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Six Times a Day Pt. 18

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Part 18: Lay Your Hands on Me

At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea. Because of the plot and character development, it really helps to start with Part 1.

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

NOTE: In 2007, this story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you've read it already you might want to read it again.


CHAPTER 1 (Saturday, Nov. 9)

When Susan finally came to, she expected a wave of post-coital guilt to hit her, but that didn't happen. Yes, she was ashamed, but that hadn't stopped her before. She tried to pretend that Suzanne and Katherine weren't there, lying on lawn chairs just a few feet from hers.

Alan's hard erection still rested on her skin and she decided that, if she focused on that sensation, she could drive the conflicting thoughts out of her brain. All she wanted to think about was how good it felt and how much better if would feel with her lips around it. Before long, her guilty feelings floated away.

As she luxuriated in the sensation of his penis as it rested on her thigh, her horny feelings flooded back at nearly the same intensity as before. For some reason, she found herself thinking in a British accent, Thank you sir, may I have another? Then she giggled inside and repeated it again. She thought it was from some movie, but couldn't recall which (in fact, it was "Oliver!"). Thank you sir, may I have another? It was even funnier the second time and she idly wondered if she hadn't lost her mind.

Alan wasn't idle and kept working the suntan lotion farther down her legs. When he reached all the way down for her opposite foot, his penis moved onto her ass. He surreptitiously used a hand to wedge his penis right into the crack of her ass, and it stayed there, its tip like a homing beacon that sought out her deepest, darkest depths.

Susan clenched and unclenched her butt muscles in an attempt to drive it away, or at least that was what she told herself. But it only served to drive it deeper into her crack. She finally gave up the battle and it lay wedged lengthwise across her sphincter. She could easily have moved it away by reaching around with a hand or saying something, but she didn't want it to move. Indeed, she wanted it to delve deeper into the crack and, with any luck, penetrate her puckered hole until he filled her completely.

As Alan's hands worked their way up her thighs from the back, he didn't have to ask her to spread her legs again; they were already spread widely and invitingly as he drew closer. When his fingers finally came to the back edge of her pussy, she began to shudder in quiet, tiny orgasms.

She bit down on her lips and prayed that he wouldn't notice her passion, but her body gave her away. Her pussy lips practically fluttered, trembling in delightful anticipation of being penetrated, pummeled and thoroughly fucked by her son in the outdoors and in front of both her best friend and daughter.

She fully expected that to happen. In her mind, she cried out, Fuck your slutty, cocksucking mom! She wants it! She needs it! Yes - right there. Closer! Put your hands on it. Put your fingers on my pussy - put them IN my pussy! No! Not your hands- YOUR COCK! I want you to push your hard, throbbing monster into your mother's pussy! Punish me with that pole! Punish your naughty, sinful mommy!

Katherine and Suzanne had similar thoughts, just from watching. No one looked at them, so they were free to indulge in open gawking at Alan's hands on his mother's butt.

Suzanne had been recently satisfied, so she wasn't too wound up. Weighing the pleasure of masturbating herself versus the potential displeasure that might give Susan, she decided to just rest herself for a while.

But Katherine was in agony. She was still forced to wear a bikini top, though it was so tiny and tied on so loosely that it fell off of her nipples more often than not. She nonetheless resented the restrictions placed on her even as her mother fully enjoyed herself. She especially resented not being able to finger fuck herself to satisfaction.

She thought as she stared, Shit. When is he going to get to me? Is he ever going to get to me? Once he gets started with Mom, he doesn't stop. She's going to drain his balls and leave me nothing. Dump a load on MY face, Brother! Dump it in MY ass. Anywhere. Just come over here with your healthy, monster fuck pole. Your number one fuck toy needs it! Have mercy on your sexy sister. I'm going to explode with frustration over here! Arrgh!

Susan was completely oblivious to her daughter's mood and, in fact, was aware of nothing in the universe except the hot erection trapped in her ass crack. She thrust her hips up and down and clenched and unclenched her butt muscles. It was practically as if Alan was fucking her, or she was fucking him, just from his penis being squeezed by her butt.

But, surprisingly, Alan kept his cool. He worked his hands on her ass almost as though he was on auto pilot, his mind lost in an erotic fog. He didn't think in the normal sense; instead, his mind was fully devoted to absorbing all the sensory information that flooded into his head. Not only did he concentrate on the squeezing around his penis, but also the sliding of his hands over her oily skin. And even though they were outside, the smell of sex was overwhelming. He sniffed it in as he would a fine wine.

By this point, he didn't even bother with the pretense to actually put more lotion on his hands. He just kept rubbing her skin methodically. There was enough suntan lotion in the area to make her butt deliciously slippery and fragrantly oily, and he imagined that all the slickness was caused by numerous cum loads and sweat from his dick, not the lotion. So much pre-cum drooled out that it seemed as if he'd dumped at least one load on her already, so that helped his fantasy.

Without warning, Susan was overcome by another tremendous orgasm. Her contractions inadvertently and delightfully squeezed his penis even more. Her body stiffened and her mouth opened wide as if to cry out. She desperately wanted to yell "Fuck Me!" but no coherent words actually escaped her lips, just very heavy panting.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, a wave of shame passed over her, finally. She realized, I can't bear to look in Suzanne's direction, but she would have to be completely blind not to notice that. I'm supposed to be helping Alan out, but that kind of orgasm is not supposed to happen! This is all about pleasing HIS penis for HIS medical needs, and I shouldn't be enjoying myself so much. It's ruining my judgment. I have to calm down and get Alan off of me before I do something I'll really regret! Otherwise, this might go on all day.

She replayed her thought: Get Alan off. Heh-heh. That's right. I have to get Alan off! Tiger, fill your mother's mouth with your cum until it's all full and spills out onto her big tits. My tits... They need to be yanked at, just like the teats of a cow. I'm your sex cow. Moooo! Moooo! She giggled out loud. Give me another orgasm like that last one, Son, and I'll be your sex cow forever.

But Alan kept going on his mother. Susan tried her best to keep her butt still, since that was the focus of Alan's attention. And she was pretty successful at that, but her body was full of energy that needed some release, so the rest of her body writhed in ecstasy. Her hands and legs silently flailed in the air, as if she tried to swim away from her lawn chair. She simultaneously wanted Alan to stop and not stop.

Even though she'd just climaxed, within minutes she worked towards an even bigger one. Do me all day, Tiger. Do it to me again! Keep me naked, happy, and well-fucked. I'm your mommy, Tiger. Do fun and nasty things to your mommy!

Knowing that Suzanne's eyes were upon her, Susan tried her best to make it look like she was having an ordinary lotion application and massage, but she knew she had failed miserably. The only thing she was really successful at was to keep her mouth shut. It was about all she could do not to moan, because she knew that if she gave in to that, before long she would scream or say really weird and embarrassing things. She had a nearly irresistible desire to cry out, "Moooo! Moooo! Sex cow! Mommy is your sex cow! Moooo!"

After a few minutes, she couldn't even control her butt and she began to flex and relax her butt muscles again, which again served as a sort of masturbation or fucking for Alan's penis lodged along her ass crack. But, eventually, Alan had to take his penis out of his mother's crack, because he didn't want to cum yet and he was getting far too close.

Susan almost cried out "No!" as she felt it leave, but she let it go and hoped that it would soon find its way into other, deeper openings. She wondered, Maybe Alan should stick his thick pole into my asshole instead. That's not really a violation of the boundary rules, is it? He's allowed to touch me on the butt to get my attention, so isn't sticking his penis into my anus and pushing it in and out just another way of touching my butt? It certainly would get my attention! Maybe I should tell him that from now on, in order to get my attention he has to fuck me up the ass!

Susan had never really thought about anal sex and suddenly she was very intrigued with the possibilities of it. But still she didn't talk.

Now that Alan grabbed his penis to pry it from her butt, he couldn't let go. With one hand, he began to stroke himself and, with the other, he began to explore her ass crack. He quickly found her anus and fingered the opening. He was so aroused by the ass that he even seriously considered buttfucking for the first time.

However, he decided he shouldn't dare insert his penis there. That might cause her to freak out and end all this fun, he thought. If only he could have read her thoughts!

He pistoned a hand on his penis in time to his other hand pistoning in and out of his mother's asshole. He imagined that he fucked her asshole. He considered the idea to be gross, unclean, and "gay," but his feelings had started to waver. Certainly, the fantasy of doing it was very powerful for him.

Meanwhile, Katherine knew that her mother was far too occupied to look back around her way, so she pulled the thin fabric of her bikini aside and allowed herself to finger her pussy busily. She tore her bikini top off and frantically rubbed her boobs, without a care for who saw her or what they said.

Suzanne also badly wanted to fuck herself but still held back because she knew Susan could see, if she ever came out of her throes of ecstasy long enough to look up. The way the lawn chairs were positioned next to each other, it was hard for Susan not to look in Suzanne's direction if she ever lifted her head. But just the view of Alan on his mother caused Suzanne's juices to flow again. She found the sight of Alan repeatedly giving Susan the most intense orgasms extremely arousing.

But Suzanne's restraint could only take so much. When Alan began to pay considerable attention to Susan's ass and backside, Suzanne reached behind herself and began to play with her own ass as she watched. Then, as Susan began her orgasms, Suzanne plunged her hands into her own pussy from behind as if she did herself doggy style. She started to have her own orgasms and hoped that Susan was in too much of an erotic fog to still remember that her friend sat less than five feet away.

So everyone masturbated themselves to climax at roughly the same time. As Alan reached a climax, straddled over his mother, he unconsciously sat up a bit and pointed his penis down onto her butt. He sprayed his seed all over her ass like a fire hose. It was almost as if he had to hit a moving target, because her whole body shook so fiercely.

Susan was already lost in a continuous series of orgasms from having her son passionately explore every inch of her body, so when she felt Alan's semen spray onto her ass, she thought for sure that she would pass out. She'd tried to keep quiet, but she couldn't help but gasp out several loud screams.

Katherine and Suzanne both sat up and watched the sight as they both climaxed themselves into ecstasy. Again, Suzanne was reasonably satisfied. For one thing, she could still taste Alan's cum in her mouth. But Katherine felt her fingers just weren't enough compared to the real thing.

Alan was so amazed by all that had happened that he sat back for a minute and admired his handiwork underneath him. Between his torrent of cum and Susan's own juices dripping down, Susan's butt looked like something out of a gang bang movie scene. She certainly didn't look very motherly.

Alan thought he heard her mumbling, "Moooo, moooo, moooo," but couldn't figure out what that meant.


After a few minutes, everyone calmed down and recovered. Yet still, no words were said by anyone. Luckily the radio still played, or the silence would have been deafening. Susan, in particular, had never felt so good in her life. She thought for sure that her intense experience was over and Alan would move on to Katherine.

But Alan wasn't done. He decided that his fantasy of covering her in cum instead of lotion could become real. He said, "Mom, I'm applying some more lotion here," and he began to rub his still-hot seed into the skin of her butt. As she realized what he was doing, she quickly regained her intense erotic buzz.

Susan still kept her eyes closed, but now that she'd regained some consciousness, she was well aware that Suzanne at least must be watching her closely, if not Katherine as well. Even though this disturbed her, it simultaneously turned her on.

She thought, Certainly Suzanne can see that my butt is just completely covered with my son's jizz! Here I am, buck-naked and with my ass high in the air so my son can coat every inch of it with his sperm. Can I get any more depraved than this? I think not. God, forgive me, but if Alan can get hard again... Hell, what am I saying? Of course he's going to get hard again. This is my Tiger we're talking about!

Anyway, WHEN he gets hard again, if he wants to fuck my pussy doggy style like this, I'm just going to have to let him. I don't care if Suzanne is watching. I don't care if I'm going to hell! It feels too good to say no. At least do me up the ass, Son! Fuck your mother's asshole! And if you don't have the balls to do that, then get off of me altogether, because I can't stand the torture of your penis being so close to heaven.

But Alan neither fucked her nor left her. He just kept rubbing his cum into her skin. He had cum so much that there was too much cum for just her butt, so he massaged it into her thighs as well.

She was like putty in his hands. Every time he strongly kneaded her flesh, she let out a loud moan of intense joy.

He went right up to the edge of her pussy and rubbed his seed in with her own copiously flowing juices. He was glad that she was infertile, so he didn't have to worry if some of his sperm found its way into her and made her pregnant. He pushed some cum directly over her asshole and watched as the stream rolled down along her crack.

The rivulets flowed down to her pussy lips and he wondered if much would make its way inside. Her clit became even more engorged than usual. It stuck out as if it cried out to be sucked or rubbed vigorously by the shaft of his penis. But he still didn't dare touch her fuck hole, for fear that doing so might make her end the whole thing. Again, things would have been very different if he could have read her thoughts.

"Tiger, what kind of lotion are you using there?" she finally asked him, but her tone was playful, not accusing. "I don't know if the kind you're using is really so PROPER!" She nearly shouted the last word as she shuddered to yet another orgasm. Now that her orgasms had started it seemed they would never stop.

"Oh, don't worry, Mom, my cream is the best. It even tastes really good. Would you like to taste some? I could put some on my fingers and you could suck it off with your mouth." As he said this, he put a big gob on his fingers and ran it up and into her butt crack. He even stuffed some of it into her anus.

"Oh no, Alan. Please don't." Susan panted heavily. "Please don't stuff your cream, your tasty cream, in my mouth! What would people think? So wrong. So wrong to fuck your mommy's mouth outside, with everybody watching. No! Not yet. Later! Fuck it tonight! All night! Her second pussy will be waiting for it. Consider my mouth a second pussy that you're gonna FUCK! But now just keep doing what you're doing to my ASS!"

"Oh, you mean this?" Alan plunged his cum-soaked finger all the way into her asshole.

"Yes!" she cried out. "YES!" But then she thought of the eyes of Suzanne and Katherine on her, and said, "Um, I meant no. So good! So good! But you'd better stop! Please don't... Uh, take advantage... Uh, Oh! Uh, of your... God! Fuck! Poor, defenseless mother! Yes!"

Her whole body shuddered and shook so violently that it seemed to Alan like she was being churned by a giant blender on a puree setting. The main reason she discouraged him was that she simply couldn't take any more stimulation - she felt like she would literally lose her mind to lust. When it was over, her senses returned after such a dramatic departure that she felt as if she'd died and been reborn.

She opened her eyes and tried to make sense of the world. The first thing she noticed was the sound of Alan casually saying, "Okay, I'm done anyways." Then she felt him hop off of her. She could hardly believe it.

She felt such an intense sense of loss as the pressure of his body on hers lifted that she wanted to cry. How long has he been on me? she wondered. What kind of naughty things am I allowing to happen? What the hell did we just do, for crying out loud? What will Suzanne think of me now? Does it really have to end? She just panted and recovered a bit. Then she realized his legs still hadn't been covered with suntan lotion yet.

"Tiger ... your legs!" It was the last thing Alan expected her to say. Then he realized how hot and exposed to the sun his legs were. They were dangerously close to being sunburned.

As she regained control of her mind somewhat, now that he was off of her, she said, "Tiger, lie down where I was and I'll do your legs before they burn." Her tone was firm and uncompromising.

Alan looked at the lawn chair and noticed a huge wet patch on the lawn chair that was his mother's pussy juice. He lay down on the chair, which made the cum stick to his lower stomach. The chair was made of horizontal plastic slats and most of her cum had fallen between the slats and onto the concrete floor. But enough remained on several of the slats that it seemed almost like he had lain down on a puddle.

His mother sat on the ground next to him and began to apply lotion to his feet. Her thighs and abdomen were slick and wet with her cum, but she didn't care. She gradually worked her hands way up to his butt, but because she was so sexually exhausted, didn't spend much time there. She used this as an opportunity to slowly come down from her intense erotic high.

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