tagInterracial LoveSizzling Embrace Ch. 08

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 08


Comments, critiques and tips are welcome. Tyler Tyron Wesley vs. Tanesha Ashton

Sorry about the length guys.

Dedicated to Andria...my muse! To Kak, Gaga & Queenie...enjoy your AGADZI moment.

And to the original TANESHA ASHTON. Love your swag chica...

Signed, sealed, delivered!


"Why can't we just take out these two now?" Will, one of Ty's fellow Arrowheads growled low in his throat.

"Patience, Will." Ty growled right back as he watched Will circling the two sleeping criminals as if he was a matador.

"But I'm bored." Will muttered. "Can't we just...have some fun with them?"

"Shut up, Will." Jackson hissed. "There will be lots of fun later. Now we wait."

"Killjoys." Will mumbled as he turned to walk towards the other end of their 'territory' as they called their hideout.

Ty and the three other Arrowheads who had been sent on the mission had been hiding in the woods behind the camp of the criminals they'd been tasked to take out, for weeks. The idiots had shot down their craft about a month earlier. Fortunately for them, Nate, their pilot and fourth member had spotted their enemy quickly enough. On Ty's orders, all four SEALs had jumped out of the craft and left it on auto pilot before the idiots had hit the aircraft, losing their weapons and of course, food. For about a week, they'd trekked through the dense forest, with just a small bottle of water each, and the usual knives that were usually hidden on soldiers. When they eventually got to the camp of their targets, who were none other than the remaining force of the ZONKAI, they were exhausted. The Arrowheads noticed that the thirty men in the ZONKAI camp were actually mercenaries who were obviously there to secure the camp before the arrival of the remaining notorious members of ZONKAI themselves. They had so many sophisticated weapons and ammunitions it was almost as if they were preparing for war. The Arrowheads knew they were no match for their targets in their exhausted state and no-weapon status. They'd therefore hidden themselves, resting whilst trying to come up with a plan to best the criminals. They'd lain in wait for about two more weeks, surviving on fruits from the forest, till all twenty--six ZONKAI members had arrived at camp.

Word had gotten to the FBI that there was going to be an attack on the country. Some idiot, who called himself Lord Wasaga, wanted to succeed Ghost and thought the best way to show his capability as a potential head of ZONKAI and command respect, was to do something drastic. As a statement to the government...that even though Ghost had been locked up, ZONKAI was still strong, Lord Wasaga was planning a huge attack on the country, which was supposed to occur on the day set for Ghost's trial. What they planned to do or how they intended to strike was not known to the FBI intelligence team. It was however believed that their meeting, which was to take place in that Balsas forest in Mexico, was to put together a plan. The remaining members of ZONKAI were to be present to witness Lord Wasaga's brilliance, and later, his perfect execution of the plan. The mission of the four-man team was simply to neutralize Lord Wasaga and his men. Whatever wicked plan they had, was not to materialize. They'd been given the order to kill the operation of ZONKAI once and for all. Ty and his men had planned on shooting the criminals with tranquilizers and arrest all or as many as they could. But as their weapons had been blown up with their craft, they didn't have any choice but to take out the group the hard way. It was kill or be killed. And the Arrowheads definitely didn't plan on being part of the latter.

The greatest advantage the Arrowheads had was the fact that some of the members of ZONKAI and the mercenaries actually wore the military camouflage attire just as Ty and his men had on. They'd therefore been able to stealthily move into the ZONKAI camp, undetected, and stolen some of their weapons. They made it a point not to take too many at any point, in order not to attract attention. They sometimes went as far as blending in whilst the fools drank and had fun, just to steal some of their food as thanks to the ZONKAI, they'd had to rely only on the fruits they could find in the forest. For weeks, Ty and his men had succeeded in stealing enough weapons and had also gotten their strength back. They were pumped for action. The idiots wouldn't know what hit them when the Arrowheads finally struck.

But just as the Arrowheads were ready to strike, they'd heard snippets of talk from the oblivious men in the ZONKAI camp. It looked like the evil group, as Ty and his men now called the men in the ZONKAI camp, was waiting for some very important people before the proper meeting began. They were supposed to be the financiers of the group. The Arrowheads were even more excited than the ZONKAI themselves. They couldn't wait to meet the so-called financiers. It appeared they were going to get more than they'd bargained for. Ty and his men therefore didn't have any choice but to wait. Their plan was to wait till they had a full house before they struck. But waiting wasn't easy. The Arrowheads were restless and bored.

Ty looked at the two sleeping ZONKAI men in front of him and chuckled. The two idiots had snuck away to fuck each other, totally oblivious to the audience they had. And then when they were done, they'd stupidly drifted off to sleep. Unfortunately for them, Will, in his usual naughty move, had squeezed drops of Valerian plant into their sleeping mouths. Now those two were bound to sleep longer, which was not a good thing as the others might notice their absence and come looking. The Arrowheads would therefore have to hide in order not to be caught when the idiots came looking. In a way, Ty couldn't wait to see the looks on the faces of the criminals when they eventually found the two semi-naked men. He groaned at how anxious he was for that small fun.

"What?" Jackson asked from beside him.

"I am bored."

Jackson burst into laughter. "Aren't we all? What brought on that conclusion?"

"I just realized I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they find these two. I'll probably have to gag myself to stop myself from giving us away, Jack. 'Cause I know I'm going to laugh hard."

"Dude, if you get us busted, I swear I'll tell them I'm a missionary and you've captured me as your sex slave." Jackson gave a mock growl, drawing laughter from Ty.

"Yeah right. As if they'll believe you." Ty chuckled, standing up. "We better hide now Jack. It's going to be a long night."

"Damn, I hate the waiting bit of this job." Jackson muttered as he rose to follow Ty.

And even as they climbed up the massive tree to lie in wait, Ty found his mind drifting home. He knew the Arrowheads back home had found their damaged craft by then. But he also knew that they had hope that he and his men were okay. Another team would have been dispatched already if they weren't positive that they were okay and working. It was so frustrating that they couldn't get in touch and report on their progress. They could only do that after they'd taken out the evil group. Because then, they could use their systems to call for help and get out of that forest. They'd been away for over a month already and Ty knew their families would be sick with worry.

A groan tore out of Ty's throat when his thoughts went to Tanesha as they always did. He could imagine how she was feeling at that moment, not knowing what had happened to him. Ty knew that by then, the authorities had already informed her of what had happened. He'd left those instructions because he didn't want her to go through what she had the last time he'd had to go MIA. If only he had a telepathic power to reach out to her and let her know he was alive and well, he would in a heartbeat. He needed to talk to her so bad. See her, touch her, kiss her...he just needed her. He was missing her so badly it was eating him alive. Was she pregnant as he felt in his bones she was? Somehow Ty had a strong feeling he'd planted his seed inside her. That was why he'd asked Chris to give her the MasterCard to use whenever she needed money. Ty rubbed his face as he recalled the call he'd made on his way home from the wedding grounds, to get his stuff. He'd surprised Jackson, who had turned to look at him as if he'd lost his mind. He'd called his lawyer and asked him to drop everything he was doing and meet him at home with a new clause to be added in his will. The new clause stated that everything he owned, except what he'd already set aside for his parents and siblings, was to go to Tanesha and her unborn child, should he not return from the mission. If on the other hand she wasn't pregnant, she still got a chunk of his wealth. Yes, he was that crazy about her.

"Dude..." Jackson had gasped. "You can't possibly know whether she's preg..."

"She is." Ty had breathed, staring out at the scenery. "I just know. A father always knows."

"It's rather a mother who always knows, you fool. Don't you think this is rather too much?"

"No, it's not Jackson." Ty had said quietly. "My mother did same for me before I was even born."

"Yeah, but she knew you were there. After all, you were inside her stomach. But this..."

"I know my child is in that stomach Jack. Even if the mother doesn't know it yet. And I need to know they will be okay if I'm gone."

Jackson had gone quiet for a moment. Then with a sigh he'd turned to look at Ty. "Much respect man." Jackson had said, giving Ty a fist-pump. "How about I get to give her a congratulatory kiss if it turns out she's really pregnant?" He'd asked with a grin."

"Now I see you don't value your teeth." Ty had given a mock growl.


"Dude, what's funny?" Jackson called out from his perch on the tree. "You're laughing."

"You are, dipshit." Ty laughed.

"What did I do?"

"You want to kiss my pregnant girl." Ty's amused laughter drew a chuckle from Jackson.

"You're thinking about her." It wasn't a question.

"I miss her so much, Jack." Ty breathed.

"Can I ask you something, Ty?" Jackson asked quietly.


"How...how do you know you're in love with someone?" He asked.

Ty went quiet, trying to come up with the simplest and shortest way to express how he felt to his friend. "You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is totally better than your dreams."

Jackson went so quiet Ty thought for a moment he hadn't heard him. "Fuck." Jackson finally muttered. "That's some powerful shit."

"Yes. Once you feel it, it's like no other thing in the world." Ty breathed.

"Well, those asshole financiers had better show up quickly so we can go back home to Miss Universe...and the baby."

"Believe me now?" Ty couldn't mask the smile in his voice.

"Who am I to challenge my Lieutenant Commander? A father always knows, right?" Jackson said dryly making Ty laugh.

"Fuck off asshole."

But even as Ty laughed with his friend, he said a prayer for both Tanesha and their baby to be safe. That was how sure Lt. Cdr. Tyler Tyron Wesley was about his baby.


Tanesha giggled as she watched the monitor and listened to the heartbeats of her babies. It never ceased to amaze her. The fact that they could have such strong heartbeats when she couldn't even feel them inside her yet, made it even more astounding.

"Incredible isn't it?" Dora Ashton said from beside her daughter, staring at the monitor with a brilliant smile on her face. "Small hearts and yet, very strong. That's my grandbabies for you." She beamed proudly.

Tanesha was nine weeks pregnant. Twins! She still shivered with shock, excitement and sadness whenever she thought about the twin babies growing inside her. Shock for the fact that they were two and not just one, excitement for the fact that she was pregnant with Ty's babies... had a huge piece of him growing inside her, and sadness for the fact that Ty wasn't around to even know he had babies on the way. Ty had still not turned up after two months. Although she was worried and unhappy, she knew in her gut that he was alive.

When she was given the bad news, of Ty's disappearance, she'd cried for days and eventually had to be admitted into a hospital. And that was how her pregnancy had been detected. From her doctor's calculation, she'd conceived on the night of that dinner at the White House. Tanesha wasn't surprised. She still cried, but it wasn't as frequently as before because besides the fact that she didn't want to cause the babies any stress, she was genuinely over the moon for the pregnancy.

Paul Ashton had predictably hit the roof when they'd found out about her condition. But Tanesha's mother had worked her magic on him, reminding him that it was not necessary to cry over spilt milk. Besides, their daughter was already devastated over what had befallen Ty so there was no need for him to compound her problems by portraying his anger at the news of the pregnancy. So Paul had kept his cool and showed his support to his daughter.

Tanesha was still not showing, which surprised her. After all, there were two human beings growing inside her. But her doctor had assured her that since it was her first pregnancy, it wasn't strange at all.

"Since you're a first-time mum, you could begin developing a baby bump any time between twelve and sixteen weeks." Dr. Jane Brooks had explained. "You have up to the end of your first trimester to enjoy your flat tummy." She'd added with a chuckle.

But Tanesha couldn't wait to see her stomach swell with her miracle. The only change she could readily notice within herself was that her breasts felt heavier, she'd lost appetite for food and she experienced frequent heartburns. She still went for lectures and did everything expected of her, except for the fact that she wasn't her usual bubbly self. Ty had been gone for two months without any word. Tanesha just wasn't a happy girl. She however made an effort to look cheerful around people who she knew were worried about her...like her family and Ty's friends. The guys had shown her so much love in Ty's absence, assuring her that Ty was too stubborn to die so she should be positive. All she had was hope and nothing more. Sometimes she cried because she was almost sure that some forces were keeping them apart. Just when she thought she had her boyfriend back and could be happy, fate separated them again. It was so frustrating and irritating. But she had hope. Ty would come back to her. He'd promised. And Tanesha knew Ty took his promises seriously.

"I still can't get used to this car." Dora muttered as she slipped into the front seat of Ty's Bugatti Veyron. "These kind of cars are for young people, not old birds like me."

"Oh come on Mum." Tanesha laughed as she accelerated the car out of the parking lot. "It's not as if you're the one driving. I am. And the last time I checked, I was very young, thank you very much." She said cheekily, making her mother laugh.

"Silly little girl." Dora laughed.

"Not so little anymore." Tanesha sighed, losing her playful look.

"Hey, everything will be fine." Dora said, reaching out to rub her daughter's cheek with her knuckles. "Don't worry too much."

Tanesha nodded as she drove towards Ty's home. It was a Saturday. And her mother had promised to spend the day with her in Ty's house, where Tanesha always spent her weekends. She smiled when she remembered the day the squad, their partners and kids had all converged in Ty's house one Saturday, to spend the day with her. Even Adele, Shane's daughter had come too. It had been fun. Tanesha couldn't remember a day she'd been that carefree since Ty left on that fateful mission. She'd invited Thea and Theo, Ty's twin siblings to come too. She'd had a blast. The guys had made a bet on the sex of the baby, not having any clue that she was having twins. The only ones who were privy to that information was her family. She planned on telling the squad later, after she was done savouring the news. So the antics of the squad had amused her even more. When Michael had began to earnestly interview her to know exactly how she was feeling, to help him in making a choice during the bet, Tanesha had laughed so hard her sides had hurt.

"You're such an asshole." Cole had grumbled.

"Hey, don't hate." Michael had chuckled. "As a father to both a boy and a girl, I have an advantage here and it will be stupid not to use it."

"He's so full of shit." Matt had growled, making everyone burst into laughter.

Those guys made her smile just by thinking about them. She loved them to bits. As Tanesha cut of the engine, Ty's housekeeper came out to meet them with a smile on her face. Her boss had given her strict instructions before leaving on his last mission.

"Make sure she has everything she needs when she comes here, Annabel." He'd said. "And call any of the guys if you see her crying, okay?"

"Roger that Sir." She'd given a salute that had made Ty smile.

"And keep her company whenever she comes around. You're young. You two can get along perfectly."

And Annabel had done just as her boss had instructed. She lived in the detached guest house on Ty's property with Peter, her husband who was also the caretaker since Ty was mostly out on missions. Therefore whenever she detected that Tanesha didn't look too cheerful during her weekend sleepovers, she stayed with her and tried to raise her spirits. In fact the only times she stayed away was when Tanesha was studying or sleeping. They'd gotten pretty close in such a short time and Annabel was so thrilled with the news of the baby. She knew her boss would be ecstatic when he got to know. She just prayed for his safe return.

"Hello Mrs. Ashton." Annabel greeted as she opened Dora's door for her. "Good to see you again."

"Hello Anna." Dora hugged Annabel. She was grateful to Annabel for the way she took care of Tanesha whenever she stayed over at Ty's. And she never failed to call her every Monday just to say thanks. "Are we set for the bakefest?"

Annabel laughed as she took Dora's handbag and linked her hands with hers. "I'm so impressed with myself on how I've set the place up I think we should probably turn this into a TV show of sorts. Maybe we should call the food network channel to come shoot the whole thing..."

Dora burst into laughter as Tanesha shook her head in amusement. She'd made the mistake of telling her mother that she craved freshly home baked cake. And Dora had been so thrilled to hear that Tanesha, for once had a craving, she'd called Annabel to set it up so they could bake the house down. Now Tanesha was regretting opening her big mouth.

"We can call it the 'Saturday Cake Bakefest." Dora waved a hand grandly above her head, and then joined Annabel to laugh even harder.

"You two are something else." Tanesha muttered as she listened to their laughter.

"But that would be so cool if it could be arranged." Dora gushed.

"Well, there's a camera of sorts in the kitchen." Tanesha muttered as she entered the living area. Ty's house had security cameras everywhere. Tanesha smiled when she recalled that one heavenly week they'd spent together before Ty had to leave on his mission. He'd always made sure he either turned the camera off in any room they fucked in, or destroyed the tape afterwards...which was very often, taking into consideration the number of spontaneous quickies they'd had in almost every corner of the house. "You could always get Peter to focus on you. All you have to do is pretend you're an Iron Chef, teaching your audience how to bake on TV."

"Yes!" Annabel shouted, making mother and daughter laugh. "Peter..." She started screaming her husband's name even as Dora entered the kitchen.

"Oh my God, she's crazy." Dora Ashton breathed as she took in the set up in Ty's kitchen. It was absolutely beautiful and looked so professional. When her eyes landed on two aprons, with the names, Dora and Anna boldly printed on each, she gasped. "I love her." Dora beamed as she reached for the apron with her name.

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