tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSkype Disaster Pt. 02: Review Meeting

Skype Disaster Pt. 02: Review Meeting


I came into the office as usual on Thursday for a few hours and to pack my girly suitcase for my trip. I was nervous and panicky from the outset. Friday would be my first face to face with Tim since he found out about Georgia. I wondered if he had shared his knowledge with anyone else. My head was hurting with worries and inventing different scenarios to add to them.

I decided to go casual for my drive up. Jeans, low heels, white tee and my black cardigan. Once at the hotel I would usually wear a dress or skirt and top and I struggled to make a decision and so packed a whole assortment of clothes and accessories to allow me to choose what I wanted on arrival.

My drive was uneventful and I stopped just short of my hotel to change my shoes and swap my cardigan for a sweatshirt for check in. I removed my wig, wiped off my makeup and took out my boobs too as it was warm and I wasn't going to wear a jacket to hide them. I left my nail polish on and have become skilled at preventing others noticing it whilst in guy mode. Such is the life of a closet TGirl!

It was about 7pm when I arrived at my room and I planned to go get a pizza or something quick before returning to my room to change and relax in front of the TV for the evening. I also had a small amount of work to do to prepare for my review meeting the following day.

I didn't change before going out as my jeans are not that girly and with a sweatshirt on one cannot tell I am wearing a bra beneath. A short walk to the nearest restaurants and I found a nice Greek place to eat.

On my walk back to the hotel my phone rang. It was Tim.

"Hi Georgia," he said, "are you still in transit or have you already arrived?"

"Hi Tim, yep, all checked-in and fed and just walking back to the hotel," I replied.

"Are you in your usual hotel?" he asked, "I wondered if I could drop by. I thought it might be useful if we had a bit of a chat about the agenda for tomorrow," he said.

I paused for a moment wondering if there was another agenda but decided that getting our face to face out of the way prior to the meeting might be a good idea, and so I said "Sure, I was going to do some work anyhow. What time will you be over?"

"Does half an hour suit you?" he asked.

"That's fine, see you soon," I said and hung up just as I arrived back at my hotel.

On entering my room, I almost had a panic attack. I wondered if I should change. Should I meet him as Georgia, as that is what he is calling me now, or should I revert to my male self?

I only had a half hour and given my present state of dress and lack of makeup and so on I decided that I would simply have a freshen up, do some very simple makeup and meet him as Georgia, but keep on my jeans adding some heels, accessories, boobs and wig. Dressing down was good, Ithought.

My hands were shaking as I did my makeup and I was thankful it was only going to be a very basic daytime job. I finished off with a small squirt of perfume, looked in the mirror and decided there was no time for any more. It was then I wished he had said an hour instead of just a half!

As I rummaged through my bag for the meeting information there was a knock on the door. As is usual, I checked out the visitor through the spyhole to check that it was Tim, and opened the door.

Looking back, this was a historic moment for Georgia. Her first face to face, or any other type of meeting for that matter, with a work colleague, or a client in this case.

Tim had a broad grin on his face and after a few seconds during which time he conspicuously scanned me from head to toe, greeted me with "Hello Gorgeous," causing me to blush as he then stepped forward and instead of the usual handshake gave me a kiss on each cheek. Somehow this didn't seem out of place and fortunately I didn't freak out. I greet women I know exactly the same way of course and so it seemed rather nice to be treated as the girl in the room.

"Thanks," I said with a surprised look on my face, "Come on in."

As I closed the door I said to Tim "You don't have to compliment me you know, but it is appreciated none-the-less."

Tim was still smiling and said "Seriously Georgia, thanks for deciding to be Georgia for me this evening, I wasn't sure who would greet me at the door, and you do look great, really."

Blushing yet again (note to self: find out how one prevents unwanted blushing), with a nervous voice I said "I didn't expect to see you this evening and so, thankfully, I haven't worried about it. Then, after you called, I thought it was probably a good idea to get this out of the way, if you know what I mean. Normally I may have made more of an effort but half an hour isn't much time to do anything other than freshen up."

"If that's an apology," he said, "then it really isn't needed. I know how difficult this might be for you, especially after our initial accidental meeting online, and it's not my intention to add to that. Quite the reverse. If there is anything I can do to help ease this for you, you simply have to say. I think we have known each other for long enough now to be honest with each other. I won't be offended, or at least I will try not to be!" He laughed.

"OK, so I am here on the pretence of wanting to prepare for tomorrow, "Tim went on, "and we do have to do some work, of course, but actually I wanted to meet you and make sure that you were OK with this ... whatever this is. A new adventure perhaps?"

Tim was a nice guy and we quickly became friends after working together on his first project many moons ago. He had always been a real gent and was liked by everyone on the project, and in his office. He had an easy style and was relaxed regardless how manic a project became. He was a steady hand at the helm, in a way.

"I really appreciate that Tim," I said, "you are, literally, only the third person that I have met face to face, and before you ask, you're the first guy."

Time laughed again, "I'm honoured," he said.

"You should be," I quipped, and somehow I relaxed and at that instant became the real Georgia.

I should probably explain what I mean by that. Georgia, like many other TGirls, trannies, trans, crossdressers, etc. people live a solitary life and other than perhaps via a web camera rarely, if ever, speak to other human beings. I think it's fair to say that only my cat knows Georgia well.

But on the two previous brief occasions when I met other TGirls at my house for lunch I discovered that Georgia's personality is quite different from her male alter ego's. Georgia is quite outgoing once settled, quite cheeky and a bit of a flirt.

As we settled down to run through the agenda and other items relating to the meeting I found Tim more engaging and attentive in a way than I thought he would normally be. Or perhaps it was me who was more aware of such things.

His behaviour, mannerisms, and the way he spoke to me was quite different and suddenly I knew what it was like to be the female in the room.

Once we had completed business he asked if I'd like to get a drink from the bar as it wasn't late. I agreed without hesitation. The strain of this first meeting had led me to think that I now deserved a stiff drink!

We went to the hotel bar and Tim led me to a table and asked what I'd like.

"I think a large glass of white wine, Sauvignon or similar would be great," I replied.

"Not your usual bitter then?" he quipped, with a grin.

"No thanks, I don't drink beer." I said with a broad smile, and as Tim headed for the bar to get the drinks I thought about that last remark. Actually, Georgia is very different to her male alter ego, I concluded.

Tim returned with the drinks and we chatted for an hour or so. I reminded him again that he needed to be careful in the meeting not to refer to me as Georgia and without hesitation he reassured me that he would be ultra-careful and not share my secret with anyone.

Tim was really sweet. He was obviously a thoughtful person and went on to tell me how I had always been quite different from any previous project managers he had worked with previously. He was very complimentary, which he had been in the past too, about how well I interfaced with others, how I always listened to what people had to say, and how I always found a way forward that left everyone agreeing it was best.

As I listened I saw a whole different side to Tim that he was sharing with Georgia. One that he had never shared previously.

At intervals he kept complimenting me on how lovely I presented myself. In return I apologised for not having made any real effort. We had a lovely evening and returned to my room to get Tim's briefcase and papers.

As Tim prepared to leave he kissed me gently on each cheek and said, "It was lovely to meet you Georgia. I do hope we can continue to work together. It's always such a pleasure. Perhaps next time we can have dinner? No, I'll re-phrase that. Next time perhaps you'll let me take you to dinner?"

That would be lovely," I said without thought or hesitation, "I'll see you tomorrow."

As I closed the door behind him I watched him walk away through the spy hole in the door, though I don't really know why.

I have to admit that I was on a bit of a high. Tim seemed fine with everything and it left me wondering why I had been so worried. Life goes on as usual, I thought.

The following day the Review Meeting went well and it was exactly as it always had been except for one wink that Tim gave me at the beginning. After the meeting I replaced my shirt with a pink sweater, changed my trousers for a skirt, applied some basic makeup and headed for home, much relieved.

Last week Tim and I Skyped most days in the normal way and he always calls me Georgia, regardless of how I appear. He now always Skypes with cameras on.

This week Tim is on leave and I'm sure I will miss his contact, being the only person that Georgia actually talks to.

Our next meeting is already scheduled and I'm actually beginning to look forward to seeing him again. Quite different from my last trip which I was dreading.

More to follow.

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