tagBDSMSlave in the Mirror

Slave in the Mirror


You'll need a full length mirror and a vibrator, or at least something cock-like to suck on. Place yourself in front of the mirror to start, I want you to see every second of this, slave.


Strip, whore. Don't just take your clothes off, pretend I'm behind you, watching you. I'm sitting down, make a bit of a show for your Master.

Strip down to your bra and underwear. Good Bitch.

Now, kneel in front of the mirror and cup your breasts for your Master. Push them up. Now, be a good little slutwhore and look straight into the mirror, right into your own slut-eyes and say "I am a whore. I am a filthy, dirty, slutty slave."

Rub your cunt through your underwear, circle your clit. Don't even think about touching it Bitch. You belong to me.

Now take that same hand and suck your middle finger, get it nice and wet. I want you to drool, whore. Drool for your Master.

Spit into your hand and smear it on your face, you love the feeling of something wet just dripping down your chin, don't you, you little cum hungry slut?

Say, "Yes, Master."

Say it louder!


Now take your vibrator, turn it on and put it on the ground, right under your pussy. You want to feel it on your wet, slutty little cunt?

You can't, not without your Master's permission. Not without my permission, slave.

Take your bra off. I want to see your breasts, whore.

Take your right breast in your left hand and squeeze, harder, cunt. Twist your nipples, twist them hard and pull. I want to see tears.

Get you fingers wet and rub your breasts, pinch your nipples. Get them hard for your Master.

Good Bitch. Good slave.

Now back up and get on your hands and knees, move so that your face hovers over your vibrator. You look like a dog, slave. That's what you are now, my bitch-slave.


Louder, you filthy fucking cunt!

Rub your cunt, slave. Are you wet?

Answer me slut!

Now slap your own ass, you love it don't you? You love hurting yourself for me, your owner. You love looking like a desperate, fucking, whore.

Imagine your vibrator is my cock. Your Master's cock. You love cock, and you love your Master.

Lick it, suck it, take in into your mouth and swirl your tongue. Get it all nice and wet, just like your fuck-hole.

Now, turn it off, slip your left hand into your underwear and impale yourself on your own fingers. Keep your left hand still. Feel your cunt stretching, feel your own slutty insides beg to be fucked.

Bend down and pick up the vibrator with your mouth and repeat this next line over and over again.

"I am a slave, I need you, Master J. I need Master J's cock. I love Master J's cock in my mouth. I live to serve you, Master J."

I don't care how long it takes, but say it clearly, say it loudly. And you'd better keep my cock in your mouth. That's where it belongs, my cock belongs, inside you.

Rub your cunt, slave. You may touch your clit, but don't you dare cum you filthy Bitch. You cum when I say you can. Whine, beg for it like a good dog.

Too bad, slave. Stick a few fingers in yourself and fuck yourself.

Touch your forehead to the ground, let the vibrator fall out of your mouth.

Keeping thrusting your fingers into yourself.

Nuzzle the vibrator, rub it on your face. Feel the cool air as your saliva coats your whore-face.

Glance at the mirror and stop thrusting. Thank me.

Properly now, slave. "Thank you, Master J"

Then go back to licking the vibrator, worship it as if it were my cock.

Continue worshiping me.

"I belong to Master J. I love Master J. Thank you, Master J."

You may continue masturbating. Keep repeating that line above, I want you gasping it between licking the vibrator.

You may cum.

Whisper it to yourself, "I belong to Master J. I love Master J. Thank you, Master J."

Feels good, doesn't it slave?

Take your underwear off and stuff it into your mouth. Suck your own whore juice from them.

You look cute like that slave. Drinking up your own juices, your skin flushed, panting like the depraved slut you are. Your Master loves it when you look like that.

Take a picture of yourself like that and send it to me. Maybe next time you'll need a collar.

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