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Slave Boy


I had just stepped out of the shower, anticipating some good sex to soon follow. After trimming my pubes and putting on my cologne, I headed for the door. I stopped to check myself in the mirror when the lights went out. I reached for the light switch and discovered it was covered by a feminine hand with long fingernails and partially clad in leather.

A deep commanding voice penetrated the crack in the door.

"You wont want any lights on slave. You don't want to see what is happening to you. No back up to the counter and put your hands at your side."

"Hey," I said.

"Be quiet slave. I am in control of you. You don't move or breathe unless I tell you too. So be quiet and don't say a word. You will do exactly as you are told or you wont get any reward. As for that cock of yours, it belongs to me. Don't even think about touching it. Don't you dare cum unless I order you to. If you understand all this, bow to me."

I did as I was told. Evidently not fast enough. I felt a sharp slap across my ass. It must have been a riding crop as it was only a point pain and not my entire ass. Immediately my cock began to rise.

"Good slave."

Then a blindfold was put over my eyes.

I was instructed to hold out my hands and I felt fabric being wrapped around my wrists, pulling them tight. My cock was now at full attention. Next I felt a tight leather band being wrapped around my hard cock and balls. With that in place my cock would never go down. I didn't think it could get any harder. It must have been attached to a leash, because I immediately felt a sharp tug against my privates. Being the good slave I followed wherever I was led. I guess I didn't move fast enough because when I moved too slow the lease was pulled tight and the riding crop stung my ass.

It seemed I was led around for about 5 minutes. By the time I stopped, I had no idea where in the house I was. The riding crop penetrated my legs as I was commanded to spread my legs wide. I felt the tip of the whip gliding over my cock and balls and up my ass crack.

"Bend over!"

I did as I was told. I felt several sharp slaps on my ass as I did what as I was instructed. My cock was engorged fully and straining against the tight strap. I felt hand grab my cock and slowly start to stroke it up and down.

"Don't you dare cum on my hand bitch! You hand better not cum at all!" I felt a set of warm lips on my cock head. MMMMMMM! It was wonderful. Periodically I felt the crop on my ass. Damn that got me aroused. I began to get lost in the amazing feeling of the hot breathe, hot lips and tongue on my cock. Just when I thought I was safe I was quickly brought back to reality with a sharp tug on the leash and the crack of the crop on my ass.

Suddenly my cock was set free from the warm mouth. I felt a long finger sliding up and down my ass crack. I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart and a breeze of hot breathe on my ass hole. I shuddered and almost melted as a tongue began to lick my ass. I wobbled but the crop straightened me up. I could feel the tip of the tongue gently circle my anus and slowly penetrate just the outer edge as the leash was pulled tight. I wanted to cum so bad. I wanted to get fucked with all of my desire.

The tongue was quickly replaced by a well lubed finger. I could feel a liberal amount of lubrication being applied to my hole. Without warning a finger was forced into my ass. I don't know how I held back from cumming right there.

"You like it when I finger fuck you, don't you bitch? You had better not speak or you will suffer. If you are good I may fuck you later but only if you are a good slave and do as you are told."

Soon a second finger was added to my hot ass. I was in bliss and losing myself in the fucking I was getting. Just as I was reaching new heights, the fingers were removed. I sighed in disappointment and was punished for the noise I emitted. The leash was pulled straight down almost pulling me off balance.

"What did I tell you fuck whore?"

I heard the swish as the riding crop quickly contacted my ass cheeks. I must have gotten 20 swats. I loved it.

"Just for that, I will punish you bitch!"

I felt a sudden pressure on my ass and the penetration of a what I guessed was a butt plug. I gasped as it slid into me. Thank goodness for the lube. I was somewhat relieved and disappointed when it stopped.

"Don't you dare spit that out, slave!"

Suddenly I was pushed back and felt I would fall over were it not for the chair that was placed behind me. My legs were tied to the legs and my arms were tied behind me.

"Now slave, you will suck my pussy until I cum."

Suddenly a close shaven pussy was thrust into my face. I could feel a leather clad leg thrown over my shoulder. Two hands were put on the back of my head and my face was pushed deeper and deeper into her crotch. I licked for all I was worth. Her hips bucked wildly against my face. Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter as my tongue did its job and drove her wild. My tongue danced over her clit and penetrated as far as it could into her lips. I tongued her ass when I could.

I felt her begin to shake and shiver. My faced was pulled harder into her wetness. Suddenly I heard her cry out as my face was flooded with her cum. She screamed for me to keep licking her pussy.

Suddenly she pushed my head back and slapped my on top of the head with the crop.

"You could have done better bitch!" Her lips were immediately on me and her tongue penetrated my mouth. She licked her juices off of my face.

Needless to say my cock was ready to explode.

"You had better not cum until I order you to, you cum sucking slave."

"Now I want you to suck my cock before I fuck you!"

My hands and feet were released and I was pushed down onto all fours. A rubber cock was thrust into my waiting lips. I did as I was ordered and took the whole cock into my mouth. I sucked with all of my being and energy.

"You like to suck cock don't you slave?"

I nodded and moaned in agreement. That brought another slap across my ass. She fucked my face with her strap on and took all I could.

"I'm going to fuck you now. You can cum if you can't control yourself."

The rubber cock withdrew from my lips and the strap was taken off of my throbbing cock. All was silent for a moment and then I felt the tip of the strap on poking into my ass. The natural resistance could only last so long then I felt the tip pass my opening then the cock entered me. Oh it felt good. I loved it. Slowly the cock went in and then back out each time going further and further.

"Don't you dare touch your cock! It belongs to me!"

I felt the riding crop across my ass and that just drove me further on. I pushed back as far as she pushed in.

"I love fucking your ass cum slave. Damn you are tight!"

Her rhythm increased and I pushed back more. I could feel the harness as I took the entire cock into my wanting ass. She continued to slap my ass as I rocked and ground my ass into her.

It must have been the stroking of my prostrate or the entire image of it all but I could not hold back anymore. My balls tightened up and my cock began to pulse and the cum shot from my cock. I thought I would pass out. She pounded harder as she saw me cumming buckets on the sheets.

She pulled the rubber cock from my ass and I collapsed on the bed. Suddenly I felt her hand press against my mouth.

"Eat your cum bitch. How dare you cum on my sheets."

I happily licked my cum from her hands. When I finished I felt her lips on mine. She tongued me deep as her hand and nails dug into me.

"You are a good bitch slave! I guess I may keep you just so I can fuck you again. Maybe if I am tired, I can find some one else to fuck you sweet ass. Then you can suck a real cock. That gets me excited. I taped it all and took pictures so don't you dare tell or you will regret it."

I was ordered to go into the bath room and clean up.

When I went to the fridge the next morning to get my lunch, I found a picture of me sucking a strap on and one of me getting fucked hard. The note said "My fuck slave, better be good!"

It seemed odd that the pictures were taken close up and at a distance. I had this eering feeling that some one else was there. Hummm?

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