tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSizzlers: The Club Opening Night Ch. 02

Sizzlers: The Club Opening Night Ch. 02


Amrita took us to a staircase that was all but hidden from the dance-floor. The wall bore the legend "VIP area" and there was a big husky guy guarding the stairs lending credibility to the words.

Following Amrita up on this circular staircase we came to a big enclosure that was very comfortably furnished with leather couches along 3 walls and a table in the middle. It was not too big to be a hall but still big enough for a small, private party. The fourth wall was all glass with a waist-high railing running just inside of the wall. I guessed that wall-window looked down over the dance floor. The music from the club was playing in this room as well. Lighting was a little stronger than the dance floor but still dim and romantic rather than glaring like a movie set.

"Hmmmm, nice!", I looked at Amrita who smiled, "I am glad you like it, Sir. Tonight this is reserved for your exclusive use."

"Lovely," I said, "I like things for my exclusive use", I let my eyes wander over her young, sexy body to show her what I meant.

She blushed red and nodded, "Yes, Sir, exclusively for your use." She pushed her chest out, more prominently displaying that lovely, milky cleavage to confirm that she knew what I meant.

I was thinking of making my next move on one of the girls but just then the phone rang. Any other time I might have ignored that but with the theft and all I wanted to be kept updated.

It was Gajjan as I had expected. I told him to go ahead and report while I found a seat on one of the couches. Amisha and Katrina sat on either side of me, providing me the kind of warmth I like. Rani stood indecisive for a moment then decided not to be outdone and came in between my legs to find a place on my lap. I opened my legs and let her perch her sexy, hot ass on my left thigh.

As she lowered herself on my lap, my left hand went to her waist, and slid up smoothly on her soft, smooth skin, her blouse was not covering much back there, just a couple of thin straps. Her saree was a transparent red, other than the flowers that were embroidered in the same colour. The blouse was a strappy red affair, not transparent but thin enough that it wrapped in a very alluring way around her shapely breasts.

She slipped her right arm around me and pressed her right breast on my chest. I could feel it pressing on my chest but I could also see down into the valley of her milky breasts for the blouse was quite a deep cut in front and almost completely backless in the back. I placed my hand on her bare back, between her shoulder blades and squeezed her a little tighter against me, at the same time leaning down towards her smiling lips.

Her mouth was half-open before my tongue touched her bottom lip. Like a good slut she had offered me her mouth to suck, lick or explore as I wanted, she was ready and willing to accept the invasion of my tongue into her mouth. I just licked her bottom lip, tasting her gently, teasing her despite her willingness and eagerness to be sucked and explored. Her lips were luscious both to look at and to taste and I took her soft, warm, bottom lip in my mouth and sucked it softly....

Gajjan was going on in my right ear. That guy could not be brief if his life depended on it. Just then he said something which needed a response. I let go of Rani's lip and pulled back an inch before saying, "Yes, that's alright!" in the phone.

As I heard a new voice in the phone I realized Gajjan had just asked me to listen to the inspector's report. Rani squirmed on my lap, and her thigh, soft and warm pressed on my hard cock that was already outlined in my pants. Moving calmly with a half smile on her lips, she slipped her left blouse strap off the shoulder and let her palloo drop in her lap.

Rani bared her firm, perfectly shaped breast and pushed it up, offering me her milky white body to play with as I listened to the inspector's boring assessment of the situation. In style, this guy could be Gajjan's twin brother the way he spent so much time on every unimportant detail. Maybe he wanted to impress me, in this business we try to cooperate with the police but the police also like to cooperate with the wealthy filmmakers.

I let him ramble on in my ear while I leaned down on Rani's chest, the tip of my tongue touched her warm, smooth skin between her breasts and then I moved it along up the curve of her firm, soft breast until it reached her perky, erect nipple. I pressed my hot mouth on her nipples and started sucking softly. Then I increased the circle, taking more of her soft, pliant breast in my mouth, my tongue still played with her erect nipple, flicking it around.

She gasped in my ear, and I could feel her hot breath on my neck. She pressed her right breast harder into my chest as I sucked her left one. With a slow, teasingly gentle motion I grazed her soft breast with my teeth until they touched her nipple and then I clamped both sets of my teeth around her erect yet soft nipple, biting gently, but not too gently.

"Ohhhh, Master!", she breathed in my ear, "Your slut is wet and dripping, so ready to take your hard cock into her waiting cunt."

I frowned. This was all good and I was enjoying playing with her gorgeous, hot body as I carried on a totally unrelated and serious conversation on the phone, but her talking was going to distract me and might reach the other party through the phone. I slid her gently to the floor as I got up with the phone still clutched in my right hand.

Preity had gone directly to the railing from where a view of the dance floor below could be had. I moved over there, watching the crowd below while the police inspector carried the weight of the conversation almost entirely on his own shoulders. As I watched the young guys below take advantage of the beautiful, scantily-clad girls in the relative darkness, my left hand moved gently up and down on Preity's almost completely bare back.

She was bent over the metal railing, her hands resting on the smooth pipe while her back was straight and smooth, displayed in a very alluring manner. Her ass was pushed back, not in a very slutty way but still quite suggestively. Her skirt was so short that even in that position it was hiked up almost to the curve of her rounded ass and her ass hole and pussy were both clearly visible to the naked eye.

My hand, following the natural curve of her body, slid down the smooth well-rounded curve of her ass and then lower, on her bare ass, caressing the tight, firm cheeks slowly, almost absent-mindedly for I was still on the phone.

While the inspector was trying to impress me with the clues he found and the fine investigative work he was still doing there in my studio, I let my fingers slip easily down to Preity's soft, shaved pussy, tracing her hot, and a little moist, pussy slit with my fingertips. She lifted her left foot and with a soft click of the high heel placed it wider apart, exposing herself and giving me better access to her private parts.

My expert fingers parted her lips, at the spot where they were moist and soft, covering her pussy entrance. I touched inside her hole with my fingertips and found that she was more than a little moist, quite juicy in fact. My finger went a little deeper, exploring her soft, wet hole, touching the soaking wet walls of her pussy.

I saw her head come up with a slight jerk as my fingers touched the sensitive spots but she made no other sound. She just stood there, docile, submissive, with her legs spread wide and her ass pushed back, positioned so perfectly for penetration...

I was talking on the phone now, telling the guy I didn't want any publicity of the whole theft thing and he was agreeing with me, promising me the full cooperation of the Bombay police force. But at the same time, I had two fingers up into Preity's tight, wet cunt. I was fucking her with my fingers and she was taking it like a good slut, using her hips to push back on my invading fingers, surrendering her body to be played with as I wanted to play.

I pulled my finger out of Preity's wet pussy and started to undo my pants with one hand. My cock was so hard, it was threatening to poke a hole in the cloth and I was having trouble with my belt with one hand. Amrita Arora, who had been lounging beside Preity, came to me and immediately dropping to her knees, started doing what I was not able to do with one hand i.e. taking my pants off.

Amrita licked her lips as my hard cock came up like an erect telephone pole right in front of her face. I let her drool while I turned to Preity again who was watching me with interest over her shoulder. As I lined up my hard rod behind her, she lowered herself, opening her legs and arching her back, she presented a nice, straight target for my shaft to penetrate.

I went in easy, slowly dipping my hot, hard cock in her dripping pussy juices. She exhaled audibly. I kept going in, slowly, nicely, the thick beast fitting tightly in her young, tight cunt hole. My free hand moved up her bare back, caressing her softly as my cock started to fill her wet and willing cunt. She stood still, letting me take charge and decide how I wanted to fuck her, without pushing back like an overeager slut.

I was impressed by the way Amrita understood the nod of my head and came to kneel between Preity's wide open legs. She pressed her face up right below her pussy and I could feel her hot, eager tongue licking my hard cock as I pulled slowly out of Preity's tight cunt.

I loved the way Preity's hot, tight, fully soaked cunt felt around my throbbing shaft. I pushed into her again, slowly, giving Amrita a chance to lick my cock, letting her taste Preity's juices from my shaft. Preity started moaning slightly, with every entry, her cunt was hungry and needed a hard fuck and the slow fucking was driving her out of control.

The police inspector went off the line and gave the phone back to Gajjan. I continued fucking Preity's dripping wet cunt slowly in and while Amrita continued to lick my meaty shaft like a eager bitch. Once, as I was telling Gajjan what he should tell the police, I let my soaking wet cockhead slip out of Preity's hungry cunt and Amrita readily slipped it into her mouth, taking the hard, hot dick deep into her mouth. Almost made me forget the next words as she lifted her face up and smoothly slid my cock down her throat like a sword entering a sheath.

I pulled my cock out of Amrita's throat while making a mental note to test this particular skill of hers sometime soon and slipped it back into Priety's wet pussy hole. The way her pussy muscles clenched around my cock, I could sense that she was hungry, very, very hungry.

With a final word of caution to Gajjan that there should be no publicity of the theft, I hung up and handed to phone to Amisha. I pulled my cock almost fully out of Preity's pussy and taking a firm grip on her slim waist I slammed it hard and deep into her hot, wet cunt, causing her to utter a loud gasp, arching her back at the same time.

I let the thick, throbbing shaft stay lodged in her tight cunt, letting her body get used to its size while I rubbed her back, and her soft neck. She had a really firm, soft body, and I enjoyed feeling her up, touching her all over. Then I started to really fuck her, hard, deep strokes that made her take a firm grip on the railing and moan with every entry.

My left hand up on her bare back, feeling her soft, smooth skin slightly moist with perspiration as her delicate body was being pounded so ruthlessly. I took a grip on her silken hair and pulled her head up with a jerk which, while not cruel, was not really gentle. I twisted her head to look at me and ordered, "Hands on the wall, slut!"

"Yes, Master!", she responded like an obedient slut and moved forward to put her hands on the glass wall. Amrita got out from under her quickly and I moved with Preity, never pausing my pumping of her juicy, hot cunt.

With the new position I adjust my angle of entry and thrust upwards, in a powerful stroke. Preity arched her back and moaned long and loud like a wounded doe as my thick shaft pierced her cervix, skewering her like a piece of meat on a stick. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist as I proceeded to fuck her brains out with my thrusting beast. I used one hand to loosen her top straps and let it drop, then used both hands to grab her firm, proud breasts and knead them hard.

Amrita was kneeling on my right, rubbing my bare legs with her small, soft hands. Leaving one of Preity's tits for a second I pulled her up by the hair and guided her to a position just like Preity's beside her. She went willingly, placing her hands on the glass, right beside Preity's. She hiked up her sexy minidress and spread her legs wide, putting herself on display nicely like a willing slut, ready to be taken and used. She turned her head to me, looking at me for guidance, ready for any orders.

"Kiss her!", I told her and that was one order she had not been expecting, but after that moment's hesitation she started to obey it. Preity had turned her head towards her when she heard my order and their lips touched as I watched. My hard, slamming cock jerked Preity's body forward with another hard stroke and they separated again.

I slapped Amrita's bare ass hard, "Harder, bitch!", I growled at Amrita. She yelped as the spanking stroke stung her ass then tried to do a better job. As she pressed her lips harder on Preity's red lips, I grabbed their hair, with one hand in each of their lovely, silken manes, and pressed them together. My cock was still fucking Preity deep where she had never been entered but amidst moans she got into the kiss. The sight of their soft lips smushing together was so hot it made my cock even harder, if that's possible. They were now using their tongues and kissing passionately like two horny sluts.

Then I saw Preity break the kiss and groan loudly, "Please may I cum, Master? Please?"

Well, this was a slut who knew how to ask permission, without my having to train her! I was pleased, "You may cum now, slut!"

Her body jerked almost the moment I said that, and then she was flowing with juices, all over my cock and my balls. I continued to slam her dripping cunt with hard, ruthless thrusts that made her cum even more, her groans and moans so loud I wondered if the people on the dance floor below could hear her despite the music.

I pulled my cock out of her Preity's dripping, flowing cunt and walked to position myself behind Amrita. Grabbing Amrita's hair I pushed her face forward and slammed the raging hard shaft into her willing but tight cunt.

"Ungh!", Her grunt of surprise was very hot, perhaps she had been expecting me to stop. Instead I started pounding her little cunt making her moan louder with each thrust. I undid the strap behind her neck and let the top of her dress hang down. I grabbed her soft tits and started kneading them, while my hot mouth tasted her soft, sexy body, my tongue licking and sucking the side of her neck.

Amrita's grunts and yelps showed that the thick monster that was ripping into her soft, wet cunt was hurting her with every thrust but she kept pushing her ass back, taking it as deep as I wanted to fuck her. With her hair in my grip and her head tilted up, her neck was exposed to me and I sucked and bit on her soft neck, just under her jaw line, and with each bite her body gave a kind of jerk that signified that the heat level was increasing in her body.

I grabbed her ass and carefully positioning her on my long hard stick, slammed upwards into her tight cunt.

"Oh, ma!", Her wail was longer and more passionate that Preity's when my swollen, hard cockhead invaded her cervix. Obviously, she had also never been fucked as deep before. I keep that angle of assault, skewering her deep and hard, fucking her cunt and cervix with rough, powerful strokes as she tried to stay there, despite the pain, trying to please me.

And then she was pushing back, the pain mixing with pleasure, driving her to intense heights of passion. She pushed back, taking my cock as deep into her soft, delicate body as she could, letting my cockhead plough into her soft, sexy pussy and use her like fuckmeat.

"Yes, Master, please take your slut! Fuck you whore, Master, use her!", Her surrender was now complete!

"Master...may I..?", following Preity's example she started to ask permission but suddenly her body gave way and she exploded in a frenzy of passion, her juices flowing out of her cunt and there was nothing she could do about it. I put my mouth on her bare back, right between her shoulder blades sucking and biting on each side of her bare spine as my cock continued to slam deep into her young, tight cunt.

My cock was digging deep into her cunt when it exploded with a sensation of an electric storm that I could feel all through my body. I grabbed her hips and slammed her dripping, tight cunt with deliberate, rough thrusts and with every thrust my cockhead shot a fresh load of my hot burning sperm into her body.

"Oh God!", the way she gasped I knew she could feel it deep in her body as I marked her as my slut with my hot cum!

Amrita joined the collapsed form of Preity on the floor when I let go of her, pulling out my cock from her battered cunt.

I turned towards the couch and nodded to Rani. With quick steps she came over to me and went down to her knees at my feet. Like a good slut, she spread her knees and bowed her head, eyes focus on my feet, ready for my order. I slipped my fingers into her silky dark hair and jerked her face up. Pulling her face between my legs I rested the tip of my cum-drenched cock on her luscious, red lips.

Rani dutifully opened her mouth and started licking my cock clean. Katrina and Amisha both knelt on either side of Rani, silently but hoping to be of service. I knew my sluts well. Even Amrita having gotten up to her knees, was looking at Rani slurping the juices from my cock and licking her lips. But she did not deserve it, she needed to learn her lesson for her mistake.

Katrina and Amisha hadn't made any mistakes and I let them help Rani in cleaning me up. Katrina's expert tongue started licking around the base of my thick cock while Rani took the head of my cock in her mouth, sucking it lovingly in and out. Amisha dipped her head low and started working on my balls, licking the mixed cum from them and sucking them like this was the taste she lived for!

I was enjoying the 3 different gorgeous girls serving my cock, their hands on my legs, their soft tits pressed against my thighs and their hot breaths on my dick and my balls, when I heard a voice from the direction of the stairs, "Awww, Master you started without me!", said Sangeeta with a note of complaint and disappointment in her voice.

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