"What do you mean you're dropping out of college!?" My mother screamed.

"Look mom, I'm just not cut out for it, I barely passed my classes last semester. I'm better off doing something else."

"Like what?! You don't want to go into the military, what can you possibly do?"

I remain silent.

"Listen Christina, you need your college degree. Do have any idea how hard it is to find a job without one, you'll make minimum wage for the rest of your life!"

"Maybe I'll become and actress of something," I said.

"Sigh, you still don't understand! I hope when your father gets home he can reason with you."

"There's nothing he can say that will change my mind! He'll try to make me go work at his lame-ass job!"

"Don't use that tone of voice in this house!"

"Well you didn't get your degree either."

"Christina, times are different! It's hard out there."

"You're blowing this college thing way out of proportion, I'm going out now."

"Christina, you're not going anywhere, it's ten at night!"

"Mom, I'm eighteen!"

"You're father will be home soon."


"Christina, Christina, get back here!" Christina!

I ran down the road. My mother was slow and wouldn't be able to catch me. I'll be back at eleven; it'll be enough time for parents and myself to cool off.

I was now at the end of my street and I turn right. It seem completely dark and not a car insight and no noise. Suddenly an SUV speed by but I ignored it but then I see the emergency lights flashing. I see a man emerge from the SUV and started opening the hood. As I passed by he suddenly called out to me.

"Excuse me, miss, do you have a cell phone I could borrow?"

"Yes I do." I hand it him. The man looked forty maybe older but I didn't care. He was calling but I didn't pay any attention to that either. When he's done he gives me back my phone.

"That you miss, you been a good help. Do you need a ride?"

"No I'm good but thank you." I watch as he puts the hood down on the SUV. He heads back into driver's seat. "Everything's find right?"

"Yes but I should reward you, help is so hard to come by these days."

"Um right, but I don't need a reward."

"Oh please I insist."

I nod and wait. A few seconds later he approaches me.

"Look over there!" He suddenly said.

I look and suddenly something is place over my mouth and I Inhale something and I slowly lose consciousness.

I awaken several hours later but I couldn't move. I soon discover that I'm chained and naked. What the hell was going on? A door opens and a light flashes down, I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I look up and see a man. He was the same guy I saw with the SUV. He was grinning at me. "Where am I?" I asked.

"You're at my house, Christina."

"Why am I here? Why am I naked?" He ignored my questions and approached me and started stroking my face. He told me his name was Earl and started complementing me on how large my tits were as he began touching them. He told me I was perfect and then started explaining on how his wife died four years ago and since then he's been watching porn, looking at dirty magazines, going to strip clubs and been with prostitutes but it was not enough, he wanted something permanent. He told me how he'd been watching me for while now and I was destined to fulfill his sexual needs.

"No, please let me go!"

He shook his head and said: "You belong to me now."

He started to unchain me and once he did I tried to run but he grabs my arm and slaps me.

"You're not going anywhere!" He said and grabs me by my hair and neck.

He takes me upstairs to his room and sat me on the bed. I was terrified as he began undressing. Once he was nude he grabs me and we begin. I started slow and I began going up and down but it wasn't fast enough for Earl so he grabs my hair hard and commands me to put some enthusiasm into it. I started going faster and I let out a moan and he started moaning as well and he puts his hands on my hips.

"Yeah, that's it!" He cheered.

I felt nothing but hatred for this man who was making me cum. At the end of it he was satisfied and I cried that this had to happen to me. I was no longer a virgin.

"I knew I made the right choice, you were just the way I imagine. The only thing I don't like is fact that you're a brunette but that's gonna change. Tomorrow you become a blond like my late wife."

He took me back to the basement where he had a cage setup for me. He told me that he wasn't going to take any chances on me escaping. He would only let me out when he has need for me other than that I was going to be in this cage. He told that tomorrow is when I begin my training.

The next day he took me out of the cage and I took a shower while he watched and I was force to dye my hair blond. Once that was done he laid my clothes out which was a French maid outfit. He told me this was what I'll be wearing everyday and he tons more and in an array of colors. I was required to cook, clean and do all the other house work save any work outside, he would take care of that himself and I was to refer to him as daddy.

I was now a sex slave to this perverted man. Every day he would take me out of the cage and I would do my duties. If messed up on something I would pay for it later. I had to dress up as a naughty school girl and he would chain me to the bed and whip my bare ass hard with a paddle or a nine tale whip but he only use that if I really messed up and that's only been done twice. I could not listen to the radio; get on the computer or any of that stuff. He got rid of my phone. The only time I could watch TV was with him and that was seldom. When we did watch he only watched what he wanted to watch and during that time he would always put a leash and collar on me so I couldn't escape because sometimes he would fall asleep. At nights I didn't wear anything because the basement was extremely hot. This is how it went. Every day is was doing this and he would take me anytime he wished without my say in the matter. All three of my holes would be filled to the brim every week. Every time he went out I was in the basement.

It was now the last Friday of the month. He told me to make sure the whole house was clean and to cook a big meal enough for twenty people.

"What's the occasion?"

"Wait and see." He answered.

Night came and Earl AKA Daddy was wearing a suit and I had on a fresh pink and black French maid outfit.

The doorbell rang and Earl opens to the door. I could see that women, all women came inside. There were twenty of them. Earl was greeting them all and then they all stood in a row.

"Let our monthly orgy began!" Earl said proudly.

I could not believe what I just heard him say.

"Bring out the food!" He barked at me.

I watch as many of the women began stripping and they start feeling on each other and began the orgy. I watch in disgust as many of them put the food on themselves and had others lick it off them. I watched as Earl had two women licking his penis and I was so infuriated because he claimed he didn't like brunettes and wanted me to become a blond and yet they are many who had black and brown hair and there were three red heads and (a woman with blue hair?!)

As I went back into the kitchen I started thinking that perhaps I could use this as an opportunity to escape, the majority of women there were blonds, maybe I get away without him noticing.

"Christina, get out here with the other sandwiches!"

"So that's Christina."

"Yeah, Eva that's my woman, she's very good."

"How old is she, Earl?"


"Was she a virgin?"

"She was but I popped her cherry the first night."

"Damn Earl, you sure know how to spot them. Is she available?"

"Yeah sure, she's been working so hard, she deserves a break."

"Alright I'm going to have my shot."

I just got done serving the last of the sandwiches and was thinking of a way to leave but then the short red head, the blue head and a blond approach me. The short red head with tattoos and a nose stud took my arm and she and the other two head to Earl's room.

Once we entered Earl's room the women stared at me.

"Please, you have to get me out of here."

"You're not going anywhere. You're Earl's property! And as his property you are required to do what he says and he gave us permission so you will do what we say!" The one called Eva said.

The three women move in closer

"Wait, what are you planning to do to me!?"

"Isn't it obvious? We're planning to fuck you!"

"No please, I don't do that type of thing!"

"Didn't Earl tell of want you're required to do?"

"Yes he did."

"Then we have no problems."

"Please, he didn't mention this!"

Eva laughed. "Oh I get it he wanted you to find out this way!"

"Find out what?"

"You're cute and dumb, a good trait! What Earl didn't tell you is that you're required to go both ways!"

With a snap of her fingers the two women grab me before I had a chance to resist. They started to rip my pink and black French maid outfit off. I tried to resist but the women were too strong. They held me down on the floor and Eva took off my thong.

"You've got a fine ass." SLAP. "You're ready for your first girl on girl fuck action!"

With the snap of Eva's fingers the two women pick me up and put me in the bed. Eva crawls on me held my head down. I could feel her finger in my ass and she began first and others waited their turn. She starts rubbing my pussy.

"Oh your pussy is getting wet. See you're already enjoying this!"

I let out a scream as Eva began sucking my pussy. I let out a moan and then another. I was being turn on by a woman!

"That was just the start. Now suck mine!"

I was hesitant about doing this. "Please don't make me this," I pleaded.

She grabs me my hair.

"Bitch, when I give you an order you do it now get in there!"

She shoves my head into her naked crotch and I began sucking her juices.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh yeah, that's good! That feels good! Keep going!"

Eva snaps her fingers and the blue and blond woman join in. The blue starts assaulting my asshole and pussy with her fingers and the blond woman takes my right breast into her mouth. We moaned and groaned and then the women stopped and switched positions. Blue takes her turn. She started doing me missionary while Eva watched and Blondie played with herself. Blue was thrusting faster and faster and I knew it was going to happen soon! "Yes, yes, oh I'm gonna cum!!"

I could hear Eva laughing. "The bitch loves it, just like we thought! She just needed a little encouragement!"

"AAAHHHH!" I cried out.

"Okay it's my turn!"

Once Blue was cleared Blondie took over. She turns the other direction and started sucking up my pussy juice. Suck mine she commanded and I did so.

"Oh yes, yes! You're a natural Kristen or whatever hell your name is!"

"That's Christina," I corrected.

"Hey no one told you talk or correct me so keep sucking my pussy you stupid bitch!"

"Yes ma'am," I said and continue sucking.

After having my one on one session with each woman, they started to leave and I started to cry. How could this have happed?! Three women made me cum and I'm a slave to some horny man! The three women just laughed as they left.

An hour had passed and I stopped crying. I notice that the moaning had stopped. I quietly exit the room and see that everyone had left and Earl was nowhere in sight. This was my chance but as I open the door it suddenly closed. I looked and see Earl. He was infuriated.

"You stupid bitch, I told you that you weren't going anywhere! You belong to me!"

He grabs me by my hair and tells me to clean up. He watched me as I did it.

"This is just the beginning! As you heard this is a monthly orgy, meaning that this will happen every last Friday of every month and you will be required to go both ways! Do you understand me!?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes daddy," I said sadly.

I spent that entire night crying. I should have never left home because I was angry, if hadn't then perhaps this wouldn't had happen. I wonder what parents are doing? I pretty sure they're looking for me. Will I ever be found? Escape is my only way out!

As the days went on by I soon was aware that there were two people that I hated the most! First it was Earl and second was Eva. She would come over a few times a week and take me. Earl didn't mind sharing me with her. Sometimes we would have a three way and other times it was separate. One time after lovemaking while I laid there in bed, she got up to change and leave and notices my silver necklace. It was the only attachment I had left of my parents; they got it for me when I first entered college.

"Oh what's this? It's nice."

"Hey don't touch that! It's mine!" I yelled.

"Oh really, It's mine now."

I leap out of bed and try to grab it. "Give it back!"

"You want well here it is!"

She puts my necklace inside of her top and with quick reflexes she grabs my head and rubs my head between her breasts. She then proceeds to slap me. I stumble backwards and fall face down on the bed. I tried to get up but she held me down by placing her hand around the back of my neck and presses her body weight on mine.

"Listen you bitch! Love isn't cheap; nothing in this world is cheap save the air you breathe and perhaps the water you drink! I don't know what attachment you have to this necklace but it's now severed! Earl took a great risk obtaining you! It's time you paid him back! You belong to Earl! He's your master and you're his sex slave and I will enforce that! Earl, I and the rest of the girls have joint custody over you! You are nothing but a sex object! Learn your place bitch, learn your place!"

With that Eva leaves and I lay there crying!

The days went on by and one day I notice that it was almost noon. Earl would have usually got me out of the basement by now; I wonder what was going on. The door opened but it was not Earl it was Eva.

"Listen bitch, Earl has collapsed and was rushed to hospital. He'll be out for awhile."

That was the best news I heard in awhile. This was my chance to escape. Eva takes my hand and we head up stairs. Once we're up stairs I find Blue and Blondie waiting for me and they had all kinds of equipment.

"What is all this?"

"We know you're gonna try to escape so we're here to change your mind." Blue answered.

I try to escape but Eva was strong, she pulled me toward them and when that didn't work she slapped me and the women grab hold of me and take me to Earl's room. They chain me to the bed and begin taking turns raping me. They unchain me only to turn me on my chest and chain me up again and they started to torture me. They beat my ass with a whip, a cane usually carried by an old person and a paddle. They all laughed at me.

"You're gonna get yours you stupid bitch!" Blondie laughed.

"Get ready bitch!' Eva announced. "You see, my uncle owns a cattle ranch so I had this made special just for you! It's branding iron and ready to put some fire on your ass!"

"NO please, don't do this!" I pleaded.

"We gave you the option of submitted willing but now we have to resort to this!"

My pleadings for mercy went unanswered and I screamed as Eva branded my ass.

"Ha! It's says 'Earl's Property' you are Earl's property and will do what is required of you, bitch!"

She brands my other ass cheek and I scream again.

"You can cry all you want but it won't change a thing!"

"Your torture has only begun!" Blue said.

"The anal beads next, Blondie," Eva commanded

"No please, don't!" I scream as the anal beads are inserted into my asshole."

Blondie laughs as she brings it deeper into my ass. The other women laughed as they rummaged through their bags for more stuff. Blue inserts a dildo into my mouth.

"Suck on that bitch!"

Thirty minutes later they unchain me and order me to fix them breakfast. Once breakfast was ready Blue puts the leash and collar on me and tied me to a chair. They sat and ate and talk and laughed like everything was normal. I could hear my stomach growling and so could they.

"Oh I think the bitch is hungry."

"Oh I think you're right, Blue. Should we feed her, Eva?"

"Yeah sure, you know what to do."

Blue brings out a dog dish for me. What they gave me was their leftovers.

"Eat your food, bitch!"

I did as I was told.

"Good bitch. Now bark like one!"

I bark.

"Good bitch, good."

Once the women were done with their meals Blue unchains me and told me to crawl. We head into bathroom.

"Go take a shower and come back when you're changed, bitch, understand?"


After I was done Eva gropes my titties. I tried to resist but she forces me against the wall and kisses me. She proceeds play with them some more. She pulls down my top and starts squeezing, pinching and sucking on my nipples. After that she puts some nipple clamps on them and then sticks a vibrator in my ass. I had to clean up with this thing in me making feel uncomfortable and yet aroused. I let out several moans as the women watch and laughed. I attempt to pull it out but Eva grabs me and lays me on the table on my chest and ties my arms and legs to chairs. They continue to watch my suffering and laugh. Soon after, Eva untied me and we went the bathroom. They ordered me to sit on the floor. As I set there Eva, Blondie and Blue start peeping on me. I was so humiliated by this and judging how much was coming out they drank a lot. Once they were done they order me to clean it up but not before changing clothes.

My ordeal continued everyday Earl was out, Blue and Blondie only participated for three days and the rest of the time it's was me and Eva. My torture was less painful because they wanted my body to be in good shape for Earl but it was still so wrong, doing all this to me, making me cum to them.

As the new day began I started cleaning and fixing Eva's breakfast. Once I served breakfast she ordered me just to wait. After she took three bites she demanded milk, of course I knew what this meant. I pull my top down and she began caressing my tits. Her tongue touch my areolas first and then my nipples. During the last two days that Blue and Blondie were here they began milking me and forcing me to moo like a cow. This was just so horrible. Eva made me put a matching blue bra and thong with stocking and suspenders and give her a lap dance after that like every other day she would lay me either on the bed or table and put different liquids on my intimate parts such as my pussy and suck it dry, she even once put hot grits on my stomach and while I was in pain she and the other women laughed and then licked it off me, I was even required to lick liquids off them, I even had to lick my own pee off myself.

Another day came but this time nobody came for me. I was in my cage all day and all night, I didn't get any food or water. The day lasted so long that I didn't know what do, I wanted to go home but I couldn't.

The next day Eva and Blue came to see me. Eva explained that she and others were working and were sorry but that was a total lie.

"Well we're off."

"Wait, I'm so hungry."

Eva laughed. "Please bitch, it was just one day, people can last more than that."


"Very well but you'll have to earn it. Play with yourself!"

I did as I was told. I lie back on the floor and begin gently stroking my pussy with my left hand and with my right I began working my nipples. I began moaning and hating myself for doing this but I had no choice. I did this for little while and then I climaxed.

"Blue, she may have her reward."

I was delighted until I saw the dog bowl and Blue had a bag with three cans of dog food and some water.

"My dog does not like this brand so I thought why not give it to the other bitch!"

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