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Six Times a Day Pt. 36

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Part 36: All Shook Up

At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if that isn't your cup of tea. Because of the plot and character development, it really helps to start with Part 1.

This was written as a heavily illustrated story, but because of an unclear copyright situation with the pictures, it's posted here without them. The characters' private thoughts are marked in italics.

NOTE: In 2007, this story was massively revised and now greatly differs from the earlier version posted on Literotica. There are many new and heavily updated scenes, and scenes there were in one part are now often in another part. So please don't mind the confusion. If you've read it already you might want to read it again.


CHAPTER 1 (Wednesday, Nov. 20)

Alan used to get up as late as he possibly could and then rush madly through breakfast and a shower, just barely making it to school in time. But for days everyone in the house had been getting up as much as an hour earlier than they had before just so they could have plenty of time to play with each other's bodies.

This morning Alan wanted to wake up at the late time like he used to, but his body had other ideas and he woke up early with everyone else. Giving in to the inevitable, he stood up and put on a robe. He figured he might as well have some fun with the extra time, as long as he kept his resolve to generally stay dedicated to working.

Down in the kitchen, after brief but pleasant attention-getting rituals, he announced to his sister and mother, "I'm sure you could see this coming, but I'm gonna have to take it easy on the sex again today. I need a total focus on work except for the card game tonight. I'm saving up all my fun time and energy for that. Okay?"

The other two agreed. Susan served Alan breakfast and then took off her erotic apron, leaving her completely nude.

Alan expected more hanky panky from her, but surprisingly, he wasn't the target of his mother's insatiable lust. Susan said to Katherine, "Take off your robe, Angel. Come sit on my lap."

Katherine did so. Susan began stroking her daughter's body in a way that was a combination of motherly tenderness and all-out eroticism. With one hand tenderly stroking Katherine's hair and the other pinching Katherine's nipples, she said, "Angel, I really have to apologize."


She looked to Alan. "No offense, Tiger, but Angel, I've been spending so much time with your brother, paying so much attention to him."

She turned to her daughter. "Maybe you feel like I've been favoring him, and neglecting you."

Katherine thought about that. "Well, I guess it does kind of seem that way. But I understand. I've been doing the same. I'm focusing so much of my energy and attention on him too. We all are. Suzanne and Amy too. After all, it's our shared duty to pleasure his penis at all times, and what's wrong with that?"

"I know. You're so right about that. But I have two children, and I want you to know that I love you both so very much. It's just that, since Alan is a male, the situation is different. I can do things with him that I can't with you, and we can love each other in special ways. It's like comparing apples and oranges."

Katherine said bluntly, "Basically, I don't have a cock." But she was mirthful about it.

Susan blushed. "Well, there is that. I can't compare my love for the two of you. But I still love you so much, my special Angel. That's why I'm so happy about what happened between you and me in my bed yesterday afternoon. I was thinking last night when I went to bed how great it is that I can love Alan in a physical way, and now I can do that with you as well." She moved her fingers into Katherine's pussy to emphasize her point.

Katherine gushed, "Oh, Mom, that makes me so happy. I love you!"

Susan went on, "I'm Alan's toy to play with now, and since he's a man and I'm the woman of the house, that pretty much makes him the man of the house. It's as if he's my husband and your father-"

Katherine interrupted "Damn, Alan as my father? I love it!" She shot Alan a look so intense and scorching it nearly knocked him out of his chair. "Daddy Alan, are you going to come into your little girl's room tonight? Mommy says it's okay."

Alan's penis had been semi-hard from seeing Susan walk around in the nude, but it suddenly shot up to full attention. However, he kept quiet and kept his shorts zipped up. He figured the other two didn't need any encouragement.

Susan looked at Alan and smiled. "Yes, Mommy does say it's okay." She turned back to her daughter. "You might as well treat him like a father, because he IS the man of this house. Remember, Angel darling, we have to treat him with the respect and adoration due the man who so thoroughly and sexually dominates us. But now I can be your toy too, and that will make things more equal. What do you think?"

"Mom, you don't have to be my toy, because I want to be yours too! I love being a sex toy. I think it's my calling. We can just make each other happy and not worry about what it all means, or who's helping who. We can be sex toys for each other."

"Good idea."



"You remember your spanking that Amy and I gave you the day before yesterday?"

"How could I forget, Angel? It was wonderful."

"Well, doesn't that make Amy and I your natural mistresses? And of course it goes without saying that we all follow what Suzanne tells us to do."

"Oh, dear, I was hoping you wouldn't bring that spanking up. But you noticed. Next time I'm a bad girl you'll have to promise that you'll forget I'm your mommy and give me a good spanking, okay?"

"Okay, Mom, except that I'll give you a good spanking as I very much remember that you are my mommy."

"Angel, you're making me so squishy! But since I'm always on my knees in front of Alan, let me do the same for you." She looked over at Alan. "Tiger, you don't mind eating breakfast without getting stroked?"

He laughed. "Mom, I think I'll live eating like a normal human being for once. You two have your special time and don't mind me. This is plenty arousing just to watch and listen."

Susan had Katherine get off of her, and then got down in front of her standing daughter and sucked on her clit. Then she tongued her pussy. Using her fingers and tongue, she stayed busy on both her daughter's clit and pussy.

Once they were busy with each other, Alan took his erection out to give it some air. But he was content just to watch.

Susan kept pleasuring Katherine until her daughter was too overwhelmed by orgasms to stay standing. They continued with Katherine sitting on the floor, her legs wide apart for easy access.

Alan was so turned on by the sight of this that once he finished eating breakfast he found himself masturbating.

Katherine was the only one in a position to notice, and she was highly distracted. But after a while she said, "Uh-oh. Mom, Alan's masturbating."

This distressed Susan greatly. She brought herself and her daughter off with a nice climax and then disengaged. "Look, Angel," she complained, as she gathered her wits and wiped the pussy juice off of her face so she could take care of her son's needs.

She started crawling over to him. "Look what happens when we leave Alan alone for even a minute. He's so insatiable! Tiger, if there's one thing that upsets me, it's seeing you have to tend to your own penis when there are so many women you should be fucking or filling their mouths. Here, let me take care of that." Staying on her knees, she finished crawling across the dining room floor to his exposed hard-on. "You DO need someone helping you all the time," she said huskily as she took his penis in hand. "Every second of the day, someone has to suck you off."

There still was a lot of time left, due to everyone rising early, and Susan looked forward to a nice long cocksucking of the warm meat throbbing in her hands. Despite all her recent lesbian adventures, cocksucking was still what she lived for most. But Katherine spoke up. "Um, Mom? Before you get started there, could I ask a favor?"

"Sure. Anything for you, darling."

"Well, I was just thinking how you and Alan had such a special morning yesterday. In fact, most mornings you and he do something really special while I just sit and watch. I was thinking, can I take care of that? Maybe while he and I shower together?"

Susan smiled and relented. "Sure, Angel. I guess that's part of loving you; making sure you get fair access to the family cock. If I fail to properly share, you must spank me. I tend to get a little carried away sometimes."

Katherine giggled. "You could say that again!"

So Katherine and Alan retired to the bathroom and left Susan to clean up the kitchen. But since Susan had just cum with Katherine, she wasn't so upset about it.

Alan pointed out as he left, justifying to himself as much as talking to anyone else, "It's not like I was going to get any homework done before school. I might as well drain the snake."

Katherine walked hand in hand with her brother and leaned into him at the same time. "Mmmm. The snake. You know what this is like? It's like having a deep crush on the hottest guy in school and then finding out he lives right across the hall and has a massive SNAKE in his shorts. A king cobra! And all I have to do is wander ten feet from my room and I can have that snake slithering between my boobs. Does life get any better than that or what?"

Alan's hands wandered down and inside the top of Katherine's pants. He grasped her taut ass cheek tightly. "Yes it does. Believe me, life can get pretty dang good."

The two of them laughed with joy as they fondled their way up the stairs. They left a trail of clothes as they went.

Once naked with Alan in the bathroom, Katherine cooed, "Big Supersized Soft Drink Brother, I believe you owe me an apology." She moved in for a hug.

"What, Little Velvet Vice Sister? What did I do this time?"

"It's not what you did, it's what you didn't do. You've buttfucked Suzanne and Mom and all kinds of people, but not me! I'm hurt. I'm beginning to think you don't like your tiny-titted sister at all." She dramatically pushed away from their hug as if she was mortally wounded with grief.

"Look. Wait. First off, you're not tiny-titted. Your tits are great. Secondly, I don't know how everyone seems to have gotten the impression, but I don't judge women solely on breast size. For instance, look at your legs. You have incredible, muscular legs. God damn, what you did with your feet Monday night still gets my motor running. Third, the reason I haven't fucked your ass yet is just that the occasion hasn't..."

His voice trailed off as he noticed her crawl up onto the bathtub.

She put her knees on the edge of the tub closest to him and her hands on the other edge, so she was hanging over the empty tub. Then she wiggled her butt provocatively.

"Hey, Sis," he exclaimed, "what are you doing? That's dangerous. You could seriously slip."

She positioned herself better so her butt was high up towards her brother. "Bro, don't you like my butt? I know it's not the Intercontinentus Buttucks that Amy has" - that was a reference from a Monty Python movie they'd recently watched - "but it's got to at least compare favorably with the other cheerleaders' asses, right? I mean, between all the cheerleaders you fuck, who has the nicest ass? Asides from Amy, I mean?"

Alan normally ignored making comparisons, but this time he said, "Yours." He made the exception because he figured Katherine's ego needed a boost. Plus, it was true, at least in his mind. Heather had a nicer ass, if he'd been able to be completely objective about it, but it had the disadvantage of being connected to the rest of Heather's bitchy self.

Katherine was only slightly mollified as she continued to wiggle her butt. "I think you're ignoring me. Can't you at least fuck my cunt a little, if you're not going to take my virgin asshole?" With her legs spread out, both holes were in full view.

Alan walked up to his sister's butt and put his hands on it. "Sis, you have a lovely butt. Much better than the other cheerleaders' asses. In fact, I like it so much that I'm going to give it some special attention, if you promise to be very quiet." He rubbed his hands more intently all over her ass cheeks.

She whispered, "I'll be so quiet, you won't even know I'm here."

"Oh, I think I realize you're here," he replied, suddenly whispering too. "Now, I'm going to do something to you I've never done to anyone before, just to show how much I adore you. I pray to God you're clean down there."

"I am. Squeaky clean. I lube myself up first thing each morning, just like Mom does. A fuck toy must be ready to be taken at any time."

"That gets me so turned on, just to hear that you and Mom do that."

"You know, it turns me on a lot too. The last few days, Mom and I have been doing it together before you even wake up. Why do you think we're so hot to trot before you come downstairs? We finger each other's asses with lube and talk about all the things you do with your cock."

"There's a lot more to me than just my dick, you know." He dropped down on his knees, and put his mouth to Katherine's ass. He held one of her ankles firmly with one hand, and felt more assured that she wouldn't fall into the tub. He led the way with the fingers of the other hand, poking into her anus, and then licking her all around her ass crack.

Katherine held her breath in surprise, then suddenly let all the air out.

He said, "I believe this is called rimming." He licked her anus, and even stuck his tongue into it.

Katherine had been licked there by Amy before - in fact, it was now an integral part of their daily mutual pussy shavings. But it was something else entirely for her brother to do it. She shuddered with pleasure, even more pleased in realizing that he really didn't want to do that, but was doing it for her. But she also suddenly worried about how secure her position hanging over the bathtub was. She'd been up there for visual affect, not for serious sexual play.

"Just a minute, Alan. I love it, but let me do this." She scooted down the bathtub edges until she could grasp some fixtures with both hands. "Now I'm ready," she announced. "You could even fuck me up the ass now and I won't fall."

"I'm glad to hear you say that," he whispered. "Very glad." While she was changing positions, he found some Vaseline in a cabinet behind him and rubbed it onto his penis.

Without warning, he suddenly grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and clenched tight. Then he pushed his penis towards her asshole. It seemed to open up for him, and the tip slid in with surprisingly little resistance.

Katherine gasped and blushed. This was a pleasant surprise. She hadn't really expected him to follow through, despite her not-so-subtle hints. "Oh. My. God. Alan!"

Alan said, "So, who's going to be my little anal sister slave?"

"Oh, Big Brother! I am! You make me so happy."

He pushed a little further inside her, and found more resistance. "Should I continue? It's gonna hurt."

"Brother, I'm insulted with your question," she snapped back. "If you stop now, I'm going to seriously beat you up. Fuck my ass!"

"Now that's not a very good attitude for a slave, which you so proudly claim to be."

"Just fuck me!"

"Okay, but you have to remember to keep it down."

"Just fuck my ASS already!" she whispered as loudly as someone can whisper. She thought back to her morning ass lubing rituals with Susan and wished that Susan could be with her right now, witnessing what they'd talked about so much.

With one massive push, he pressed hard against her, driving her head into the tile wall before her and impaling his penis all the way deep into her butt. She opened up her mouth and cried out, but it was a silent scream. She suddenly felt faint and nearly passed out.

But Alan gave no quarter. He pulled backwards, then pressed forwards again. He was standing now, and the way she hung over the bathtub gave him just the right height to comfortably thrust. Like a locomotive picking up steam, his thrusts steadily quickened their pace. He was surprised that her ass wasn't nearly as tight as some others he'd been sampling lately although she felt warmer inside than he'd been expecting. He found that enjoyed both tight and loose, for variety's sake.

He could hear her very quietly whisper, "Yes. ... Alan. ... Fuck. ... Oh. Oh yes. ... My ass. ... Brother... taking... my ass... Pop my cherry ass..." There was a tension in her voice though that betrayed the meager words slipping through her clenched teeth. He knew she was using all her willpower not to scream out at the top of her lungs. Certainly that would draw Susan's attention, and Alan wanted this to be a private experience.

However, Alan knew his sister could only take so much before she'd scream, or worse: she could lose control, slide down the tub, and possibly hurt herself badly. So he didn't try to prolong his orgasms for once, and just went with the flow.

When he finally let loose into her hotly throbbing asshole, it felt like his balls were churning out more than their usual amount of sperm as rope after heavy rope of thick cum pumped its way through his penis to be forcefully injected into the deeper reaches of his sister's trembling butt.

When they were all done, he disengaged and pulled her up and whispered closely to her face, "Now who says I don't take care of my sister? Still think I don't love you enough?"

She replied, "Yes!" But her mood was joyous and playful now, not jealous and insecure as before. She stood up and twirled around and around, like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. When she came to a stop she turned to Alan and said excitedly, "Now you've taken ALL my holes. My mouth, my cunt, and my ass were all virgin until they were opened by you, the only man who will ever know them. I feel complete now, like NOW I can really say I'm a sister slut. I wish I could wear a little sign around my neck: 'Sister Slut and Number One Fuck Toy. Three holes open for Alan 24 hours a day. Closed on Christmas." She giggled and rubbed her butt.

Alan joked, "'Closed on Christmas'? I'm hurt." But seeing her rub her butt, he asked, "How did it feel?"

"It was... strange. It's like having a log shoved up your ass. It really is. Such a FULL feeling. I couldn't really feel it when you came, but now I've got sort of a nasty squishy feeling inside me that's really weird. I guess I didn't see stars, at least not like Mom did when you took her ass yesterday. But it was good. Maybe I'll like it better once I get more used to it."

"Maybe." But Alan wasn't so sure. That was another reason why he'd finished quickly, because it was obvious she wasn't having an incredible time, just a good time. He noted that she seemed a lot happier about the idea of anal sex than with the actual act itself. But it was an extremely pleasant fuck for him, all the same.

As if confirming his thoughts, she said, "I can't wait to tell everyone that my brother's taken my ass! I feel so wonderfully naughty. I just LOVE that my ass has been taken. Maybe your cum'll dribble out of my butt all through first period. A girl can hope! Katherine Angelina Plummer: incestuous ass slut. Heh!" She twirled around to look him in the eyes and said, "Oh, and maybe these legs'll be open, wide open, on Christmas. But only for you, my loving daddy brother. And only if you're naughty AND nice." She gigged some more.

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