tagBDSMSlave For A Week Ch. 08

Slave For A Week Ch. 08


Will had been very intrigued by some of Jessica's reactions to the previous day's toys... especially the whip and the paddle. A little pain seemed to turn her on a lot, and he was kinda wondering what it would be like to incorporate that into their week... although he hadn't really thought about it too much before he'd always found bondage interesting, and spanking her was looking more and more appealing. That night, as she slept (pretty exhausted from the long day of playing with toys) he looked through the internet, reading up on some of the BDSM stuff that he found. Ok, so it wasn't something he was sure that he'd be great at, but at least they could try it! After all, wasn't he her "Master" this week? Although he wasn't sure if he liked the way "Master" sounded, maybe he just wasn't ready for that yet... "Sir" felt more like him.

The next morning he went back to the porn store and picked up a few more items, excited to take them home and try them out. Jessica was a little nervous as he pretty much gave her the morning off, disappearing into the bedroom... she heard the sound of a few power tools and she wondered what on earth he was doing. Well, maybe it had nothing to do with her...


Later that afternoon Jessica found that it did have something to do with her; Will had been very busy that morning and had installed a hook onto his ceiling and now had a chain hanging from it. Putting her wrists in handcuffs, he then attached the handcuffs to the chain, putting her up almost on her tip toes and stretching her body out. She looked incredibly vulnerable and beautiful.

"Today you will call me Sir. Not my name, not anything but Sir." Will smiled as she looked at him in disbelief.

"Are you serious?" Jessica watched as he frowned at her and picked up one of the whips, "Wait, Will I'm sorry, I just had to ask... AHH!!"

She screamed as he slashed the whip across her ass, it was much harder than he'd hit her the day before. Tears sparked in her eyes and she danced with the pain, her breasts jiggling up and down.

"You don't talk unless you're answering a question, and every time you talk you refer to me as 'Sir'." Will stared her down as her mouth worked, letting her know that she shouldn't be talking. With a fearful glance at the whip in his hand, she shut her mouth, the line across her ass still burning. Seeing her acceptance he asked, "Is that understood."

"Yes Sir." was her immediate response, very soft-spoken and a little unsure. He found it to be an incredible turn on, watching her submission to his demands and seeing her stretched out and vulnerable.

Picking up a smaller whip, he started to whip her boobs again, watching them bounce as she whimpered. He was slapping steadily and firmly although it wasn't particularly hard. Slowly her breasts started turning pinkish, her nipples standing out, almost asking to be whipped. He tried to hit them every chance he could, aiming most of his blows for her nipples, even if he missed it didn't matter so much. Jessica danced and writhed, her shoulders aching as she started to cry out, tears beginning to trickle down her cheeks. It was burning, but at the same time she was feeling really turned on. Something about being restrained made everything so much more sexy, so much more erotic; even though she was supposed to be doing everything he wanted this week anyway she really liked that she didn't have any choice here. There was no way to argue, no way to demand... all she could do was fight or accept. And she chose to accept.

Will picked up a cane and lashed her sensitive breasts several times, making her scream. Red welts stood out on her breasts, he thought that they'd never looked so beautiful. Dropping the cane he stepped forward and took her breasts in his hand, squeezing the tenderized meat roughly and pinching her nipples. Moaning, Jessica winced as his hands mauled her tortured flesh, her nipples feeling swollen and painful - one of the cane lashes had cut right across them. Ignoring her discomfort, he lowered his mouth to her swollen nipple and bit down, rolling the tender bud with his tongue.

They were both surprised when he reached down and found that she was incredibly wet. Something about the pain in her breasts translated to incredible arousal for her pussy... truth be told she'd always had some thoughts about being tied up, and she'd always liked her sex rough. His fingers pressed up into her roughly, encouraged by her arousal, and she cried out as her pussy was roughly abused. Pumping in and out of her with quick hard strokes, his fingers burned inside her, wriggling and pushing at her walls.

Jessica was nearing her orgasm when he pulled his fingers out and she let out a wordless noise of protest. Grinning at her, Will said, "Good girl... I'm glad you didn't say anything or we might have had to whip you some more." Jessica shivered, but she also felt a little thrill of excitement when he told her that she was a good girl. There was something very... sensual about that.

Stepping around behind her, Will rubbed his dick along her slit, making her even more excited... but rather than pressing it into her anxious pussy, he began working his juice-covered member into her ass. Despite the toys in her ass yesterday she was still very tight, and she groaned with discomfort as he began to work his way into her, crying out as he reached up and grabbed her brutalized tits for leverage. His hands working over her sore flesh, he pressed his meat into her tight hole, making her feel like she was burning at two ends.

Pumping hard and fast he forced his way into her body, squeezing her boobs hard as he thrust upwards, pulling her body down. His hands started running up and down her body as he fucked her ass, enjoying the way she was stretched out in front of him. Always though, he returned to her breasts, the red-streaked flesh spilling out from between his fingers. Jessica moaned with frustration, her orgasm was elusive as the pain mixed with the pleasure, and he never kept his hand at her pussy quite long enough for her to cum. Even though he was being rough with her body she was loving every minute of it, feeling his dick big and hard in her ass and the way his hands touched her all over...

Finally he started rubbing continuously on her clit, pinching and twisting, "Cum for me... cum while my dick is up your ass you little slut..." As her clit burned between his fingers, Jessica's head fell back and she screamed with triumphant ecstacy as her delayed orgasm hit her like a freight train. Shaking and convulsing, her ass gripped him hard and its muscles rippled over the length of his dick; with one brutal thrust he buried himself inside her and sighed with pleasure as he began to cum in her ass. Jessica's muscles milked him, pulling at his dick as though her ass was trying to suck the cum out of him.

Afterwards he uncuffed her and went downstairs with her... making her wash the floor he gave her ten spanks for every glob of cum that dripped onto the floor, but he wouldn't let her wipe off her legs either. He liked watching the cum drip from her ass and down her thighs, waiting for it to get to the floor so that he could take her over his knee again. Truthfully, both of them enjoyed it, Jessica moaned and writhed on his lap every time he spanked her and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

Eventually he had to take her back up to the bedroom, his dick was hard and aching against her stomach as he tanned her ass, turning it a bright pink. Tying her face up on the bed he fucked her pussy hard, enjoying the way that she moaned as her sore ass rubbed against the sheets and her tortured breasts rubbed against his chest. This time even her legs were tied down, she was completely stretched out and helpless... it didn't take long before they were both cumming, incredibly turned on by the experience.

Later that night he held her in his arms, whispering in her ear, "This is our last night together... is there anything you'd like to do?"

Looking up at him, she smiled and he felt his dick twitch at the look in her eyes, "Tie me up again and whip me please... Sir."

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