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Six Times a Day Pt. 22

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Part 22: Hot for Teacher

At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea. Because of the plot and character development, it really helps to start with Part 1.

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

NOTE: In 2007, this story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you've read it already you might want to read it again.


CHAPTER 1 (Tuesday, Nov. 12)

The next morning confirmed the changes in routine first seen the morning before. It seemed Alan, Katherine, and Susan all got to the kitchen area earlier than usual since there was so much fun likely to be happening there.

Not messing with success, Susan wore a nightie in the kitchen again. The only difference was that this nightie (just purchased the night before by Suzanne) was even more revealing than the last one she wore for breakfast. This nightgown actually thoroughly covered her from head to toe, except for her feet and hands, but that was fine with Alan because the fabric was almost completely see-through. The only fabric that actually visibly covered anything was a thin strip of extra fabric trim that went around her waist, and another strip that went straight down the middle of her front.

But today Alan decided to do something he'd forgotten to do on Monday morning. When he came downstairs and into the kitchen he stealthily crept up behind her, lifted up her nightie, and fondled her ass. That was the only touching he was technically allowed, under the absurd excuse that it helped him "get her attention."

No words were said, but soon Susan was moaning loudly with her usual "Mmmm!" noises.

Alan bent her over the sink and the movement of his hands pressed her up against it. He rubbed his hands over every inch of her ass. But he stopped his hands right on the edge of her pussy. He was a bit stymied by the thin fabric between his hands and heaven, but that also allowed him to take more liberties without her protesting. He could see space between her vagina and asshole as a boundary area that he could slowly redefine over time.

After a minute or two, he announced, "I'm taking off my shorts to give my penis some air."

"Okay," Susan said uncertainly, "if you must, but please remember the boundaries. Remember your promise to me."

Alan thought, Damn, why did she have to bring that up? She's soooo fuckable! He took his penis out and held it with a hand while the other hand still worked on her ass through the fabric of her silky nightie.

As he "accidentally" rubbed it up against an ass cheek, he thought, I'm probably the only guy on Earth to endure such pleasurable torture. I could just stick it in right now! It's so close! But she seems to think this is okay and fucking is incest. I just have to live with that boundary and get used to it. I have to be the good son. Obedient. But damn. Fuck! So fucking close! Well, I might as well enjoy what I've got.

In the midst of their heavy petting, she said, "Tiger, I'm so sorry about last night. I was so tired. I didn't even plan to fall asleep and the next thing I knew it was morning." As she talked, she pulled her nightie completely off so he could have unimpeded access to her ass.

She thought, I'm so naughty, but I just can't help it! It feels so right that I should be completely naked for my son. I just wish he was allowed to touch me everywhere!

Alan said, "That's okay. Why are you apologizing?"

Susan answered, "Because I failed to tuck you in and give you a goodnight kiss. It's mommy's duty to make sure you fall asleep deeply satisfied. Please forgive me!"

She nearly shouted this last part as she felt his penis slide up into her ass crack. He was eager to take advantage of her nudity. She thought for sure that he would stick it in somewhere much deeper, but he was content to keep the length of it trapped between her ass cheeks.

He was so involved with that that he didn't respond to her pleas for forgiveness.

He steered his body down and rubbed his penis all the way down one leg until he reached the back of her knee. Then he did the same to the other side. Wherever it went it left a trail of pre-cum like the slimy path of a snail.

She was moaning like an animal. She worried that Katherine would hear, but she was too hot to stop or even quiet down.

But still he wasn't satisfied. He drew his standing body up closer to his mother's bent over figure, and imagined his penis going only the few inches forward it would need to enter into her pussy.

She could sense from the way his legs rubbed up against hers and the hand bracing on her ass that he had his penis poised as if to strike into her pussy. Her legs slowly spread apart, causing her to slide a little way down from the sink. She wiggled her ass seductively. Her body, and especially her pussy, wanted it bad.

Her lower body seemed to act on its own, but her mind wasn't so sure. She thought, This could be it! My son is going to fuck me! Should I let it happen? I could. All I need to do is say the right word. I need it so bad, but it's so wrong. I'd be on the express train to hell, but my body has needs!

She was torn between logic and lust. She didn't know what to say or quite how she felt, so in the end she didn't say anything at all. It was up to Alan to make a move.

Alan thrust his hips forward. He felt like this could be his big moment, his chance to finally fuck his own mother.

But he chickened out. His penis drove between her legs, but he purposely went too low. He stuck it between her legs instead of inside her. He was so frustrated he thought he would cry, but, by a matter of a couple inches, he managed not to break his promise never to disobey her direct commands.

He consoled himself by slowly dry humping her, sliding his slick penis back and forth between her legs. The penis was a bit low, so it was actually squeezed between her thighs.

She closed her legs tight and her thigh flesh folded around his penis, kind of like a titfuck. She moaned her usual, "Mmmm. Mmmm! MMMM!"

He just grunted his agreement. Her thighs and his penis were both so wet that he slid back and forth effortlessly. It felt amazingly good - he almost could close his eyes and imagine he was really fucking. He idly wondered why he'd never heard of thigh fucking before. Then it occurred to him that if two people got this intimate, they normally wouldn't mess around with this but would be really fucking instead.

Alan thought to himself, Okay, come on, you're inches away. Just put it in! What's the problem? You know she totally wants it; so what if she'll feel bad later? She'll get over it. Just DO IT, you idiot!

But Alan had visions of her crying and feeling greatly distressed and guilty. Deep down, he didn't want to do it unless she had completely made peace with the idea and didn't just get carried away by a temporary surge of lust. But on the other hand, his erection and his body called out for satisfaction. As he thrust his shaft back and forth between her thighs, he could feel the urge for a proper fucking slowly taking over. The temptation was just too much to resist.

Susan, too, was beside herself with lust. She was thinking much the same things Alan was thinking. She knew that if she gave in now, she'd feel awful later. But she was beyond the point of caring. She was ready to cry out for him to stick it in.

But Susan had been panting and moaning so loudly that Katherine had heard her from the top of the stairs. Katherine came strolling into the kitchen and dining room area fully expecting to see a blowjob or titfuck from the lusty sounds she could hear as she got nearer, but what she actually saw took her breath away.


As Katherine cried out, she looked closer and saw that they weren't actually having intercourse as she first thought they were, but it was an easy mistake to make.

Susan heard the different voice and her body immediately seized up. She suddenly stood, leaving Alan's penis thrusting into nothingness. She tried to cover her chest with both arms as she turned to her daughter with a horrified look. "Angel! It's not what you think!"

Now Alan really wanted to cry. But he too had been momentarily panicked by the voice and that had at least cooled his ardor some. When he saw it was just Katherine his instinct was to simply keep going, the consequences be damned. However, the mood had been broken. It was obvious his mother was spooked.

"That looks like a fun way to say good morning," Katherine finally said. "How's breakfast coming, Mom?"

Susan stood there panting for some moments. Attempting to regain some dignity, she tried to wipe her thighs clean of the pussy juices that had run down them. But that only made her feel more ashamed because now her hands were wet with her intimate fluids. Still naked, she went over to the stove, where some oatmeal was in danger of burning.


"Good morning, Angel," Susan said. She tried to sound normal, but her voice was quivery. She grasped the counter around the stove to keep her shaky legs from collapsing. "How are you doing? Tiger was just, uh..."

"I'm not doing as well as you, I see," Katherine replied, giggling.

Susan frowned and busied herself with cooking, still trying to maintain some reputation and decorum. Then she realized she was still naked. With trembling hands, she found her nightie in a heap on the floor and started to put it back on. "It's really not what you think, really! Alan was just, um..."

Katherine could have teased Susan some more, but decided Susan needed sympathy at the moment. She didn't want her mother to have another prudish freak-out. "I know, Mom. He was just slipping it between your legs. I saw."

"Oh, thank goodness!" Susan sighed with great relief. "Because, you know, the other thing is wrong. Completely wrong! Not between mothers and sons!"

Then she turned to Alan with mournful eyes. It looked like she would cry. "Tiger, I want to thank you for being strong and not... taking advantage of the situation. But we shouldn't have gotten in that position in the first place!" She explained to Katherine, "He started getting my attention and things just somehow got out of hand."

She turned back to her son. "Could you please not do that? With all that rubbing up against me like that, it's more than I can take! If we keep doing that, something might happen! We really, really can't do anything like that again. Absolutely."

"Okay, Mom, okay. Sorry." He sat on a stool by the kitchen counter, buried his head in his hands for a minute, and tried to get a grip on himself. Fuck. I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown if I don't get to fuck Mom soon. Fuck! What awful timing! If only Sis had come in a minute or two later...

He sighed and then looked up at his mother. Now she's just cooking breakfast as happy as you please. Technically she's "dressed" but she looks even more obscene and fuckable in that outrageous see-through nightie than if she was still buck naked! I don't believe it. How am I supposed to cope with all this non-stop temptation? Well, I gotta fuck something. I need to put my penis in some hole right now or I'm going to burst.

He looked up at his sister, now standing up above him.

Katherine said lustily to her brother, "Big Brother, aren't you going to say hello to me as well? I don't think you've fully 'captured my attention.' This outfit is especially suited for just that very thing. That's why I wore it."

"I'm sorry, Little Sis. Niiiice outfit, by the way." Alan took a better look at his sister standing in front of the refrigerator just a few feet away, wearing something she and Suzanne had bought the night before. At first glance it looked like a shiny silver one-piece bathing suit, until one realized the boob and pussy areas were left completely open.

She came closer, allowing him to rub the smooth skin of her crotch, careful not to go inside her pussy with his fingers (as per their new rule on touching that his mother had specified). But her clit was fair game, and he paid a lot of attention to it. His other hand ran up and down her legs. He thought, Maybe I'll be able to fuck her somehow before school. At least fuck her mouth. Something. Anything! I'm so horny it's nearly not a joke to say it's a good thing there aren't any sheep around here.

Susan turned from her cooking and watched her two children. "Okay, I think you've got her attention now," she said after only another minute or two. Normally she would have had a hissy-fit seeing her daughter in such an outfit, but as happened frequently these days, she couldn't really complain given what she herself had been wearing and doing lately. She felt completely naked, since she wore the silky nightie very loosely. The feel of the cloth as it brushed against her skin was a constant turn on. The fashion show was the unspoken thought on everybody's minds, and virtually all the outfits worn in it were just like what she and Katherine were wearing now.

"Hey, no fair, Mom!" Katherine complained as she reluctantly sat down on a stool next to her brother. "Talk about double standards. You said he could touch my pussy just like he could touch your ass. And you've just been at it for way longer!"

Alan look his hand away, but said, "Okay, fine. But Mom, I'm soooo aroused from what we just did that I think I'm going to pop a gasket. If I can't get off with Sis, then you have to help me. Somebody. Anybody!"

"Well, Tiger, I think things got a little out of hand just now and thankfully Katherine came along in time. What we all need to do is cool down a little."

"That's easy for you to say, Mom, but that's not how guys' plumbing work. I'm so hard and throbbing that I just gotta get off!"

Katherine said, "Mom, have some mercy on the poor guy. After all, aren't we trying to get him to cum as much as possible?"

Susan frowned. She wasn't worried about Alan cooling down so much as she wanted herself to cool down. She was frightened by what she had almost allowed happen. But the fact that she hadn't really cooled down herself made her susceptible to suggestions. "Well... I don't know..."

Alan begged, "Oh, come on Mom, please!"

Smiling, Susan walked around the counter, knelt in front of him, and began jacking him off. She breathed sexily, "Mmmm! It's wet and sticky already, just the way I like it. Tiger is such a good boy. Such a big, good, smart, understanding, and terribly cum-filled boy. Mommy's so proud of her sex stud son."

It only took a few strokes for his balls to tighten up. He really meant it when he said he wanted to get off right away and he made no attempt to prolong the moment.

She quickly positioned her mouth, wrapping her luscious lips around his shaft in time to get the first rope of cum in the back of her throat. The feel of cum sloshing around in her throat was like heaven on Earth to her.

Alan closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He was in ecstasy and gave in totally to the experience. When he came to, he looked at Susan. Her facial expression was an incredible turn on. She was as overcome with bliss as he was. Cum dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and flowed down her chin. But mostly he was pleased at how good he'd made her feel. With each new blowjob she gave, her nervousness and doubt grew less and less, and her skills got better and better. She was more than fully comfortable with her cocksucker role now. Now her face was one of pure contentment, like a crying baby instantly turned happy when it was given a bottle or nipple to suck on.

Only a minute or two after the blowjob ended, they went back to chatting and eating (food, not each other), as if nothing more unusual had happened than, say, someone having to answer the phone.

Susan licked up the cum still on her face and then ate her breakfast on the third stool at the other side of Alan.

Alan felt a wave of relief to finally get his satisfaction. His desire to fuck his mother temporarily abated, and for a little while he felt bad about his thoughts of even raping her. But within minutes he was already getting horny again.

This is the disadvantage of sitting on stools instead of at the dining table, he thought. These two beautiful women aren't on display as much since we're all staring forward, and I can't play with Katherine under the table. Oh well, at least that's still doable at dinner.


To Alan's disappointment, despite having two nearly naked gorgeous women on each side of him who loved nothing better than cocksucking at the drop of a hat, and despite feeling very horny mentally, his penis didn't recover throughout breakfast. Occasionally he reached out to stroke the outfits on Susan or Katherine, but in more of an affectionate way than a sexual way. Cumming nine times yesterday must have worn me out, he realized. Wow. Nine friggin' times!

Alan didn't realize how lucky he was. Not only was he constantly surrounded by an incredible number of beautiful and horny women, but he also had a longer than average penis blessed with delicious cum. Two months ago, his sexual technique was nothing to boast about, but in recent weeks of near constant stimulation and daily PC muscle exercises, his penis had quickly grown impressive powers of endurance and recovery. However even his penis had its limits, and it was weary and sore after so many intense orgasms in past days. And his body was literally nearly entirely drained of cum.

Alan's orgasm wasn't up to his usual gusher standards. Susan obviously had that in mind when she placed the bottle of milk right in front of him and said, "Drink a lot, Tiger. Replenish your body with lots of fluids."

Katherine and Susan kept taking concerned peeks at his penis (which was not very hard to do since he still wore only a T-shirt). It slowly engorged again thanks to more flirting, and by the time Alan finished eating, it was half-hard. That was hard enough for Katherine to interrupt the conversation and ask, "Big Bro, would you like me to help you with that?"

"That's okay, Angel," Susan said to her daughter, "I can handle it."

Katherine reacted to that grumpily. "Hey, I can help too! What am I, a potted plant?"

"No," Susan answered, "but not only are you still being punished, but today is Tuesday. And that's the day the nurse says I need to pay special attention to Alan's penis. You know, check it for abnormalities and so forth." Susan knew she was blatantly lying to explain the "medical need" for her to pleasure Alan all day long this day of the week, but she did it anyway to maintain some pretense.

"But I still get my one time to stimulate him today, don't I?" Katherine asked, worried.

"Actually, I'd rather you didn't." But before Katherine could angrily respond, Susan quickly added, "However, in order to make it up to you, you can do him twice each day through to Friday to make up for it. How's that for a deal? Three for one."

"Well.... Okay, I guess," Katherine grudgingly admitted. "You must really have a thing for Tuesdays."

"I do!" Susan happily replied.

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