tagHow ToSlave Contract

Slave Contract


Role play scene is meant for a couple

The female will be addressed as (Mistress) and the male as (Slave)

Both must agree to follow directions of this tease

Greetings ( fill in names below )

(Mistress __________ ___________)

Welcome. This tease will help you get the maximum pleasure out of your new

slave toy ( _______________________ )

To do this we will explore his kinks and limits, while making sure you enjoy him as much as possible.

You are in control! so if the tease tells you to do something and you feel it should be done differently or not at all, feel free to change it as much as you like.

First, lets put slaveboy out of the way shall we, you don't want his hungry eyes on your body, while you read, now do you?

Tell your slave to undress.

Tie him to the bed, or make him tie himself if you like you can blindfold him.

We want him nice and open for you, so make sure his knees are tied as far apart as possible.

Since one of the goals of this is to find out what makes your slave tick, we will keep an eye on his cock, if he is hard then he is enjoying what is being done to him (he doesn't have to enjoy it, but it is very valuable to know)

If his cock is not hard, it doesn't mean he is not enjoying himself though, sometimes teasingly asking if he enjoys it can be the best indicator.

If you are on a laptop, good, if you don't have the option to move to a laptop then it is fine too.

Place the laptop on your slave, does it feel good to have a human table?

Don't rush, it is ok if your slave goes limp, waiting will not hurt him

You can always play a little with his cock, get it hard for his trials ahead

Now with lets see if your slave has a good mouth, where do you most enjoy his tongue?

Kiss him, taste him, is he a good kisser?

How daring is your slave?

Try his tongue on every body part you can think of.

Hands, arm, breast nipples, feet, neck, belly, ears, fingers,

Now you most likely need something more don't you?

Perhaps it is time to try his tongue where it matters, sit on his face letting his tongue work on you.

You can use his body as a table for your laptop here.

If you can focus on reading...

If you prefer seeing him hard, you can play a little with his cock, but let's not make him cum just yet.

Starting to feel good?

Make sure you have had a nice orgasm or 2 on him,

Don't worry you will have plenty of opportunity to come back to this position.




when you feel like a little break. Lift yourself up . and make his blow on your pussy for a while . now lower yourself back almost on his face , let him lick your pussy lips and remember being on your slaves tongue is fun... so enjoy it as much as you like.

Now time for you to relax a little, we want your slave to wonder a bit about what is going on. If he is not already blindfolded, it will be a good time to put it on.

If you have any kind of nipple clamps or clothespins, put some on his nipples.

Maybe you want to gag your slave? if not tell him to be quiet while you rest a little.

Use your break as you like, relax, have a drink, or just go around the house or look at your slave as you like.

Now say this out loud, so he can hear you, but he thinks you are talking to yourself

Is it nice having a slave to play with

Its time to rest for a while , well you will , Untie your slave and have him make you something to eat and drink , Make him do all this wearing the nipple clamps and naked, while you enjoy watching TV or reading on the internet about, slave boys, or maybe reading a book, which he can bring to you, You can have him find a website, on femdom , enjoy the pictures, while you wait for him to do chores around the house, switch laundry, sweep the floor, bring you a glass of wine,

When you want to continue, call him over and make him tell you a sex fantasy of his , in detail, make him hold his cock while he is telling you this fantasy, but make sure he does not stroke it, just hold it, enjoy watching it get hard, now make him get a rope or a shoe lace and tie it hard on his penis , and around his balls,

Make him kneel,

Does your slave enjoy being tickled?

Try each soft spot.

armpits? inner thighs? the sole of his feets? his neck? maybe his ears?

or perhaps his inner thighs?

test to see his reactions, is it making him hard again?

Now make him say if he wants to be tickled or not , and do the opposite .

( smile ) don't forget to smile when you are telling him things he does not want to do

Does your slave like pain?

Well lets find out.

Play with his clamped nipples and watch if he gets harder.

Twist them. Open them a little then close them again, turn them. Whatever you can think of. If your slave gets hard from this, then he enjoys pain.

Pull on the rope around your slaves balls.

Does your slave like pain? If he did here is an opportunity to find out how much.

Make him untie the rope around his balls,

Now tie it harder watching his eyes get bigger , pull harder than you think you should

Don't worry about tying it too tight, as long as it doesn't put pleasure directly on the balls it's not going to hurt much.

Now is the time to find out how much pain your slave boy really likes.

It will be very valuable knowledge later.

Try a few light slaps, twist his nipple clamps and so on. but don't give his cock any attention. We want to know if he gets excited without you touching it.

Place your hand on his balls and press lightly, is he still hard? Does he still enjoy it? Press harder then.

Experiment a little to find the pleasure level that makes him go soft.

Patience ... enjoy yourself ...

Watch your slave closely,

This is always a good time to make him promise he will do anything for you, he will say it , you can have him write it down, Make sure he says he is your slave boy, and that he wants to be your servant , make him say it more than once.

Does your slave find your feet sexy, you are about to find out , put you foot on his balls. Remember careful, you don't want to break your new toy. Put some pressure on his cock and balls, make him sit on the floor , put his cock on the floor and step on his cock, watch him, make his say if he wants you to apply more pressure , As Long as He is hard he enjoys it, even if he says otherwise.

Now, we shouldn't leave clamps and rope on for too long. You can take the clamps off gently or pull them off roughly, did he like pain?

Having clamps just taken off hurts as blood flows back into the nipples, this makes them more sensitive so this is a good time to bite or pinch them.

Untie the rope on his balls so he can cum (but don't make him cum yet)

Would you like to cum on his face again? Go ahead; he is there for your pleasure.

Enjoy him for as long as you like.

Now it is time for you to decide if and how he should cum.

If you have never denied him, then it is worth a try, or you can always tease him by saying no and changing your mind.

Maybe you will enjoy teasing him like that... but expect him to be horny for a while, if you deny him.

You can have fun by bringing him close to a orgasm, make his say that he is close and stop.

This can be fun entertainment for any mistress.

Tease him a little with this option; make his say if he wants you to keep teasing him or if he wants you to let him cum, make him beg you for it, Make beg you to let him wear some of your lingerie , take a picture , make him beg you to take pictures of you , threaten to post them on line,

Make him put on woman's panties, bra, stockings, make him wear a button up shirt and pants, make him drive to the local store, in the parking lot make him unbutton the shirt so you can see some of his bra, and open the fly so maybe some people can see the panties , make him buy a red lipstick , and any other makeup he wants , ( you can go with him ) if you want to or when he is back at the car he can call you ,

Tell him to apply the lipstick, and makeup, he bought , take off the pants and drive back home, ( hopefully he gets pulled over ) , in the driveway , make his take off his shirt , and walk back into the house slowly.

Now sit back on the couch and have him lap your pussy , until you have another orgasm . Take some pictures while his face is buried in you pussy,

By now he must have been hard, about four or five times if followed my directions. If not than you should take some more time having fun.

Its time for him to cum , ask him if he wants you to suck his cock , so he can cum in your mouth, when he begs you to do it , make him lay back on floor face up , straddle him and fuck him until he cums inside of you ,

( never do what he wants )

This tease is for the enjoyment of the Mistress , do only what you think will make you happy and will bring you pleasure,

Don't wary about the Slave boy , he read this tease , and had the option of not giving it to you , and since you are reading it . He must want this.

He is looking to this role play as much as you are

Know that all of this is only a suggestion, you may take your time and change anything you want on this role play, it's for your enjoyment and fun.

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