Six Times a Day Pt. 10

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"Katherine! Not at home, remember?"

"I locked the door to your room, you know, and these walls are practically sound proof. I'm not stupid."

"Nope," Alan said firmly. "You're certainly not, but I really have to put my foot down. And whatever happened to being all tired and sore, anyways?"

"I am sore. Soooo sore. But any time is the right time to fuck. I think the only cure for my sore pussy is some Big Thick Brother cock. It's like drinking some more alcohol to cure a hangover. Why not a little more sister-poking? When it comes to you, just imagine a little sign above my pussy: 'Open 24 hours a day.' Just like the corner Quickee Mart." They both giggled. "You sure you don't want to make a quick stop into your sister's pussy?"

She swirled around to face him, spread her legs, and opened her pussy lips wide with her fingers. "Calling all cock! Calling all cocks! Mayday! Mayday! All hands on dick!"

Alan laughed, but he also gave a look with his face that said no.

She sighed. "But if you insist on leaving me horny, can I at least take care of you?" She got up and cradled his penis in her hands. Despite his exhaustion, it had grown hard thanks to all the sex talk.

"We can't even do that while Ron is home. What if one of them walked in? As much as I'd love it, believe me. But a rule is a rule."

"But the door is locked!"

"Yeah, but it's a slippery slope."

She kidded as she ran her fingers up and down it, "I'll agree that it's slippery. Definitely slippery most of the time. I'm not so sure about the slope part though. A little bit crooked, maybe, but not much."

Alan swatted her hand away, in a playful yet effective manner. "One of us has to retain at least a shred of sanity and restraint, Sexy Little Sister." He smiled as he decided that if she always called him big brother with an adjective thrown in, he could reciprocate a bit more.

She smiled too. "Okay, tough guy. I'll go then. You're just leaving me wanting you even more badly, Big, Long, Hard, Throbbing, Sister-stuffing Brother. But remember that I'm serious about what I said about sharing. I don't mind setting you up with someone like Heather, if you're brave enough to handle her, since I know you wouldn't want her for a permanent girlfriend. Obviously her personality is a real turn off for you and she'd just be a momentary diversion that I could partake in. But someone like Christine, someone you really love who could take you away from me, that really worries me."

"Don't worry. As I keep telling you, Christine is just a friend now. And I know Heather looks great and is the talk of the town and all that, but I know I wouldn't like her or wanna get close to her. In fact, there's no woman in the world who will take my sole attention now that I have so many wonderful women all helping me out. I would be a fool to accept any situation where I couldn't fuck you constantly, Moist Little Sister. That's one thing you don't have to worry about at all."

"That makes me feel so much better. I wish I could be your girlfriend in school too, but I realize that ain't gonna happen."

"Yeah, that would be cool," Alan said wistfully. "But you never know. College maybe? We're not actually genetically brother and sister, so as long as nobody knows us from high school..."

"All right, don't get my hopes up already. There are always problems. Like, what if you're at college and Ron asks you, 'So Alan, who's your new girlfriend?' What could you say? 'Uh, actually it's someone you know...' Ain't gonna happen. Anyways, I'm out of here already, Big Pulsing Pounding But-not-ramming-his-sister-nearly-enough Brother."

Alan laughed. "Hey, if we get so into these naming games, we'll never finish our sentences. Not to mention, someone might overhear. What's more is that it hasn't even been one day since I rammed you, as you so poetically describe it. Have a little patience."

She huffed, but playfully. "Easy for you to say. That's like saying to a heroin addict, 'Hey, only 24 hours of cold turkey withdrawal. What's the big deal?' But I'm curious. How many times did you get off today?" She stood up and began to put her clothes back on.

"Let's see, if you don't count last night after midnight, which technically belongs to yesterday in my record keeping, then it was once this morning, twice at lunch, four times with you this afternoon and almost once with Amy. And my penis has cried surrender for the night. So, seven. I've done better. But in terms of quality vs. quantity, I don't think it'll ever be possible to beat today."

"Well now I've got something to aim for, don't I?" She winked. "Goodnight, sister-fucker. Thanks again for the great day!"

"Thank you, too! Goodnight, brother-fucker!" he said with deep contentment.

She kissed him goodnight on the lips for several minutes. As she was still partially naked, she tried to lead to something more and got aggressive with her hands, but Alan and his sore penis wouldn't have it.

He barely had the will to push her away, and he pointed out, "You see what I mean about the slippery slope?"

As she made to leave, she made the comment, "Too bad I have to go, but once you start fucking Mom, she and I can take turns sleeping in your bed! Or we could all sleep together. Wouldn't you like that, Big Shove Your Huge Monster Sister Splitter Deep Into Me And Then Make Me Suck Your Hard Cock Over And Over Again All Night Long' Brother?"

Alan had no comment, but Katherine could tell from his facial expression that he would like that very much. He looked cute blushing.

Alan was surprised again at how little guilt plagued him over his incestuous thoughts and deeds.

Instead, he filled the void by saying, "Actually, Squeezy Little Sister, as much fun as we're having calling each other names, we're definitely getting carried away with that, and it's dangerous. So we can't do that, either. Not to mention, these names get me so hot that it really weakens my resolve. And it gives me too big of a head."

"Awww. But don't worry, I'll give you head. Would you like me to give you big head?" She moved back towards his crotch.

"Sis! Please. I said A big head. Emphasis on the A."

She pretended to be dumb. "OooOOOoooh. My bad." She giggled, then winked, and finally slipped out the door.

CHAPTER 8 (Friday, Oct. 25)

Alan was asleep within minutes, and had a good ten hours of rest that night. When he woke up, he felt like a million bucks, and so did his penis. His alarm woke him early. He got some black paint from the garage, and secretly repainted his sister's crotch in the shower before breakfast.

He thought, Man, I am so glad the bathroom door has a lock. Especially since Ron knocked on the door to see if the bathroom was free - that was a close one!

No way am I going to get caught again. But if I have to get caught, I'd rather get caught painting here than in the supply closet at school. I could always make up some excuse to Mom and Father about painting my sister, weird though it might look. After all, we're only painting. Plus, I'm getting pretty good at coming up with bullshit stories on the fly. Kim will just have to manage on her own 'cos I'm not going back in that supply room. Hopefully her paint job will hold since she didn't get fucked all afternoon like my sis.

Once Katherine left, Alan masturbated as he showered and relived what he and his sister had done the day before. He figured he was ready for anything Akami might dish out, and also fantasized about Ms. Rhymer throwing herself at him after school. But he made sure not to cum, sure that he'd have better chances later in the day.

After both Alan and Katherine left for school and Ron left for work (his vacation at home wasn't much of a vacation), Suzanne came over as usual and joined Susan for their daily exercise regimen.

Susan was proud of herself that she'd gone all of Thursday without any inappropriate touching of her son. However, her urges were inexorably building up. After everything that happened on Tuesday, Suzanne seemingly managed to bring every private conversation she had with Susan around to a discussion of Alan and his ever needy erection. She was so slick that Susan never realized how Suzanne was deliberately goading and tempting her at every turn.

This day, Susan burned off her sexual frustrations by attacking the exercise machines with unusual vigor. By the time they were all done, she felt like a limp noodle.

After Suzanne left, Susan went back to her bedroom and took a nap, something she hardly ever did. She slept and dreamed.

The dream started out as a replay of what had really happened that morning at breakfast. Ron was busy reading his usual Investor's Business Daily newspaper while Katherine and Alan gobbled down the big breakfasts Susan had prepared for them. Ever the dutiful housewife, she was constantly coming and going to the kitchen to serve everyone else's needs. It was a wonder she found time to eat her breakfast with them as well.

So this was exactly how it was in her dream, except that she was wearing an outrageously sexy and revealing nightgown. The gown was semi-transparent, not to mention open to the waist, but neither Alan nor Katherine found this in the least bit strange. Whether Ron would have been shocked was unknown because he was so absorbed in his newspaper that he wasn't paying any attention to the others.

She looked down and realized that most of both her breasts were hanging out of her robe, but it was cut in such a way that there was really nothing she could do about it.

Susan at first didn't even realize it was a dream and not reality, but things somehow seemed like they were supposed to be. She continued performing her usual morning rituals and duties in a bewildered daze.

Then when she brought Alan his usual bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, he started to feel her up. Not surprisingly, his hands honed in on her E-cup sized rack.

She stood there blushing while he reached inside her nightgown and groped at her bare chest.

He said casually, as if he did this all the time around Ron, "Mom, I'm checking to make sure you're following the rules."

She whispered, "The rules?"

"Yes. The rules that state you're not allowed to wear a bra or panties. Ever." His cereal temporarily forgotten, he twisted and pulled on her nipples with both hands.

Susan's mouth hung wide open. If her heart hadn't been pounding hard before, it certainly was now. She stared with horror at Ron's newspaper, fully expecting that he'd heard what Alan had just said and would take the paper down. Then all hell would break loose. But the paper stayed up. The only sign there was someone alive on the other side of it was the sight of some fingertips holding up the paper and the sounds of a bagel being chewed.

She finally looked back down at Alan and whispered almost inaudibly, "Tiger, I think you have your answer already!"

Alan spoke back without making any effort at keeping his voice down. "True. At least about your tits. Let's check your pussy." One of his hands dropped down to the front of her crotch and the other reached around to her ass. Two of his fingers pushed into her slit, which was already moist and eager. All his fondling in front and back kept her gown wide open and her entire front side exposed. It was a near miracle her gown managed to cling to her shoulders and stay on (not that it covered much in any case).

Susan remembered Katherine was there and looked over at her. She seemed completely unperturbed by what was happening and just chomped away at her crunchy cereal. However, there was no newspaper blocking her view so she kept looking over at what Alan was doing.

Susan whispered to her, "Angel, what's happening here?! Don't you find what Alan's doing to me a bit... odd?!"

Katherine giggled. "Odd? Mom, you're the odd one today. Alan's just making his usual underwear check. He's checked me twice already this morning! See?" She was wearing a gown held closed by a sash, and without getting up she opened the sash and exposed herself from her neck to her knees. Sure enough, she was unencumbered by any underwear.

She leered at Alan. "Brother, you wanna check me again?" Like Alan, she wasn't trying to keep her voice down whatsoever. She added in a sultry purr, "With your special prober, perhaps?"

Alan winked at her. "Maybe later, Sis. Suzanne gave the prober a pretty good workout last night. Besides, I think I'm gonna be checking Mom for a while."

Katherine just grinned and went back to her cereal. She left her gown wide open.

Susan found all of these disturbing events to be terribly arousing. Her pussy was gushing thanks to Alan's continued fingering. She knew that if she didn't get him to stop soon, she'd cum and cum hard. She was certain the resulting scream would wake the dead and certainly have to clue Ron in.

So she said, "Alan, please! No! That's enough!"

He frowned. "Enough? Mom, I don't like your attitude. Blow me."

"What?! How DARE you talk to your mother that way!" Since the others weren't whispering, her voice was growing louder and louder too.

"Mom, I'm not going to warn you twice. Blow me now, or I'm going to have to take your over my knee and give you a good spanking." He looked like he was ready to do it.

Susan's mouth gaped like a fish. At first she rejected the idea of a blowjob out of hand. But she weighed her options and decided that if she had any chance of saving her marriage by miraculously keeping Ron oblivious, the blowjob was the lesser of two very horrible options. The loud ass slaps in a spanking would alert anyone who wasn't completely deaf to what was happening.

While she was making up her mind, Alan tugged on her gown and kept tugging until her gown was on the floor.

Susan immediately bent down to pick it up but before she could Katherine snatched it away. Susan then reached for it, but Katherine crumpled it into a ball and held it away like she was protecting the ball during a basketball game.

"Naughty, naughty, Mom," Katherine chided her. "You know the rules in this house. Cocksucking Alan is always done naked."

Susan was feeling frantic. There was a part of her that wanted to blow Alan so bad she could almost literally taste it, but a greater part of her was scared to death with Ron right there. Seeing that Alan was busy eating his cereal at the moment, she decided to try and slip away upstairs without anyone noticing.

However, she only took a couple of steps away from the breakfast table when she felt two feminine hands on her butt.

It was Katherine standing behind her. She said, "Mom, now where do you think you're going?"

"Well, I thought I'd, er, powder my nose first."

Katherine laughed as she intimately caressed Susan's shapely rear. "That's a good one! If I didn't know better, I'd seriously think there's something wrong with you. Are you feeling okay? Is your stomach queasy again from swallowing too much sperm? Geez, Mom! Are you or are you not your son's sexual plaything?!"

Susan turned back towards Alan. She found herself hefting her breasts up and practically molesting her own chest, and she didn't know why. She looked at the big bulge in Alan's shorts and grew angry, mostly at herself. Look at that! Tiger's cock needs draining and here I am, traipsing and gallivanting around, like I've got something more important to do! My role is to suck! And to stroke! And to SERVE!

However, Ron's presence was still terrifying her. She said to Katherine, "No I'm good, Angel. Of course I'm his toy." She shivered with delight upon saying that. "But maybe Tiger and I could get more comfortable if we retired to my bedroom?"

"No, Mom. Do it here." Katherine gave Susan's butt cheek an encouraging slap and propelled her in Alan's direction.

Just then, Susan heard and saw Ron's newspaper ruffle. Perhaps shaken from his stupor by the loud slapping sound, he was bringing the paper down to reach for the bottle of orange juice in the middle of the dining table.

Susan immediately ducked down below the table edge before Ron could see her standing there in the buff.

Katherine and Alan immediately took advantage of her movement to position her head over Alan's lap. Katherine swatted Susan on the ass to scoot her ass forward.

Alan meanwhile, unzipped his fly and pulled his shorts down past his knees. "There's my cock, Mom. You know what to do."

Susan was horrified, but at the same time her lips were drawn to his bobbing erection like a magnet. It just felt right and even necessary to suck on it. But right before her mouth closed in on it, she loudly complained, "No fair! Two on one!"

Then her tongue made contact with his penis head and it was like a switch was flicked on inside of her. She thought she was incredibly aroused before, but that was nothing compared to her level of arousal now. Her pussy tingled and throbbed and her rock hard nipples cried out for attention. But most of all, she was in love with the big erection before her. Every touch of her tongue or lips on it felt so good that it was like another mini-orgasm. She brought her hands up to assist with pleasuring the base, and stroking it made her pussy cream even more.

But just when she really started to get into it, she heard Ron say, "What was that, honey? Did you say something to me?" Apparently he was responding to her far too loud "No fair! Two on one!" comment some moments before.

Susan wasn't sure if any part of her body was above the table edge, but she suspected the top of her head and/or her ass might be. She tried to duck down further as best she could, and in the process of bringing her head down, Alan's dick went deeper and deeper into her mouth until she was almost deep throating it.

Ron asked, "Susan? Did you hear me?" His voice sounded unconcerned and distracted. It seemed that, against all odds, he hadn't noticed anything suspicious and was back to reading his Investor's Business Daily. However, he did apparently still expect an answer from her.

Susan hoped that Alan would say something so she wouldn't happen, but he seemed happy as can be without saying a word. In fact, as she breathlessly waited, he raised the stakes still further by pulling his shirt off, leaving him competely naked, just like her. Then he calmly went back to drinking his orange juice and eating his cereal.

The danger was so great she wanted to cry, and some tears did roll down her cheeks and drop to the floor. She knew it was practically life or death that she had to say something, but she was loving the blowjob too much to stop even for a few moments. So, with about six of Alan's eight inches inside her lips, she just moaned, "Mmmm-hmmm."

Ron seemed to miss the sexual quality of the moan, and said, "You know, dear, I have to say, I'm surprised."

Susan panicked. Oh shit! Here it comes! He's finally caught on! She sucked and licked with all her heart. Her long hair flew about as her head bobbed up and down madly, because she was certain this would be the last time she could ever blow her son.

But incredibly, Ron merely said, "Yep. I'm just amazed at what a great job you did with the landscaping while I was gone. Just look at those hedges over there. Alan, was that your mother's idea to clip them like that?"

"It sure was, Father!" Alan's reply was unusually passionate and loud due to what Susan was doing to him with her lips, tongue, and both hands.

Ron said, "I'm not surprised. Susan, you've definitely got a green thumb. And honey, what about the lawn? Is it my imagination or did you reseed it?"

Susan thought, Oh crap! How am I supposed to talk?! I suppose I could just pull up and off of my Tiger's tasty meat, but it's just too good! This is where I belong, with my nose in his pubic hair. I just have to cum and I'm gonna cum! Especially since Tiger seems to have his fingers in my pussy and on my ass and knows just what to do with them. He must be making another underwear check, heh-heh!

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