tagLesbian SexSlave For A Week Ch. 03

Slave For A Week Ch. 03


Jessica was cooking breakfast naked again as Will walked in, he was on the phone with someone and sounded very happy this morning. She winced as he slapped her ass on the way by... her poor little hole was still sore from all the abuse it had taken yesterday. When she'd been cleaning the floor he'd come up behind her, taken a few strokes in her pussy - which had gotten her very excited - but that was only to wet his dick to force it back into her poor asshole. Which, since it had only recently been deflowered, had been rather painful even if it was erotic and even if she did cum. This morning he'd fucked her to orgasm, but hadn't cum with her; instead he'd pulled out and fucked her ass again. So it was feeling very sore. Although she was starting to get a taste for anal sex, she wished that he would give her some time to recover.

Turning the bacon in its pan, she kept one ear out on the conversation.

"Ok... yeah, yeah I know you have, that's why I thought you might be interested... Definitely... Alright, then I'll see you at one!" and he hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" asked Jessica curiously.

Grinning he put down the phone and came over, giving her a big kiss and a squeeze on her tender buttock, "That was my friend Ellen... you met her once. She always thought you were pretty hot, and she's agreed that if she can have sex with you, I can watch."

"WHAT?!" gasped Jessica, staring at him in shock and then screeching as bacon fat spit out of the pan and onto her arm. Turning back to the cooking furiously she said, "You want me to have sex with another GIRL?!"

"Yep, she's bisexual but prefers women, and I promised her I owe her one for doing this," Will grinned as he stood behind her, caressing her backside and running one hand into the front of the apron, "As winner, I'm pretty much getting all my fantasies fulfilled... although I'm not coldhearted. I've asked my friend Greg to come over tonight to help me fulfill one of your fantasies."

Jessica's body tingled as she realized that he was talking about when she'd confessed that she'd always been turned on by the thought of having sex with two guys at once. It still turned her on, but it seemed kinda scary too, now that it was actually going to be happening. And having it prefaced with an act of lesbian sex didn't really make her any less anxious. Although she'd experimented with a friend one drunken night, she didn't really remember much of it... and she'd never had anyone watching her have sex with someone else. It seemed a little odd, even if it was kinda hot.

Speaking of hot, Will's roaming hands were getting to her... she tried to concentrate on the cooking as he bent his knees behind her and slid his dick into her pussy. It was an awkward angle, and he couldn't get in all the way and she couldn't really respond, but by the time breakfast was ready he'd cum in her again. She just thanked her lucky stars that he hadn't wanted her ass again, she was already sitting uncomfortably on the seat.


That afternoon Jessica met Ellen; she was a pretty girl with an obvious zest for life... nothing like the butch lesbian picture that Jessica had in her head. She cursed herself for obviously being a little prejudiced or something, that the first thing she'd thought of was a butch person. Ellen was cute and petite, she kinda reminded Jessica of a fluttering pixie, a wide smile and big bright eyes that were full of excitement.

Will was already seated on the couch and fondling his hardening dick as Ellen kissed Jessica for the first time. It was soft, much more sweet and gentle than one of Will's kisses. Jessica found that she didn't mind the difference at all, there was something very feminine about this whole situation that she actually found rather erotic. Of course, the femininity came from the fact that they were both females, but still... it was different and very interesting. Taking Jessica's hands in hers, Ellen slid them under her shirt; getting the hint Jessica started undressing the other girl, shyly looking over her body.

Once Ellen was naked she kissed Jessica again, pulling her close in so that their breasts rubbed together... it was a rather odd sensation, almost as if the globes were getting in the way. Jessica had never had her naked breasts pressed against another girl's naked breasts; she could feel the smooth skin and hardened nipples against her own flesh. They began caressing each other's body's, exploring the other's curves and nipples, rubbing and touching... it was amazing. Ellen seemed to know every sensitive part and just how to touch it to build excitement. Jessica just tried to return the favor as best she could.

Gasping as Ellen nibbled on her nipples, Jessica then took her turn at sucking and licking at the other girl's nipples. That was also something new, although she'd sucked on a guy's nipples before, a woman's were much bigger and had a completely different texture to them. They were also attached to a much softer and fleshier surface.

Slowly the girls sank to the floor, continuing to lick and caress, kissing passionately now. Jessica was enjoying this a lot, something that she hadn't been so sure she would, but there was something very erotic and sexy about it. Women's bodies were so different from men's, and even though she didn't think she'd ever play in the majors, maybe going to bat occasionally in the minors would be ok. Then Ellen turned around on her body, spread legs on either side of her face and a wet pink pussy lowering to her mouth.

Hesitantly Jessica licked at the outer edges of Ellen's pussy, feeling the other girl teasing her own wetness with her tongue. The burning desire that was growing in her groin helped to make licking Ellen's pussy a little more comfortable; it was a way to repay the girl for the delicious sensations that she was creating in Jessica's body. Besides, as Jessica swiped her tongue down the center of Ellen's pussy, she found that it didn't taste bad at all. The texture was a little odd, but it was sweet and musky, not at all unpleasant.

Taking the initiative on her own, Jessica began licking and sucking on Ellen's pussy lips, nibbling at the tender inner flesh. The response to her own pussy was immediate, and she felt herself sinking into waves of passionate pleasure. Everything seemed to be rather circular, the more intense stimulation she gave to Ellen's pussy, the more she got, and the more she felt like giving. Eventually her tongue found Ellen's clit, and Ellen's hips jerked on top of her. Licking the clit over and over she felt her own being sucked into Ellen's mouth and she wrapped her own lips around Ellen's clit. Both of the girls began shaking and gasping, crying out into each other's pussies and creating intense vibrations; they both kept trying to stimulate the other's clit and the random occurrences of touch just prolonged both of their orgasms.

Finally, gasping, they just lay there; Ellen's body was collapsed on top of Jessica's. With a low sigh she rolled off and turned herself around, kissing Jessica's lips and running her hand down the center of her body.

A moan off to the side distracted them and they looked over to the long-forgotten Will and the spurts of cum that were on his legs and the floor in front of him. He grinned at them and they laughed back at him.


Later, in the shower, Will asked, "So, how was it?"

"Different," she grinned at him, "Exciting... women really know where to touch other women."

Will found himself feeling a little jealous, "Oh really? Well, I know how to touch you."

"Not like she did," Jessica had a hint of mischief in her eyes, "There's just something completely different about being with a woman."

"Oh yeah," said Will, turning off the shower and picking her up in his arms, "Well, lemme show you wants different about being with a man." Walking into the bedroom he tossed her on the bed as she laughed, amused by the jealousy and possessiveness that was apparent in his expression.

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