tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSizzling Nights

Sizzling Nights


It was hot a hot Louisiana night. I’d just stepped out of a cooling shower and pulled the crisp sheets over my silky skin. I decided to do a little reading because I wasn’t too sleepy.

James was in his office working on a grant to expand a section of the training field for the kids. He had been sweating over it for a couple of weeks and he needed to get it finished by Monday.

The windows were open and I could hear the frogs croaking and a light wind playing with the leaves of the trees that surrounded the house.

I turned on the bedside lamp beside the bed and picked up the novel I had been reading. I was tired, but needed a little incentive to close my eyes. Reading always helped.

I was just starting to doze and lose my place when I heard a noise outside my open windows. It startled me and brought me back to my senses.

Then there was a knock at the back door. I got up and threw on a light kimono and hurried to the door, trying to beat the knocking from reaching James’ ears.

When I opened the door, juices spilled into my dry pussy. There stood a man around five-foot, ten-inches tall, muscular and slim. His face donned a bright smile and his silver hair belied his age.

“Yes, may I help you?” I asked.

“Oh, I hope so,” he responded. His blue-gray eyes surveyed me from head to toe. “My name’s Jay and I just moved in next door. I was just getting ready to relax with a cool drink after unpacking all day. When I opened the fridge, I found all the beer bottles were empty. I was wondering if you had any extra beer laying around in your fridge?” he explained.

I laughed and said, “Let me look; I don’t drink beer but James sometimes has one or two to relax. If he hasn’t drank then all, I’m sure he won’t mind sharing. He loves sharing, actually,” I licked my lips and smiled.

I pulled out a couple of beers and handed them to Jay.

“Hey, even my brand! This is great, now I can relax and eventually fall asleep. By the way, who’s James?” he asked in retrospect.

“Oh, he’s my boyfriend. James, come meet our new neighbor,” I called.

“No, that’s all right; I’m sure he must be busy,” Jay begged off as James arrived. When James entered the kitchen, he smiled. “Hey man, I’m James,” and held out his hand.

“Jay here,” our new neighbor responded and shook his hand.

“Welcome to the neighborhood, Jay!” James welcomed him; “come on in; let’s have a beer. Oh, I see you’ve already started!”

I handed James a beer and they sat at the table. “Sorry James, but I just finished unpacking and I just needed a couple of drinks to help me relax so I can sleep. When I opened my fridge, I realized I had drunk them all. So I took a chance that you might have one or two that I could barrow, helps me sleep you know.

“Yeah, I sure do, “ said James. “I have something else that will probably help you sleep if you would like to try it out?” James suggested.

“No man! I stopped drinking the hard stuff years ago; had a problem with it when I was younger. This will take care of me; I assure you James.” Jay begged off.

“Oh, but I wasn’t offering you whiskey; don’t drink much of that myself either,” James responded. He stood up and walked to me. He placed his arm around my waist and said, “My Mistress here is very good at helping a man sleep, aren’t you my dear?”

I smiled and looked at the sexy specimen before me.

Jay choked on the beer he had just swallowed. Some of it spewed from his lips.

“What? I don’t think I understand what you’re saying!” he challenged.

“Have a seat,” invited James, as he pulled a chair from the table. He pulled a second for me then sat down himself.

“Don’t you find my Lady beautiful?” he asked as he opened the top of my robe.

Jay swallowed hard, “Yes, man she is beautiful, but I don’t fuck other men’s wives or girlfriends. I love my balls too much not to mention my life! Sorry ma’am, you are beautiful, but I do like breathing,” he smiled at me.

“Let me explain,” James chided, “Please!”

“What’s to explain? She’s your woman. End of story!”

James looked to me for help.

“No, I’m not really his woman,” I explained. “I’m his Mistress; he’s my cuck. He takes care of me domestically and in return, I let him watch as I have sex with other men,” I explained.

“Sometimes he chooses the man, others I do, and sometimes we just go with the flow, which is what is happening now,” I winked and licked my lips.

“You want to have sex with me?” Jay asked hesitantly.

“Might be fun!” I replied. I can see this is exciting you and from what I can see, you definitely have the ‘hardware’ for the job!” I cooed.

Jay blushed and looked to James for support; he gave none but a smile.

Finally James spoke, “No man has ever complained about my Lady and she loves to give head!”

“I’ sure that’s true”, Jay looked at me and licked his lips. “She has a beautiful body and her breasts are perfect,” he assured James.

“Why not take a test drive? I’ll wait here,” James suggested. “If you like what she has, maybe you’ll let me watch next time?”

Jay looked from James to me then back to James. I watched as the bulge in his jeans grew. “Okay, let’s see what you’re like, pretty lady!”

Jay stood up and took my hand. I led the way to the bedroom. He closed the door and turned to me. “Are you really all right with this?” he asked.

“Yes, I am. James has a small problem that cannot be corrected. Because of it, he can’t please me like other men can. He has a great tongue, but little else. I need a REAL man to please me. I know you have the tools for that job from what I’ve seen so far.” I explained.

He bent his head and kissed me hard on the lips. His hand slipped to my erect nipples and he pinched my left one. Fire flowed down my legs and I became weak. “I need you now,” I whispered.

Jay slipped the kimono off my shoulders and sucked my tit into his mouth. Then his hands explored the lower regions of my torso.

I moaned and my knees became weak. Jay caught me and carried me to the bed. He lay me there and began to disrobe. When he took off his shirt, his biceps bulged. Then he dropped his jeans. His underwear jutted out towards me.

I licked my lips and reached for the dick within. It popped out and I caught it in my hand. I could barely contain it.

He slapped my hand away and I pouted. “You will just have to wait,” he teased. “I get to play first.”

Jay bent his head to my breast and sucked it into his mouth. His tongue whipped around my nipple, which had grown hard by his touch. I moaned at the pleasure he was giving me.

His hands explored the lower regions of my torso and the juices spewed into my pussy once again. Jay fell to his knees and licked at my clit. I had to support myself by placing my hands on his shoulders. My legs went weak.

He lifted me into his arms and lay me on the bed. He crawled on next to me and covered my mouth with his. His tongue explored my tonsils and his hands the bumps and crevices.

I could feel his arrow growing against me; he had to be at least nine inches long; I reached for it and he pushed my hand away.

“You are really horny aren’t you my pretty? But you will just have to wait. I like to do it at my own pace and you will follow my lead!” Jay taunted me.

His mouth covered mine and his tongue explored my tonsils. I could feel his hardness between my legs. He slowly moved his body up and down above me and I wanted so much to push his hips toward my wet pussy.

“You taste so good,” Jay said as he licked my clit. It was getting hard and I could barely lay still. I wanted to push my hips toward his tongue and force him to bring me to climax.

He held my pelvis tight with his hands while his snake-like tongue explored my cunt and clit. Struggle as I might, I could not free myself enough to guide him to the spot that I longed to be touched.

Soon I exploded in an orgasm like none I had ever experienced. My entire body tingled; my legs quaked with the excitement that flowed down them like hot lava.

My breathing became heavy and I could not control the convulsions that ran through my body. Sparks shot from my eyes and moans escaped my lips. I wondered, ‘what will it be like when he uses his dick?’

Satisfied that my reaction to his touch was real and that I was truly satisfied, Jay slid up to my lips and planted a salty kiss there.

I reached for his hard cock and he allowed me to stroke it as he knelt beside me. My hand could barely reach around its girth. I guessed it was at least six inches. I could feel its raised veins as I stroked the length. The head of his dick was soft and the flare at the base was wide. I wanted it in my mouth.

Leaning towards him, I opened my lips and sucked the head into my mouth. My jay felt strained by his size. I forced him deeper into my mouth and I could taste the salty precum at its tip.

“Mmmmm, good,” I whispered as I slid my head up and down on the large, tasty acorn. With each stroke I let it go deeper and deeper into my throat. Slowly, I forced the thickness into my esophagus until I nearly cut off my air.

Then I began a slow, steady pumping motion sucking and swallowing over and over. Jay’s hands found my head and held it steady while he controlled the motions.

In and out he pushed his dick into my willing mouth over and over. It eventually found its way deeper and deeper into my maw. I could barely breathe, but the feel of him in my orifice was so erotic. I was coming from the excitement.

His fingers again began to massage my clit and my tits became hard. They stood up begging for attention. I reached for them and pinched the hardness. A flood of pleasure flowed threw me.

Jay pulled his cock from my mouth and placed his lips on my hard mound. He sucked and pulled at my breast. My body felt like hot liquid.

Then he straddled me. The muscles in his arms bulged and his stomach resembled a washboard. His legs were like tight ropes of strength supporting him. He spread my vaginal lips and guided the large head of his prick up and down the gully he had found.

“Ohhhhhh,” I sighed as he started running it over my erect clit.

“Baby likes that?” he asked.

“Yes, and baby wants that in her wet pussy!” I cried.

“Oh really, do you think you deserve my drill in your oil well?” he teased.

“I’m not sure that I deserve it but I want it more than anything I’ve ever desired,” I whispered.

From across the room I saw a sliver of light shoot through the bedroom door. I knew that James had been listening all along. Now he had gotten the courage to slightly open the door to glimpse the activities inside. Jay was too involved with me to have seen the light. I motioned for him to stop and pointed toward the door.

“James! What are you doing snooping around the door?” I called. “Go back in the kitchen, Now!”

“Yes, Mistress!” he pouted and retreated.

Jay shook his head and then, as if the interruption hadn’t happened, he asked, “And what do I get if I let you have this piece of meat?”

“More excitement than you have ever imagined.”

“Oh, and how do I know that’s true?”

“You won’t unless you try,” I teased.

He started rubbing the head of his penis on my erect clit and lightening struck. My hips rose and begged for more.

“Click!” James had pressed too hard on the door and Jay immediately turned to see what was going on.

“What the hell are you doing there?” Jay called to him.

“I’m sorry Master Jay, but I just wanted to hear the pleasure coming from the room since I couldn’t watch,” his eyes begged forgiveness.

“If I have to send you away a third time, you will be punished severely! I will deny you watching for a month! Is that what you want?” I scolded. “Now go away and don’t come back again tonight!”

“No, James, come here; I want you to help me out,” Jay directed.

“Since you’re so damned interested in what’s going on in here, you may as well be part of it. Come on in! Join us on the bed an let’s have a threesome!” Jay instructed sarcastically.

Cautiously, James made his way to the bed. I noticed that his dicklett was erect and pressing against his shorts.

“You know, that’s the shortest tent pole I’ve ever seen!” Jay taunted.

“Yes, Master Jay, I’m sure that it is. Thank you for allowing me and my worthless cock join you.”

“What can I do to make your joy of fucking my Mistress more satisfying?”

“I want you to climb onto the bed in front of your mistress. I’m going to fuck her from behind and, as I do so, I want you to lick her erect clit. That way, both of us will have more pleasure and you can take pride in helping your Mistress have a fantastic orgasm.”

James crawled onto the bed in front of me; his smile was wide and I smiled in spite of myself. He licked his lips then spread the ones that concealed my pussy to expose my now throbbing, hard clit.

“I am ready, Master Jay,” he announced.

With me on my knees, doggie style, Jay placed a hand on my breast and his other arm rested on the small of my back. I felt his large dick move smoothly in and out of my thirsty cunt.

James’ tongue licked and sucked on my clit and fire filled my body. My legs became weak and I feared I would lose control and fall onto the bed crushing James and losing Jay’s joystick at the same time.

I have no idea how long he fucked me. Just before he spilled his seed he cried, “I’m coming!” Then it overflowed my thirsty cunt. I could feel the tacky cum as it trickled down my thighs.

James was anxious; I could tell he wanted to dive into the sticky seed that had fallen on my legs. He dared not move though, not until Jay gave him permission.

Once he finished depositing his love juice, Jay kissed me hard on the lips and looked at James. He saw how anxious James was to clean me. “Okay puny dick, do your thing!” he directed.

James quickly dove into my overflowing sex and lapped at the warm cum like as a man would an oasis in the middle of a desert. I thought, ‘Yeah, it’s been a while since we’ve had a bull around.’

His tongue felt so good swirling around in my pot of gold. I arched my back had pressed my slit closer to his face. I wanted him to scoop out as much spunk as he could.

James fingers continued to stimulate my clit as his experienced tongue brought wave after wave of pleasure to my trembling body. My back arched trying to direct his skilled, snakelike tongue deeper into my craving orifice.

And deeper he did plunge. My nipples grew hard once again as the pleasure flooded my entire body. Jay leaned over my excited body and ran his tongue over the hardness of my erect nipples. He squeezed one between his fingers while he sucked and kissed the other. My body was screaming with wild pleasure.

I feared that I would fall into blissful servitude due to the euphoria running through my mind and body. My senses were exploding and my mind couldn’t drink it in fast enough. Tongues, hands, fingers and even noses were all over my skin, stimulating places I could not believe had sensory powers.

I surrendered to the tingling, nibbling, and touching that made me tremble with such pleasure that I was sure I would pass out. Hands, mouths, and cocks were stimulating nerve in my body.

Then it all stopped, suddenly. Jay pushed James off of the bed directing him to go run us a warm bath.

“Wait, I need to be cleaned first!” I exploded.

James stopped and looked from me to Jay then back to me.

“Come here and take care of me,” I instructed.

“Yes, Mistress, I do apologize; I’m afraid I got caught up in the aftermath that I wasn’t thinking right,” he pleaded. I will do that right away. Do you wish me to clean Master Jay as well Madam?” he asked.

“Do him first,” I directed as I looked to Jay for a reaction.

At first he showed fear. I responded with doe eyes and a pouty mouth and he said, “I’ve never let any man touch my cock and I’m not about to start now. No sissy boy is putting my tool in his mouth!” he shouted.

“Please!” I implored. “Our coupling was so fantastic. I can’t let it end with you all dirty. I definitely won’t clean that off you. He will be gentle and I will let you lick my clit while he sucks my juices off your manhood.

Angry, Jay lay back on the pillow and gruffly instructed James to “Do it fast! And don’t use your hands!”

“Yes, Master!” he replied and quickly bent over his limp member, sucking it into his mouth slowly and gently; careful not to get Jay excited.

I lay back on my pillow and watched. My fingers drifted to my clit and I played with myself as James cautiously cleaned my sex juices off Jay’s magnificent tool.

To take his mind off of what was happening to him, Jay reached over and squeezed my breast as James mouth slowly licked and sucked his now growing dick.

James’ mouth came off the head of Jay’s prick and I saw a thin thread of white fluid arched between his lips and the tip of Jay’s dick. My fingers went to my still hard clit and I massaged her throbbing head, matching the bobbing of James’ head on Jay’s phallus.

I knew the pleasure was getting to Jay when he placed the heel of his hand on James’ forehead and pushed him off the bed.

“Take care of your mistress wimp!” He bellowed.

James looked at me and I spread my legs so he could lick Jay’s joy-juice from my pussy. As he dove into the still warm seed there his tongue glazed my electric clit and a ripple of pleasure flowed through me.

His apt tongue snaked deep into the spilled seed in and around my joy spot. My nipples became hard and I wanted more stimulation.

Pulling Jay to me, I kissed him deep. My tongue snaked down his throat and I sucked into my mouth as deeply as I could. His hands explored my tits making my nipples hard once more.

Breaking our lock, he slid down and took my mound into his mouth. He sucked it gently at first then harder and finally, he nibbled the hard nipple and suckled me like a baby.

The juices flowed into my cunt once again and James reaped the benefits of our play as his tongue darted in and out of my lovebox and over my hard ladycock.

“Oh god! You are so good! Tell me you will be with me often!” I cried as his mouth explored my upper torso.

“What are neighbors for, if not to pleasure a damsel in need!” he smiled.

I pulled him tight to me and pushed James off my twat. I licked my way down his stomach and found the fuzzy hair at the base of his dick. It was moist and tasted salty.

Then I ran my tongue the length of his hardness and found more salty tastes spewing from the knob that topped his pole. “Mmmmmm good!” I sighed as my mouth covered the plum.

His hands rested on the back of my head as it bobbed up and down on the thick shaft. His size filled my mouth and entered my throat. I had to pull up to breathe.

James climbed between my open legs and began licking my clit as I sucked the hot spunk out of Jay’s still full sacs.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned from the taste of him and the pleasures of James tongue.

Jay’s hands guided my head up and down as he masturbated with my mouth. His hips pushed toward my nose as I slid down the thick cock. When he pulled me back to its head I tasted the salty seed on my tongue once again.

My head began to swim from all the twitter my body was sensing. Chills ran up my spine and the backs of my legs. I began to tremble from sensory overload and finally I fell, trembling, onto the bed.

Jay directed James, once again, “Go run a bath, I believe we’ve exhausted her.”

“Yes, Master Jay, I will do that right away,” James agreed and ran to the bathroom to prepare the water.

Jay kissed me gently on my face and neck while his fingers continued to toy with my hard nipples. His other hand explored my trembling body then rested on my erect clit which continued to shoot arrows of pleasure threw my body.

Chills passed over my skin at his touch. My body was so hot that the little pressure from his finger excited me.

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