tagFetishSlap & Tickle Ch. 6

Slap & Tickle Ch. 6


Linda's long distance phone call was unexpected, she explained to me she just wanted to get away for awhile, she rang for Julie, to congratulate her on her new job, I explained Julie's new job had been keeping her very busy." You poor thing, I would have cancelled my plans and stayed with you to keep you company instead of coming to the Cayman Islands, only if I had known," Linda said teasingly. We chatted for awhile and I told Linda that I would let Julie know she called, we said our goodbyes and I was about to hang up, when Linda asked if we had received her holiday video, it should be there soon, she implied, I said I would keep a look out for it, I hung up the phone and looked out the kitchen window down the driveway, the flag on the mailbox was still down, no post today I thought.

When Julie arrived home I informed her that Linda had called, she was disappointed that she had missed her, I opened a bottle of wine and we sat down together having a chuckle about all this new wealth of Linda had received from her divorce, it was going to land her in trouble one day, we agreed Linda was old enough to take care of herself.

After dinner I had a shower and told Julie I was going to bed, all the hard labour from doing all the jobs around the house I had left for so long was now taking its toll on my weary body. "I'll be up soon, I have to finish off marking a few papers," Julie shouted out. I rolled over and looked at the clock 1.30 am, Julie was absent from laying next to me, I started to walk down the stairs I could hear Julie moaning when I reached the last landing I sat down and I could see Julie in the kitchen.

She was naked and was straddling a kitchen chair, her left leg on the seat and the other leg touching the ground with her tippee toes, her position forcing her pussy to be pushed down onto the back of the chair, she was sliding back and forth her lips hugging either side of the chair back. Julie was holding a stainless steel spatula in her hand; she spanked it across her arse, like she was whipping a horse, her momentum increasing with every spank, the chair rocked with every hit as Julie slid her pink bald pussy along the varnish.

Julie's arse was very red and she pushed her pussy deep into the chair, pleasing her hard clit. The noise of the spatula against Julie's arse was getting louder, she was pumping her pussy faster and harder along the chair, I could see Julie's legs start to shake, Julie kept pounding the spatular into her buttocks, harder and harder, Julie then stopped her sliding motion and bounced up and down on the seat hitting her clit with ever increasing force into the back of the chair, she flung her head back and dropped the spatular to the floor, her hands on the corner of the chair giving her the strength to push the chair into her aching clit, she moaned as her rubbing stopped, her buttocks quivering as her pussy lips wrapped around the chair grasping at her orgasm. Julie staid in the position for a good two minutes savouring the pleasure from the hard cold surface, when she had relaxed Julie pried her sucking cunt lips from the chair.

Julie kneeled behind the chair I watched as she ran her tongue along it licking her juices off the varnish, her tongue slowly running back and forth until it found the knob at the end, Julie engulfed the chair knob with her mouth taking it all the way in. Up and down, up and down her lips caressing the wooden cock, she parted her legs and reached for the spatula, as she sucked, she softly spanked her pussy. Her mouth was now sliding up and down faster, her spanks turning into hard slaps; she slurped as she pleasured the lacquered surface of her wooden friend. Julie removed her hand from the chair and squeezed her nipples holding each one until she could no longer take the pain, when she released them a moan echoed from deep within her throat, she turned her attention to her clit pinching it as hard as she could, with the other hand she eased the handle of the spatula into her wet pussy. Julie's mouth left the chair knob as she pumped the spatula deep into her.

Julie laid onto her back one hand pleasing her love button the other pumping the Spatula handle in and out of her pussy, I could see her swollen pouting lips surrounding the handle the stainless steel smeared with Julie's juices, her hips started to hump the air, her finger rubbing faster and faster across her enlarged pink clit, the spatula moving longer and deeper into her. Julie arched her back her buttocks lifting off the cold tiled kitchen floor, her finger stopped and pressed hard against her clit, the spatula handle in as deep as Julie's cunt would allow, her mind not being able to control the desire with in her, as she came, Julie let out a scream, " Oh fuck, yes baby that's it." I waited to Julie had dressed and had gone to use the down stairs toilet before I was able to sneak back to bed.

I was pruning the pine trees that lined our driveway, they had really gotten out of hand, Julie's dad had scratched his new car when he visited last, he was not impressed and I figured I better fix them before anyone else encountered the same problem. I could hear a car approaching, as it came closer I could see it was Roger the postman his blue van sparkling against the sunlight. We exchanged pleasantries before Roger handed me a few letters and a parcel, I waved goodbye. I placed the parcel and the letters into the wheelbarrow collected my tools and headed back to the shed. I raced in side to clean up before Julie and the kids came home, I bet you they will be impressed when they see the driveway. Julie arrived home with the kids, no one mentioning the pruned trees, typical I thought, they all scurried around the house doing their own thing.

It was Saturday morning and the Kilpatrick's had just picked up the kids to take them on a picnic, since Julie was now deputy Principal it was amazing how many offers we had to do things for us. When I could no longer see their four wheel drive I went back inside the house, I walked into the lounge room where Julie was sitting on a chair with her kneels pulled up tight to her chest painting her toe nails. Julie was wearing tight shorts and because of the position she was in her pussy lips had sneaked out of the confines of her panties. "Honey would you like a coffee?" I said trying to take my eyes away from her beautiful pinks lips, "that would be great, its funny we haven't received Linda's holiday video yet." Julie enquired. I ran out to the shed, shit I knew I was supposed to give Julie something. I raced back into the lounge room, proudly presenting Julie with the parcel, "sorry it arrived yesterday," I breathlessly announced.

I made Julie and I a coffee and placed the video into the machine and turned on the television. The first five minutes was Linda babbling on about how wonderful and pretty the island was and how she never wanted to leave, followed by footage of all the tourist attractions, we had watched about ten minutes of the film when static appeared across the screen, "is that it?" I asked looking at Julie. Julie went over to the video and bent down her firm arse cheeks snugly fitted in her shorts, " there must be more, Linda said in the enclosed letter there was about thirty minutes worth." As Julie finished her sentence the video came back to life, Linda was standing in front of the video camera positioning it towards a bed, Linda stood back eying the camera and then the bed, Linda moved up close to the camera and whispered, " I hope you guys enjoy this I picked up one of the local natives, he's been showing me all the sites, shit here he comes."

Linda answered the door to her hotel room, a very big tanned native walked through the door, "can I get you a drink?" Linda asked. The guy nodded his head in agreement, Linda fixed him a drink and they both stood talking about the weather. Linda was wearing a tight fitting short white sun dress and when she turned towards the light coming in from the window it was apparent she was wearing nothing under neath. We watched as Linda flirted with the man, and when at times his hand brushed against her body, we could see her large nipples showing through her thin dress.

I looked over at Julie who had returned to her position as before, she was trying to paint a second coat of polish on her toes, however Linda's home made movie had her memorized, I could see the glistening moisture around Julie's pouted pussy lips. Linda whispered something in the native guys ear, whatever it was, it brought a big smile to his face.

Linda moved closer to her new found friend, she undid his shirt and then pulled his pants to the ground, as she moved back up towards his face she placed a gentle kiss on his cock, he took a step back and admired Linda's body as she lifted her dress over her head, her breasts firm her nipples large and erect, he smiled at her clean shaven pussy. Linda dropped to her knees and pulled his pants down releasing the biggest cock I had ever seen, I heard Julie let out a sigh and Linda's eyes widened at the site.
Linda sucked at the top of his cock and I wondered how she was eventually going to take this beast inside of her.

Linda crawled onto the bed looking over her shoulder to make sure the camera was still running, he stood behind Linda's pale arse and slapped it with his big cock, Julie let another sigh out, I glanced over at Julie the crotch of her pants now a darker colour than the rest of her shorts the dampness leaking onto her puffy lips, my eyes turned back to the video, Linda reached under the covers of the bed and produced a long thin piece of bamboo she handed it to her stud and told him to pleasure her. The thin bamboo whistled as it hit Linda's buttocks the first blow was soft although it still left a red stripe across the pale flesh of the adventurous redhead, the second and third strike was harder and Linda's arse welted instantly, he turned the whip like strand attention to her fleshy thighs, Linda bucked forward at the first couple of inflictions then she settled, Linda's hips slowly rocking, she was readying herself for the next blow, when it hit her pussy Linda squealed nothing can prepare you for that I thought.

Julie was pushing down in her chair forcing the crack of her shorts deeper into her pussy, her lips surrounding the slight piece of material separating her from her pleasure, she draw her knees tighter to her chest trying to stimulate her tits through the silky fabric of her top. Linda's arse cheeks and thighs were dark red, her pain mixing with her pleasure, he stopped the whipping Linda's head bowed toward the bed, he pressed his large cock against her entrance, Linda moaned, slowly he pushed his huge member in to Linda's tight hole, she bit the pillow as he stretched her tight twat, finally he was in as deep as he could get, he held his position waiting for her pussy to acclimatise to his size, when he thought Linda was ready he started his strokes, at first Linda's pussy moving with his big cock, until she was able to widen for him to move in and out of her freely.

Linda moaned constantly his size filling every inch of her; he increased his pace and shortened his strokes. Linda's tiny cunt opened to its fullest trying to take every inch of this man, he reached for her fiery locks and pulled her up towards him, she screamed as his cock impaled her, stretching her whole pussy, Linda's clit pointed outwards her hand venturing down to full fill its need, he picked up the bamboo and whipped it across her breasts he pumped her with fury, Linda's fingers darting across her erect clit, he lashed the bamboo across her tits again, Linda's pussy squirted as she erupted into an explosive orgasm her hips bucking against the rod inside her, he grabbed her tits, his massive hands engulfing them, she came again just from his touch he moved his hands to her hips and picked her up, drilling his cock deep into her using her body as a masturbation machine, he gurgled and spat his jism into her, his cum dripping from the sides her raw cunt lips, he lifted her from his huge cock and placed her on the bed, Linda curled up her hands between her legs soothing her pussy.

The screen went blank, Julie was making deep sounds, she was pulling at the top of her shorts digging them deeper against her clit, her wet pussy now fully exposed, her lips parted by the crotch of her shorts, Julie rubbed them with the palm of her hand, she pulled the shorts tighter against her, Julie's head thrashed about she needed to cum. I took my cock out of my pants and stroked it above Julie's face she let out a sound of delight as my smell drifted into her nostrils, "I want to cum on your pussy," I whispered to Julie, Julies smile widened. I moved in front of her, she was rubbing her clit through her shorts, I quickened my pace, watching Linda being fucked by a gigantic cock and now Julie fingering herself in front of me, my cock blew, as my spunk splashed onto Julie's naked lips her hand pushed harder against her clit, her finger bringing on her orgasm.

Roger our mailman had more conversations with Julie and I in the coming weeks than he had in the last five years; I wonder what he thought was in those parcels that made us so excited.

To Be Continued...

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