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Slave Dreams


You were lying on your bed and I was kneeling over you with your cock deep in my cunt. Master D was standing at the side of the bed, floggers and singletail close by, a cane in His hand. A 3rd man was on the bed, behind me, stroking His cock. Several others stood close by, waiting for you to begin.

You began thrusting up, deep into my cunt, and as you fucked me, you pulled me forward to expose my back and buttocks. Master D began with the cane; several swift blows to my buttocks, each one just a little higher than the other, until red welts covered my butt. As He beat me, you fucked me... my cunt tightening around you with each strike of the cane; my cum dripping all over you. Master D changed to a flogger and warmed my shoulders quickly. When my back and shoulders were a crimson blanket, He used His hands in an aggressive spanking of my butt. The welts from the cane added to the warmth and pain from the spanking and soon I was moaning in the most incredible painful pleasure... and through it your hard, hot cock filled all my cunt.

Your hands moved to grasp the tender cheeks of my ass and as you spread me wide, the third moved into place. With one swift and powerful move, He penetrated my ass! I heard myself scream and then whimper as my torso flew up straight, you immediately pulled me back down toward you, and as the man began to viciously fuck my ass, Master D began with a crop across my shoulders.

"Look into my eyes, slut! Tighten you cunt around me and hold still. Feel my cock deep inside you. I own you, and today you will be used well, whore,"

the feeling of your cock deep in my cunt, the cock being thrust in and out of my ass and the crop beating my shoulders was overwhelming! I needed to cum badly, but had not yet been given permission.

Master D changed to the singletail. His whip was aggressive and He was in total "sadist form" this day. He whipped my shoulders and back, matching His strokes with the whip, to the fuck rhythm of the man in my ass.... All you had to do was hold my arms and enjoy the scene.

"Open your mouth, whore"

a cock was thrust into my mouth and the owner began to thrust in and out, keeping exact rhythm with the ass fuck and Master D's whip. Your hips began to thrust up again, no longer having to focus only on me; you knew I was in my zone.

The man fucking my mouth was ready to complete... he had his instructions and pulled out of my mouth, stroking his cock and grabbing my hair, he pulled my face close to him. His cum covered my face and shoulders; not a drop missed its target. He stepped away, and after you admired his work, you called for another.

One after another, the rest of these men stepped before me and used my mouth. Every orifice was filled and Master D's whip never missed a beat!

"Cum for me, whore, and don't stop" my cunt went into immediate spasm and I began to gush over your cock; soaking you and the bed below you. As I was cumming, my cunt and ass tightened around the two cocks, so deep inside me.

3, 5, 9... I do not know how many different men fucked my mouth, and then covered my face and shoulders with their cum. I was beyond anywhere you had ever taken me before!

You continued to talk to me "you are my whore, my slut. I will use you in any way I desire, and you will open your body to all I give you to.

My back was covered in bruises; whipped to the point where I will bleed with any further blows. Master D put His whip down and took His place at my mouth....

"Now, we will fill you" for a brief moment, I was allowed to look into your eyes. The love that I saw there brought tears to my eyes, and I was in heaven.

As Master D thrust His cock into my mouth, you and the 3rd became more aggressive in my cunt and ass. I could feel something explosive building inside me!

Deeper and deeper, the three of you fucked me. Harder and more aggressively than I have ever been taken before. I could feel it happening, the throbbing from all 3 cocks and then I was given permission to move...

"Finish all of us off, whore."

With your words, I went crazy....

My hips moved forward onto you, backward to the cock in my ass, my mouth moved down onto Master D until He was deep in my throat and I sucked Him aggressively the 3 of you were hard and throbbing and my cunt and ass began to spasm. When I felt the first heat from your cum in my cunt, I used every muscle I could to suck you deep into my cunt and held you there. The 3rd, in my ass, felt it to and thrust deep where I could do the same with my ass. With quick clenching and unclenching movements in my ass and cunt, I milked you both and absorbed every drop and Master D fed me His cum. as my ass and cunt, sucked the cocks that were deep inside me, my mouth sucked the cock that was deep in my throat and I was filled to capacity and covered in cum!

My dream ended with me collapsing and the three of you gently rolling me onto my side and covering me with a blanket. I slept peacefully and when I woke up this morning, I felt used and stretched. You own me; Master... use me, as you feel fit!

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