Slave Ch. 06


The ride back to Master's mansion is subdued. I kneel as I have been ordered facing Master between his legs and when he finally spews his tasty essence in my mouth I smile my thanks and look up at Master and the black clouds of smoke behind him. Dark orange flames fill each cloud and reach to the sky as the palaces of Master's two boy's burn to the ground.

I wonder how a Master can be happy after hearing his sons die slowly in agony at the hands of their slaves. "They were of his seed but not his mind," my loud and sometimes cruel voice tells me. "Remember his other son," the quiet voice tells me.

The long, slow drive back to Master's mansion takes forever. It seems to me, sometimes, that Master even owns time. My slave tits are sore from bouncing at each pothole in the road when we finally get there. "Does Master have these holes in the road just so he can watch his slave's tits bobble at each jolt?" my small voice asks.

"Did you like showing your slave tits?" my loud voice tells the other in a snit.

I can only think yes, I did like Master seeing them bounce. They are his to watch and so are Tattoo's and my girls too. But the muscles that try to hold these new huge tits up are very sore when the tires of the limousine crunch to a stop in front of Master's pink mansion.

On the steps to greet Master is a tall, handsome and very black young man. Behind him is Cook, the chef who helped me so kindly in the past. I know now from the idle chatter of my girls that Cook is more than just a happy chef; he is a guardian and a mentor to this striking young man. One glance at Tattoo tells me who the mother and father of this young black man are. Her eyes dance with delight as they look first at him and then at Master.

Master leaves his slaves to sort ourselves out as he hurries up the stairs to greet his true son and that is the name he will have in my head, Son. No one uses any names in Master's presence, ever.

That night, when Master and son sit to a dinner fit for the owners of hundreds of slaves and an island country Tattoo and I kneel at Master's side as Cook has slaves bring in one beautiful course after another. I hear the story of Son's open secret life; how he had to stay away from his father and live in the safe keeping of Cook so the other sons couldn't find him and how he eagerly learned all he needed to know to help his father in his businesses.

When coffee and brandy are finally served a hand signal from Master sends me under the table to inch my way to between Son's legs. My hands are chained to the golden collar around my neck and I know what to do; my soft hands caress the amazingly thick cock they find between the muscular thighs as they seek out the belt and buttons keeping the cock I want from my slave mouth. Behind me is the sound of Tattoo sucking Master's cock as I pull her son's cock out to swallow it whole down my throat as I have been trained to do. I use my split and pierced tongue to please Son even as I swallow over and over again to excite him and urge him to cum in me. My hands gently cup and squeeze his black balls as I fuck my face on his hardness. The feeling of my cheeks sucking in as I pull back far enough to lick the precum from little hole on the cock in me and stroke the thickness of Son with both hands makes me so wet I know I will be cleaning my dripping nectar off the floors in the morning. Soon I feel his balls contract and his cock swell in me as Son orgasms and pumps all of himself into this slave that kneels at his feet. On the last pulse I pull off just enough so that I can taste him then I turn under the table to find Tattoo waiting to receive her son's cum from me. We kiss with my split tongue pushing all the goodness I have in my mouth into hers. Strong, female slave hands pull at my tits even as a master's explore my ass.

"May I use your fancy tonight, Father?" Son asks, exciting me even more knowing that there are now three real men that can use my slave body on this island. Master, his son and Cook; if he will have me one day too. "You are a slut now. Aren't you," my small voice says to me as I stroke the hardening cock of Son with my mouth and hands.

"You are a slut slave," my loud voice corrects.

Deep in my heart I think I do like being a slut slave and I now live for the smell of a strong master in me or the rich scent of a mistress on my face. Yes, I like the sweetness of women. My girls have me treat them almost every night and Tattoo tastes so strong of her Caribbean darkness and her tight ass is such a treat especially after Master's cock has been there.

"Son, you may have any slave you like. Would you like to have this one as well tonight?" Master asks as Tattoo kneels at his feet.

By now I am kneeling at Son's side knowing that I am to be his for the evening. "I think I'll have that tattooed one tomorrow. Tonight I want to sample this fancy you made if that's alright with you," Son tells his Father.

"Does he know that's his mother?" my small voice asks so quietly I hardly hear her.

"Of course he does and he will fuck her and do whatever a master wants to her; she's only a slave," the bitchy loud voice answers as I kneel shocked at what can be done here on Master's island.

"But Son is the son of a slave!"

"He is what Master says he is which makes him a master as well."

I don't need to hear this argument, I just lean close to Son's leg to nuzzle him like the slave I am. Soon Son asks for my leash and I pick it up off the floor with my mouth to offer it to him. He and Master walk out of the dining room with Tattoo and I following them. She pads along at Master's side, free in her slavery while I follow chained and leashed, given to Son for the night and more likely whenever he wants me.

On the terrace Bulldog serves Master his usual drink and brings Son the scotch he wants. As he leaves to stand and wait for further orders on the side Master stops him to tell him to find the Jaguars and to fetch their strap on cocks. Bowing at the waist Bulldog thanks Master and hurries off at his command with his little tail wagging.

"What do you have planned now Father?" Son asks.

"Just a little amusement," is the reply.

While the two men wait for Bulldog to find the Jaguars, a no small task with them prancing and capering anywhere they want, Master and Son discuss the younger's life as he stayed far away from his half brothers while learning all he needed to know to help his father in his various businesses. His ideas about the slave trade scare even me, a slave myself now. Son asks to see the overweight slave Master captured from the city where I was bought. At the snap of a finger Master has one of the dozens of slaves surrounding us go find the slave I call Dimples and have her brought to him. She is the first of the heavier BBW slave women caught to fill a rising market niche mostly in the east and the far north.

Soon Dimples is brought on a leash out onto the terrace by another male dog slave. She immediately sinks to her knees in front of Master begging him to fuck her, pleading to have someone, anyone take her virginity from her. Her small dimpled hands hold up heavy tits in offering then travel down over her ample belly to spread her slave cunt while she pleads for release, to be taken like the slave she is.

Master and Son smile at her antics then Master gives her permission to finger herself until she cums for him. Dimples realizes this is the only release she will get tonight as she rolls back and spreads her thick legs wide to show herself and begins to franticly play with her clit with one hand while the other goes into her slave cunt as deep as she can get it. I seriously doubt her hymen is still intact, but her actions and words tell me she is still a virgin, a slave never fucked by any man let alone a master.

"Have you put this slave up for bidding yet?" Son asks as the slave writhes in front of us on the rock tiled terrace.

Master smiles, "There are two men in the orient in a bidding war for her right now."

The thought of a small Asian man mounting this slave and being swallowed in her soft folds and deep valleys actually makes me smile. She would be worth every penny of her price; the lucky bidder would be getting the most eager slave I have seen in my limited experience.

When Dimples has made herself happy and lies limp in front of her master he has her kneel behind him as Bulldog ushers the Jaguars into the light of the torches. They are excited and prance around him trying to get at the strap on harnesses he holds. The plastic cocks are double sided with one end a huge phallus and the other a little smaller to fit in their slave cunts. They cry out their joy as they push the small ends into themselves and help each other with the straps when the toys are finally given to them.

Bulldog knows what is expected of him; he gets eagerly on his hands and knees and waits with his mouth open wide and tail wagging. The Jaguars prance around the dog below them holding up their obscenely large plastic cocks that sway in front of lithe black bodies accentuating their sleek legs and flat tummies. Soon one Jaguar sinks to her knees in front of Bulldog who accepts the thick phallus into his mouth. He isn't quite so eager when the other Jaguar kneels behind him and pushes into him with no mercy. His howls of pain are muted by the plastic cock in his mouth while the black beauties smile at each other over his back fucking him and themselves for their Master's entertainment.

When the Jaguar in the dogs ass orgasms she moves around to shove the other from his mouth and push her soiled cock into the waiting slave's mouth. Bulldog doesn't scream as loud this time as he is taken in the ass by the other Jaguar even as he licks the first one clean.

I know the taste of a cock that has been in everyone of my slave holes and know what the dog has in his mouth; he hasn't had an enema today and he is tasting his own ass. I pity him; he is a castrated male and can't orgasm, all he can do is endure while the Jaguars please themselves with him. His long, soft cock sways below him, laying half on the floor as the Jaguars take turns in both his slave holes.

Son's hand caresses me as we watch the Jaguars play; I push my tits out into his hand every time he touches them. When the black beauties tire of using Bulldog they start using each other, licking the other's tits as one fucks the other's ass or cunt then rolls to be fucked herself until Master claps his hands and sends the two Jaguars away while Bulldog is made to stay and bring more drinks for Master and his son. The dog obeys wagging his tail each time he hears his Master's voice.

I hear that other masters and mistresses will be arriving soon as Master and Son talk in front of the many slaves serving their every need. A storm has delayed the yachts that will bring most of the rich slave owners and the rest are holding their planes so they can all arrive on the same day to make the event perfect. It is discussed that Son will have me tonight and then I will be somehow put on display and made available for anyone to use for the rest of the party week.

Later, Son asks for my leash and I instantly sink to the floor with my hands locked behind me to pick up the handle with my mouth and present it as I have been taught; my head is high and my back is straight with my knees spread and the chain is tight so that it pulls my clit out for Son to see if he wishes. He does see as he takes the leather handle from my mouth and then stands with his erect cock very evident in his pants. My head is pulled forward by strong hands until my lips can kiss the hardness I can see through the light tropical weight cloth of his pants. A strong tug on the leash has me stand so Son can lead me into the mansion and up to his rooms.

Asia and Russia scamper to follow us at a discrete distance ready to tend to their charge as I am led up the stairs knowing that I must keep the chain of my leash tight for the young master who holds it. My whimpers of pain at each step go unnoticed as I am led where master wants until we stop outside a set of tall dark wood doors. The young master pulls up on my leash and laughs at my shriek as I go even higher on my toes to ease the pain in my clit.

Cook opens the doors from within and tells master that all is ready then closes the doors behind master and I when he leads me in; locking himself and my girls out. When the lock clicks in the door Son turns and gently takes the leash off my clit ring then puts his finger to my lips, "There are two rules my father made that I can't break. Even here in this room where I am assured there are no cameras or microphones you may not speak and your hands will always be bound but other than that I will treat you like the little girl you were; the one that just wanted to play at being a slave. I look at the young master as I kneel at his feet to press my head into his crotch, to feel his still hard cock with my lips, the fat lips that Master has given me. "You have been trained well haven't you," master says as he holds my head to him. "Now look into my eyes as I undress for you. Yes for you," he tells me as he begins to undo his shirt showing me his black chest with a thick mat of dark curly hairs. With his shirt off now he undoes his belt and then his pants to let them drop to the floor showing a cock as wonderful as his father's. I lean forward to take his hardness into my mouth but he gently pushes me away to help me stand so he can lead me to his bed. When I am seated on the edge of the bed my hands are locked to the short chains on my collar and Son leans forward to kiss my head while my almost free hands find him and stroke his length.

Hands find all my chains and rings and touch me gently as they tug at them and feel my soft skin. Son lets me fall back on the bed so he can feel me everywhere. His lips graze my nipples then move up to kiss every ring and chain on my face before descending down my body to taste me where no man or even a woman has been so gentle before. My girls tell me I taste sweet down there. "Down there!" I think. "When was the last time I called my slave cunt 'Down there'?"

"You taste so sweet my little slave." Son says as he smiles at me from between my legs as his hands play where they will on me. When Son stands in front of me I see the power of this young master knowing he is the image of his parents with the grace of Tattoo and the poise and cock of Master.

He asks me if I would like to feel his cock in my mouth and I am given the best present a master can give; a choice. I nod my head yes and show my split tongue to Son as an open invitation. I can't help pulling my knees up and spreading myself wide to offer all of myself as the young, black Adonis crawls onto the bed above me to give me his cock in the first slave hole he will use tonight. Another hole is wet and wanting while I know he will be wet enough to use the other when he is ready to take that one too.

Hours later a hand turns my head on the pillow so soft lips can kiss me. I snuggle into the strong arms of my other Master. Both the son and the father need the capital 'M' when I think of them now. One has earned the name from tenderness and the other deserves it because of his true power over all he sees; all he owns.

Son leaves me in his bed then and lets my girls come in to tend to my morning needs. The first thing they both do is have me sit on the edge of the bed and spread my legs so they can take turns tasting Son's sperm warm from my slave cunt. I agree when they say that he tastes a little saltier than his father.

It seems that every bath in Master's mansion has a chain in the shower so I can be held up while my needs are looked after. I pee down my legs then just letting everything go and laugh with my girls as they clean me and teach me real cleanliness by giving me an enema after I have naughtily shit myself in the shower.

I learn that there are huge yachts appearing on the horizon and planes are expected to land anytime now for Master's week long orgy. The girls tell me there is a special room where all the fancies are to be chained for the use of any guest who wants them. Some of the fancies will be male and maybe even still have their balls to please the mistresses and some masters. Master thinks that I will be the best I am told and my girls make sure I will be. They pamper me in one oil bath after another then clean all my chains and weave new ribbons on me in the plum color Master wants. They tell me this the last time I will be cleaned while the guests are here. There will only be a morning wipe down to get the dried sperm and woman juice off me. By the end of each day I should expect to be covered in dried and wet sperm from head to toe. The juice of endless women will be on my face. I realize the party is to be a complete debauchery where every slave brought here and every person attending will be used and use as well.

Master comes to collect me himself when I am as ready as my girls can make me. I am not ready but I have no choice as Master leads me by a stronger leash than normal to a huge room that looks out over the terrace and the pool. One long, curving wall has dozens of open doors that lead to small rooms with beds inside and small cushions outside by the doorways. A naked dog slave I don't recognize takes my leash from Master who leaves me then. A long chain that is attached to the head of the bed in one of the rooms is dragged out by a female slave so the dog slave can lock me to it and remove the leash. I am told to kneel on the cushion outside the door and wait to obey any order.

The sounds of planes landing and the toots of yachts fill the morning air. It's not long before other fancies are brought in to kneel on the tiny cushions along the wall of rooms. The male chained to my left still has his balls but he also has tits as big as mine and his face is that of a young girl. On my right is a female with no legs so she holds herself up with her arms bound behind her, her slave cunt open for use, never barred by her again.

The line of fancies becomes endless as each is led or carried in for the masters and mistresses to view and use

The slave two doors over has no teeth and is taught, I guess, to smile widely to show that. I only find out later she is an altered male with a dripping fake cunt his mistress likes to show off.

The things Master has done to me start to seem almost normal as more and more fancies are brought in to be chained to the beds and I see what has been done to them. Master is right; I am the prettiest fancy here! Even though I am a cartoon of a woman at least I look like a woman and still have all my holes. The room becomes loud as some fancies yell out their need to be had as they have been taught. I sit silent with my eyes down waiting for the first owner to use me and try to block out the wails of the fancies so abused that some have gone over into madness.

The feet of a man appear in front of my down cast eyes, "Kneel on the bed, slave," I am told by an old voice. The weight of the thick chain hanging from my gold collar tells me I am a slave as I assume the position the master wants and I feel his cock slide into me. He is done and gone before I can cum and I crawl back out to my cushion to wait with his sperm leaking from my swollen cunt for the next person to use me.

A woman comes to me next and tells me to crawl in and service her. I crawl under the heavy skirt to smell her sex. The mistress is wet and ready for my tongue. She doesn't need to urge me; I know what to do. While I lick at her not so sweet pussy I feel a man behind me and even as the woman gushes all over my face I feel the hot splashes of a male guest on my back. By now I am only taken into the room occasionally; most of the time the men and women use me in front of their partners and anybody in the room now.

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