tagSci-Fi & FantasySlave of the Orc Ch. 02

Slave of the Orc Ch. 02


Emily slowly woke up, her head aching from being hit several times against the stone wall. Her eyes opened fearfully, hoping that no one was there, hoping for some time of quiet and peace. The bedroom was well-lit due to the fireplace filled with burning logs. Thankfully, she was alone.

With effort, she managed to sit on the ground, her feet were chained, so she couldn't get far from the walls. Looking around, the bedroom seemed to be very, very simple. Just a fireplace and a bed in a circle shape. And there was the exit door, which was locked and too far for her to try and escape.

Her throat was burning, just like her stomach. She wasn't used to sucking cock at first place, and being forced to suck one as big as that didn't do any good. In the back of her mouth there was a lingering and salty taste, she had never swallowed cum either, and the flavor was weird, it felt rather sticky and seemed to be very salty, however, Em thought it was fairly enjoyable, in a fucked up way it was fairly enjoyable.

Just like in the stories, orcs were despicable creatures, who enslaved and crushed humans to death, but this orc in particular was different. Aggra was beautiful nonetheless, her face was extremely feminine for someone with her build, her lips were cute and shy, two pointy teeth pressing against her top lip. Her body was strong, she had defined abs and beautifully shaped legs. Her boobs were neither small or big, they had the perfect size. Her plump ass had its own magic too. Last but not least, there was the 10 inches cock, the biggest Emily had ever seen. The orc-woman did for sure enslave Em, but didn't kill her, at least not yet, but being a sex slave could be as bad as being dead.

She wasn't sure how to feel towards that yet, being a slave never even crossed her mind, having to please an orc was even more random, but it happened. At first, she felt regret. Regret for going in a place she wasn't invited, and regret for being stupid enough to fall for it. The day before she left to wander again, she was staying in a small village which wasn't far away from that cave. She had the option to stay for a few more days by selling more of her goods, but refused to seek for better options. And that choice costed her too much, and would probably cost more than her things can pay.

She heard a clunky sound coming from the door and recoiled against the wall, she had to think quick because someone was coming. The girl managed to lay down on the ground, pretending to be asleep.

"... and while I'm there, give the girl something to eat, I don't want her to faint." - Aggra's voice flew away, and a man entered the room.

He closed the door quickly, and started muttering.

"Stupid fucking orc! I'm going to kill you someday!" - he ignored Emily and went to the other side of the room.

There were a few chests there, but Em had to keep her eyes tightly shut, she didn't want trouble and it seemed like the best option. The guy looked through some of them and managed to get a small bowl with some pieces of old bread. He walked to Emily, and stared at her for a few seconds. He'd say she was the most beautiful women he had ever seen. The guy was one of the soldiers that kept that place running, and most of them didn't have the pleasure to see a woman and would probably stay like that for a long time. He had the chance to do something with her, but the clock was ticking, the orc would be back soon.

"Hey, wake up!" - he yelled. - "You better wake up or I'm going to hurt you!"

Emily opened her eyes, in shock, she looked upwards, his eyes were flickering in fear, but he had to do something. He put the bowl on the ground, he would take a dangerous road, but it didn't matter, he didn't care at all.

While inside the cave, soldiers shouldn't wear armor, if they did, it had to be very light. They spent most of their day looking after slaves, making sure all of them were working properly, making sure that if they weren't they would be punished. And it was tiring, if soldier were wearing armor during the job, it would be ridiculously tiring, and Aggra needed them at their best.

He pulled his pants down, his cock jumped out, already hard. Emily gasped and turned her face away. The risk of going through that again had crossed her mind, but it was different, it was a human that wanted to rape her, when they should be helping each other.

'Fuck! Everybody here wants to do the same fucking thing?!' - she thought to herself.

"You bitch, start sucking if you want to live."

"Go to hell!" - she yelled.

Somehow, she could still move her feet, but couldn't go far away from the walls. She lifted her foot with all her might, she used all the strength she had and kicked him straight in the balls. A pained scream left his lips, both of his hands quickly flying to his sack, trying to ease the pain.

"You disgusting hoe, I'm going to kill you!" - he slapped her face, Aggra came back right in time to see that.

"What the fuck are you doing?" - she crosses her arms.

"Well, I-I'm... uh..."

"You have five seconds to leave, or you're dead."

His face turned blank right away, his life slowly running away as seconds quickly passed by. He lifted his pants back up and tried to run as fast as he could towards the door, but for some reason, Emily lifted her leg, making him trip and fall to the ground. She wasn't usually like that, to simply kill someone, but he deserved it. Em didn't like vengeance, she was a good girl and knew every life mattered, but this one time, she sent everything to hell.

"See you in hell, moron." - Em said, her voice almost cracking in fear.

Aggra chuckled and grabbed the guy, holding his neck with one hand.

"You don't want to see this, girl." - she went outside with the man.

The guy tried to squirm, tried to hit her, but nothing could be done when he was already dead.

Em heard a painful scream coming from outside the door, she tried to ignore it, but his voice would forever roam inside her head, she was responsible for that. The redhead wanted to believe he deserved it for trying to rape her, she felt better that way.

The orc came back inside, shutting the door tight, and locking it. Aggra noticed Emily hadn't eaten anything, and sighed slightly. Usually, most of her workers wouldn't complain, they got paid for their work and from time to time, could go back to the cities and spend their gold, if they didn't come back, she would hunt them until their corpses were inside the cave. But there were a few rare cases were some would turn against her, and when it happened, they died. Simple, quick, easy.

"Eat. You will need it." - the orc sat on the bed and crossed her arms, looking at the girl in front of her.

Most of the time, she had human slaves, but 99.9% of them were male, therefore, they went straight to heavy labour. Of course she raped some of them too, but females were something special. They were beautiful, everything about them intrigued Aggra, the smooth skin, feminine traits, delicious body. And Emily was nonetheless beautiful, the most beautiful creature she had ever seen in her life. She had long red hair, it almost reached her butt. Her face was shaped perfectly, very feminine and cute traits. Blue eyes and freckles all over her face. She wasn't the fighter type of girl, nor she wanted to be, she was average, almost skinny, small cute tits. Her legs were somewhat plump, and her ass seemed like heaven's door, it was big and round.

Em grabbed a piece of bread and tried to bite it, but it was old and was hard, chewing felt almost impossible, but she tried her best to do it. Minutes passed by in a flash, and Aggra was rapidly getting annoyed. She wanted to fuck, and it had to be right now. Her dick got hard at the mere thought of pounding that ass, and she couldn't wait for much longer.

"Alright, that's enough." - she got up and walked to Em, kicking the bowl away. "Get up and turn around, now!"

She was, of course, afraid, but wouldn't disobey, she still loved living and feared for her life. Her feet worked up their way, and she managed to stand. She turned around and her back was facing the orc-woman. Aggra lifted her dress, revealing Emily's big, round ass. Her cock twitched slightly, aching in need.

The orc groped the ass in front of her, grabbing and caressing aggressively, Em moaned, lust slowly growing inside her. Aggra dropped her fur rags, and her dick jumped out, it was already rock hard, twitching desperately. The orc slapped her ass once, a pained scream left Emily's lips. Her hands groped it again, opening her cheeks slightly. Her tight hole was there, waiting to receive a good pounding.

Emily had her way with men before, but all she did was kissing. She, of course, knew about sex and how it worked, during her travels she used to listen to all kinds of stuff, so she learned how that worked. But no one ever talked about getting ass fucked, that hole wasn't meant for that. And fear grew inside her, her mind was going insane with that and she couldn't do much, chained, hungry, weak.

"I'll pound you so fucking hard..." - Aggra moaned. "And pump you full of cum."

She held her cock with one hand and led it to redhead's puckered hole. Her cock was rock hard, but it was completely dry, so it would be completely painful to go inside. Of course, it would feel fucking good, but it would probably destroy Emily as well. However, she didn't really care for the human, not in that way at least. She only wanted her as a sex slave, nothing less, nothing more.

The tip of her veiny dick was pressing against the tight little hole, Emily was holding herself against the wall. It was so fucking tight, even the head of her cock couldn't manage to go inside. She could spit a bit, of course, but the orc didn't want that. She wanted to feel herself slowly torn Emily's ass apart, feel that tight hole painfully accepting her cock.

She held the redhead's waist with both hands, and pressed her cock against her ass with full strength. The hole gave in far too slowly, and the tip went inside, completely dry. Emily screamed, it hurt, it hurt like hell, it was the most painful feeling she ever felt, her ass felt like it was ripping apart. She curled her toes and moaned in pain, trying to stay awake.

"Fuck! Fuck! You are so fucking tight!"

Aggra moaned and held the girl by the waist even harder. She had pounded a lot of asses before that day, but could say for sure that one was the tightest. Only the head was in, but it already felt so fucking good. Slowly but steady she made her cock go inside that ass, inch by inch. It felt amazing, her cock was already twitching, Em, however, felt like she would die. It was so fucking painful, at that moment, she wanted to be dead. Her ass slowly accepted the monstrous cock, and she moaned in pain every second that passed.

The orc noticed she could go all the way in already. She pulled her cock back, leaving the head inside, and then went all the way back inside, ramming that ass with all her might. Aggra started to pound slowly, getting used to the tightness. As her dick slowly pushed, she moaned in pleasure. She pulled out slightly and pushed again, it was, with no doubt, the best ass she ever pounded in her whole life. Better than those filthy male holes she was forced to rape to try and cum.

Emily was feeling really weak, her legs failing from time to time and her vision spinning. Her throat was completely dry and her ass was burning like hell. That dick was so fucking big, when it was fully inside, she was sure she could see a small bulge in her belly. Everything about that made her go sick, the pain was incredibly huge, and for sure she wouldn't be able to sit straight for a long time.

The orc managed to start pounding quickly, the ass was adapting to her size and she felt happy somehow.

"I'll pound your ass every single day..." - she moaned. "I'll always fuck this tight little hole!"

Her balls were full of cum, ready to pump, and they were already feeling heavy, she knew what would come next. Almost ready to cum, she slowed her rhythm, but increased her strength. Pulling back until only the head was inside and then slamming every single inch back. She did it again, and again until her sack was almost bursting.

"I'M GOING TO CUM! FUCK!" - she pulled back and rammed all the way inside one more time. "TAKE IT, TAKE IT ALL YOU FUCKING TRAMP!"

She felt her balls being drained, as cum rapidly filled Emily's insides. Cum flowed through her ass and filled her completely. She screamed in pain once again, it was so much cum inside her, she felt so fucking full. Her tongue lolled out and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Emily could say for sure that was the most painful experience of her life. However, it wasn't all pain, deep inside, she knew it was also somewhat pleasurable. It felt slightly good, even though most of it was pain.

She didn't tell anybody, and would probably never tell it, but she had a few kinks herself. Being submissive was one of them. Emily liked the thought of being completely dominated, she liked being the weaker one during that kind of situation, even though she had never had sex before that, she just knew she liked that kind of stuff. The mere thought of being ass fucked made her wet, she wasn't completely sure why, but that submissive feeling was there, and as dirty as it is, she enjoyed it. She'd prefer to be pussy fucked, it would probably hurt the as it would be her first time, but for sure wouldn't hurt as being ass fucked did.

Aggra pulled her cock out, cum flowing out of Emily's ass, pouring down. The girl's legs failed, and she fell to the ground. The orc felt happiness at that scene, looking at the ass she just pounded as incredibly good, and for sure she would fuck her again, and again, until she couldn't stand without help.

"Fuck..." - she sighed, tired. "Sleep, human, tomorrow we'll do this again." - she made her way to the bed and fell asleep in the blink of an eye.

Em was tired too, and hungry. There was a small pod of cum near her feet, and it smelled strangely good. She wanted to have a taste at first, but ignored those thoughts, and closed her eyes, trying to go to sleep, with an aching ass.

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