tagInterracial LoveSizzling Embrace Ch. 06

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 06


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Tyler Tyron Wesley vs. Tanesha Ashton

Dedicated to Comentarista82 (closet redhead huh?)

Uncontrollable passion!


Tanesha sat beside Tristan in his expensive Lamborghini Reventon and stared unseeingly at the quickly passing scenery through the window. Her mind was in turmoil. Had everything that happened between her and Ty on that Island been just a job to him? Losing her virginity to Ty had meant everything to her. They'd connected on an emotional level. At least, she'd thought they had. Apparently she couldn't have been more wrong. She'd never meant anything romantic to Ty. Nothing. It had all been an act...a job. She was such an idiot. Tanesha felt so numb she couldn't even cry. It felt as though her whole life...yes, her whole life... had been one huge joke. Because Ty was her life.

And to think he'd made his friends befriend her. What was that about? So they could keep an eye on her, prevent her from taking other men? She clearly remembered their reaction to her suggestion of bringing a date to their night out. So Ty wanted her as his fuck toy huh? Tanesha couldn't believe the impudence of the man. Oh she was pissed. And not just at Ty but also at his friends. Although she was angry at Tristan too...after all he was part of the guys, the anger she felt towards him was nothing compared to what she felt towards the older guys. She'd thought they'd genuinely liked her.

"Tanesha listen..." Tristan began but...

"I still don't want to hear your voice, Tristan." Tanesha said quietly, ignoring Tristan's sigh of exasperation.

She couldn't shake off the guilty looks on the faces of Kyle and Chris when she'd met them on her way back to the Blue room after sharing that hot kiss with Skull...Ty. Urgh... To think she even had to stop calling the guy Skull, Tanesha thought with a shake of her head. When she saw her friends heading towards her, she'd wondered where they were headed.

"Where's Ty?" Kyle had asked Tanesha, who had looked at both men as if they'd suddenly grown horns.

"Ty huh?" Tanesha had asked quietly with her head tilted to one side. She could clearly see the guilt on their faces. "So you guys actually do know him. Meaning all this friendship thing was just...pretense."

"Now wait a minute Tanesha," Chris had cut in, "you should know better than anyone how much we care about you. How can you even call our friendship pretense?"

"Guys?" Tanesha heard Ty call from behind her and briskly walked past the two men.

In the Blue Room, she'd gone to her mother and told her that she had a blinding headache so was hitching a ride with a friend back to the house. She'd lied about a friend giving her a ride but had been dead serious about that headache. Her eyes felt as though they were about to pop out.

"Oh honey. Why don't I go with you?" Her mother had asked with eyes full of concern and something else Tanesha couldn't fathom. "Simon can come back to pick your father and brothers after he drops us home."

"No mum." Tanesha had insisted. "My friend is already going that way so it's no problem at all." She'd given her mother a hug and then gone to her seat for her clutch. Then she'd quickly walked out.

"Tanesha?" Tristan had called, running after her.

"I don't want to talk to you, Tristan." Tanesha had said loudly to his hearing, not even pausing for a second. She just wanted to get as far away as possible form the White House and the man who had hurt her so much. "Actually I don't want to see any of you." Tristan was by then beside her.

"Where are you going?"

"Home." She'd replied simply.


"In a cab. How else?" Tanesha retorted.

"Let me take you."

Tanesha stopped walking and turned to face Tristan. "Did you hear the part about not wanting to see any of you guys?" Tanesha asked. The fact that she'd been crying was not lost on Tristan.

"We adore you Tanesha and you know it." Tristan said quietly. "We didn't all have to befriend you. One of us could have kept an eye on you for Ty and it would have been okay. But we all heard what Dean had to say about you the first time he met you and wanted to meet you too. You are a lovely person Tanesha. And at this point, it's not because you're Ty's girl. We all love you as a friend because of you. Do you understand?" Tristan took Tanesha's trembling hand into his. "You should know by now that we don't abandon our friends when they need us most. So you're going to get into my car, we're going to drive around for a bit, spoil ourselves with some junk food, and then I'll take you home. How does that sound?" He asked, reaching up to catch the tear that had escaped Tanesha's eye, with his thumb. "Come here." Tristan pulled a trembling Tanesha into his arms and held her.

"I still don't want to talk to you." She sniffled against Tristan, causing him to laugh softly.

"Alright, I'll try not to talk." Tristan stepped back and took Tanesha's hand. "Shall we?"

And for the past hour and half, they'd been driving around, listening to soothing classical music. Tanesha felt a bit calmer than before they left the White House. She was grateful to Tristan for understanding her need for peace.

"I know I promised not to talk but I'm hungry Tanesha. KFC? McDonalds?"

Tanesha started to laugh despite herself. "KFC." She replied. "God, I'm famished." She added, turning to look at Tristan. Both burst into laughter.

"KFC it is." Tristan said, picking up his phone and quickly sending a text.


"What was that all about?" Ty asked Kyle and Chris as they all watched Tanesha disappear through the door.

"She's pissed." Kyle muttered, staring at the imprint of a hand on Ty's cheeks.

"Tell me about it." Ty rasped. "Fuck, I should have..."

"Hey, none of that." Chris said sternly. "You did the right thing. She'll come around."

Damon and Dean joined them with concerned looks on their face...at least till they took in Ty's obviously rattled appearance. "Well, well, well...looks like someone didn't waste time." Dean smirked. "I hope you didn't cry again."

"Fuck off, Dean." Ty growled, making the guys burst into laughter. "I still can't believe she told you guys I cried." He muttered.

"Well according to her, you crying proved that you're not all bad." Damon chuckled. "Everything okay here?"

"Not really." Kyle answered. "Tanesha is pissed."

"She'll be fine. Tristan is taking her home." Damon informed them. "Are you okay?" He asked Ty who shrugged. "Give her time to get used to it. At least till tonight. You can try and talk to her this evening at the dinner."

"Oh I intend to." Ty growled. "She's not going to leave till I've told her my piece."

"Yeah. Show her you're the man." Chris mimicked Matt's voice, making the five men burst into laughter.

"Have the others left?" Ty asked as they headed towards the Blue Room.

"Yep. They all had to get back to the office." Kyle responded as they entered the Blue Room. "As do I. See you guys this evening. Congrats once again Ty." He said, hugging Ty. "We're all so proud of you."

"Yeah. This mission was obviously your best yet. You got a promotion and a hot chic. Boom!" Dean flicked his fingers out, depicting an explosion. "Talk about a rewarding mission." The guys laughed.

"She's hot isn't she?" Ty grinned. "Thanks guys. I really appreciate all you've done for us."

"Hey, that's what brothers do." Chris said hugging Ty. "See you tonight."

And even as Ty watched his friends go, his mind was already zeroing back onto Tanesha. Damn that was some kiss. His lips were still tingling from it. Now that he'd tasted that sexy mouth, he wanted it again...couldn't wait to have it again. It looked like for the first time in his life, he had to grovel. Fuck! But if that was what he had to do to get his woman back, why the fuck not?


No sooner had Tristan and Tanesha taken their seats at KFC than Aaron entered. He'd taken off his jacket just like Tristan but he still had on his tie. Tanesha wondered whether he was coming from the White House or the office. Aaron was a banker in one of Chris' banks.

"I'm so hungry." Aaron said, taking a seat. "Have you spoken to Winnie already?" He asked Tristan."

"Yep. She'll bring it soon." Tristan answered.

"Great." Aaron turned to look at Tanesha. "You know you can't be mad at me don't you?"

"And why not?" Tanesha scowled.

"You pinched me this morning. And I haven't retaliated." Aaron shrugged. "Want me to retaliate now?" He started swaying closer to Tanesha.

Tanesha started to laugh. "Don't you dare." Still laughing, she took her clutch off the table to make room for their order which had arrived.

"Listen Tanesha." Aaron began. "If he had gotten in touch with you, he would have been booted off the force. It was against the rule...is against the rule."

"But he could have at least told me he was okay. Is that too much to ask?" She gushed.

"If I were in your shoes, I'd be very angry too Tanesha. But you have to understand him. Thing is, the guy is not allowed to be with you in that way...ever."

"What?" Tanesha screeched, attracting the attention of other diners. "Are you saying we can't be together?" She whispered harshly suddenly feeling sick.

"Oooohh..." Tristan couldn't help teasing. "Looks like someone can't stand the thought of not being with..."

"Zip it Tris. Aaron?" Tanesha turned confused eyes on Aaron.

"He had to make a deal." Aaron tried very hard not to laugh at how desperate Tanesha suddenly looked. "He was to wait till after today's ceremony to contact you in anyway." He explained. "This hasn't been easy for him at all."

"He could have at least called me." Tanesha whined. "Just to tell me he was okay. At least he had you to tell him I was okay. I never had that privilege. All the sleepless nights, the tears, the misery...do you have any idea what I've been through? I wouldn't have told anyone if he'd asked me not to. Really, he has no excuse."

"He's a soldier, Tanesha." Tristan chipped in. "They're sticklers for rules and following commands. That's just how they're wired. Please don't punish him for something he had no control over."

"Besides, you can't win if you take on those guys." Aaron added, taking a sip of his coke.

"Which guys? The SEALS?" Tanesha looked bemused. "Who said anything about taking..."

"Not the SEALS." Tristan laughed. "The squad."

"And who're the squad?" Tanesha asked with a curious look on her face.

"Your Ty, Matt, Cole, his Kyle," Tristan pointed his thumb at Aaron. "Michael, my Damon, Chris and Dean."

"Eight." Tanesha whispered.

"What?" Tristan asked.

"He told me on the Island that they were a group of eight guys who are very good friends...who would go to great lengths to help each other." Tanesha muttered. "That was the only personal thing he ever told me about himself."

"And he's very right, hon." Tristan nodded. "They are the best group of friends you'll ever meet. And you can't stay angry at them for long. Unless of course you're not in love with them."

"Or in lust with them." Aaron added with a lecherous grin.

"Oh but she so is." Tristan drawled. "You should have seen her face when she came back from wherever she disappeared to with Ty after the ceremony, Aaron. You had already left for the office. Her lips were all swollen and red from kissing and..."

"Tris..." Tanesha groaned and then suddenly gasped. "Oh God, I think I pissed Chris off." She moaned, putting her head on the table. "I understand what you guys are saying but..." Tanesha looked up. "I feel like I've been lied to. It's not a pleasant feeling. And the 'squad'...urgh." Tanesha muttered, giving the word quotations with her fingers. "They..." She trailed off when her phone started to ring.

It was her mum, wanting to know where she was. They were home but couldn't see her anywhere in the house. She told her mum where she was and promised to be home soon.

Tanesha had a good talk with Tristan and Aaron. They assured her that she wasn't just a job to Ty, and that he was totally into her. By the time they were ready to leave, she felt a whole lot better. She promised Aaron that she wasn't going to miss that evening's dinner in the White House. She also told them that she really wasn't ready to talk to any member of the squad that evening. After both Tristan and Aaron laughingly promised to keep the guys away from her, Tanesha got back into Tristan's car and headed home. Much as a part of her was still angry at Ty, she couldn't wait to see him that evening. A shudder passed through her at the thought of seeing that gorgeous face again.

"Oh God, I've missed you, Skull." She muttered to herself as she watched Tristan's car disappear.

"Who was that?" Dora Ashton asked her daughter as she came to the door. "That looks like a really expensive car."

Tanesha smiled. "That's my friend, mum. He's called Tristan. I told you about my new friends."

"You sure did." Dora said as she followed her daughter up the stairs. "But then you tell me everything...or do you?"

Tanesha groaned as she entered her room. She wasn't surprised when her mother followed her in and closed the door behind them. When her mother felt she was on to something, she never let go. Dora Ashton didn't usually care what she had to do to get stories out of her children. Most of the time, she would tease them and make them laugh so hard they'd just spill so they could be left alone. She rarely made them cry. They called her the family tease.

"Where's dad?" Tanesha asked as she sat on the couch and took off her shoes.

"He had to meet Senator Riley. It has to do with our trip tomorrow. He left not too long ago." Dora responded as she watched her daughter stand and not too gently, kick her shoes to the side. She raised an eyebrow. Dora knew her daughter. She was obviously upset. "Turn around." Dora instructed and waited till Tanesha did as she'd asked, and then unzipped her dress. "So... Who's this Lt. Cdr. Wesley, darling daughter?" Dora asked, taking a seat on the couch and watching as Tanesha took off her jewelry.

"Mum, it's a long story." Tanesha was down to her bra and panties.

"Hmmm... Does it have anything to do with the way you were looking at him? Like a bitch in heat?"

"Mum!" Tanesha gasped, her eyes widening in shock as she stared at her mother.

"Ow come on Tanny." Dora elegantly crossed her legs at the knee and looked at her daughter from beneath her long eye lashes. "Apart from the fact that I'm your mother, I'm also a Veterinarian. I know all the signs. You wanted that man so bad today. I'm actually surprised you didn't attack him right there in front of everyone. I wouldn't have blamed you one bit. He's damn sexy." Dora Ashton purred. She would have gone on with her teasing but then she realized her daughter was about to cry. "Oh baby, come here." Dora opened her arm to Tanesha, who threw herself into her mother's arms.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, mum." Tanesha's head was in her mother's lap. "I thought he was dead. Before that I thought he was one of my kidnappers. But he...I...he looked out for me. He..."

"Oh so that's how you're calling it these days huh?" Dora drawled. "Looking out for..."


"Sorry, sorry. I guess you totally forgot about Lance huh? Go on. He looked out for you and..."

"I just..." Tanesha trailed off. "What is wrong with me? Lance is brilliant. He looks like a Disney prince. He's...he's practically the perfect man. Why can't I feel for..."

"...him what you feel for Soldier boy? Simple darling. Lance is not Wesley. You're in love with Wesley. And the chemistry between you two..."

"You don't even know the man, mum. You saw him across the room for what...thirty minutes? Forty-five..."

"I knew it in five seconds." Dora chuckled, running her fingers through Tanesha's long tresses. "Honey, when he got up there to give his speech, and he locked eyes with you, sparks went off."

"Oh crap." Tanesha moaned. "Do you think people noticed?"

"Let's just say I was glad your father didn't see you when you came back from 'talking' to Wesley." Dora gave quotations with her fingers. "You looked...ravished." Dora laughed when Tanesha groaned. But then her voice went quiet. "It was also obvious you'd been crying. Your dad would have hit the roof."

"Oh God, mum I love him so much it terrifies me." Tanesha moaned.

"So what made you think he was dead all this while?" Dora asked.

With a deep sigh, Tanesha finally told her mother all about Skull, his really cool friends who'd tricked her into befriending them, and what Aaron and Tristan had told her that afternoon. "I'm just so hurt that he could actually go through with it...not reach out to me as he promised. It's so painful." She whispered.

"Oh dear." Dora muttered, feeling her daughter's pain. The former first lady of Jamaica gave a deep sigh. "He was trying to do the right thing honey. At least even when you thought he was dead, he was still looking out for you. The perks of giving the right man your cherry."


"What? It's the truth. But much as I understand his reason for not coming to see you, I'm a little peeved that he could actually go for three whole months without this." Dora drawled humorously, pointed her fingers from Tanesha's head to her feet sweepingly. "I mean one would think this would drive a man to break any rules, don't you think. In fact I feel insulted. And that's one thing I dislike about these military men. Look at your father...rules, rules, rules." It almost seemed as if Dora was talking to herself.

"Err...mum?" Tanesha sat up beside her mother. "Dad virtually does everything you ask." And that was the truth.

"I know. And it wasn't easy getting it that way. Okay this is what we're going to do." Dora rubbed her hands together with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "We're going to make soldier boy squirm. Come on, show me what you're wearing to the dinner."

"You think some dress is going to make him squirm?"

"Not just some dress. A killer dress." Dora grinned impishly?

"Hmmm... Maybe I should be going to this dinner with a plus one." Tanesha muttered, looking thoughtful. "Now, that will make him squirm." She muttered to herself.

"What do you mean? Plus one as in a date? You want to go with Lance?" Dora raised an eyebrow, still not catching on.

"Mum! I can't do that to Lance." Tanesha gushed.

"Do what?" Then Dora's eyes widened when the full import of what her daughter was saying hit her. "Oh you little sly minx. Want to make soldier boy jealous huh?" Dora chuckled. "Do you think that's a good idea?"

"At this juncture, I really don't care." Tanesha said vehemently. "Everyone keeps telling me how he didn't have any choice...he had to do the right thing, blah, blah, blah. Well, I'm still hurt. And I want to hurt him too, mum. Seeing him hurting just a little bit should make me feel better don't you think? Besides, in a way it will show me that at least he feels something too. That all this is not some act."

Dora Ashton stared at her daughter. She didn't think Tanesha making her man jealous was a good thing but if it was going to make her feel better, why not. Tanesha was the sort of person who found it very difficult to forgive when she thought she'd been hurt deliberately. And Dora instinctively knew that doing something which she felt would ease her pain, would help her daughter get over her feeling of betrayal much quicker.

"Alright let's do this." Dora got to her feet. "You, my darling daughter, are going to that dinner with a plus one."

"I don't want to hurt Lance by..."

"Who said anything about Lance?" Dora asked, punching a number on her cell phone. "Ajay?" Tanesha couldn't help the grin that brightened her face when she heard the name of her crazy, hunky, sexy cousin on her mother's lips. This was going to be good, she thought. If anyone could put on a show to teach Ty a lesson, Ajay was that person. "Have anything doing this evening? Good. We're going to a dinner party at the White House. No, just Dad, myself, you and then Tanesha. The boys are not going. Get here by five so we can talk strategy. We'll go together. And Jay? Dress to kill." Then with a devilish laugh, Dora Ashton hung up and gave her daughter her best Cookie Lyon pose. "Now, show me a killer dress?"

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