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Six Times a Day Pt. 12

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Six Times a Day, Part 12: Good Lovin' Gone Bad

At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea. Because of the plot and character development, it really helps to start with Part 1.

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

NOTE: In 2007, this story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you've read it already you might want to read it again.


CHAPTER 1 (Monday, Oct. 28)

The next day was Monday, a very promising day for Alan. Not only was he extremely excited to see Glory again after the weekend, but he, Katherine, and Kim had another "S Club meeting" planned after school.

He had a feeling his mother would want to help "make sure he used lotion" or Suzanne would directly help now that they were more out in the open with Susan about that, or both. But Ron was there at breakfast and Susan was unusually silent and poker-faced, so he didn't have a good read on how she felt, after all that had happened the day before.

Alan's classes seemed to drag especially slowly until he got to Glory Rhymer's fourth period class. The supposed point of her "helping him out" was to cure his raging erection, partly so he could concentrate better, but the problem with that was he wouldn't get that relief until after her class was over. So he sat in anticipation with an erection hard enough to shatter diamond all throughout her class. The class could have been taught in Swahili for all he knew. He didn't even wear underwear, certain of what would soon happen.

He continually had to shift his penis around in his shorts, and it was in constant danger of coming out of the shorts altogether. He was surprised no one noticed. What luck! I'm in the front row so few people have a good view of my crotch, he realized.

But there was one person who had a very good view of that front-row crotch: his teacher Glory. She was in as much agony to wait for the class to end as he was. She quickly had to stop her lecture and give the students an in-class assignment, because she just couldn't think any more.

She tried very hard not to stare so much at Alan's crotch that other people would notice. She would look elsewhere for a few minutes and then reward herself with another glance of his blatantly hard penis. She felt so horny that she began to lift her dress up in the seat she sat in. Only her pantyhose and underwear stood between her and complete nakedness from the waist on down, as her students, Alan included, studied in front of her completely oblivious to what she was doing.

For a while, she was content to stroke her pussy over her pantyhose. But soon that wasn't enough. As she did so often lately, she pulled her underwear and then her pantyhose down so she could reach her crotch, and began to slowly finger herself while she pretended to write notes.

Finally and mercifully for both Glory and Alan, the bell rang. Everyone slowly filed out while Alan and Glory stayed in their seats and acted nonplused. When the last one of the other students had gone, Glory got up and casually closed the door. "I got the lock fixed over the weekend," she said.

The two just stood there and faced each other, frozen. Finally Alan said, "All clear?"

"All clear," she responded. No sooner did the words leave her lips than the two were all over each other like wild animals. They dropped to the floor in front of Glory's desk as they kissed with desperation. "Careful with the buttons," Glory said as Alan practically tore her shirt off. The bra went next while she wriggled him out of his shirt.

Their kissing and groping was frustrated by their simultaneous desire to shed clothes. Alan's shorts slid off easily enough, which only made it harder to get Glory's dress off, as her hands and attention zeroed in on his penis and she began stroking it instead of undressing.

Finally she had to momentarily stand up to get her dress undone. "Remember, no sex," she said, as she briefly stood. "But everything else!" She practically leaped back onto him.

The two rolled around on the hard, cold concrete floor and occasionally bumped into chairs. Glory held onto and rubbed Alan's penis like her life depended on it, while Alan's hands focused on her ass. It was still clad in panties, but Alan didn't let that slow him down. He just reached inside wherever he liked as if the panties weren't there.

Eventually she lay on top of him, and they kissed and groped some more. Alan's extra inches of height put his penis nearly at the opening to her pussy. It practically begged to go a few extra inches and enter into her warm tunnel.

He managed to get an arm between their bodies, and began to pull at her clit. A nearly magnetic pull seemed to drive his penis and her pussy closer and closer together...

Suddenly, she jumped up as if someone had yelled "fire." She fell back towards her desk and panted heavily.

"What?" Alan asked, sitting up. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, you're doing everything too right," she panted. "You're pretty good for a teenager! Let's just take it easy for a minute, or we'll be fucking like rabbits and will still be going when the fifth period class begins!"

Alan thought, I'm not exactly opposed to the first part, to say the least, but the second part might not be so good. Sweet! Fooling around with the teach is a blast!

She collected herself, and then went back to him. "The problem is this thing, young man!" she said as she grabbed his erection. "It's entirely too dangerous. Perhaps if I bring it back to its normal size, it won't poke me so urgently." She knelt between his legs, paused, and joked to herself, "Though I suspect this IS its normal size." Then she began to suck his dick.

Alan wanted to pleasure her body at the same time, but it was mostly out of reach, so he just soaked the experience in. He recalled her boast that she was a cocksucker second-to-none, and again he decided that she was right, even when she didn't deep throat him. One great thing was that she didn't seem to be bothered by her gag reflex, so even when she wasn't deep throating, she could and often did take him remarkably deep.

He came quickly, almost embarrassingly so, once she got started. She was just too relentlessly talented, and he was too aroused after waiting for hours for this to hold out for long.

She took it all down her throat so cleanly that there was hardly a drop of cum left when she was done.

He lay back for a minute while she lay between his legs. He panted heavily. "That was something else, Surfer Girl. Dang! Now let me please you."

She had a hard time talking between labored breaths as well. "Don't you dare! My job here is to please you so you can reach orgasm, don't you remember?"

"Yeah, but don't you want to get off too?"

"I do want to get off this cold floor," she replied. "What a mess." She began to rise up and stretched her body like a cat.

Alan sat up and found himself incredibly turned on at the sight of his teacher's boobs as they slowly rose after being squished into the checkered tiles near where he sat in class every day.

Like a cat, she rose into a pouncing position, and then sprung herself onto him.

They began to kiss, lick and grope all over. Alan's hands eventually found their way to Glory's pussy, and he began to finger her. He grew annoyed at the pantyhose and panties which got in his way. He managed to pull the pantyhose off and get the panties down her thighs.

But that seemed to set off alarm bells in Glory's head. She eventually had to roll off of him and back onto the cold floor before she lost all willpower.

"That's ... wow, really nice, young man, but ... that wasn't what I was planning. I thought you'd sit on the desk and I'd give you a nice handjob, and then you'd run off to lunch."

"I thought something like that too," he said. "I guess we have some pent-up energy."

"I guess!" she said with a laugh, astonished by her own behavior. She sat at the edge of the desk and tried to compose herself. "The problem, I think, was that for nearly an hour I stared at your erection about to bust a hole through your shorts. But let's, uh, come to our senses here for a minute."

Alan got up and sat next to her. He began to run a hand through her hair. "I've been waiting for this so very long. Actually, I never imagined it would happen, but I dreamed it. Dang. I had some pretty hot dreams, but reality is much better."

"Me, too. Don't let it go to your head, but I've masturbated while thinking about you for a long time."

He was honestly shocked. "You did?! But you can't do that, you're a teacher!"

She laughed. "And it's illegal for teachers to masturbate?"

Alan grinned at his foolishness and joked, "Well, yeah."

Glory said, "Let's get a hold of ourselves. What if someone knocked on the door right now? It would take us ten minutes to get presentable! We both swept up all the dirt on the floor like a broom and we're all messy. Let's try this again tomorrow and see if we can keep it more under control."

A new thought popped into her head. "And for God's sake, young man, wear some underwear, or else there will be an incident during my class when your penis bursts right through your pants! Not to mention, how do you expect me to teach, with you poking out like that for the entire hour?"

"Okay... Underwear next time..." he leaned over and began to kiss her again. Before too long, they began to get heated once more.

During a breather, Glory said, "Since you told me your problem, I began fantasizing that it had turned you into an insatiable sexual monster. Looks like I just about hit the nail on the head! Let me calm you down so you can make it through your next two classes." She laid Alan back on the desk, which sent objects flying everywhere.

He pulled his legs up to his chest and shamelessly let his hard-on stick out towards her. "Can you deep throat me again?"

"I was thinking about it. But in the future, don't ask; let me decide when it's a special occasion to do that, okay? Last time you forgot that I do have to breathe from time to time."

He laughed heartily.

She watched him laugh, and found him so cute yet so manly that she couldn't help but want to please him. "Okay, we'll do it. But let's make it quick."

"Yes! Sweetness!"

She pistoned his tool in her fist, and then sucked him like any blowjob. But with each stroke into her mouth he found himself a little bit deeper until before he knew it, he was all the way in. Again, her tongue, her mouth, and her throat all worked on his penis at the same time.

Alan couldn't believe how great it felt - it was like getting fucked and blown at the same time. Since he'd climaxed a few minutes before, this time he could last a lot longer. He'd be inside her throat for a minute or more before she would pull on him and he'd pull all the way out so she could breathe. Then, they'd do it again, and again. He thought he could fuck her throat forever, but lasting a long time was definitely a relative concept when it came to Glory and oral sex. His penis found it entirely too exciting and didn't last past her fourth deep swallowing.

Afterwards, the mood changed. They talked gossip like old times as they cleaned up the class and themselves. The ever-resourceful Alan brought towels and a bottle of water in his backpack, so they were able to give each other towel baths.

By the end, they looked just like any student and teacher who talk to each other. That turned out to be a very good thing, because a knock came on the door, and the first student walked in for fifth period class. They were both amazed that the entire lunch period had flown past.

Alan slipped out of the classroom before a second student came in. To still be in class when the next bunch of students came in would be a very dangerous habit that they had to avoid at all costs.


But Alan's day only got better. He still had an afternoon at Kim's to look forward to. This time, he and Katherine wasted no time and drove there straight from school. As a result their clothes provided more cover than in the last car ride to Kim's, so the festivities largely had to wait until they arrived at her house.

The first time at Kim's place it had just been Katherine and Alan together, but they promised Kim that she would be welcome to join in this time. They met Kim at the door and kissed and groped her and each other a fair deal before one word was even spoken.

Finally Katherine started up the stairs. But then she stopped, bent over, looked back at Kim and Alan, and flipped her skirt up, which revealed her pussy between her butt cheeks. "Last one up is a rotten egg," she prodded, "and the first one up gets first dibs on this!"

Kim and Alan quickly scrambled up after her. Alan made it to the bedroom before Kim, so he won first dibs.

Katherine was delighted at his victory. "Excellent! It has been way too long, Big Hole-filling Brother. Way. Too. Long." With a turn to Kim, she added, "What say Alan fucks me while you watch, and then after that you can take your pick of Alan or me next? Then we can do it all together."

"Okay," said Kim, still bummed to have lost the race. She sat down on a chair next to her own bed in the second floor bedroom and got ready to watch. "Good things come to those who wait, I guess."

Alan and Katherine were already out of their clothes in record time. "They sure do," said Katherine. "Such as this." She held Alan's long penis in both hands. "Is it just me, or is this thing growing longer every time I see it?" she asked, half seriously.

"I know one way to find out," Alan replied, and straddled himself over his sister, who lay stretched out on the bed. He slowly let himself down into her slit.

"Kim, this is all I ever need," Katherine said. Alan bounced up and down on her and pistoned his hot meat in and out. "I'm not kidding when I said I want to be this man's fuck toy. You've got to try it out! Big Slick Brother, give me all you've got! Do me all day long!"

Alan didn't need to be asked twice. Over the weekend he'd been to bookstores and bought a few books on the art of lovemaking. He was ready to try out a few new tricks. But there would be enough time for that later in the day. First he went for power, not finesse. He rapidly built up a jackhammer motion, and soon it seemed like he would nail his sister right through the bed mattress.

She loved it. "More! Harder! Push! Fuck! Yes!" she yelled between thrusts.

Within minutes, Alan sprayed his cum deep inside his sister's tight pussy. They collapsed into a sweaty, happy heap.

Kim looked upon them in wonder. She'd never seen such a fast and passionate fuck, even in the movies.

But, even after what had happened between Alan and his teacher Glory a few hours before, his penis was ready to spring back into action almost instantly. His sister lay motionless as if she'd just been slain by his penis, while Alan sat up and began to gently stroke his new hard-on. "Okay, Kim," he said, "it's your turn now. Who will it be first?"

"Sorry, Katherine," Kim said, as she got up from the chair next to them, where she had been masturbating, completely naked. The sex between Alan and Katherine ended before she had a chance to get off. "I've been with a lot of women, but never a man, and I've got to get some of what you just got." She hopped up onto her bed, and commanded to Katherine, "Roll on over and make some room."

The bed wasn't very big, but Katherine rolled over towards the wall. Kim took her place under Alan. She expected the same fast treatment he'd given his sister. "Okay, Alan, let's see if you can really can drive a hole through the bed this time."

But Alan was in a different mood now. "Let's work up to that," he said. "But first, let me be gentle, especially since you're a virgin." He covered her from head to toe with his body and then some, since he was so much taller than the diminutive and younger Kim. He kissed her on the mouth at first, and ran his hands over her boobs and upper torso.

At first, Kim didn't know how to respond. It had been a long time since she'd been with a man in any way, and she'd never really gone past first base with any guy. But Alan treated her gently and kissed her ears and neck and licked her lips. She was having some hang ups with a man treating her like that, but she didn't want to disappoint him. She closed her eyes and decided to pretend he was a woman.

Her body started to respond much better, and she grew more comfortable. And for a while it wasn't that hard for her to imagine that Alan was just a flat-chested woman, since, although he was fairly muscular, he had virtually no hair on his chest. Plus, his penis lay far down between her legs since he was much taller than her, so it was out of the picture for the moment.

After a few minutes, once Kim started to really get into it, Alan rolled over so that Kim was now on top.

It seemed to her like his hands were all over her. She began to mentally count hands and decided that there were too many. Oh yeah, Katherine! She's getting in on the action too!

Katherine wanted to leave the two of them alone for their first time, but she just couldn't resist the urge to join in a bit.

Kim had a lot of sex for someone her age, but she'd never been with two other people before, unless the time the three of them were in the supply closet counted.

While Alan's hands stayed around Kim's upper body, Katherine mostly focused on Kim's butt. Then her hands moved to Kim's pussy, and her fingers prepared the way for Alan's penis. She put one, then two, and finally three fingers into Kim's tunnel. Soon Kim was more than moist; she was a raging river. As if by prearranged signal, Katherine pulled her fingers away and Alan scooted up so that Kim's face now met the bottom of his neck.

Like their first time together, Katherine had insisted that Alan fuck her bareback. But Kim made no such insistence so Alan slipped a condom on just in time. "Are you ready? Here it comes..." he said, and he slid his dick into Kim's waiting and wet hole. He was surprisingly calm about it - to fuck Kim was far less of an emotional shocker for him than to fuck Katherine. She was so wet that he slid in surprisingly quick and easy.

Technically Kim was a virgin in the sense that no man had been inside her before, but the way had been cleared by countless dildos, of both the strap-on and hand-held variety. So the feeling of her pussy being deeply filled was not completely alien to her. But Kim quickly realized that no dildo, however fancy, could compare to a real flesh and blood piece of man. The body heat alone from Alan's cock was enough to send shivers of excitement down her spine.

I like it, she thought. I like it a lot! Alan thrust in and out at an increasing pace, and Kim quickly responded with her hips in expert fashion, based on all her dildo experiences. A cock is good. The real thing is so much better, so alive!

"Alan, fuck me!" she declared.

"I am already!" he replied, somewhat amused.

"But more! Harder! Faster! Like you did to Katherine just now. Really DO me. Nail me! Break me! Fuck! Fuck me now! Impale! Impale me! Cut a hole right through me! NOW!!!!"

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