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Size Matters


***It's been a while between stories but sometimes life gets in the way. This will be told from both husband and wife viewpoints.***


The club I am walking into is the last place I want to be. The owner and I, Willis Taylor, have a history and definitely not a good one. It is a strip club featuring white women catering to mainly black men. The only reason I am here is because my very important clients insisted we come.

My name is Bill Evans, I am a sales manager for a regional sports equipment manufacturer. My clients own a chain of sporting goods stores throughout the southwest. Marlon and Jalen are former NBA players that used the fame from their short careers in the league to establish a very successful business. If I can get them to sign with my company, it will give us a presence we badly need in that region. It will also pretty much guarantee me a promotion to national sales manager with a big boost in responsibility and salary.

As we walk in the door, I see her on stage almost immediately. My breath catches in my chest even after two years. She is still gorgeous but has lost some weight. She used to be soft and curvy like a Playboy bunny. Now she is leaner and more muscular, I assume from dancing on stage nightly. Seeing her again takes me back...

I grew up in a southeastern suburb in a normal middle class family. My parents are still married and I have a younger sister. I had a group of friends in the neighborhood growing up, both boys and girls. Sally Rogers was one of those neighborhood friends. She was a very cute girl with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was a bit of a tomboy and always had her hair in a braid or ponytail. We were not extremely close growing up but were part of the neighborhood unit. We were both average kids until our high school years.

Sally, while already a super cute girl, blossomed like the proverbial swan. She grew curves in all the right places and went from a cute girl to a beautiful woman. She was the typical high school cliche: head cheerleader, prom queen, dating the star quarterback.

I was more average, pretty good looking with brown hair and baby blue eyes. I was on the football and baseball teams and was good at both but definitely not the star of either team. I was a decent student and relatively popular.

I guess you could say I was part of the "In Crowd" but just barely on the fringes of it. I was a wide receiver in football, but was too slow to be really effective. I would probably have been better off as a tight end but at 6' ft and 185 lbs, I was too small for that position. My hands were large and I could be relied on to make the catch. I concentrated on running precise routes and catching anything thrown my way. I was hoping to put up good enough numbers my senior year to maybe get a scholarship to a small Division II school.

I dated regularly throughout high school but never anything serious. I had just turned 18 as the end of my senior year approached. I was wondering who to ask to prom. Sally was dating Zach Ryan, our star quarterback but they had a big fight at her 18th birthday party that weekend. Apparently she caught him making out with another girl and they broke up.

Imagine my surprise when she knocked on my door the next day.


Sally's Story

I can't believe what an asshole Zach is. I walk into my parents bedroom and find him making out with that bitch Mary Whitaker...at my 18th birthday party! Needless to say I screamed at both of them and kicked them out. Not before breaking up with that piece of shit Zach. I was upset but not devastated. I do not love him and knew that we were done as soon as we graduated, but now I had to find a date for prom.

Bill had told me that he had not asked anyone yet, and I have always thought he was cute. I often thought of going out with him over the years but we never seemed to both be single at the same time. He had really big hands and I always wondered if it was true what they said about guys with big hands. So here I was knocking at his door.

"Hi Bill, feel like taking a walk with me," I asked?

"Uh, sure."

We walked for a bit, reminiscing about the fun we had in this neighborhood growing up. Then I asked, "So, did you ask anyone to prom yet?"

"No not yet," he replied.

"Well, I guess you heard Zach and I split? Why don't you and I go?"

"Uh, well, ok. That is, sure. I mean, hell yes," he stammered.

We had a great time at prom and ended up having a lot in common. He was a really sweet guy. We continued to date during the summer after graduation.

I found out it was true about the big hands when we had sex for the first time. It wasn't porn star big but was definitely bigger than any other cock I had seen at about 7.5 inches with a nice, thick girth. We were in my bedroom while my folks were out. I was fascinated when I took it out of his pants, I could barely reach my hand all the way around it.

I just stared at it as I stroked it. Then I kissed it and I could not resist licking and sucking it. It filled up my mouth perfectly. My pussy was dripping, I was so excited. I was going to bring him off with my mouth but I had to feel that beautiful cock in my pussy.

I stripped both of us naked and straddled Bill's hips. I grabbed it and ran his cockhead around my juicy lips before slowly sinking down onto it, "Ohhhh yessss!"

It filled me so well. I could feel the walls of my pussy open and stretch as I settled all the way down. I came almost immediately, then started to ride that bad boy for all I was worth! I went faster until I was slamming my ass down onto him as hard as I could. Bill grabbed my hips and helped slam me down on that big hog until we both came with a scream.

"Aaggghhh, fuuuuccckk!"



Sally and I dated the rest of the summer. We had sex regularly and it was awesome! She loved my cock and I could not get enough of her heavenly body.

Unfortunately, we broke up at the end of the summer. Sally was going away to our state university, while I got a partial scholarship to a small university in the next state over. We really liked each other, it may have developed into love but we knew a long distance relationship would not work. So we parted on good terms and agreed to get together when we came home for holidays if we could.

Unfortunately, our schedules rarely matched up and we drifted apart and eventually lost touch. I always had a soft spot in my heart for her though.



I went away to school and missed Bill. I don't think I ever had a connection with another guy like I did with him. I majored in physical therapy and graduated in four years. I was a good student but had a good time while in college. I joined a sorority and dated a fair amount of guys and had sex with most of them. No one measured up to Bill, either literally or figuratively. No one filled me up and gave me that feeling like Bill.

Upon graduation, I moved back to my home town and got a job as a physical therapist at a rehab facility. I was in training under a senior therapist for several months before I was certified to work on my own. I loved my job. Watching people in pain or with limitations improving their quality of life was very fulfilling.



I went to a small Division II school on a partial scholarship. The coach redshirted me my freshman year so I could get stronger and faster. I majored in Sales and Promotional Marketing and was a good student. Being on the football team gave me access to many women on campus and I dated quite a few. I had sex with most of them but never had the same connection like I did with Sally.

I put up really good numbers and led the team in catches my last two years but I knew my football career was over upon graduation. I graduated in four years but had a year of eligibility left because I redshirted. I took a couple classes towards a possible masters degree, but since graduating, was really only there to play ball.

The year was going very well, when in our third game, things went to shit. I reached up to catch a pass, and the defensive back hit me low. I knew it was bad when I felt and heard a loud pop from my right knee. Then the pain washed over me until I thought I would throw up. The trainers wheeled me off the field into a waiting ambulance and to the hospital. I tore two ligaments and my football career was over.

Once my surgery was done, I decided to go back home to do my rehab. My football days were over, I had graduated school, and I would have my parents help while staying with them. So my doctor's office set up my rehab and I moved back home. I was shocked and very excited when I met my physical therapist for my initial evaluation.



I looked over my schedule for the day and saw I had an initial evaluation with a new patient but I didn't look at the name on the file. Shortly before the appointment, I picked up the file to look through it so I was prepared for my patient. I was stunned when I saw the name, no, it couldn't be.

I had a huge grin on my face when I went out to the reception area and saw Bill. His face lit up too when he saw me. I wanted to run and throw myself into his arms but had to settle for a tentative hug. It felt so good in his arms and it was difficult to be professional and do his evaluation. Then I decided I would do everything in my power to help Bill come through his rehab and be 100% again.

We worked hard in his rehab and caught up on each other's lives in the next several weeks. We talked about dating but decided to wait until his rehab was done.

When we finished his knee was as strong as ever. I was so proud of Bill, he worked so hard. I was also excited because now we could finally start dating. I had so many good memories of our time together, no one else ever touched me like Bill. Either emotionally or physically. My pussy started leaking thinking of being filled with that thick cock of his.



My knee felt great when my rehab was completed. I was grateful to Sally for her help, she pushed me hard. It was tough being around her but not being able to touch or kiss her. So now that we were done, I asked, "Where would you like to go to dinner Friday night?"

She laughed and said, "Luigi's." That was an upscale Italian restaurant with great food and good wine. We had a great time. I could not get over how beautiful she looked with her hair and make up done. She wore a lovely blue dress that highlighted her eyes and showed a bit of cleavage. I could not stop staring at her all night.

After dinner, I asked if she wanted to go to a club, get a drink and maybe dance a bit. I will never forget her reply, "Bill, I have missed you so much. No one I have dated since you has ever measured up. It has been killing me staying professional during your rehab. I can't wait any longer. Please take me home and fuck me right now!"

When we got to her apartment, we left a trail of clothes all the way to her bedroom. We could not wait when we got there. My cock was hard as steel and Sally's pussy was leaking juice down her thighs. We needed no foreplay, we just fell on the bed and started fucking. I slid in all the way on the first stroke, eliciting a moan like a wounded animal from Sally, "Oooooaaaahhhhh!"

I felt her pussy grip my cock as I pounded her. We were not making love, we were fucking. We each had years of lust and need for each other built up. I hooked my arms under her knees, bringing her legs up and out, opening her up for my hard strokes. This made my cock go even deeper and changed my angle of penetration, so that my shaft was rubbing Sally's clit. She screamed out again, "Ohhh fuucckk yyeeesssss!"

I was amazed as her juices sprayed out around my dick, coating both our crotches in her essence. I had never seen a woman squirt before! It was amazing, not like in the porn movies where the girl shoots a stream across the room, just several small spurts of cloudy liquid which triggered my own orgasm. I coated her insides with spurt after spurt as I came with a roar, "Yyeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!"

She wrapped both her arms and legs around me and held me tight as we tried to catch our breath. We looked at each and at the same time said, "God, I missed you so much. I love you!"

Then we laughed and kissed each other. Worried about my weight crushing her, I rolled to the side but Sally continued to hold me. We just laid there snuggling and talking for most of the night. We made love twice more but much slower and more tender, looking in each other's eyes and expressing our feelings.

We dated steadily and six months later got engaged and moved in together. We were married a year later. We were so in love and happy. I had gotten a job in sales for a major sporting goods manufacturer and Sally continued as a physical therapist. We both progressed in our careers. I developed many new accounts and got promoted to regional sales manager. Sally became a senior therapist and started training new hires at her facility. We bought a house in a nice suburban neighborhood. It was at the end of a street with a wooded lot, very secluded. The yard had a privacy fence and only the house next door was really visible.

I liked all of the neighbors except the guy next door. His name was Willis Taylor. He was a black guy that owned a local strip club. He played basketball in college and played a few years in Europe, using his basketball money to but his club and house. He was not overtly obnoxious, just rather conceited and condescending. I also didn't like the way he looked at Sally.

We had been married five years and we had been talking about having kids when I noticed some changes in Sally. She seemed distracted occasionally and didn't seem as excited about starting our family as she had been. Our sex life was still as good as ever. I traveled occasionally but we made love most every night I was home. I asked her if anything was wrong but she assured me everything was fine.

At that time, I was heading out of town on business for two days. I had several new accounts I needed to visit in the next state over. Being new accounts, our business relationship was still being established and needed some personal attention.

I had been on the road about a half hour when I realized I had forgotten my wallet. I figured I left it in the pants I wore last night. I would definitely need it, so I turned around and went back home to get it. I arrived about an hour after I had left and was surprised to see Sally's car in the garage. She should have been at work, maybe she was feeling sick and called in. I heard music from the backyard of Willis' house but paid no attention to it.

Sally did not answer when I called out to let her know I was home. I wondered where she went especially since her car was still here. I went upstairs to check my pants for my wallet when my world ended. I looked out the window as I took my wallet out of the pants and had a clear view into Willis' yard next door. He and four of his friends were hanging out around his pool. The problem was that Sally was there with them and they were all naked.

Sally was on her knees sucking Willis' dick. I thought I would throw up when another black guy walked up while stroking what looked like a huge dick. He pulled Sally's ass up so that she was on all fours and stuck his dick in her. She did not struggle or complain and seemed to be enjoying herself. This was obviously not the first time this had happened as they all seemed very comfortable together.

They say that you just can't fall out of love with someone instantly? Well they are wrong. What I saw that day ended my love for Sally. Her actions killed it. I went downstairs trying to figure out what to do. I wanted to rush over and kill them all, but there was five of them. Well, six if you count the whore. Plus I still had a job to do and sales calls to make, I was already running late leaving town.

I decided I needed video proof of her infidelity, to help when I divorced the bitch. I went to our fence hiding in a tree and videoed the action with my iPhone. By this time, Sally was on top of Willis with his cock in her pussy, while the guy she was fucking before was now in her ass. A third guy stuck his big, black dick in her mouth and she started to use her hands on the other two guys. I could not believe she was taking on five guys at once! She was moaning and calling out for more when the guy in her mouth came all over her face. Who was this woman? Did I ever know her?

I videoed the action for several minutes, but was getting sick to my stomach. When I could not take anymore, I went back in my house. I only had enough clothes for a two day trip, so I packed more of my clothes and other personal items I wanted to keep. I wrote her this note and left it on the kitchen table.


I forgot my wallet and had to come home to get it. Imagine my surprise upon my return. I loved you with all my heart, I would have done anything for you. That all died when I found out you were a black cock whore. I still have to make these sales calls, apparently my job is all I have now. I will not return home after my trip. I will file for divorce upon my return, I suggest you find a lawyer. I will try to be fair and split things 50/50. Do not expect alimony, I took video of your pool side gang bang and will use it if you fight me on that. I guess now I know why you have been acting strange and wanted to put off having kids. You are now free to get all the black cock you can handle. I hope you have a good life, you have ruined mine.


I took off my wedding ring and left it on top of the note.



I guess my downfall started when my office got a contract with the local college to do the rehab for their sports teams. I was working with all these athletes, most of them black, helping them stretch and do their P/T excercises. I could not help noticing the huge bulges in their crotches. It got me thinking of how big their cocks might be and how they would feel inside me. Bill was bigger than anyone else I had been with and felt so much better. I started to wonder what a really big cock would feel like.

Not long after that, I was folding laundry in my bedroom. Bill was at work but it was my day off. I could not believe my eyes when I looked out my window. Willis' backyard and pool was clearly visible and what I saw changed my life. He and two of his friends had a busty brunette white woman with them and were just fucking the hell out of her. She had a cock in every hole and seemed to loving every second of it!

I had to get a closer look, so I snuck out to our fence and stood on the branch of a tree to look over. The woman was moaning and squirming as they fucked her with their big black cocks. I had never seen dicks that big. My pussy was creaming just thinking of getting fucked by something that big. I almost slipped off the branch and made a noise in my excitement. Willis looked over at me from under the brunette and our eyes met. He just smiled and nodded to me.

I jumped off the branch and ran in the house. My mind was racing, I could not believe what I saw or the feelings that it stirred up in me. I ran to my bedroom to calm down but was drawn to the window to watch as the men in her mouth and ass pulled out and came all over the brunette. I could not help myself as I lay on my bed and removed my shorts and panties. I jammed three fingers in my leaking pussy while imagining it was me getting fucked like that! I rarely squirt when I cum, but I had a gusher that time. I almost raped Bill the next few nights and was fantasizing that it was Willis fucking me while we did it.

I was wracked with guilt about my behavior and embarrassed by being caught watching. I avoided Willis for a week until my next day off. Bill was again at work and I was out in my yard gardening. I heard the gate open and saw Willis enter with a smile on his face.

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