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Skinny Dipping


William flicked through the remote control channels with almost testy impatience. Paying nearly $100 bucks a month and there wasn’t a damn thing to watch. All the movies were ones he’d seen so many times he could almost recite them verbatim, and all the tired old rerun sitcoms had since lost their comic appeal having seen them hundreds of times over the years. There were sports and news programs, but he just wasn’t in the mood. Inadvertently he ended up parked on an adult channel and all the moaning and groaning grated against his nerves, which were wound up tighter than a drum. He didn’t want to resort to masturbation yet again; it was much too frustrating.

He thought of his ex wife then, remembering she wasn’t worth much but she had always kept his bed interesting. Problem was she kept nearly all his poker buddies’ beds interesting too, which was why he’d tossed her out on her kiester four years ago. The only regret he had was that their then sixteen-year-old daughter had gone with her biological mother. Despite the fact he had provided for her and cared for her unconditionally, a little thing like his not being her natural father totally screwed him out of custody.

He smiled then, remembering he got his revenge when Denise had decided to make him a part of her life after she’d come of age. She was going to college now, and made sure she came for regular weekend visits. She adored William; he had always been so kind to her. And even now he pretty much let her free to do whatever she wanted. She could drink even though she had another year to go until she was twenty-one, the legal drinking age. He never complained of her going out to all night parties as long as he knew where she was going to be and if she was going to be riding with someone who had been drinking. On more than one occasion he’d come to get her when she didn’t have a safe ride home.

He took care of her and protected her, supported her in her dreams and in her finances. Why not? He made a decent living as an owner of his own air conditioning company. He had a big house that was much too big for just him. It made him feel good to spoil her rotten with presents galore, and nothing brightened his life more than to hear her phone call on Fridays to let him know she’d be coming to stay with him over the weekend, usually bringing a half a dozen friends in tow. She drove an expensive little sports car that he paid out the nose for to keep insured, but it didn’t matter. As long as she was happy, so was he.

So what that he didn’t have a nice warm body to snuggle up to at night? Or a hot tight pussy to bury himself in on nights like tonight where he felt like he was going nuts with frustration? He had a daughter, in spirit if not by blood, and she did everything to make his life better. Including calling him Daddy, which still sent a thrill through him. He never had much intention on having a family, but when a young girl calls you daddy you think you can do just about anything. You can hang the moon; you can steal the very stars from the sky to hang around her neck if she asked. Nothing was more masculine than having a young girl depend on you for protection, for love. It was the way he always imagined marriage to be, but never got that lucky.

He hoped that Denise would have that one day. A man to love her and take care of her just the way he did. He didn’t look forward to it that was for sure. He enjoyed being the only man in his daughter’s life. He enjoyed the way even still she’d wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him right on the mouth with such little girl exuberance. He blushed a little as his cock jumped at the thought.

What was he thinking? He needed to get laid! Here he was thinking of the same girl that he taught to drive a car, the same one who he’d held all night while she cried about this boyfriend or that one. This is the girl who slept three doors down in a pretty pink frilled room with teddy bears that he’d won for her at the county fair. For all intents and purposes, she was his daughter. Someone he had never once thought of in a sexual capacity. Ever.

Okay that wasn’t entirely true. So he’d gotten the occasional erection when he’d watched her come in from the pool all soaking wet. Her sparse bikini barely covering her taunt young body, her innocence beckoning him in a way he’d never known before. Not even in his high school days.

William laughed a little. This was silly. He’d watched too much late night cable television. In the other room he could hear Denise and her friend Amanda laughing and listening to music. It was a familiar, happy refrain he’d savored through the years. It’s what made his house a home, even when his ex wife was out whoring around with God knows who. He’d never once let his mind drift to the fact Denise wasn’t related to him technically, and in truth was nothing more than a gorgeous coed who chose to spend her weekends hanging out with him when she could be with guys her own age.

She cooked for him, cleaned for him, made sure he had the books he liked to read, the movies he liked to watch. She took better care of him than any other woman before her, and surely any woman to come after her. Then he stopped. Woman? Woman. That’s what Denise really was.

Almost waiflike and small, a petite little brunette with small breasts and a tiny waist with a pixie haircut and gymnast body, but still, a twenty year old woman. An intelligent woman who could keep him on his toes during political conversations, a humorous woman who knew how to play a practical joke with the best of them. A sexual woman, who had come to him all those years ago with a plea to consent to birth control pills. A woman who knew how to take control of the situation to where she never emasculated any man but never submitted either. She was a woman that he admired, respected and loved.

Loved like a daughter. At least, that’s what he’d always believed. He was just frustrated was all. He was letting his mind wander. Yeah, that was it.

Okay this was nuts; he finally decided when he couldn’t shake images of Denise from his heated brain. He was standing by his window and staring out over the back yard when he decided it was high time he doused himself with some very cold water. Otherwise both Denise and Amanda would get a HUGE surprise.

He stripped to his shorts and headed for the pool. Only at the pool he forsake the shorts which weren’t very comfortable as his aching cock begged for release. As he dove in the crisp, cold water, his cock nearly retreated full up into his body to get away from the harsh temperature drop and as far as William was concerned, that was the best thing for everyone.

He couldn’t shake these strange new thoughts that had begun. Here he was rationalizing lusting over what was, for all intents and purposes, his daughter. He’d practically raised her, so what if his sperm had not contributed to her genetic development? But he couldn’t get the thought of her perfect body and her beautiful face, wondering what it would be like to watch her writhe as he pushed far up into her tight cunt. At that moment he dunked himself, a proper baptism for the sinner he knew he was.

Only nothing was working. Not the coldness of the water, or the impropriety of the situation. All he knew was that he had not had sex in a really long time and if fantasizing about this girl was the way to get his thoughts off sex and back onto normal life, then he could spare it. After all, it was just one fantasy. It wasn’t like it was going to come true.

So there, floating near the deep end of the pool, he began to stroke himself at the thought of screwing his daughter. It was the most intense thing he’d ever experienced and he thought he was going to cum within mere moments. The only thing was the stillness of the night was popped like a balloon as he heard the backdoor slam open and two giggling girls race each other out onto the patio and into the pool.

It all happened so suddenly that he didn’t know what to do with himself, so he sunk down in the water until only his head was visible. He could see them very well but they had not acknowledged his presence. They were too busy laughing and splashing in the water. As one lifted up to dunk the other he made a startling discover: they were both stark naked.

What an embarrassing situation this was turning out to be! What would they do when they realized that he was there with them, not only naked but with an enormous hard on? As William let his mind ponder the situation further, he couldn’t help but wonder if they wouldn’t find it as stimulating as he did.

His question was nearly answered as he watched them begin to caress instead of tickle, embrace instead of dunk. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched them lean in towards each other for a kiss. His darling, petite daughter Denise was aggressively shoving her tongue into the mouth of her gorgeous blond friend Amanda, and taking a firm grasp of her breast as she did so. The hand that had stilled on his cock when they had first appeared began a slow stroke now as he watched them, attempting to keep as silent and still as possible.

He was still stroking as they both submerged under the water, he figured for more foreplay. He could imagine as they began to finger each other or let their tongues dance inside each other’s thighs. His groan was soft as his eyes closed and his hand pumped furiously on his cock. He nearly swallowed his tongue when a moment later he felt two velvet bodies sandwich him from either side. His eyes flew open to see the impish light in Denise’s eyes as she came close enough for him to feel her hard nipples pressing against his side, and the coarse patch of pubic hair brush up against his upper thigh. “Hi, Daddy,” her voice was low and seductive.

“Hi,” he sputtered back, feeling the fuller body of her friend press up on the opposite side.

She smiled as her hand went to cup his raging hard on. “Wow, Daddy. That’s even bigger than what we could see through the window.” Oh wow. She’d been watching him. Both of them had been watching him. Not only that but… they came here… on… purpose? He wanted to cum right there on the spot.

“You were watching?”

She nodded. “I’ve been watching you for a long time, Daddy. Since before you and Mom got a divorce even. I would listen in as you guys went after it in bed, and from the way you made her scream I just knew what an incredible fuck you’d be. I’ve been waiting to find out for a long time.”


“But I’m your daughter?” she completed his worried question. “I know, isn’t it sexy? Forbidden fruit.” She pressed in closer. “You do want to taste my fruit, don’t you Daddy?”

He nodded absently. She was twenty years younger but she was definitely in control. She leaned in for a scorching kiss. This time it was his mouth her tongue was pressing into, swirling around his own tongue, demanding he kiss her back deep and full. He could feel the long, graceful fingers of her friend Amanda as she grasped his cock and the moan she gave when she felt its fullness in her hands. The sound of her pleasure made it jump which pleased her greatly.

Only Denise wouldn’t be denied. She had been waiting for this moment a long time, and could not wait to feel that huge cock buried in her as far as she could get it. She moved around to face him fully, his fingers immediately going to find her nipples as she moaned her pleasure into his mouth. Her firm legs wrapped around his waist and he could feel how slippery her cunt had become from her lust for him. He forgot all about Amanda as he pressed against her, feeling her open for him as he thrust deep inside. She broke apart the kiss to scream in delight, her brown eyes closing as her head fell back. Her cunt grasped him tightly in, which made pulling out for another stroke all the more tight. He grunted as he started bucking into her, watching her bounce on his dick and licking her lips in between alternating screams and moans.

His hands were on her hips, moving her tiny body with ease up and down his rock hard cock. He loved watching her face contort with pleasure, her eyes widening every time he slammed deep into her. He wanted to cum so badly, but she pulled away. “We’re being so rude to our guest, Daddy,” she whispered, pointing to where Amanda had perched on the edge of the pool on the shallow side.

“We can’t be rude,” he agreed, breaking apart to swim along side her till they reached where Amanda now sat on the edge, her feet dangling by the steps. Denise crawled up the steps until she was buried between the other girl’s legs, her own ass lifted up and bared for her Daddy’s eager cock. He walked up behind her, spreading her legs and watching the pink of her pussy open up for him. He wasted no time in slamming into her, watching as she screamed into Amanda’s pussy before licking and sucking her with fervor as her Daddy rode her hard. His balls slapped against her clit, the hair there tickling her and making her grind against him as she took Amanda’s clit into her mouth and sucked hard. He watched Amanda’s face as her fingers tweaked her own nipples and pure desire glazed her big blue eyes over. She watched him fuck Denise and when Denise pressed three fingers into her cunt to mimic what her Daddy was doing to her, Amanda began to writhe underneath her hands, coming hard.

He angled himself to hit that sweet special place buried in every woman’s body and began fucking her faster and harder than she’d ever been ridden in her life. It was only a moment later when her whole body contracted all over his cock, squeezing him hard with her orgasm.

That was all it took, he buried himself to the balls as he released himself into her. It seemed to go on forever as his body jerked with the power of his climax. He emptied his balls into this tiny girl who screamed, “That’s it, Daddy! Cum in me! Fill me up, Daddy!”

They all collapsed together with a small splash in the water. He was looking at wonder at his tiny daughter, wondering where the hell they were going to go from here. He said as much to her. “This kinda changes things, doesn’t it?”

She nodded and didn’t look at all unhappy about it. “Yes. It means I’ll be spending a lot more time at home rather than going out all the time. No one has ever treated me as good as my Daddy.” She smiled as she rubbed up against him for another passionate kiss. “I’ve been waiting a long time to fill your bed. We have a long way to go until I’m done.”

He pulled her closer. “I’m glad to hear it. I don’t want you going anywhere. But come all you like.”

They all laughed. He looked at Amanda. “Sorry if you felt ignored, Amanda.”

“That’s okay,” she shrugged. “I’ve had to be your substitute for a long time, I figure I’d let Denise enjoy the real thing first.”

“My substitute?”

They both nodded before Denise explained. “Amanda and I have been fucking pretty steady for about a year. No guy I could ever fuck would ever come close to what I wanted with you, so I just hung out with her. We bought toys and did the deed all the while using you as our fantasy.”

He smiled then. “I hope the real thing measured up.”

Both girls smiled wickedly as they reached down to fondle his hardening cock, already a nice size half erect. Words were suddenly unnecessary as they began to alternately kiss and touch and hold and play. The night was young, and he was reborn. The possibilities were endless.

“The water’s getting cold,” Denise whispered. “Let’s go inside where it’s warm so that I can watch you fuck Amanda’s brains out.”

He didn’t argue a bit. After all, a good daddy does whatever it takes to make his baby girl happy.

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