tagMatureSixty Year Old Stripper Pt. 03

Sixty Year Old Stripper Pt. 03


Author's note

Well, the asylum left the door unlocked again, so here I am trying to make a buck writing erotic literature. Oh wait... IT'S Free. On sale, buy one, get one FREE. I guess I'll have to keep on trucking. I write for fun. Try to keep your comments lighthearted. I'm in no danger of becoming Tolstoy or Hemingway, so DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL SHIT. My mistakes are my own. Everyone is over 18, I checked their licenses.


The officer said, "WAIT you dislocated his right arm. This guy is twice as big as you! He attempted to hit you with his left arm, so you broke his wrist.

He then tried to kick you, so you kicked him in his, oooh, this sounds painful. Well, this fellow has been breaking in here on a regular basis. Are you pressing charges?"

"Yes, I am. You must note that he is at least four inches taller and a hundred pounds heavier than I am. And he's drunk. He could have killed me."

"What do you do Mr. Ballzak?" Asked the officer.

"I'm a semi-retired truck driver." Brad said.


He went back in the home and found where John had gotten in. There was a heavily smashed door. He found some tools, a hammer and nails. He jammed it closed and made temporary repairs, so nobody could get in. The ladies were ecstatic. He had fixed in thirty seconds an annoyance that would not go away for months.

Brad begged off as he really needed a bit of rest. These women were determined to fuck him to death. He went home to a nice hot shower and some much needed sleep.


Brad had been given a key and a code for the secpurity system. He thought he would stop by and surprise the girls and see if they wanted to go for a hike or a run. It was a nice weather day.

He went back in through the kitchen. He was always quiet, something told him to listen before entering.

"Well what are we going to do now? That guy they brought home has really screwed things up for us. Where we gonna find another safe cock?"

He overheard the Spanish cook and her daughter, the maid speaking in Spanish, not realizing he knew the language.They both said about the same thing. He figured he'd heard enough.

He walked in to the kitchen asking for a glass of water. The younger woman said sure and got it for him. He said Thank You. He then said in Spanish,

"Si necesitan a un hombre, me complacería darles la bienvenida!" (if they needed a man, he would be happy to accommodate them). He said, "Ambos son muy hermosos" (they were both very beautiful). He asked,

"Crees que te gustaría probarme?" (Did they think they would like to try him)?

They both were giggling and talking a mile a minute, he couldn't keep up, so he just stepped up to the mom and gave her a toe curling kiss, while gently rubbing her big fat beautiful ass. He said, "Tienes un trasero muy bonito" (what a very nice behind). Mom was laughing and smiling, he turned around and gave the daughter the same treatment, but this time gently rubbing her breasts. He said, "Eres muy hermosa!" (You are so beautiful) to her.

He grabbed both together and said, "Los quiero a ambos"( I want you BOTH) to more giggling. He said, "Quizas mas tarde?" (maybe later?) And gave them both great kisses. He left the kitchen with reluctance.


He stepped into the family room. He saw four unbelievably beautiful women.

"You son of a bitch! You hurt our boyfriend. You really kicked the shit out of him. He's gonna be in the hospital for a week! Why did you have to hurt him?"

The girl was blonde and busty.

He figured her for one of Marsha's grandkids.

"Do I know you?" He asked.

"Do you know me? Because the tone and manner you are talking to me is very unacceptable. For your information, that guy was 4 inches taller and 100 pounds heavier than me. I asked him politely to leave. He could have walked away without a scratch. He chose the alternative. My survival in a fight like that is to do just what I did. Do you really enjoy a man like that? Lots better men out there. If you don't enjoy living here, why don't you move out? Get a nice apartment find someone to give you real joy and happiness."

"Wait, are you the stripper my mom was talking about? She said you were old, and you certainly are not." Blonde said.

He walked over and kissed her. "Yeah, I kinda am" he said.

"But thank you for thinking otherwise. My name is Brad Ballzak. And you are?"

"I'm Marlene Cocker," said the blonde girl he had been talking to. He shook her hand. She had beautiful blue eyes.

"I'm Maggie Cocker, it's a pleasure to meet you Mr.Ballzak. If you don't mind my asking, did you really fuck our mothers AND our grandma's. All four? In one night. That's incredible." She shook his hand and looked in his eyes. Hers were just like her sisters, beautiful blue. The girls looked so much alike. Were they twins? They were both built like brick shithouses. He guessed, 38-22-38. They were both gorgeous.

"Very kind words, but a gentleman never boasts and I never kiss and tell. It's a bit strange having a relationship with four lesbians. I guess that makes them bisexual."

"I'm Erica. Erica Gerhard. We are ALL lesbians here sir. You really did do ALL our mothers? John was fucking all of us, but only one or two a night. I'm impressed." Erica looked 'Goth'.

Erica had a slim build, and jet black hair. Her skin was very pale, like alabaster. She had dark eyes. Very sexy even if she was 'goth'. Her lips were full and blood red. He shook her hand as well.

"I'm Emily Gerhard, the runt of the litter. You seem like a very nice man Mr. Ballzak. Related to the French author?"

Emily was only five-five, but she was buxom. She was incredibly sexy. She had bright green eyes and auburn hair. Her ass was fat and delicious.

You wanted to grab it, squeeze it...Fuck it! She was so beautiful. She got his dick hard.

"Sorry, no relation. You are anything but a runt. You are drop dead gorgeous. You should never put yourself down. You are incredibly sexy and beautiful."

"But I'm so short!" She said.

"It's all in your mind. Just remember, it's not how tall you are standing up, it's how tall you are laying down. You look plenty tall in that department." At his remark, she blushed.

"How tall are you Mr Ballzak? Laying down that is?" Asked Marlene. She had a definite twinkle in her eyes.

"Perhaps you will find out" Brad said. His eyes and hers locked for a second.

Emily had her hand rubbing the front of his trousers. "Holy shit! You're BIG. She unzipped him and was pulling out his dick. He was getting very hard.

Emily was on her knees in a flash. She was trying to cram all his dick in her mouth.

"Wait, girls.What about your moms? Won't they be upset?" Brad said in all sincerity.

The other women were undressing him and themselves.

"This is all your fault Mr. Ballzak. You put our boyfriend in the hospital. So now you have to take his place! Our moms will understand." Erica told him.

"Shall we draw cards?" Maggie said. He looked at her.

"Draw cards to see who sleeps with you." Maggie explained.

"By sleep you mean fuck?"

he asked.

"YES!" from all four girls.

"No need for that. I'll fuck all four of you, right here, right now." He had surreptitiously taken two Viagra. He figured he would need them.

"You have a lot of balls, Brad."

Erica had her hand on his big testicles.

"You like my balls. Why don't you get down with your sister and lick them? Then both of you suck my cock." He instructed. Erica was on her knees in an instant. He enjoyed having two girls licking his package. He said to the other two, "Come here, I want to kiss you two."

"What if I don't want to?"Marlene asked.

"Then you don't get any. Your mom's on the 'do not fuck list' too. It's ok, I never force myself on anybody." Brad explained.

"The 'do not fuck list'?" Marlene asked.

"Yes, it seems self explanatory enough. I never force myself on anybody EVER. I certainly don't have to. Now if you will excuse me..." He was kissing her sister and feeling her up. The other two were taking turns sucking his dick.

Marlene felt like she had been dismissed. Well why should she care, he was just some old guy that had banged her mom and grandma and two other women. And now he was banging her sister. She had left the room, she looked for her mom. She found her crying.

"What's the matter mom. Did that Fucker Brad do something to you?"

"No, he didn't!" And she started to wail again. She was obviously very upset.

"The best fucking guy I've EVER met, and I managed to piss him off! DAMN!" She cried.

"You mean the 'do not fuck list'? I'm on it too mom!" Marlene was irritated now. He had hurt her mom. That really pissed her off.

"What did you do mom?"

"I said I might find someone else. He basically said ok, have a great life. Bye bye. I said what do you mean? He told me about this list, and once you're on, it's permanent. He won't touch me. Your grandma and Irene and Eileen, those girls are getting fucked great. Me... Nothing. He told me cheating and window shopping were unacceptable behavior. Then I apologized and he said no need, those are your true feelings, no need to apologize, so good luck. Now I can't stop thinking about him, that fucker.

And the worst of is, I really want him. He's got a great dick,

and he knows how to use it. Oh and he loves to suck pussy. He really enjoyed MY PUSSY before we had this falling out.

He made me cum harder than anyone, man or woman, had ever made me cum. He is so damn GOOD." She was crying again.

Marlene decided to do something about it. She went back to the family room, but they weren't there.

Then she heard screaming, "OH fuck yes, yes, YES, Wow I.. Just came again! You are going to kill me, that's five in a row!"

Erica was clearly impressed with this guy.

She found them in a guest bedroom on a king size bed. Brad was licking Erica's snatch, he was finger fucking Maggie and Emily was on top, and she was writhing and her head thrown back, clearly coming.

"Ohmygod Brad OH fuck yeah, Oh I'm gonna, CUM...YES, OH sunofabitch, Brad YOU ARE TERRIFIC!" She rolled off and "Maggie's turn! Brad I hope you have some more cum for me! I need to taste you!" As Maggie jumped on his dick. Erica moved off his face. He was covered in girl cum. He grabbed Maggie's tits and started bucking up to meet her thrusts. She was loving it. It didn't take long and Maggie's voice rang out, "Brad, Ohmygod it's gonna be a big one, I'm... Yeah, yeah I'M COMING!! YES OH, BRAD, OHH YES UGHHH!"

She squirted all over Brad.

"I'm gonna CUM, who wants it?

"ME", they all said. He pulled out and shot over Maggie's face and Emily had her mouth open, as did Erica. Every girl got some. Brad lay back, panting.

He just realized he had fucked three generations in this house.

"Girls you are going to kill me. That's three in a row. I need breakfast and some coffee. I still have to take care of your moms and grandmas. I don't ever want to disappoint them."

He noticed Marlene standing there. "I apologize. I didn't see you standing there watching us!" his voice dripping with sarcasm. "May I help you with something?"

"May I talk to you? It's not about me. I want to talk about my mom."

"What's to talk about? She told me flat out, if she met someone else that was it. She seemed quite clear in her words, 'Fuck this shit. What if I meet a guy?'. Hell if that isn't crystal clear. What's the big deal? There's four billion men on this planet, there has to be millions of men just like me out there. Hell, I made it easy for her. Did I misunderstand what she said?"

"She didn't understand your absolute rules. Brad, you don't fuck around. If someone dosen't measure up, BOOM they are toast, no ands, ifs, or buts."

"I've found that is the least hurtful to me. I have had women lie straight to my face, I've had women tell me they love me, then I find them with a golf pro, my best friend, a personal trainer, the list goes on. I figured it out. It's about four months, women get tired of me, find another man and move on. I give it my absolute BEST, I never EVER leave a woman unsatisfied. I always do my level best."

"You are the BEST, Stud!" Said Emily.

"I want your children!" Said Erica.

"Me, too! Brad, can you get us both pregnant? I think you are the King and I want to be one of your queens. I want you again!" Said Maggie.

"Brad!" Said Marlene, "Won't you please reconsider? My mom misses you. She was just crying about not being with you. Can't you give her a chance? Please? For me? I'll do anything that you ask. I'll... I'll take it up the ass if you reconsider my mom. I'll wash your clothes, I'll clean your house, I'll go dancing with you. I'll mow your lawn, wash your car, try to cook your food. What will it take? There must be something that you want."

"You can dance? Ballroom? Salsa? Tango?" Brad asked.

"Yes, we've all had dance lessons for years, but I'm the best dancer here." She said.

"Bullshit" cried Emily, "I did years of ballet, ballroom, modern interpretative, and I'll suck his dick better than you any day!" She held his cock.

"Hey, I love to dance, I took tango lessons for three years!

Brad, you can take me right on the dance floor! In front of the whole world. And I still want your baby!" Erica challenged.

"Well I can square dance, line dance, Texas two step and electric slide. I can waltz too. And I can cook, real food! Pick me brad! PLEASE!" Maggie pleaded. Her hand was on his dick too.

"Well thanks girls, I think we can all go out dancing sometime, but this wasn't a competition. She wanted to bribe me to take Mandy off the no fuck list. Correct? So I'll tell you what I'll do. I've never taken someone back. As long as you dance with me on Saturday night, no disrespecting me with other guys, I'll let your mom come back, if she even wants to. She hasn't said one word to me about it. No objections usually means acquiescence. You sure she wants to be with me? I'll let you off the hook, I know I'm not your cup of tea.

Girls I'm starving, do you think those lovely Spanish women in the kitchen could make me a Cobb salad or something? I've got to watch my weight. I'm stripping tomorrow! Any of you gonna catch my show? If you stay for the other guys you know what happens right? On the list."

"We're all going except Marlene. I don't think she knew or cared either." Said Maggie.

"It's ok, you don't have to go. Our deal is Saturday night only."

Brad said to Marlene.

Brad went to the kitchen. He was still naked. "Una de ustedes hermosas damas me haría un sándwich, por favor?"

He was greeted with lots of giggling and kisses.

Marlene was relieved and disappointed. All he asked from her was to dance and not disrespect him for an evening a week. She was sure as soon as her mom and him fucked, he wouldn't need her to keep her mom off the list. At most two Saturday nights. She didn't have to do anything sexual at all! But she would have liked if he had made her his sex slave for a week or two. She was submissive like her mom and grandma. His dick did look very nice too! She wondered how it would feel in her.

She debated telling her mom about the deal. She thought it might be nicer for mom if she thought it only came from Brad.

There was a lot of noise coming from the kitchen. Marlene was curious what was going on in there. She popped her head in and was shocked to see Brad fucking the cook on the kitchen table, and her daughter right next to her with Brad finger fucking her! BOTH women appeared to be having a lovely time. Brad pulled out of mom, and entered her daughter as he switched. Apparently he was ambidextrous as far as finger fucking was concerned. The daughter screamed, "AAAAIIIEEEEYYY, Follame genial, Si, SI, SI! AAAHHHYYY!"

And she passed out. Brad was switching back when mom said

"Por favor, me comerías?" and

Brad said, "Si" and he got down and ate out her dark haired snatch. She was writhing, and obviously coming hard.

"Me vas a hacer una ensalada Cobb?" (Are you going to make me a Cobb salad?)

"Si, voy a hacer cualquier cosa por ti!" (Yes, I'll do anything for you!)

Brad re-entered her dark haired sex and started fucking hard and fast.

"Ya voy!" She said

"I'm COMING!" Brad almost yelled. He stopped and just went slowly after that, pumping the older woman full of semen.

"SI, SI, SI!! Eso fue perfecto!"

(Yes, yes, yes! That was perfect!) Cried the older woman. They were kissing and holding each other.

"Quiero casarme contigo." (I want to marry you!)

Brad just giggled.

Marlene was amazed. She had seen Brad pleasure five women to orgasm after orgasm, until each was very satisfied, and it wasn't even lunchtime yet. He looked ready to go work out. He saw Marlene, and said, "I see you Marlene! You want to go for a run or a hike? Or we can practice dancing if we can find some music and a place to waltz. What do you say?"

"Where do you find the energy? You're like that bunny on the commercial. Tell you what, make two Cobb salads and a lemonade you got a deal. I have to change, be back in ten."

"Yeah, I guess I should find my pants around here somewhere." He went looking, she went to change.

Just as he finished dressing there was a knock on the huge front door. The lovely maid went to answer it. She came back pale.

"Es la policía, que te están buscando." (It's the police, they are looking for you) she said.

"No te preocupes, todo estará bien" (Don't worry, everything will be fine) he replied, walking out the door.

End of part 3

Will Brad get arrested?

Will he get it on with Marlene and her mother?

Will he ever get his lunch?

Will I get arrested for impersonating an author?

The answers to these and other important questions will be found in SIXTY YEAR OLD STRIPPER. part 4

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by rodryder4412/04/18

It was fun...

...Reading about a generational fuck. My blue pills must be of a lower potency. Good reading and a nice view of a sick mind.

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by jneric269112/04/18


I love this story! Can't wait for the next part!

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