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Slave Night


Amy looked at the clock. 4:30. Her master would be home soon, and she went to the bedroom to prepare. As she stood she squeezed her pussy, drawing the balls she wore insider her deeper. As she walked, she could feel the slight vibration coming from within, causing a slight tingling feeling in her stomach. She dropped her robe and got in the shower, quickly washing her long red hair. Grabbing her razor, Amy shaved, making sure every square inch was silky smooth and hairless.

When she was done, she dried quickly and grabbed the outfit the was instructed to wear. Starting with her panties, she pulled up the small lace v-string. the tiny triangle of delicate fabric barely covering past her clit. She straightened the strips of fabric that wrapped around her shapely hips and passed between her ass cheeks, tucking the pink string of the balls that barely Hung out of her neatly between her freshly shaved lips. Amy wrapped the matching garter around her small waist and pulled on the sheer white stocking, clipping them to it. the stockings had a lace top and rose to her mid thigh, the fabric cool against her skin. she grabbed the bra and clipped it behind her back, pulled the unlined demi cups up over her tits and straightened the straps.

Amy walked over to the full length mirror and stood before it. she could see her nipples and the slit of her pussy showing clearly through the open lace. making a few final adjustments, she grabbed the final piece, a white lace choker, and tied it around her neck. as she looked at herself, she couldn't deny how attractive she was. she squeezed again, keeping the balls in place and walked to the couch in the living room, glancing at the clock. 5:00 pm. soon.

She laid down across the couch on her back, legs spread open. she placed one hand above her head, and the other over her panties, cupping her pussy. Amy lightly stroked the lace, knowing her master would want her ready when he walked through the door. Her fingers stroked around her clit, and as she began to move her hips, the vibration of the balls inside her heightened her arousal. She slowed her movements, not wanting to be too close to cumming when he came home.

When Amy heard the truck pull into the drive way she stood up, walking over to the door. She stood off to the side, her feet apart and her hands behind her back holding her own wrists. Mike walked in, and smiled as he approached Amy. His hand went between her legs and he ran a finger across her clit before cupping her whole pussy and kissing her neck. she moaned as she felt his lips and tongue caress her skin, and as he began to rub her, the balls vibrated inside her. Her legs started to shake as she became fully aroused. Amy's moans became louder as she struggled to keep her hands behind her back, resisting the urge to reach for his cock. Mike stopped, not wanting her to cum. Yet.

He led her to the bedroom and told her to get on the bed. Amy obeyed. She lay on her back, legs open so that mike could have full view of her body. He looked at her up and down and told her to wait. She lay there as Mike went and took a quick shower. She moved her hips against the air, making the balls move inside her, making her pussy wetter. He was out in less than ten minutes as usual. Mike toweled off, but did not dress. He walked to the side of the bed, his cock already semi hard. Mike reached between her legs and once again rubbed her through the sheer lace of her panties. Amy moaned and grasped his cock, stroking it, and feeling it harden in her hand. "Put your head over the bed." Mike said, and Amy obeyed, repositioning herself.

As her head tilted back, she opened her legs as wide as she could, knowing what Mike wanted. He put his cock on her lips. Amy began to suck under his head as he grabbed her tits through the lace bra. Opening her mouth, she took him. His cock slid over her tongue, and the taste of his pre cum on his tip filled her mouth. she began sucking as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth, relaxing her throat in preparation. "Touch yourself," he said. Amy's hand eagerly went to her panties. She rubbed her clit through the lace and moaned around his shaft.

He thrusted into her, and Amy held her breath as she felt his thick head penetrate her throat. She felt her neck bulge with him as inch after inch of his shaft slid into her. As her lips press hard in to his balls, she knew it was in all the way. Amy squeezed her throat around him and he moved slightly in and out. After a few seconds, he pulled back, and Amy gasped for air, the thick mucousy spit from her throat stringing itself from her mouth to his cock. "Please master, may I move the panties?" she asked. "Yes" mike replied. Amy's hand slid the lace to the side, and she shuddered as her fingers touched her bare clit. she rubbed it fast, and as she opened her mouth to moan, mikes cock slide back inside it. He slid a hand into her bra and pinched her nipple, as he did, he forced the head of his cock back into Amy's throat. Her body tensed, but relaxed when she didn't gag. He moved in and out of her throat faster as she rubbed her clit. With a sudden thrust he slid all of him into her mouth and held it there.

Amy's eyes watered as his balls pressed against her lips. He grunted, then pulled out of her completely. she breathed deep to catch her breath. "come," he said, "get on your knees." Amy hopped off the bed and did as she was told. Sitting on her knees with them spread apart, she could now feel gravity pulling at the balls that were still inside her wet pussy.

Without being told, she took Mike back in her mouth. She sucked and licked all up and down his shaft. As her head bobbed up and down, occasionally taking him deep, his breath quickened. She concentrated on sucking his head. Mike cried out in pleasure, and came. when Amy could taste the first of his cum in her mouth, she buried her face into him, taking his cock deep into her throat. She squeezed and swallowed around him, feeling his cum shoot into her and slide down to her stomach. When she felt him cumming no more, she slowly withdrew him, sucking hard and making sure there was nothing left in his shaft. Amy opened her mouth, showing mike that only a few drops remained on her tongue. He nodded in approval, and then Amy swallowed the rest. She gave his tip one last lick with her tongue, and looked up, meeting his eyes, "Is master happy?" she asked. Mike smiles, "Yes, now stand up."

Amy did, and assumed her submissive position, standing before him with her legs apart and hands behind her back. Mike kissed her neck, his hand tracing down her stomach until until her reached the little triangle of lace that covered her pussy. She moaned in anticipation. Her crotch ached with desire and she squeezed, the balls moving back up inside her. His hand cover her lips, and he rubbed, his mouth moving to her collarbone. A little cry escaped Amy's lips and her face flushed. "Please master, may i cum too?" she asked. "No. not yet." he said. Mike took her by the hand and led her to the living room. The balls vibrated inside Amy with each step and sent little waves of pleasure through her. He sat down on the couch, and told Amy to sit beside him with her legs open. She did. He took her hand and placed it on his balls as he turned on the blu ray player and pressed play.

On the screen Amy's favorite porn started back up from where they had stopped watching yesterday. A small brunette was riding a thick cock, her hips grinding hard as she moaned and sucked a second one. Amy felt twinges of pleasure as she watched the the second man walk behind the woman and begin to slid his cock in to her ass. Her hand reached between Mike's legs and grabbed his cock, stroking it as the woman in the porn moaned and cried out. She lowered her head between his legs and suck his balls. Mike was hard again, but she wanted to build up his cum. Amy couldn't take it anymore, her pussy throbbed with arousal. "Please take me" she said breathlessly. Mike smiled and stood.

He pulled Amy to her feet and held her wrists behind her back as she walked to the bedroom. Mike got on the bed, laying propped up against the headboard. "Strip for me." he said. Amy began seductively swaying her hips, running her hands down her firm body. she caressed her tits and moved them down her stomach. She slipped her fingers underneath the waist band of her panties and pulled on them, turning around and bending over with her legs apart. Mike moaned at the sight of how the lace caressed her pussy perfectly. She stood and lifted a foot to the bed, and with her body turned toward Mike, she unclipped the stocking from the garter and slid it down her smooth leg. Amy tossed it aside. she unhooked the garter and removed the remaining stocking. As her hips still swayed to some unheard beat, she unclasped the bra and let it fall to the floor. The feeling of the balls moving with her hips was intoxicating, and she lifted her hands high above her head, turned, and fell onto her back on the bed. She lifted her legs high and pulled the panties down, drawing her knees to her chest as she removed them completely. She rolled to her stomach, and drawing herself to her knees, she put her hands behind her and grabbed her own wrists. "now what Master?"

Mike moved closer and cupped her bare pussy. her hairless lips were hot with arousal and she moaned as he touched her. He slid his finger into the loop of the string hanging out of her and pulled slowly . Amy moaned as the balls stretched her opening, they weren't quite as wide as Mike's cock, but close. the first ball popped out, and she let out a hard breath as her opening closed. He pulled again, and as the second one left her, she suddenly felt empty. Mike tossed the balls onto the floor, and grabbing her hips, laid back, bringing her over him, straddling him. The head of his cock teased her lips now, and Amy rubbed her lips against his shaft until his head found her tight opening.

Amy lowered herself onto him, moaning out as his thick cock spread her tight walls apart. She relished the sensation as his long shaft slid inch by inch into her, touching her in her deepest places. As she put her full weight on him, she felt the head of his cock pressing hard against her back wall. She felt as if she would tear if he were any wider. She felt full. Mike grabbed her hips and ground her back and forth on his cock. she moaned and cried out as she felt his shaft moving her insides around, her body flush with pleasure. "Oh god!" she cried as he thrust his hips up. Mike pushed her back, and Amy grabbed her ankles for support. His thumb brushed over her clit and the sudden intense pleasure made her walls twitch. Mike could feel her contract around him and moaned in pleasure.

He rubbed her clit fast, and within a minute, Amy's whole body shook and tensed as she came. She cried out, her pussy contracting hard around him, squeezing against his intrusion. As her muscled spasmed hard and fast, Mike kept himself deep inside her and moaned at the sensation of her cumming around him. At last her body relaxed, she leaned forward, trembling from the intensity as she lay her head on his chest.

Mike rolled them over and sat up, still inside her. Lifting her legs, he placed them on his shoulder and leaned over her. Amy's pussy was hyper sensitive from her orgasm and she moaned loudly as he began to thrust hard and fast. his head pounded against her back wall. Amy's pussy was now sore from being stretched, and she was about to beg him to stop when he pulled out of her slowly. Her walls ached and throbbed as he moved her legs off of his shoulders. She moaned in relief as the blood rushed back to her calves. Mike leaned over her and kissed her neck, moving his mouth down to her tits where he sucked her stiff nipple.

Amy moved her hips against him as she felt his cock press against her stomach between them. "Roll over" Mike said as he raised himself to his knees. Amy did, and as soon as she was on her stomach, Mike grabbed her hips and pulled her in to doggy position. He rubbed his cock between her pussy lips and Amy braced for the painful penetration of him entering her while she was sore. Her body shook, but suddenly his tip was pressed against her ass hole and before she could realize what he was Mike was doing, he was pushing his cock into her ass. Amy gripped the sheets hard and moaned out as his cock stretched her colon. Trying to relax, she breathed deep as he pushed in to her deeper, his shaft now filling her ass. Amy felt dirty and naughty, and she loved it. She pushed her ass up against him, taking the last of his cock in to her, and squeezed.

They both moaned out. Mike Grabbed her hips and began to move in and out of her, slamming his cock in to her ass. Amy screamed out in pleasure as she felt his balls slapping against her pussy with each thrust. Mike didn't last long with her tight ass squeezing around his shaft, and soon he thrust deep and held it. Amy felt the slight pain deep inside her of his cock stretching her, and then she felt him cum. She couldn't feel it splash against her walls like she could when he came in her pussy, but she knew what his cock twitching madly meant all the same. She bore down on him, gripping him tight, and she knew he was done when he pulled himself out of her.

Amy stayed in that position for a moment, basking in the feeling of total satisfaction. Mike untied the choker from her neck, and as she felt it fall to the bed she knew they were equals again and the role play was over. She got to her feet and embraced Mike, kissing him deeply as they held their bodies close. Amy felt his cum begin to drip out of her and run down her leg as they got in the shower and washed each other clean. Later, as they lay in bed, Mike slipped his cock back into Amy's pussy. She gasped from being sore, but took him as they spooned, his hand draped over her, cupping her tit. To tired to move, they both just lay there - enjoying the feeling of closeness as they drifted off to sleep.

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