tagLoving WivesSixty-Nine Is Fine

Sixty-Nine Is Fine


James always had a fantasy of doing 69 while one of my Bulls was fucking me. Every time I was going to have company visit for the evening he would ask, "Do you think he would let me lay under you when he fucks you?"

"I don't know James, but I'll ask him," I promised.

"Thank you, Mistress," he always responded.

Most of the time the Bull would say "No way, I'm not here to fuck him, I'm here to fuck you... the wimp can watch from the chair but not the bed."

So James would sit in the corner, in the shadows and watch as my Bulls gave me pleasure. I could hear him pulling on his little dick and him moaning as he spilled his seed and then licked up his mess.

He was only allowed on the bed once my Bulls had filled me full of their cum and wanted me cleaned up. He then crawled onto the bed and licked the sticky cum from my pussy then suckled the remaining cum from my Bull's dick.

Then he was kicked off of the bed and sent to his room, to sleep alone. While my Bull cuddled with me for the night.

Following mornings, he would get up early and serve us breakfast in bed. And after my Bull left, he fixed my breakfast and washed the sheets and bedspread before going to work.

Last week, my girlfriend Alexia and I went out for lunch. We had heard of this new restaurant where they had really good soups and salads at a reasonable rate and that it was always full of macho guys who were trying to keep in shape.

When we walked in, it was really crowed and not just with guys. There were twice as many women. The females were checking out all the guys.

I thought, 'Hmmmm how interesting,' and waited for a table to open while discretely Bull shopping.

There was one guy that caught my eye. He had raven hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. He was built very well, but wasn't all muscle. He just had a good physic and a beautiful smile.

I noticed because I saw him smile at the girl in the booth next to his. She blushed since she was conspicuously watching him as he moved towards her.

Alexia and I were on the other side of the room with a good view of him. I noted that he had a great smile and that his eyes crinkled when he laughed. I could barely take my eyes off him.

"Hello!" I turned in response to see Alexia laughing as she tried to get my attention

"Well, he is very good looking don't you think?

"Yeah! That's why my panties are wet," she said, but I'm not staring at him like he's the king of beast... which he is!" And she giggled once more.

"Wouldn't you like to know what it would be like to have sex with him?" I asked her without taking my eyes off him.

"He's probably had every woman in here except you and me," she laughed, "But yes, I would love to have his dick in my wet pussy right now."

"You want me to go ask him if he's available?" I taunted her.

"Oh by all means, please do. I'm not encumbered with a live-in boyfriend like you are." I need to find a man every once in a while to remind me that I am a female of childbearing years. And that I haven't had sex in months."

I stood up and sauntered over to the stud and asked him if he would mind joining my friend and I for lunch. At first he laughed, then I explained that I was a Mistress and I would love to have him fuck me in front of my boyfriend. "That is if you're man enough to prove you're man enough."

He took the challenge. As we walked back to my table, I explained to him that Alexia knew nothing of my lifestyle, "So please don't tell her the real reason you're sitting with us. Please do flirt with her and tell her how cute she is."

He laughed and scooted in next to her. Alexia blushed and touched his muscled arm. "You sure do look good in muscles," she giggled as she slipped her arm through his.

His name was Philip and he was really interested in the little proposition that I set in front of him. Having me for a weekend as long as he let James watch him fuck me and afterwards, while James lay under me, sixty-nine style, as Philip fucked me in the hopes of getting a little taste of his dick as we fucked.

Philip thought that odd, but was also intrigued by the proposition. He joined us for lunch and, also on my request, flirted with Alexia.

Philip turned out to be a really neat guy. I liked him a lot.

After lunch, he followed Alexia home and made her a very happy woman. I heard all about their escapades four times the following week. She was definitely in love.

"He as so big, it hurt me when he fucked me! But he fucked better than any man I've ever had!" She was giddy... like a schoolgirl.

Of course, I had already had my ride on him, the night that I met him. He and James got along fabulously. We didn't do the trick that night, but we did play around and get comfortable with one another.

But the next time I saw Alexia she was totally in love.

"So are you in love with him?" I asked.

"Not yet, but I could be really soon," she blushed.

"What does he do?" I inquired.

"He's an architect; he designs buildings... sky scrapers!" she giggled. "He travels around the world! He told me that once we get to know one another better that he might take me on a trip too. I can hardly wait. I'm thinking about having sex with him tonight."

I let her ramble on for a half hour telling me everything I already knew. I also knew that he really liked her. But she was as yet, 'still in the dark'.

I already knew that Philip was going to ask her to marry him in two months. But he promised not to let her know that he was servicing me and working on making James' dream come true.

"Oh, don't worry, even when I'm married to her, she won't know. I don't want to ruin your friendship. You've had that longer than I've had her," he assured me when we had talked about it.

So Phillip and James worked on a good way to makes James' dream come true.

First James practiced by sleeping in the sixty-nine position every night for two weeks. I enjoyed that because he was licking and sucking me all of the time. He always did have a great tongue, even though his pricklett is so tiny.

On the nights when Philip would come over, James would position himself just below my pussy and Philip would take his dominate male role with his cock sliding in and out of my well-lubricated pussy.

His prick was hard and thick and felt wonderful in my cunt. But every third stroke, he managed to miss my pussy and slipped his dong deep into James' throat. I often heard him gasp as the thick prick slipped into his esophagus. I heard him gasp with pleasure each time the dick filled his mouth. I also knew that he was rubbing his dicklett as he swallowed the large prick.

James moaned and suckled the dick as much as possible. He loved the taste of me on Phillip's head and the deeper Phillip would go into me, the deeper he went into James' throat.

When Philip was ready to cum, James held his mouth under my cunt and sipped the salty cum as it filled my pussy.

When Philip rolled off of me, James was on him slurping the wide cock into his mouth to get my juices off of it along with the remnants of his seed.

Once he had cleaned Philip completely, he crawled between my legs and lapped the juices left there for his pleasure and mine.

At first, Philip would banish James to the extra bedroom after our coupling and he would stay the night.

Then when he decided that he wanted to be with Alexia for the rest of his life, he started going to her every night after he left us.

We got together about every other night. So he told Alexia that he was working late on a large project and would be home late every third night.

I really loved the way Philip made me feel. He had one of the best cocks I'd ever fucked and I loved to suck his thick head. He makes me feel so good that I don't even mind James licking my pussy when I'm sucking Philip's dick.

We do a daisy chain from time to time with me the connecting link.

I wish we could invite Alexia into our fun, but she would freak out at our lifestyle and she would forbid Philip from being our friend. He would choose her over James and I.

But I hope that we never have to deal with that.

Now that they're married, he has to sneak over when I really need him. But he doesn't mind, because Alexia is a little fridged. And if she is mad at him, she sends him to a hotel.

That works for us; we have the best hotel in town.

And I get fucked the way I want it and James gets deep throated at the same time.

~ Lady Dora

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