Skinny Dipping with Mom


Unfortunately mom only poked her tongue back at mine just a touch before quickly breaking away from me, basically shoving me off her, and spinning around so fast I thought she might get whiplash.

"I'll see you later, shug..." She muttered as she bolted out the door, slamming it behind it her.

For the rest of the morning, all I thought about was our kiss and how much fun it was groping her, finally getting to touch her thick, juicy ass, an ass I'd thought about touching many, many times, and any guilt I'd had about my feelings toward her totally vanished, at least for the time being.

I went into her room and looked through her panty drawer, pleased to discover a few thongs, but somewhat disappointed that mostly it seemed she wore large, granny panties. One pair of granny panties, although obviously not that sexy, was made from the softest silk type material I'd ever felt, and I laid back in her bed, lowered my cargo shorts, and jerked off with and into them, as I thought pushing her up against the front door and fucking her from behind, her voluptuous asschecks cushioning my hungry, animalistic thrusts.

I can't even remember what I did that afternoon. And by early evening I was so entranced by the now realistic prospect of actually getting to fuck around with my mom that I couldn't even think about what to have for dinner, so I just ordered a pizza.

She came home earlier than I'd expected, only minutes after the pizza arrived.

"So this is the dinner you made? After the taco extravaganza I slaved over last night?"

"Sorry, mom. I guess I had my mind elsewhere today."

"It's okay." She said, in a motherly tone, as she gave me a very unmotherly look.

"Come here." I said, making a traffic guard, move forward motion to her with my hands.

She dropped her handbag on the coffee table, smiled, came forward, and we hugged. And during our hug, I caught a whiff of her shampoo, which had sort of a honey scent to it. I tried to lean in to kiss her, but she broke away from me too fast and sat down to the table.

"I'm hungry." She said, nervously. "Let's eat."

"Alright." I replied.

As we ate, we didn't say a word. Until my mom suddenly looked up from her pizza, breaking the silence.

"So you think you can handle this?"

"I think so. You?"

"I don't know. I just wonder it'll be like afterwards."

"I've got no idea."

"How are we even supposed to do it?"

"I could think of a lot of ways..."

"Yeah, I'm sure you could. But I mean are we just gonna run into the bedroom and..."

"That seems like it'd be a good start."

"I'd kind of like to do something romantic. But... I'm feeling too awkward about this to be romantic. I'm not sure this all is a good idea."

"We don't have to rush into anything, mom... Hey, I've got an idea. Let's go skinny dipping!"

"What? Where?"

"On the beach. There's never anyone out there past 6. It's still plenty warm. Bet the water's nice."

"Are you for real?"

"Yeah, why not? When was the last time you went skinny dipping?"

"Never. You?"

"Actually, also never. Let's try it. Together."

Mom paused for about a minute, staring out the window, then turned her head over to me and said, "OK!" enthusiastically and rushed up from the table over to her room.

"Where are you going?!" I yelled out.

"To put my bathing suit on!"

"Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of skinny dipping?!"

"Hey, I'm not going out there naked! At least not through the building!"

"Okay then, put on your bathing suit. I'll get mine on."

I heard mom slam the door to her room, so I also rushed over to my room, tearing off all my clothes in a heartbeat, and changing into my swimming trunks/flip flops. Thinking about it, she probably was right, it wouldn't be too great for the neighbors to see us, mom and son, waltzing around the lobby naked. Perhaps I was in too much of a hurry to get her clothes off, but I couldn't help it. Still, I figured I should be more careful, so as not to ruin any chance I might have at maybe "doing something" with her.

In all my experiences with women, I've found they usually take longer to prepare to exit the house, for just about anything, so I wasn't surprised when I got out into the living room and found my mom absent. I called out to her and she shouted back from her room that she'd be down in a few minutes and to head to the beach without her. So I flung my towel over my shoulder, and headed out the door, all by my lonesome.

When I got down to the beach, I was relieved to see no one out there. Though it's usually empty at night, I couldn't help but worry some idiot might be out having a leisurely stroll, unwittingly waging a war to spoil my fun with mom. But there was not a soul in sight. Just a pale, half sliced moon, and a few ships way off in the distance, their little lights blinking into the vast empty darkness of the night draped Gulf.

Scanning around one last time to make sure the coast was clear, I paced up to the water, hoisted down my trunks, slid off my flip flops, and walked right in. Though it was a rather steamy and muggy evening, the water still felt slightly cold upon its initial touch, especially when it slapped up against my exposed balls, though once the shock of its chill subsided, it really felt nice and relaxing.

Once up to my neck in the water, I swam around a bit, doing my best Michael Phelps imitation, though I didn't want to wear myself out too much, so I took it easy. Then I peered out toward the condominium and saw mom emerge. She was wrapped in a white towel and had a look of trepidation on her face.

"Come on in, mom, the water's lovely!" I yelled out.

She didn't answer, walked up closer to the edge of the tide, and stopped, just standing there.

"Don't tell me you're chickening out!" I yelled, feeling bold now, for some reason.

"There's not an ounce of chicken in me, shug, other than what I ate today!" She shot back, dropping the towel. She was unfortunately still wearing her bathing suit, a large one piece black one, that covered far too much of her body.

"What's with the bathing suit?" I inquired, trudging through the soft waves, closer to the shore.

"I don't know..."

"I'm in here in my birthday suit. Why don't you change into yours..."

"It's..." She stopped, let out a loud sigh, and continued, "It's not that easy, in front of a young man, especially one that's... that's you..."

"Mom, you know how I feel about you. You know I think you're a beautiful woman. You've got nothing to hide. Just slip off that suit and jump in here with me. It'll be fun."

"I'm not sure I should..."

"Come oooon! Live a little..."

She paused again, looked away for a few seconds, and then looked back in my direction.

"Fine. Just close your eyes."


"Close your eyes! Or I'm marching right back inside!"

"Okay. Whatever works for you...." I said, figuring I should take it slow. I definitely didn't feel like closing my eyes, but I also didn't want to spoil my chances. I put my hands over my eyes for about ten seconds, then took them off. Mom was now standing on the shore naked, but holding her right arm over her breasts and using her left hand to shield her nether region. Though she was obscuring what I wanted to see most, just seeing so much of her skin turned me on. A lot. I popped instant wood and had trouble formulating words. She wasn't saying anything either.

"Jump in." I finally managed to say, my voice cracking a tad.

She didn't verbally reply, but began to walk forward, and as her feet splashed into the foaming edge of the water, she stunned me by dropping both her defensive arms. For the first time ever, I saw my mom naked, and what a sight it was. Her pussy was bald, shaved completely, and her breasts, wow, her breasts were of perfectly cyclical dimensions, melon-sized, firm and perky, and standing straight up, flying high in the steamy, salty Gulf breezes. And I could tell she aroused, too, as her silver dollar sized nipples were swelled up rock solid. Hard as my cock already was, I swear it grew another inch.

Noticing me in awe, drooling, jaw dropped to the ocean floor, she dove into the water, submerging herself, swimming away from me, toward a nearby jetty. I followed after her, beginning to feel like a lion in the jungle, stalking prey.

Approaching closer to her, I splashed some water in her direction. She was having none of it.

"Stop that!" She hissed at me.

"What are you fixing to do to me if I don't?" I asked, only about a foot away from her. I swear I could feel the electrical current of her body heat through the water.

"Don't make me punish you..." She said, though not sounding too authoritative.

"I might like you punishing me..."

"No, I don't think you would."

"Maybe you could ground me. I'd have to stay home with you all weekend."

"Hmmm, the way you're behaving, I think you'd like that way too much."

"I think I would..." I was now standing in the water only a few inches from mom. She took a couple steps backwards and leaned up against the rocks of the jetty, facing me.

"Let's play around a bit, mom." I said, grabbing hold of both her arms.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet." She said, trying to twist her arms away from me.

Needless to say, I was much stronger than her and pinned her arms back against the rocks. I inched closer to her, feeling the firm softness of her breasts press up against my chest. The tip of my hard cock pricked her shaven mound, sending shockwaves of pleasure rushing through my whole body. Leaning my face to hers, I kissed her on the lips, but she twisted her head away the second our lips touched.

"I'm sorry, but I just don't... know..." She whimpered.

"Come on... Just a couple kisses... Slap and a tickle... Why not?" I pleaded, in a soft, patient tone.

"I can't..." She replied, her face still turned away from me.

I'm not sure what came over me. I probably should have turned away, right then and there, but instead I ground my body closer to hers, pushed my slippery lower body in between her legs, and began rubbing the shaft of my erect member up and down, all along the crease of her outer pussy lips. They felt so warm and moist. And as soon as I started doing this, mom let out a couple whimpering moans and stopped fighting my grip of her arms.

"Oh my God, shug, please don't do that..." She interjected during another series of moans, much louder ones than the first set.

"I can't stop." I whispered into her ear.

"No..." She muttered, before beginning to grind her hips. "Ohh, God, just don't put it in."

"Okay..." I promised and kept on rubbing away, my cock buried deep in her pussy lips. I could feel her clit hardening, tickling at the tip of my cock.

Mom's moans increased in volume, and she began slowly grinding her entire lower body in rhythm with mine, mashing her hot pussy lips deeper into my cock. The excitement of her finally relenting and wholeheartedly joining our moonlit dance was too much for me to withstand. I knew I had to take it to the next level.

"I'm going to fuck you." I told her, commandingly.

"No... Don't..." She mumbled, her eyes shut, her head facing downwards.

"I'm..." I started to mutter when she either angled her body differently, I just shoved it in, or it just slipped it by accident, but, regardless, however it happened, somehow my cock stabbed straight into my mother's pussy, sliding in seamlessly, her pussy's warm and surprising tightness sending a swarm of tingles throughout my entire being. And once my cock got in, both of us froze, neither of us really knowing how to react after we each let out a couple initial moans.

Mom's eyes bulged, and she stared down into the water, at our privates locked in unholy union, then looked back up at me, and tears welled up in her eyes. Gasping, closing her eyes, she buried her face into my right deltoid, crying softly. I let go of her arms, wrapped my arms around her lower back, and hugged her towards me and she hugged back. I thought for a second of pulling out, because of the guilt and shame I felt from not only having put my cock inside my mom, but also having made her cry.

However, my hormones took over. I couldn't stop. I whispered into mom's ear that I love her and began stroking my cock inside her pussy slowly.

"Oh no... Oh..." Mom kept moaning and mumbling. But as I began to fuck her, she too broke her paralysis, and again matched my rhythm, her body moving in complete contradiction to her words. She hugged me tight and kept her face buried the whole time and I kissed at her neck and sniffed at the scent of her shampoo. Soon I picked up the pace, fucking her harder and harder.

She wrapped her legs around my lower back and buttocks and I felt her pussy wet up dramatically, indicating she might be having an orgasm. Which is exactly what I did only a few minutes later, when I came harder than I can ever remember, shooting a seemingly never-ending load deep inside her.

After coming, I pulled out, and mom picked her head up off me, released her arms from around me, and shoved me away.

"What is with you?!" She yelled, wiping away tears, and splashing through the water, back to the shore, hurriedly wrapping herself in a towel, and storming back into the building.

"Mom, wait!" I called, suddenly feeling like a total jerk for what I'd just done.

I swam back out to the shore, put my trunks on, and went back up to the condo. When I got up there, mom's door was closed and locked. I knocked on it a couple times to no answer, so I figured I might as well go to bed myself, though I had trouble sleeping, since I obviously had a lot on my mind, and I took a sleeping pill to put me out. As the gentle pharmaceutical tugged me away to the Sandman, I tried to think of what I should do or say tomorrow morning, when I had to face mom.

The morning made its arrival known by a flock of seagulls flying near my window, squawking loudly. Looking over at the clock, I saw it was 9 something and assumed mom would probably be at work. After quickly relieving myself in the bathroom, I walked out to the kitchen, and saw mom in there, washing dishes.

We exchanged awkward glances, and I thought about going back to my room because I felt so guilty and ashamed of myself for what we'd done last night. Mostly I felt disgusted with myself for kind of forcing myself on her. It was painful to even look at her at this point. However, I knew I had to man up and talk to her, so I stood my ground.

"Mom, I'm sorry about what happened last night."

She sighed, put down the dish towel, and turned to me, with a sullen expression and said, "It's okay. You're a horny young man. It was my fault for letting the situation get out of control."

"I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You didn't. I... Liked it. Very much... It's just not... simple. I've got a lot of conflicting emotions about it all. But I'm not mad at you..."

"Well I'm glad you're not mad and that I didn't hurt you. And you know, I... definitely liked it too."

"I know you did."

"So what do we do now?"

"I'm not sure..."

"I guess since we've already done it, we could do it again."

"You really are a horny young man, shug..."

"Is that a 'yes?'"

Mom didn't answer, just rolled her eyes, and laughed to herself. I was happy to see her smiling again.

"No, seriously, mom. I think we should do it now."


"Yeah. Practice makes perfect."

"Oh, does it?"

"That's right, ma'am. I'm sorry, but I reckon I'm going to have to fuck you again."

"Oh no, you're not!"

"Oh yes, I am."

"Not right now you aren't!"

"Right now, I am."



I approached mom, who'd picked up a spatula and was waving it at me, as she backed away from the sink.

"Stop playing around! I have to go to work soon."

"Come on, mom. We need to fuck. It's not right that we leave things off the way we did last night."

"No! We can talk about this later. I have to be out the door in a few..."

And before she could complete her sentence, I bumrushed her, and yanked her white bathrobe's belt, pulling it open. The robe parted, revealing her entirely naked body underneath.

"You're out of control!" She barked out, before I pushed her backwards, to the kitchen table, picked her up and sat her atop it.

I spread apart her legs and unearthed my swollen cock from the slit of my boxers, then plunged it up inside her steaming hot pussy. The second I did so, she cried out in pleasure and dropped the spatula to the kitchen floor. Holding up her soft smooth legs by the back of her thighs, near her kneecaps, I began slowly stroking, then soon slamming my cock into her at a rapid clip.

Last night, probably because of the shock and awkwardness of the whole experience, I didn't completely comprehend what a tight pussy my mom has, but now I definitely was realizing it, as her vaginal muscles squeezed at my cock in a most pleasurable manner.

"Damn, mom, your pussy is so good. It's so tight." I whispered through her curly blond hair, into her ear.

Mom didn't answer. She just kept her eyes closed tightly and was moaning heavily. While I noticed her wipe away an occasional tear, she was definitely much more relaxed and into it this time around.

Overall, our second fuck wasn't as electric as our first, but it was more primal. We French kissed almost the whole time and I sucked on her tits and she grabbed onto my buttocks, clenching them, using them to thrust me deeper and harder inside her. We rocked the table so much that a couple plates fell off, shattering loudly on the floor, but in the throes of passion, we paid no mind. We even came in unison, as her pussy moistened heavily, causing her vaginal passageway to heat up and lubricate exponentially, causing me to succumb and come hard into her, almost losing my equilibrium and collapsing to the floor as I did so.

Afterwards, we kissed for a minute and hugged, catching our breaths. I withdrew my cock and mom stepped down from the table, went back to her room, took a quick shower, and got dressed. When she came back out, she saw me sitting down at the kitchen table, still trying to compose myself. The spatula, some broken dishes, an overturned fruit basket, and pages from the morning paper were scattered about the floor, along with a small white pool of a certain type of bodily fluid near the foot of the table.

"I expect this mess to be cleaned up by the time I get home tonight. And I also expect for dinner to be ready and for it not to be pizza."

"No problem, mom. Have a nice day at work."

"Thanks, shug. You have a nice day yourself. Really is good to have a man around the house again." She said, before pecking me on the lips, and heading out the door.

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