tagInterracial LoveSizzling Embrace Ch. 07

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 07


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Tyler Tyron Wesley vs. Tanesha Ashton

Dedicated to Sexy Rash, my bootylicious big sis.

Meeting the parents!


'Why the fuck is he staring at me?' Ty asked himself, trying not to fidget. He'd never felt that uncomfortable in his life.

Ty was sitting in a couch in Paul Ashton's luxury living room, pretending not to be bothered by the elderly man's intense gaze on him. Paul Ashton sat cross from him, in another couch tapping a foot against the plush rug beneath his feet. He'd been staring at Ty for what felt like hours.

Ty had gotten to the Ashton home at exactly ten a.m. Dora Ashton had met him at the door with a cheerful smile and waved him into a couch. Anyone looking at Ty wouldn't have possibly noticed how shaky he was inside. Or so he hoped.

"Paul will be with you in a moment Ty." Dora had informed him. "Would you care for anything?"

"I'm good thanks." He'd responded politely but Dora had tilted her head to one side and looked at him...assessing him.

"I think you need a strong drink. Scotch? Cognac?"

"I'd rather not Ma'am."

"Dora." She'd corrected automatically. "And Ty?"

"Yes Dora?"


Ty's eyes had widened in surprise. Then he nodded. And as he watched Dora leave, he wished he'd accepted the offer of the scotch. "Fuck." He muttered to himself.

Now, looking at the stern face of the elderly man sitting across from him, Ty couldn't help but feel he'd done something wrong. But what had he done wrong? Ty hoped the man remembered that he'd brought his daughter home before twelve midnight the night before, as he'd promised. By eleven twenty p.m. the night before, Ty's sleek metallic black Bugatti Veyron was parked in front of the Ashton Mansion. He clearly remembered how displeased Tanesha had been with that.

"We came too early." Tanesha had groaned.

"Sure about that?" Ty murmured. "Any later and Cole would have heard your scream of release."

"Skull..." Tanesha slapped Ty on his arm, making him burst into laughter. "You know that's not what I meant."

"Did you see your fathers face?" Ty turned his head to look at Tanesha. "I don't want to take chances."

"We could have danced a bit more." She whimpered.

"You call what we were doing dancing?" Ty chuckled.

Tanesha giggled. "No, I wouldn't call it that. But it's not my fault you didn't want to dance. I did love what we were doing though. But it was definitely not dan..." Tanesha trailed off when Ty began to punch some buttons on the music console, immediately filling the car with the lovely violin orchestration that precedes Etta Jones' 'At Last'. She couldn't help the smile that brightened her face.

Ty got out of the car and quickly went around to Tanesha's side. He bowed and reached out to take her hand. "May I have this dance Ma'am?"

"It will be my pleasure." Tanesha responded like the lady she was, her heart fluttering inside her chest.

Ty drew her to him just as Etta James' melodious voice began to belt out the song. And right out there, under the stars, the young lovers swayed to that lovely song.

'At last

My love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song'

It was the perfect setting for that amazing song, Tanesha couldn't help but think as they moved to the tune. It was...magical.

'At last

The skies above are blue

My heart was wrapped up in clover

The night I looked at you'

Tanesha looked up and found Ty's smoldering gaze on her. Her breath caught. That look never failed to turn her insides to mush.

...And here we are in heaven

for you are mine...

At Last'

When the song ended, they kept staring at each other, still completely lost in the magic of the song.

"Thank you for the dance." Ty said huskily, just as affected by their dance as Tanesha.

"Finally, our first real dance of the night." Tanesha whispered. "I promise I'm going to sing this song to you...when you least expect it." She said shakily. "I love you, Ty."

"I love you, Tan." Ty responded hoarsely. "Ready to head in?"

Tanesha's mood instantly changed. "Will you call me when you get home?" She asked in a small voice, trying very hard not to cry. She didn't want Ty to go. It felt as though she was losing him all over again. "I don't have your number. I don't know where you live." She said pitifully. "I don't know..." She started crying.

"Give me your phone." Ty didn't think it was necessary to save his number on Tanesha's phone as his plan was to call her immediately he got home. But Tanesha was crumbling right in front of his eyes, and he needed to at least give her something.

Tanesha pulled out of Ty's embrace and went to the car to pick up her clutch. Then with shaky fingers, she opened it, took out her cell phone and gave it to Ty. Ty saved his number and gave the phone back.

"I'll call you immediately I get home." He assured her. "I don't know how my day will go tomorrow. After my meeting with your father, I need to get back to the office to take care of some paperwork. We'll communicate and know when and where we can meet. Then I will take you to see where I live, okay?"

"Okay." Tanesha didn't sound like her usual confident self and it was killing Ty. "Hey come here." He crushed her to him and hugged her till she was calm enough to enter the house.

Ty knew for a fact that Tanesha had entered the house before twelve midnight. And although they'd talked on phone till dawn, the fact still remained that he'd managed to get Tanesha home before her father's curfew. So why was the man eyeballing him?

"So you decided to have sex with my daughter when you were supposed to be keeping her safe." Paul went for the jugular.

To say Ty was shocked would be an understatement. All the blood drained from his face, leaving him looking as white as sheet. He swallowed audibly.

"Why? Cat got your tongue?" The elderly man raised an eyebrow, as if challenging Ty to disagree.

Ty didn't know how to respond to Paul's question. He also couldn't help but wish he could ask the man whether fucking his daughter had in any way prevented him from keeping her safe. He stared back at the man for a moment and then thought defiantly; 'fuck this'.

"I still kept her safe, Sir." He definitely wasn't going to lie. The man was obviously on to him.

Paul's brows rose, this time as if to say 'what the fuck?' Then his mouth tightened in obvious annoyance. "You sure did." He nodded. "But as a father, it pisses me off that my daughter was being used..."

"With all due respect Sir, your daughter wasn't being used." Ty rasped, irritation simmering through him. "And I will appreciate it if you don't degrade what we have with such words." His body language was so tight and defensive.

"And what exactly do you have? Huh?" Paul moved to sit at the edge of his seat, with his hand clasped on his knee, his eyes cold. "She's just a kid. Suddenly finds herself in the grips of criminals who want to kill her. Has no one around to help her or give her hope. Then along comes a...good-looking chap. Probably shows her some kindness. She's vulnerable. It's only natural that she will develop feelings for the guy. But you..." Paul pointed a finger at Ty. "You were on a job. Knew what you were there for. Knew you had to be the professional that your superiors expected you to be...unless of course the rules have changed. Which I doubt it has. I know my daughter is beautiful. But a serious soldier doing his job shouldn't even notice that. But you don't just notice that. You go right ahead and take advantage of her. How do you put it...get your rocks off."

"That's not how it happened." Ty said quietly, the full import of the wrongness of his actions finally hitting him. "I didn't take advantage of her." He rasped.

"Put yourself in my shoes for a moment, young man. I know you're not a father but try. How would you feel if you were me?" Paul sat back and watched Ty. "Someone may see it as romantic but I don't. As far as I'm concerned, you took advantage of my daughter's vulnerability."

Ty cleared his throat and took a deep breath. "I'm so sorry you feel that way Sir. I understand how you would think that too." His voice was low. "And I do apologize for not acting professional. But I'm not sorry or regretful for what I share with your daughter. I know how you must hate me for what happened. But I didn't plan what happened between Tanesha and I. In fact I tried to fight it. God knows I tried. Yes, your daughter is the most beautiful woman I've ever met. But what called to me was her inner beauty. What I feel for her is more than mere lust." Ty paused for a moment when Paul Ashton snorted in disbelief. He felt himself trembling from frustration...anger...he didn't know which. Ty took a deep breath, silently urging himself to calm down. "I'm in love with your daughter, Sir. I know you'll probably think I'm just saying that to continue...getting my rocks off. But what I feel for her is real and is never going to change."

"Love is a strong word, young man." Paul said gruffly. "Where I come from, you first introduce yourself to a girl's parents, court her, marry her, before you have sex with her. You decided to start with what's supposed to be last. Very disrespectful if you ask me. I'm so disappointed because I had better plans for my daughter. If for..."

"Would you please permit me to court your daughter Sir?" Ty asked, cutting Paul off. He moved forward to the edge of his seat. "Please give me the chance to make it right."

Paul gave a short humourless laugh. "A little too late for that don't you think? Don't get me wrong young man." Paul frowned. "I'm not saying you should court or marry my daughter. Hell, I should be telling you to stay away from her. I'm just stating facts and how I thought things should go for my daughter under normal circumstances...which this is not."

"I know. But I'm ready to do the right thing. Please permit me." Ty looked desperate. "These past two months without her...not seeing her, not being able to talk to her has been..." He shook his head slowly, his very soul showing in his eyes. "It's been hell. The restlessness, the impatience, the numb feeling inside... I missed her so fucking much." He whispered, not even looking at the obviously shocked Paul who was staring at him. It was not every day Paul saw a strong proud male such as Ty completely bare his soul. "I've always thought guys who allowed themselves to be completely smitten with girls were weak." He gave a short humorless laugh. "Little did I know. I'm normally a strong guy. Strong as a brick. But your daughter turned my world on its axis. I couldn't stop loving her even if I wanted to." He looked up and fixed his intense blue eyes directly on Paul's. "Please Mr. Ashton. I do respect and love Tanesha. Without your consent, I'll be forced to disrespect your family by dating your daughter behind your back. Because trust me, I will. But I want to do the right thing so please."

Paul stared at Ty for a long moment. He had no doubt that Ty would do exactly as he'd said...fuck his daughter with or without his consent. "Tell me one thing soldier. And I want the honest answer."

"I'll be as truthful as I can Sir."

"Whilst my daughter was on that Island, there was a time I was present during negotiations with ZONKAI. I spoke to...Skull, who gave me a very graphic detail of how he was going to cut up my little girl. I only got to know from my wife, last night, that you were Skull. Meaning you were the one I spoke to. True?" Paul watched Ty. The soldier looked as if he was going to be sick.

"True." Ty whispered. He wanted to die.

Paul nodded slowly, staring at Ty the whole time. "So you saw how that affected me?" He asked quietly.

"I did." Ty rasped, remembering how Paul Ashton had broken down and cried. "I'm so sorry."

But the elderly man only shook his head. "Don't be. You were only doing your job. But I hope that showed you how strongly I feel about my daughter."

"It did."

"She's my heart, Tyler." Paul's voice was barely above a whisper. "You don't want to know what I'll do if you hurt that girl. Trust me on that."

"I understand, Sir."

"Do you?" Paul tilted his head to the side.

"I do, Sir." Ty nodded. Hell, his admiral had warned him about the man.

"Good. I'm glad we understand each other. You can court my daughter but on one condition."

"Anything, Sir." Ty would have even gladly given one of his balls if that was what it was going to take.

"My daughter wakes up in my house every morning." The elderly man said, getting to his feet. "You see, I'm very old fashioned. And till my daughter is officially living on her own, I'd rather see her come awake every morning under my roof and nowhere else. I call her a kid but at twenty-one, she's old enough to want to stay out late. I don't want to stifle my kids. But when I do a headcount in the morning, I expect to see my daughter. Got it?"

'What the fuck?' Ty's facial expression didn't change. "Got it."

"Do we have a deal?"

Who was he to say no? "We do, Sir."

"Great." Paul moved towards the bar. "I would shake on it but I think a strong drink would be better. After all, it's not every day I come face to face with someone who has seen me at my lowest." Paul drawled, making Ty wince. "Unless of course you'd rather not..." Paul paused in the act of pouring scotch into a second glass.

"I'm on leave, Sir. And I must admit I've never needed a stiff drink more." Ty said drawing a chuckle from Tanesha's father.

Paul came back to Ty, who was standing respectfully, and gave him a glass that was more than half filled with scotch. "To new beginnings." He toasted, clicking his glass against Ty's.

"I'll drink to that." Ty nodded and took a sip of his drink. Both men chuckled softly as they took their seats. "Thank you very much Sir."

But Paul waved his hand dismissively. "Call me Paul. And don't thank me yet. That daughter of mine is one feisty girl. 'I know my right, I know my right'." He did a perfect imitation of Tanesha's voice, causing Ty to burst into laughter. "Hope you're ready for all her drama." Paul said dryly, the expression on his face totally comical.

Ty couldn't stop laughing. That was a totally different side of the man who'd nearly made him shit his pants just moments earlier. Paul Ashton had a sense of humour after all. Ty thought that was surprisingly refreshing. "That was a perfect imitation Sir...Paul." Ty laughed.

"Been with the kid her whole life, Tyler. I know my daughter. But know what is going to make your 'work' difficult?" Paul asked, giving the word quotations with his fingers. "She is very intelligent. And she knows how to argue her case to make her opponent come across as either the devil or an idiot. I pity you son." He chuckled, shaking his head.

"And why do you pity him?" Dora Aston asked, entering the living room and going to sit beside her husband. "What's that?" She asked taking the glass of scotch from Paul and taking a sip.

"Want me to pour you..." Paul began.

"No." Dora said giving Paul's drink back. "So, why do you pity Ty here?" She asked, elegantly crossing her legs.

"Well, Ty wants to court your daughter. I was only preparing him for what's coming."

"And what, if I may ask, is coming Paul Ashton?" Dora turned stern eyes on her husband, who suddenly looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Ty bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing.

"Dora, you know your daughter. I'm only..."

"And you think Ty doesn't know her after being with her for a month? Give him some credit Paul. For all you know it was her feisty nature that attracted him to her in the first place..."

"Really Dora?" Paul murmured. "You really think a hot-blooded young man such as Lt. Cdr. Wesley here actually waited to see our daughter in action before getting attracted?"

"Well..." Husband and wife turned their eyes on Ty. "Tell us Ty." Dora looked very serious. "What attracted you to our daughter?"

Ty stared back at the power couple. Sometimes telling the truth was not a very smart thing to do. He didn't think it would be in his best interest to tell Tanesha's parents that he'd actually fallen in lust with their daughter immediately he'd first laid eyes on her...and she'd been fast asleep. Like the man had rightly pointed out, he was a hot-blooded young man. And that body... But don't let it ever be said that Ty Wesley was not smart.

"Her feisty nature." Ty said, managing to look all serious.

All three were quiet for about three seconds. Then the laughter erupted. They laughed as though they were in a comedy theatre. By the time Ty was ready to leave, there was an easy friendliness between himself and Tanesha's parents. As they walked him to his car, Paul and Dora told Ty they were going to be in London for about a week and asked him to keep a close eye on Tanesha as the attack on her had shown them that they had to be careful. Then Dora Ashton said something which totally blew out the deal Paul had with Ty.

"When you kids stay out late, it will be better for everyone if she spends the night at yours rather than come home late. We don't know who's watching the house, ready to pounce. I wouldn't want to stay awake wondering when she'll be getting home or whether she's been kidnapped." She turned to her husband. "I'm right, am I not Paul?" But before a confused-looking Paul could answer, she turned back to Ty, who was trying very hard not to laugh. "Just let us know whenever you people decide she'll be sleeping over okay?"

"Okay, Ma'...Dora." But for the presence of her frowning husband, Ty would have hugged the hell out of Tanesha's mother that very moment.

"Good. I don't want to take any chances." Dora smiled as she linked her hands with Paul's.

"Have a safe trip then." Ty said, stretching forth his hand to Dora but she rather drew him into a warm hug which ended when her cell phone rang. As Ty shook Paul's hand, he couldn't help but notice how pensive the older man looked. "I take my deals seriously, Sir." Ty murmured. "I won't break it."

And that was all it took to bring a relieved look upon Paul's face. "Good." Paul nodded. "She does have a point but..."

"I understand." Ty said, wondering if Paul would shoot him if he added that he would always make sure Tanesha was home before daybreak. Surely she could get some few minutes sleep before the so-called headcount. A look at Paul's face however stopped him from adding that. He turned to smile at Dora when she rejoined them.

"May I be permitted to take Tanesha out this evening please?" Ty asked politely. There's a lot we need to talk about..."

"How about she having a sleepover at yours? After all..."

"Dora..." Paul growled, cutting his wife off.

"What?" She turned to look at her husband. "It's a Friday. She doesn't have to go to school tomorrow and he doesn't have to go to work either. He did say they have a lot to talk about Paul. And we both know they do. All I'm saying is that they should relax and have that talk. He can bring her home tomorrow."

Paul locked eyes with Ty for a moment. "Just this once, soldier." The older man rasped.

"I promise, all we're going to do tonight is talk Sir." Ty said with all sincerity. There was a lot he and Tanesha needed to talk about. Yes, he would love nothing better than to fuck her brains out till morning. But they really needed to talk. "I'm sure you'll agree with me that after three months, there's a lot I have to say to your daughter. I mean I did deceive her. And in order to court her the right way, there should be no questions, confusion or mistrust between us. It's very important to me. Please."

"Alright, alright, I get it." Paul said tightly.

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