to! Don't be so shy. Be strong!

Her hand drifted to where the towel was tucked in, over her huge rack. She thought, If only Ron wasn't home, I'd drop it for sure...

"Mom, you're the best. I love you."

"I love you, too," she answered, with a benign smile. But her inner voice practically screamed now, and it was all she could do not to gawk at his crotch ever more blatantly. Her hand nervously grabbed the towel and she felt a nearly overwhelming desire to pull it open. If you love me so much, Tiger, rip this towel off! Take it off and ravage me! I don't care if my husband IS in the other room! Show your love and take me! Do me right here!

Suddenly Susan turned around and rushed out of the room. She fell onto her bed in her own room and quietly sobbed. Her mind was filled with visions of burning in hell. She cursed herself for her lack of control.

Alan was oblivious to his mother's inner torment, because on the outside she'd acted the same as she always did, except for a slightly trembling lip and a hand which clutched the towel far too tightly. He hadn't been looking her in the eye (as he was too fixated on her towel) so he didn't notice her gawking. He felt a twinge of guilt at lying to her just after having sex with his sister, but not nearly as guilty as he would have expected himself to feel.

As he headed towards the living room to watch TV with his father, he thought, How could my mom really criticize me or blame me for doing anything with Sis, when she's sucked my cock so enthusiastically? Why should I feel guilt?

Susan and Ron went out with Suzanne and her husband Eric to some social function not long afterwards.

Alan and Katherine were left alone, but both were happy just to vegetate, especially since they had their own rule only to fuck at Kim's house so they wouldn't be caught, at least for the time being. They were both so emotionally and physically wiped out that neither had any hope of getting any homework done that evening, even though Alan had a big test the next day.


The two siblings were nowhere near ready for more sexual play when Amy came over about an hour later.

"Hey Alan, hey Katherine," Amy said to them as they lay flopped in the living room and watched TV. "It's just the three of us at home, right?"

"Right," said Alan. He thought, Uh-oh. Here comes something else.

"Goody. I'm still hoping you'll give me that homework help, but I'm also really worried about my pussy. Isn't it overdue for another shaving? Can you guys please help me out? Pleeeasse?!"

Alan turned around and finally took a look at Amy. He was incredibly turned on by what she wore. Once she'd walked in and found out the Plummer parents were gone, she took off her T-shirt and unbuttoned her blue jean cut off shorts. All she had under the shirt was an oversized top that was dark blue on one side and white on the other.

Alan realized that Amy had started to learn how to show herself off. Her top was sexy enough the last time she'd worn it, but now she'd arranged it so both nipples sometimes partly popped out. He wondered if she'd stretched the material or something so the top could hang off of her even more loosely.

Her shorts were slung so low that Alan was amazed that they somehow managed to hang on to her wide hips at all. With her shorts unbuttoned, nearly all of her pussy hair would have been exposed to prying eyes if she still had any hair down there.

But Alan was completely worn out. He thought, Why does Amy have to dress like this just after I've been fucked nearly to death? It's such a shame to not fully appreciate her sexiness.

"Oh God, can you handle this, Sis? I don't think I can even get up out of this couch, much less get up other ways." Yet even as Alan said this, he felt twitches of life in his penis, thanks to Amy's slutty clothing.

His sister replied, "Talk about being unable to walk - look at me! And do you remember what happened to me in cheerleading practice, on top of that? I'm even more wiped out than you are!"

"Yeah, wasn't cheerleading practice fun?" said an energetic Amy enthusiastically. "You want to work some more on the leakage problem?"

"Ugggghh!" both siblings sighed.

Amy looked puzzled.

"I'll take it," said Alan finally. "I won't enjoy it, much, but I gotta build up my stamina. It's all part of building up my energy, I guess."

But he continued to lie there, as if he waited for his body's energy to charge some more first. He commented lightheartedly, "Boy, Amy, looks like you're really having some trouble keeping your clothes on these days."

"Oh goody!" she squealed. "You noticed! I love dressing up all sexily like this. It's almost as much fun as being naked. Aren't clothes just the biggest bother?"

That roused Alan a bit. Partly to stall having to move, he asked Amy, "You're really fine with nakedness, aren't you?"

"Gosh yeah! Totally! What's the point of clothes, anyways? Don't you think they're kind of silly? Like guys wearing ties. That's just silly! Okay, if it's cold, clothes are good, I guess. But on a nice warm day, why get all covered up? I would have walked over from next door without any clothes at all except for everyone getting so upset when I do something like that. Mom and Dad never let me be naked, like, EVER! And you should see Brad's face when he finds me watching TV without any clothes sometimes."

"I'll bet," Alan commented. He could well imagine Brad's consternation.

Amy continued, "Wouldn't it be great if everyone was naked all day long? Except for the really ugly people." She giggled. "But imagine if everyone was beautiful, and we were all naked, and it was sunny and green and we all lived in nature. Wouldn't that be, like, the super bestest of all? Kind of like Adam and Eve."

Katherine pointed out, with a bit of a leading question, "But if everyone is naked and good looking, then don't you think all the people would get lusty and start having sex all the time?"

Amy grabbed one of her tits and clutched it idly as she thought. She appeared to contemplate taking her top off. But then she answered, "Yeah, but would that be a problem? I mean, isn't that how it was in the Bible? Weren't Adam and Eve, like, doing it to each other all over Eden? And when they had kids, weren't they doing it with their parents and each other? Sisters rutting with brothers and sons doing it with their mothers? Otherwise, who populated the Earth? And I thought that was the utopia we all want to go back to."

Alan had visions first of himself fucking his sister. They were incredibly vivid images from just a short time before. He momentarily wondered if Amy knew more than she let on about what they did, by talking about sibling sex for the first time ever. Then he had images of Amy running around a perfect garden, bent over some big rock and taken from behind by man after man. Everywhere she would wander in the garden, men would grab her and fuck the living shit out of her, but she would just smile blissfully and say, "Wow!"

That roused him enough to motivate him to stand up. He went with Amy to the bathroom. He felt glad to know at least that Amy wouldn't hate him and Katherine if she found out what they were doing to each other.

"Did I come at a bad time?" Amy asked, as she closed the bathroom door behind the both of them and shed her clothes with a boundless enthusiasm. "Both of you seem all poopy."

"Kind of," said Alan, "but that's okay. We're happy to help you out, anytime."

Amy sat on the edge of the bathtub and faced away from it, as she did before.

Alan was so exhausted he didn't even bother to take his clothes off.

"No, you seem really tired," said a visibly worried Amy. "Are you sure you want to do this? We can do it tomorrow instead."

"No, well actually..." A naughty thought went across Alan's bleary brain. "The truth is, I have a problem. Can you keep another secret? A super secret?"

"Of course," said Amy, happy to be gaining his trust. "Haven't I been good with secrets?"

"Yes, I guess you have. Anyway, the problem is with my penis. You see, my penis is all tired out. And when my penis is tired, that means I'm tired, too."

"Oh gosh! That sounds horrible!" Amy gushed. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Well, actually there is. If you could get my penis excited again, then I could get a new rush of energy and would have no trouble shaving your pussy."

"Oh goody! I'd love to help! And it would only be fair, since you've been helping me so much. But... everybody tells me that penises are bad. Especially penises and pussies put together. Like what almost happened with me and Jack Johnson last year. Aren't those thingies bad? My parents told me never to touch one."

"No, don't be silly! A penis isn't bad. Weren't we telling you the other day about all the wonderful things a penis can do, like how it can cure the hiccups and all that? It's just that certain men are bad, and they do bad things with their penises. So your parents gave you a blanket warning to make sure you'd be safe. It's like when your parents told you not to talk to strangers when you were a kid. It's not like all strangers are bad, but your parents didn't know if you could tell the good ones from the bad ones."

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