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Six Times a Day Pt. 13

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Six Times a Day, Part 13: Hard to Handle

At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea. Because of the plot and character development, it really helps to start with Part 1.

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

NOTE: In 2007, this story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you've read it already you might want to read it again.


CHAPTER 1 (Wednesday, Oct. 30)

Alan woke up Wednesday morning weary but excited. Weary, because he hadn't been able to take his nap or sleep as much as he wanted, and he was also wiped out from a number of great sexual experiences. He'd pushed his luck overtaxing his penis with Susan and Heather. It still hurt a little bit the next morning.

Alan was disappointed about the day's prospects. For one thing, when he came down for breakfast, Ron was there reading a newspaper and eating scrambled eggs. Ron had been leaving for work early on many days during this visit, so Alan had hoped to get lucky. But now Alan's chances for erotic fun before he left for school were shot. Looking on the bright side, he decided giving his penis some more hours to rest wouldn't hurt.

But more distressing was Susan's attitude. At one point, Alan went to his room to get his backpack and school books, and Susan caught him in there, closing the door behind her. Looking nervous and guilty, she said, "Tiger, what we did yesterday was ... not a bad thing. I'm happy to help you with your medical problem, as long as you remember that what I said and did was done just to help inspire you. But I've been thinking about Ron. True, things haven't been good between him and I, and he's been cheating on me, but can I really blame him? The way I used to be, a cold fish in bed literally frightened about sex, who could blame him for needing to find some sexual outlet? The amazing thing is that he didn't divorce me yet."

She continued as she stood leaning against Alan's door, "In any case, what we're doing behind his back, it isn't right. I think he's fundamentally a good guy."

Alan had been told some about Ron's cheating and he wanted to say something about that. But he decided it wasn't his place. Furthermore, he thought the best thing to do when Susan was going through one of her recent mood swings was to just go along with it.

She said, "Even just talking to you right now makes me feel sinful and guilty. So now that your weekly abnormality check is done, can we just go back to being a normal family until he leaves? That's only two more days. And I don't want you sneaking off with Suzanne either. She's still in my doghouse for telling me 'yes' when she should have said 'no.' Can you just take care of things yourself for two days, maybe with whoever your mystery assistants are at school?"

"Sure, Mom. That sounds completely reasonable. I'm sorry if you feel like I've been pushing you into things you don't want to do. Now, unfortunately, I've really got to run or I'll be late to school."

As he left his room, Susan gave him a kiss and a hug that were disturbing in their completely non-sexual nature.

Alan was disappointed, but he consoled himself that at least Susan wasn't mad at him and she hadn't fallen back into full-on prudish mode. All he had to do was wait two days and hopefully things would change around the house again.

In fact, when it came to the long term, Alan was increasingly excited about his prospects. It looked like things were progressing nicely on many fronts, and he'd even had sex with the head cheerleader. Having two fairly sex-free days until Ron left didn't sound too terrible. Besides, he and Katherine had another session at Kim's house planned for Thursday afternoon just hours before Ron was supposed to leave.

And then there was Glory at school. They'd skipped doing anything on Tuesday so as to not raise too many suspicions. When lunch rolled around on Wednesday, she was therefore especially eager for more, but Alan was not. In mind, yes, but not in body.

Her hands were on his crotch almost the instant the last of the other students were gone, but his penis was so overworked that even getting hard was painful for him. That was hard for Glory to understand.

She pulled down his elastic shorts and placed her hand on the bulge in his underwear. It was flaccid. "Alan, is there something wrong? Two days and you're already tired of me?"

"No way, Glory," he replied. "I've been whistling the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' all day long." That was true - he meant the 'Glory, Glory' version. "But it hurts. It really does. Why don't we practice our kissing?"

Glory had to content herself with kissing and groping for the rest of the lunch break. The gossipy teacher wondered to herself what, or more likely, who, had gotten his penis so worn out, but she didn't pry.


Alan went home expecting to have a boring day, now that the Tuesday excitement was all over and Thursday had yet to arrive.

But he didn't take Suzanne's mindset into account. Suzanne knew that she was supposed to play it cool until Susan felt like she'd been punished sufficiently. That was at least until Ron left and possibly longer. They were getting along great and had a fine time exercising together that morning, but Susan felt it necessary to punish Suzanne just the same. Susan had decided that her main problem was that she hadn't been tough enough on anything and was trying to take stronger stands all around.

Suzanne didn't like that. She didn't think it was fair that she'd been forced to go days without any Alan fun, when all she did was help Susan discover her sexual side and have the time of her life with countless orgasms. She decided it wouldn't harm anyone if she could have a little secret fun with Alan. Besides, she wanted to give herself a big reward for how far she'd managed to bring her scheme along.

When Alan got home, Katherine was already there, hanging out in the living room. Almost as soon as he came in, Suzanne entered the house as well. Susan was in the kitchen and Ron was still at work.

Katherine was reading a magazine on a couch but she jumped up and excitedly ran to the front door to greet Suzanne, as if her arrival wasn't an everyday occurrence.

"Hi Suzanne!" she yelled as she ran into Suzanne's arms. The two hugged each other, and then kissed.

Alan thought as he watched, First one cheek, then the other, and then square on the lips! His brain reeled. They kissed on the lips? What the fuck? Whoa.

The kiss wasn't long, and they walked into the living room as if such kissing was nothing unusual. Katherine went back to reading. Susan remained in the kitchen and never saw what happened.

But Alan was positive he'd never seen his sister and "aunt" French kiss before. What was THAT?! Was that a sign of something really sexual? Or are they just being friendly? I hear women sometimes kiss on the lips without it meaning anything. But still. ... Hmm... Is this part of "sexing things up" around the house to help me out? Because if it is, it sure is working!

Suzanne brought her bikini over and said she was in a mood to use the pool. This was very unusual as she wasn't much of a swimmer and even less of a sunbather due to her very fair skin. When she did swim she usually used the pool back at her own house.

Alan realized there was obviously some ulterior motive for this behavior. As it was known by all that Ron wouldn't be home until around dinner time, Alan figured she was up to some sexy mischief. Even though he was exhausted and desperately wanted a nap, he decided to hang out by the pool for a bit first, and see what Suzanne would do.

Susan was keen on enforcing her punishment as part of her new "get tough" resolve. Suspicious, she went out to sunbathe with Suzanne so she could keep an eye on things. She put on a sexy and skimpy bikini so she could compete with the one Suzanne was wearing.

Katherine, somewhat surprisingly, didn't join them. She wanted to play it cool until Ron left and she wasn't sure how well she could hold up in front of her mother and Suzanne. She felt like there was a big "I fucked my brother!" sign on her face and was especially worried that Suzanne would figure out what was going on if she spent time watching the two siblings interact.

Suzanne wanted to make sure Alan didn't go for a nap. While Alan was getting himself a drink in the kitchen, she said as she opened the sliding door to the back patio, "Sweetie, make sure to meet me out back in a few. There's something we should discuss." She walked away towards the pool with her trademark exaggerated hip swaying sexy walk. She knew that would get his attention, especially given the thong style to her bikini.

Alan came out a short time later, after doing some things in his room.

As he came up to the two mothers where they both lay on adjacent lawn chairs, Susan said, "Tiger, don't pay any mind to Suzanne's bathing suit, and I put bathing suit in quotes. She's promised me that's she'll wear something else next time."

"Nice bikini, Suzanne," Alan replied mischievously. "I especially like the top" - there was no top - "but the bottom isn't half bad either." The bottom was more of a G-string than a bikini, and didn't even completely cover Suzanne's hairy bush. He also noticed and appreciated the lewd way Suzanne was sitting, with her legs splayed out wide as if waiting to be fucked.

"Suzanne, I told you this would happen!" Susan said in exasperation. "You're corrupting him!"

""If you don't like the bikini, Susan, I can take it off," Suzanne innocently suggested, and made a motion to begin pulling her bikini bottom all the way off.

"No thanks! That wasn't the solution I had in mind!" Susan replied in greater frustration. She was particularly frustrated that Alan only had eyes for Suzanne, thanks to her best friend's toplessness. She sat up and thrust her chest out in an attempt to compete, but Alan still seemed more interested in Suzanne and her bouncy bare boobs.

"How many people here vote that I should take it all off?" Suzanne asked, and raised her hand. Alan raised his hand too. They both smiled as they knew they outnumbered Susan two to one.

"How many people vote that I should keep it on?" Suzanne continued.

Susan raised her hand. But rather than accept the two to one results, she complained, "This isn't a democracy! This is my house, I make the rules, and I don't even know why I let you come out here with that fraction of a thing on in the first place. Geez! What about propriety? What if my husband saw you like that?"

"Okay, okay," Suzanne said, and lay back down. She knew she was already in Susan's doghouse and didn't want to make things worse. Plus, they were only talking about taking off the bikini bottoms; she already had the top off, and that put her ahead of Susan in keeping Alan interested.

Susan on the other hand still jealously fumed at how Alan barely even noticed her in her much more conservative suit. He's hardly even noticing me! If this keeps up, maybe I should take my top off too. Not that I want to... Grrr! I totally want to! But I'd look like a supreme hypocrite after just chastising Suzanne for taking hers off, plus Angel is wandering around the house somewhere, so I guess I'm stuck.

So, while Susan kept her bikini top on, she began applying suntan lotion on herself in the most sensual manner she could muster. Sitting up with her chest thrust out, she spent most of her time with her hands on her breasts.

A new thought occurred to Susan, and she asked, "Anyway, Suzanne, I heard you saying you wanted Alan for something. What did you call him out here for? Just so you could make fun of my more sensible standards of decency?"

"No Susan, of course not. We can make fun of those anytime," she gently teased, smiling a wry smile. "And you're right, I certainly do want him for something." Suzanne made sure Susan saw that she looked at Alan's crotch and licked her lips.

"Suzanne," Susan chided. "I don't know what you mean exactly, but no doubt it's very sexual, so please cut it out."

Alan now was looking back and forth as Susan and Suzanne talked. Between the way Susan was caressing her breasts with the suntan lotion application and Suzanne preening and posing while bare-chested, his only trouble was that he couldn't look at both of them at the same time. His penis was hard and finally all the pain and soreness was gone.

Suzanne sat up in her chair to directly face Susan. "So what makes you think I'd be thinking something sexual? Maybe you're projecting." As she moved, she jiggled her bare tits in an exaggerated fashion, making sure Alan could see from where he stood. She also sat up in her chair on her hands and knees supposedly to get closer to Susan, but actually so Alan could have a great look at her nearly naked ass. Everyone knew what she was doing, as she couldn't help but smile mischievously.

"Suzanne! Please! You're going too far. You had something pressing for Alan?"

Suzanne thought to herself, That one's too easy. But she couldn't resist. She stared blatantly at the bulge in Alan's swimsuit. As she wiggled her butt, covered by only a thin string down her ass, she replied, "Actually, I was rather hoping that Alan had something pressing for me. Mmmm. Yummy. Looks like he does."

"Suzanne!" Susan huffed.

"Sorry." She sat back in her chair and became more serious. "Actually, I brought Alan out here to offer him a job."

Suzanne proceeded to tell Alan that her usual pool cleaning boy wasn't coming by this week, and today was his usual day. She concluded by asking, "Could you clean the pool instead, Sweetie? It's only a two-hour job, and I'll pay you well. How does $50 sound?"

"Sounds great!" He was genuinely and pleasantly surprised at the opportunity. Even though Alan's family was rich, his mother tried hard not to spoil him, so he actually had very little spending money. He was even forced to work crappy jobs during the summers.

"Okay, Sweetie, why don't we head on over and I'll show you what to do." They got up and went to the Pestridge house a few minutes later. Because they used the connecting gate between their backyards they didn't have to go and change first, though Suzanne did put her top back on.

Susan was flummoxed: not only did Suzanne monopolize much of Alan's attention at the pool, but now she'd taken him away from her altogether.


About the only times Alan had ever been over to Suzanne's house was when there were dinners there involving both families, or when he passed through it on the way to use the tennis court. It was out back and on a lower level away from both the house and the pool. Amy usually used the gate in the fences between their houses, but she was the only one. Suzanne usually felt it was more dignified to come and go through the front doors.

They walked in silence.

Suzanne had a big smile on her face, and thought as she swung her hand with his, Like taking candy from a baby. It's so easy to manipulate Susan, and of course I can do whatever I want with my Sweetie. I've never unleashed my full manipulative powers on Susan, since after all she is my friend and a very moral person. But this is so okay because secretly it's what she wants. She's loving life! But I love it even more. I might just go all the way with Alan today, heh-heh-heh. ... Not that I would, actually. The time isn't ripe, 'cos Susan wouldn't be ready to hear about that. But I could if I wanted to. It's so close. Everything is coming together!

Suzanne went into her house for a minute while she kept Alan waiting by the side of her pool. She wanted to double check that no one else was home or would be back soon. After calling Eric and talking to him briefly, she walked back outside.

Standing next to Alan by the side of the pool, she took her bikini top off again. Then she revealed her real purpose. "Time to show you what to do, Mr. Pool Boy. There's not much to the job, actually."

Alan had a hard time paying attention to what she was saying because he was overcome by lust.

Suzanne stood proudly before Alan, posing for him with her hands on her hips. One hand resting on a hip also casually pulled at her minuscule bikini bottom and pulled it to the side so Alan could see her bush.

He gushed, "Aunt Suzy, have I ever told you you're a goddess?"

She laughed. "Yes, but not yet today, unfortunately."

"I'll have to make a daily habit of it then, because you are perfection."

"I could think of worse daily habits, like smoking." They were both all smiles and Suzanne was particularly happy at the compliment. But she then complained, "I'm not perfection. What about my blue veins?" She ran her hands over her exposed boobs, tracing some barely visible veins with her fingers. "What about the crow's feet around my eyes?"

Alan responded sincerely, "Every thing about you is so sexy that the phrase 'bust a nut' is a literal worry for me. Just seeing you touch your boobs, it's like my cum is going to swell up and just burst out of my penis. And your face doesn't look old at all; it looks sexy, experienced, and knowing."

Suzanne unconsciously licked her lips as she imagined an endless stream of cum flowing out of Alan's penis like water flowing out of a garden hose. "You know how to make this ancient, ugly hag feel good."

"Hag?! I take offense. You're not allowed to call yourself such horrible names. I won't let you."

"My hero." She locked arms with his and clung to him tightly. Naturally, she took the opportunity to rub her nearly naked body up and down his muscular one. "But you're distracting me. I still haven't told you your job, Mr. Pool Boy. The first thing you have to do is get naked."

"Hmmm. That sounds interesting." He joked, "I will if you will."

She made a mock sigh. "If that's what it takes to get you to follow orders, then very well. As if I'm in danger of being overdressed as it is! But since you insist, let's do it both at once." Her hands went to her waist so she could remove the bikini bottoms, the only thing she still wore.

"Hey, wait a minute." Alan was enjoying this. "Are you sure this is legal? I say we have another vote on taking it off, now that we're in a different legal jurisdiction."

Suzanne laughed heartily. "Sure. All in favor of Suzanne and her Sweetie getting naked and nasty, raise their hands."

Suzanne and Alan raised both hands each, so four hands were in the air.

"All in favor of Susan's stupid, fuddy-duddy rules and keeping their clothes on, raise their hands." After a suitable pause with no hands to be seen, Suzanne said, "The motion carries, four to zero."

Alan eagerly took off his shorts, revealing a proud erection.

But Suzanne waited with her bikini bottoms. Instead, she said, "Sweetie, I'll give you the honor of taking the bikini off, but remember, we have to have some rules, even without Susan here. Don't do anything unless I say okay first, okay?"

"Okay," said Alan. He could scarcely believe his luck. Taking advantage of the fact that he was naked, he stood right next to Suzanne, and took his time taking her bikini bottom off. Not only did he seize the opportunity to explore Suzanne's crotch and butt as much as he thought he could get away with, but he also let his penis rub up against Suzanne's skin. Since the two of them were nearly the same height, it poked close to some dangerous areas.

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