Six Times a Day Pt. 14

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Susan could immediately feel the difference of real skin on skin the next time she rocked forward. She felt her pussy lips touch his penis, and it hit her like a bolt of lightning. She could feel her pussy open and her labia almost wrap around the sides of Alan's shaft. Oh crud! He's taking me literally! I didn't mean he could do THAT! Well, it serves me right, after giving that advice. I guess I'll just have to take whatever he chooses to do to me!

She rotated her hips, sliding his penis all over her labia. Her pussy lips felt a thousand times more sensitive than her normal lips. She was leaking like a faucet, almost drooling between her legs as much as her mouth would when giving a good blowjob.

She was gripped by the idea of just how easy it would be to slide Alan's penis right in. I wouldn't even have to make it obvious and use my hands. If I position myself right, the pussy lips will grasp his penis and the underwear will get pulled the rest of the way off as he slides on in. We're supposed to be helping him in a way that doesn't chafe or abuse his penis. Isn't the best way to stimulate him with my pussy? It's so natural. So close. I'd just be following doctor's orders. Mommy needs to get FUCKED! All I have to do is move myself just a little bit...

Suddenly she changed her temperament again and shouted, "No, Tiger, no! I didn't mean me, now. I was speaking in general! Please don't! Really, this time! You might just rock your penis right into my pussy! And then we'd be fucking!"

Alan had more than half a mind to do just that. He thought, Shit, this is ridiculous. I never know what she wants! Maybe I should just fuck her and sort it all out later. Isn't that what she really wants, deep down?

Perhaps sensing that mood, she pulled back and hopped off of him. "Tiger, really. I'm your mother. Boundaries! Anyway, this is supposed to be about a blowjob."

She dropped to her knees.

Alan nearly shot his wad just seeing her there, completely naked and deliberately wiggling her tits and hips at him from between his legs. But what turned him on the most was an almost wicked expression on her face as she looked up at him. She may have had issues with vaginal intercourse, but she was completely in love with cocksucking.

She cradled his penis in her hands, and said, "Technically, I shouldn't be allowing you to touch such private places at all. You've already thoroughly gotten my attention, for one thing. But I'll let you keep doing what you were doing, this time. If you want."

Alan wasn't able to keep sucking at her nipples, given her new position, but he leaned forward and played with her tits and ass while she sucked. He roamed his hands all over her body - everywhere but her pussy.

He thought, right as he felt his balls tighten, I own your body now, Mom! I own it! Every inch of it but one spot, and that will come in time.

Susan pulled back a few inches and opened her mouth wide. With her fingers wrapped around his penis, she made sure his ropes of cum made the short distance into her mouth. Then she closed the distance and sucked and teased his penis in every way to get every last drop out that she could. She finally finished up with a thorough licking, a complete cleaning of his crotch.

He sat back and lazily stroked her butt while she finished licking his flaccid penis. Five times today. That's pretty decent. After all, I've been doing seven in recent days, so I'm keeping to the average. What's even better is how happy Mom is these days, giving me blowjobs so freely and happily, not to mention so well. And now she's letting me play with her ass. What a fine ass it is. I wonder what it would be like to fuck it. Nah. That's gross. But stroking it like this is so excellent. I could do this all day, especially when I poke a finger around her anus. That always gets a good reaction. I wonder what her reaction would be if I put a finger in her other hole...

"Alan! What are you doing?"

His thumb was now opening her pussy lips as an index finger kept going in her anus.

He removed the thumb. "Oh, sorry. I was just..."

Susan was incredibly aroused by him touching her pussy lips, but she feared where it might lead, and feared her ability to control her urges. She hopped off of him. "Mommy has to go! She has to take care of ... some things!" She ran off naked to masturbate in her room, forgetting to take her nightie on the floor. Technically, she didn't tuck him in either.

Later as he drifted off to sleep, cradling her nightie in his hands and smelling her perfume on it, he recalled her words: "Just walk all over the woman. Be a real man. Force her to do what you want. Bend her to your will!" That's what I need to learn how to do. I need to get more aggressive. I could totally be fucking Mom already if I just had some fucking guts.

I think she secretly wants it. Didn't Suzanne suggest that Mom secretly wants it? I kind of remember that from last night. But if I hear "no," I really believe it. Especially from her. ... But if she really wants it, then why did she leave all of a sudden?

Dang! I get so confused. She's such a cocktease. ... You know, if I had more guts, I'd be in everybody's pants already. Enough of these blowjobs. I want to fuck you, Mom! And Suzanne, too! And Amy! Just like I'm fucking Katherine, I'm going to fuck you all!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of OmegaZone, Spurtz, EBC, WD40, Gnome, Captain Comic, and NightShadow.

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