tagInterracial LoveSizzling Embrace Ch. 05

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 05


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Tyler Tyron Wesley vs. Tanesha Ashton

Dedicated to MPA. (#you'resimplythebest)



It was a day neither Ty nor Tanesha would ever forget. For Tanesha, Skull was a totally different Skull. A Skull she'd never had a glimpse of. He was like a robot that had been programmed to kill. And kill, he did. Ty on the other hand had never felt so numb during an operation. Initially he thought he had everything under control. Then he'd realized that Ghost had more men than he'd counted. Apparently he'd dispatched men to the Island the day before. As he put it, his own special army. Ty was totally outnumbered. He therefore had to think fast, act fast, use all the skills he had...otherwise neither he nor Tanesha were getting off that Island alive. It was kill or be killed.

Immediately Ghost, not too subtly, made Ty aware that he was onto him, Ty was ready to act. He knew the kind of people ZONKAI was. They killed before they asked questions. But it was even worse if they decided to torture someone for information. They were ruthlessly sadistic. If his life was the only one at stake, he might have drawn it out...gathered as much information as he could. But Tanesha's life was also on the line. He couldn't take chances. So when Ghost smugly told Skull what he planned to do, he knew he had to act fast.

"You see, I know you feds have been looking for me for a long time." Ghost drawled arrogantly. "Can you imagine looking for a ghost?" He turned to ask his men, who burst into laughter. "Who does that? This is the closest you've ever come though, and I'd very much love to know how you managed that. I'm grateful actually." He gave a salute. "Because this has made me realize that it's time I cleaned house. You wouldn't have been able to get this far if you hadn't gotten help from some of my people. So you, my friend, are going to help me identify all the traitors in my kingdom." He grinned. "And don't try anything stupid because the Island is crawling with my men. I didn't want to take chances so I dispatched them to the Island yesterday. So you better start giving me names before I start cutting your little bitch."

That was all it took for Ty to snap. Cut Tanesha? Hell no! Ty didn't blink. He didn't even try to deny. He simply went into action...his move so fluid and swift Ghost and his men were left awed and shocked...well, those who drew breath long enough to see Ty in action that is. Almost as though it was in slow motion, Ty ducked under the table, drawing out his guns whilst smartly shielding himself with the table. And before anyone could say jack, all six men standing in the living room were on the floor, dead.

"What..." But before Ghost could complete whatever he'd been about to say, Ty's knife was piercing through the back of his hand and right through the table...pinning his hand to the table. "Fuck!" He screamed in agony. And as if that wasn't enough, Ty swiftly brought out a zip-tie handcuff and cuffed Ghost's thumbs together. He wasn't going anywhere...he was pinned to the table.

Then he finally spoke. "Stay."

"Fuck you, I'm not a dog." Ghost screamed, but Ty didn't wait around because he knew the idiot's screams would bring the other guys to the living room.

Thanks to the silencers attached to his guns, killing the six criminals had been quiet. If only he had a duct tape, Ty thought even as he saw Shark's raised gun out of the corner of his eye. He shot the idiot. Next came Rambo, the other criminal and Jess.

"Drop your gun you mother..." But Rambo was dead before he could complete his order.

The other guy started firing at Ty, who expertly rolled away to crouch behind the couch, effectively dodging the bullets. When Ty got an opening, he pointed right at the head of the fool and shot him between his eyes. Ty stood up slowly, his gun pointed at Jess who was unarmed. He simply stared at Ty like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Ty tilted his head to the side as he looked at Jess, as if to ask whether they were going to have a problem. Jess slowly shook his head, his khaki pants wet with urine. Ty gave a slight nod and then pressed the trigger. Jess fell, unconscious...which had been Ty's aim. Let no one say Ty Wesley was a monster. Even as he wondered where Donk and Mickey were, he heard the unmistakable sound of a chopper. Ty didn't even waste time feeling relief. The Arrowheads were in. He'd know the sound of a military chopper anywhere. Then Ty heard a voice that made his heart almost stop beating inside his chest.

"Skull?" Tanesha's shaky voice made him turn around swiftly.

What Ty saw almost brought him to his knees. Even the gunshots coming from outside suddenly seemed very far away. Donk had a gun to the back of Tanesha's head and Mickey had a grenade in his hand with the pin out. If it fell from his hand, Tanesha would blast into pieces. Ty couldn't shoot him.

"Mickey..." Ty didn't recognize his own voice. "Please." Ty's voice shook. He'd never been more scared in his life.

"Release my uncle, Skull." Mickey said quietly.

"Mickey, you don't want to do this." Ty breathed. "I'm not going to kill your uncle. If that was my intention, he would be dead already, trust me. Please let Tanesha go."

"I can't do that." Mickey responded. "We both know he's good as dead if you take him alive. You see, my uncle saved my life once and I think it's only natural that I save his don't you think?"

"He's a very bad man Mickey..."

"And you're not?" Mickey growled. "Look around you Skull. Is this the work of a good man? You betrayed someone who trusted you and you expect me to see you as a good person? In my books, that's the worst thing any human being can do."

"You're betraying Tanesha now, Mickey. She trusted you." Ty pointed out, quickly trying to think of how to save the situation.

"She knows I'm doing my job. I had my job before I even got to know her. The job therefore comes first." Mickey shrugged.

"You're better than this, Mickey." Ty growled. "You know..."

"What makes you think I'm better?" Mickey's voice raised. "I killed my father." He bellowed. "Yes, I snapped one day when he beat my mother till she fell unconscious but the fact still remains that I'm a murderer. When my mother regained consciousness, she wanted to kill me. She called the cops to take me away. Then she killed herself. She couldn't live without the love of her life." He gave a humorless laugh. "I guess you can rightly say I killed my parents. My uncle busted me out and gave me a new life. I owe him my life. So now we're going to do this my way. Sorry Tanesha."

"Mickey..." Tanesha turned her eyes on Mickey then. She couldn't believe she'd allowed herself to be tricked by Mickey to open the door. But she saw him as a friend and therefore had no reason to believe he would actually lie to her that Skull sent him to bring her. "Please."

But Mickey didn't even look at her. "You're going to release my uncle and then we're all going to leave here. How you'll get us past your people out there is up to you Skull."

Ty knew when he was cornered. He went to Ghost and pulled out the knife, almost smirking at his cry of pain. It sounded as if a war was going on outside. Ty almost felt sorry for Ghost's so called army. He knew his colleagues were having a field day. He released the cuffs and pulled Ghost to his feet. But just as they were about to move, three criminals burst into the living room and started firing. And even as he heard Tanesha's screams, Ty started firing at the criminals. From the corner of his eye he saw Tanesha running away from Mickey. There was no time to go after her as more criminals burst into the room. By the time the Arrowheads entered the room to lend a hand, Ghost, Mickey, Donk and Tanesha were nowhere to be found.

"I'm going after the girl and Ghost." Ty screamed to his team as he sprinted through the backdoor. He was going ballistic.


Tanesha screamed and kicked when she felt Mickey grab her hand. "Let go of me you son of a bitch."

"Stop it, Tanesha." Mickey growled. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Tanesha saw Ghost coming towards them with a gun and froze. She turned to look at Mickey and realized he no longer had the grenade. He rather had a gun. What was that Skull had said about struggling with a man holding a gun again? She turned again in Ghost's direction and realized that he was almost beside them.

"Fuck this." Tanesha muttered and yanked her hand out of Mickey's grip. Then she took off.

"No, don't." Tanesha heard Mickey scream and then heard Ghost curse. She took a quick peek behind her and saw Ghost bending down to pick his gun off the floor. Mickey had obviously slapped the gun out of his uncle's hand.

"Are you crazy?" Tanesha heard Ghost's angry bellow. "She has to die."

"No she doesn't." Mickey countered.

Immediately Tanesha faced forward again, she smashed into Donk and fell down. Then she watched as Donk pointed his gun at her head. His intent was clear...he was going to shoot her.

"Shoot the worm, Donkey." Ghost commanded, finally confirming the real meaning behind Donk's name. Too bad she was about to be killed by the donkey-faced man, Tanesha thought as she watched Donk release the safety catch on his gun.

But before Donk could pull the trigger, a bullet hit him in the chest and he fell down beside her, dead. Tanesha screamed and turned her around just in time to see Mickey lowering his gun. Both Tanesha and Ghost stared at Mickey in shock. Tanesha's shock was due to the fact that Mickey had actually killed for her. And Ghost's was for the fact that his nephew had actually killed one of his men just to save the bitch. He didn't need to be a genius to know that the boy was head over heels in love.

"Boss, let's go." Tanesha saw a man covered in tattoos scream at Ghost but Ghost couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from Mickey.

"Grab the girl, Cronus." Ghost said without looking at his pilot. "We'll use her as hostage. Mickey?"

"Yes Uncle." Mickey responded quietly, looking slightly dazed. He looked like he couldn't believe he'd actually killed Donk.

"I must say you really made me proud today with that grenade move." Ghost said hoarsely. "Today, you also proved that you're your mother's son. My sister has always acted blindly...crazily, when it comes to love. As you know, she gave up her only child for the love of a stupid maniac who beat her senseless. That is the weakness I've always hated about my dear twin sister. Today you've proved that you have the same weakness, Mickey. That is a dangerous trait to have in our line of work."


"Say hello to my sister when you see her." With that, Ghost swiftly lifted his gun to Mickey's temple and pulled the trigger.

"No!" Tanesha screamed just as Ty burst into the clearing.

Ty's eyes went to Mickey as he fell, his eyes wide open in death. Ghost raised his gun to take a shot at Ty but Ty swiftly shot his gun out of his hand, making the head ZONKAI scream in pain. Ty didn't see Ghost's pilot who'd quickly began to raise his own gun with an obvious intention of finishing what his wicked boss hadn't been able to do.

Tanesha saw the man raise his gun and acted without thought. As if in a trance, she reached down to pull Donk's gun out of his hand and took aim...and then she pulled the trigger. Everything happened so fast it was almost a blur. Ty heard a man's cry and turned in time to see a man who was obviously one of Ghost's goons, fall down dead. Ty realized the man not only had a gun in his hand, he was also turned in his direction. He didn't need to be Einstein to know that he'd nearly gotten shot. Then he saw Tanesha, holding a still smoking gun. She'd saved his life.

Ty saw Ghost turn around to ran and shot his leg without even looking. Then he started towards Tanesha, who had just realized what she'd done. When he got to her he gently took the gun out of her hand, clicked the safety catch in place and threw it down. Then he took her into his arms as she broke down.

"Oh God, I killed him." Tanesha sobbed, trembling badly. "I killed a human being. Oh God, oh God, oh God... I'm so sorry. He...he was going to shoot you. I couldn't allow that." She sobbed.

"Shhh... It's okay baby." Ty soothed a bawling Tanesha. "It's okay."

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Ghost limping away. "He's ge...getting away." She said through her sobs.

"He won't get very far." Ty assured her.

"He killed Mickey because he saved my life." Tanesha still couldn't wrap her head around that part. "His own uncle killed him, Skull. He was his family." She sobbed.

Ty rocked her as he would a child. He knew what she was going through. It wasn't easy being around so much violence and death. And as if that wasn't enough, she'd had to kill. That was not an easy thing for anyone to go through. She was going to need a lot of therapy to be able to put that past her.

"Listen baby." Ty said softly. "I need to go after Ghost. Wait here till you're rescued. I've seen some military guys around. They will take you home okay?"

"Please don't leave me." Tanesha's eyes widened in alarm. "I'll tell them you saved me. Surely they will understand and pardon you. Please Skull."

"I can't do that Tanesha. I can't be here when they come." The disadvantages of undercover work, Ty thought grimly. It had to be acted out till the very end. "I have to go."

"Then I'm coming with you." Tanesha bawled. The thought of not seeing Ty even for a moment caused such pain within her chest. It almost felt as if someone was actually ripping her heart out of her chest.

"You can't baby." Ty's heart was breaking. "Just go with..."

"No." She sobbed. "I love you, Skull." She finally let it out. "I'm in love with you. I don't care where you're going. I just want to be with you."

Ty was speechless. He stared at Tanesha, feeling his chest tighten. Tanesha loved him. The feeling was surreal. Fuck. "Tan, I will look for you, I promise." Ty's breath snagged. The lump inside his throat felt so huge it was difficult to talk. "Rem..." He cleared his throat and tried again. "Remember when I said if anything happened to you I'd die?" He asked and waited till Tanesha nodded. "I meant that with all my heart. Now, if you don't want me to die, wait here for the soldiers."

"No. I'm coming with you." Tanesha looked determined and Ty was getting desperate.

"Baby, please do that for me if you really love me as you say." Ty knew it was mean to use Tanesha's declaration of love against her but he needed her safe.

"Oh my God, don't do this Skull." Tanesha couldn't believe what Skull was asking of her.

"I will find you."

"Promise?" Tanesha's cheeks were wet with tears.

"I promise." Ty said, kissing Tanesha lightly and quickly on the lips.

"Oh God...Skull...I don't know what I'll do if I never see you again." She whispered with such a heart-wrenchingly sad look on her face Skull crushed her to him with a growl. "Be safe. Please."

"You will see me again. I have to go now. Don't move." And with a final kiss to her forehead, Ty was sprinting off in the direction of where Ghost had limped off to. He heard Tanesha's desperate sobs but he didn't turn around. He knew he wouldn't be able to leave her if he did.

Ty spotted Ghost hiding behind a boulder and almost laughed. How the mighty are fallen, he thought amused despite his heavy heart. He caught a quick signal from a grinning Jackson, one of his crazy colleagues and ducked just as a grenade flew over his head into the mist of a group of Ghost's men. The Arrowheads were in their element, Ty thought as he shook his head in amusement.


"Ma'am, you have to come with us." Tanesha heard a man in a military uniform say beside her just as a super loud blast went off where Skull had disappeared mere seconds earlier.

Tanesha screamed. "Oh my God. Please save him. That explosion...oh please he just went that way..." She charged towards the blast but one of the soldiers grabbed her hand. "Please help him." Tanesha screamed till her throat was raw.

"We have to go Miss." One of the soldiers picked Tanesha up as if she weighed nothing, ignoring her screams.

Tanesha cried until her eyes felt raw and she had nothing left. And when she heard gunshots and screams as she was being handed over to another soldier in a helicopter, she broke down again. What if Skull was amongst the men who were screaming? She had to tell them that he was innocent.

"Plea...please you ha...have to list...listen to me." Tanesha grabbed one of the soldiers. "Ghost is the one you wa...want. Skull is innocent. Please you ha...have to listen to me. Please..." Tanesha was getting hysterical. She didn't see the nod that one of the soldiers gave the one she was talking to. Neither did she see the hand that moved towards the back of her neck. One moment she was hysterically trying to explain herself, the next, she was dead to the world.

Ty watched the military chopper with Tanesha lift into the sky and screamed into his hands. He was missing her already. Though everything turned out just fine, his heart was still pounding at how close he'd come to losing her. Immediately the sound of the chopper disappeared, Ty went directly to where Ghost sat and gave him a hard punch on the nose. But even the sound of breaking bones and the criminal's agonized scream didn't erase the pain and emptiness within his heart. Fuck!


'Even if you were a million miles away

I can still feel you in my bed

Near me, touch me, feel me

And even at the bottom of the sea

I could still hear inside my head

Telling me, touch me, feel me

And all the time, you were telling me lies

So tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you

Tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you

I'm gonna hold on to the times that we had

Tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you'

Tanesha wept bitterly into her pillow as Alicia Keys' beautiful voice belted out the lyrics of 'Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.'

"Oh God..." She sobbed as an image of Skull's face filled her mind. Though she hadn't known him for long, she felt so lost without him.

I'll find you, he'd said. And that was a months ago. A whole month of not seeing or hearing from Skull. Tanesha thought the pain in her heart would lessen with time but on the contrary, it kept getting worse. She still couldn't stop crying. The accuracy of the words of the song brought so much sadness into her heart. She could feel Skull as though she'd seen him just that morning. But she also recalled that blast, all the gunshots and screams of men. Tanesha didn't know whether Skull was alive or dead. He'd said he was going to find her...which was very easy to do knowing who she was. But Skull had still not come after four weeks. The only explanation she could deduce from his no show act was that he was dead. Why else wouldn't Skull come to her as promised?

But much as Tanesha was devastated by the possibility of Skull's death, she couldn't help but feel like she'd been lied to by Skull. He'd promised. He'd promised to come to her, promised that if she left, he wouldn't die, promised to find her. And he'd broken his promises and died. She didn't even have anything of his to remember him by except the memories she had of their time together. Tanesha had actually started using strawberry flavoured shampoo because she knew how Skull had loved that fragrance on her. The emotions she felt towards Skull never ceased to amaze her due to their complex nature. She would feel miserable one moment, and then be very angry the next. Therapy hadn't helped at all. And the dreams! Sometimes she woke up screaming, other times, crying. On one occasion she'd woken up to an intense orgasm after an erotic dream about Skull. That had left her totally shattered because she'd ended up being so horny and angry and strangely, ashamed.

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