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I'm shaking. Not from fear; I trust Master completely. It's the nerves that are making me tremble. I can hear muffled voices from the sitting room. I know one of those voices belongs to Master. The other is one of his friends, who agreed to participate in tonight's game. Master is laying down the rules before we begin. I already know, and Master and I have agreed that it will be more authentic if I don't know who he has asked until the game begins.

It's slightly uncomfortable, kneeling on the hard floor. The leather cuffs upon my ankles, and the ones around my wrists, are stiff and new. The collar around my neck is more worn, the D loop at the front sporting a new, shiny tag with the inscription 'Slave 01'. My hands are held behind my back, a short chain linking the cuffs. The position forces my chest out, drawing attention to my breasts. My nipples are already hard, and fading red marks are present. I disobeyed Master earlier, and have been punished. I am lucky that Master has permitted the continuation of our special evening.

I hear a creak from the floorboard on the other side of the door. I straighten my back, and lower my eyes, ready for everything to start. Master comes through the door first, turning on the light. My skin is bathed in its harsh glow, allowing nothing to be hidden. My prospective buyer murmurs his approval. Two more express their appreciation, and my gaze darts upwards, examining the new arrivals. Master hadn't mentioned more than one person!

I'm relieved to find I know all my potential 'purchasers', but can't help throwing a dark glare in Master's direction. He just raises an eyebrow at me and smirks. I should have known he was up to something. He always is. I wish he'd warned me, at least. He knows how nervous I am about being unclothed around others. That's probably why he's done this. Master did say he intended to cure me of my body shyness. I'd thought he'd take it slowly though.

Once it's clear that I'm alright with the situation, Master begins.

"As you can see for yourselves, this is a fine specimen. It is very well-trained, if I do say so myself. Does anything it's told; very few problems with acknowledging authority."

Master's really getting in to this. His friends are uncertain to begin with, but as the scene continues, they gain more confidence. They begin to ask questions, some which make me blush, for Master chooses to answer truthfully.

"How well does it give head?"

"Well enough, though its gag-reflex still causes trouble after extensive use."

"Her holes are tight?"

"Absolutely. A nice strong pressure, no matter your size, gentlemen."

It goes on for a while, before one of the buyers finally asks to take a closer look at the merchandise. Master is only too happy to allow it, ordering me to stand and display. I rise to my feet, not as graceful as I ought to have, but only Master notices the slight error in my movement. The group closes in, touching, pinching, stroking. Suddenly there's a finger in my ass, and someone is pulling open my pussy, staring intently up into my wet cunt. My mouth is held open as they examine my teeth and throat. Master offers a clear dildo and a torch, so they may better examine my pussy. As it's inserted, my clit is pinched and rubbed furiously, drawing a moan out of me.

The murmur of approval and appreciation from the trio as they stare only makes me wetter. Small tremors run through my body, and it's with reluctance that I return to my kneeling position as they turn away, beginning to question Master again.

The dildo is left inside me. I grind my pussy against my legs in an attempt to ease some of my need, but the disapproving look from Master stops me. I settle as best I can, keenly aware of the cool air against my nipples, and the steady spread of lust within my cunt. I want to be fucked, to be used, again and again. Most importantly, I want to be permitted to cum.

I'm lost in my thoughts, until the trio begin to haggle over my final price. The discussion moves away, back into the sitting room, and I'm left alone once more. I'm trembling with anticipation. Master never said how he wanted this night to finish, and I'm eager to discover how it will end. It seems I'm to be tormented though; it's a good hour before someone returns.

It's Master, shaking his head and trying to wipe a smile off his face. There's a mischievous look in his eyes, and I watch him warily. He gathers up a small collection of toys, including the spreader bar with impaler attached. He leaves, returning a few minutes later, leash in hand. Kneeling, he clips the chain to my collar, tugging lightly to get me to stand. He leads me out, having me kneel before the trio. The toys are spread out upon the coffee table, along with a collection of pornographic dvds. On a second table, there are party foods set out, and a small cold box sits beside it, filled with various chilled drinks. There's even a bowl of punch.

"As agreed," Master explains for my benefit, "although you cannot afford the permanent purchase of this slave, you may use it for tonight, under my supervision. It will provide domestic services only. The devices laid out before you may be used upon the slave at your discretion. Any further activities must be negotiated and paid for before they can commence."

Master orders me to spread my legs, and secures the impaling spreader bar between them. He then turns to the trio, asking them the most important question of all.

"Ass or cunt?"

The decision is unanimous. Master guides the dildo into my asshole, making sure I'm kneeling as straight and tall as I can. As I tire, I will gradually impale myself, and every movement will remind me of its presence.

It's going to be a long night.

Movement with the spreader bar is awkward. The trio entertain themselves for a while, making me hobble around the room. Eventually tiring of the game, one of the guys indicates that he wants to experiment with the vibrating bullets scattered amongst the other toys. Master is only too happy to agree, and smirks at me as the trio discuss exactly what they want done. I can only hear pieces of their words, but it is enough to send shivers down my spine. Finally decided, they pass their orders on to Master, who picks up three of the ghastly things, passing the remotes out to the trio. He's deliberately selected models that work on different frequencies. The thought of those tiny little things buzzing against my overly-sensitive skin makes me tremble. I hate losing control of myself, and the bullets cause me to do so every time.

One slides easily into my pussy; Master pushes it up further, his touch making me moan softly, he chuckles, commenting on it to the others, all of whom murmur words of appreciation and encouragement. He takes the other two, taping them over my nipples, and then steps back so that everyone can admire his handy-work. Soon enough, I'm squirming beneath the vibrations of all three bullets. Little whimpers and whines escape my lips as the vibration increases within my pussy; they grow to moans as the buzz against my tender nipples intensifies.

All at once, it stops. They leave me there, panting. Master collects a serving tray, securing the straps attached to it around my shoulders and waist. A ball gag is slipped into my mouth; I nudge it with my tongue, testing its effectiveness. I hope I'll not be punished for drooling, seeing as I won't be able to help it. Gags are horridly restrictive in the amount of control they allow. It is their purpose, after all. Finally, Master positions me before the coffee table, nice and close to my 'purchasers'. A blindfold is placed over my eyes, thick and heavy against my skin. I'm not able to see anything beneath the leather. Master leans down, whispering in my ear.

"If you spill anything, you know what the punishment will be."

Actually, I have no idea. Master likes to change it around. He feels I won't get used to it that way and therefore make the punishment ineffective. Given that he's already dealt with my breasts today, it probably won't be directed towards that. Then again, perhaps it will. Master does enjoy doing the unexpected. Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll be pleading for forgiveness before the end. I had better not spill anything.

Master moves away, and I listen as he fiddles with the DVD player, and he asks his companions what they want to drink and eat. They all choose moderately light drinks, with minimal alcohol. It seems they want to remember this night. I like that. It makes me feel desirable; people want to remember me. They want to remember my reactions, my whimpers and moans. It really makes me feel better about myself.

I'm shaken out of such thoughts as the load upon the tray increases; the drinks and snacks. I'm trembling lightly as the movie starts, and every sense is alert. Despite the television behind me, I know exactly when the gentlemen decide to unzip. I'm still surprised when the first stream of cum hits me. I flinch back from the hot spray as it lands on my cheek, the drinks sloshing. I still myself, expecting retribution for my error, but it doesn't come. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I feared; perhaps the drinks hadn't been spilt I thought as I could feel his cum slowly running down my cheek. It dripped from my jaw and landed on my breast.

The rest of the night continues in this manner, the trio doing their best to make me flinch and squirm. I lose count of how many times I've spilt things, and my nerves are constantly on fire. I am so close to letting go, but I know I can't. I do not have my Master's permission. I am not allowed to cum. If I do so before instructed, the whole night is over. Master will put an end to it immediately. I don't want that. I'm enjoying it too much.

The night's finale arrives. Master orders me to go clean up; I shall be servicing the lovely lady personally. It's hard not to lick my lips in anticipation. I've always wondered what it would be like to eat pussy. Normally, I don't think I could do it. Tonight, I'm so deeply entrenched within the desire to serve that the idea of refusing never crosses my mind. I'm eager to follow their orders, delighted to experience something that is so new to me. I am freed from my bonds, and it feels so strange; my ass must be gaping wide open, begging to be filled. Master gives me a light tap on the backside, hurrying me along. I don't get to taste her pussy until I've gotten all the cum off me.

My reflection pulls me up short; cum is everywhere. My chest, belly and legs are covered in it. The bathroom light shows a shiny trail from where it has hit my shoulders and slid down my arms. My hair is plastered to my head, white clinging to the brown strands like some alien creature. I've never seen myself like this. I'm dazed, drifting in a haze of arousal and servitude. I take my time showering. I want to be clean for Master and his friends. The only scent I want to smell when I pleasure Miss is her own. With my hair still damp, I return to the lounge-room, kneeling before the assembled group. I'm ordered to lie down, and relax. Miss is very kind and gentle, talking to me as she settles above me, her delicious scent teasing me. She doesn't lower herself completely yet. She's taunting me, and softly tells me to taste it. I do as instructed, a chill running down my back as I savour the sweet taste. She shudders too; Miss is already struggling. She so desperately wants to use me, but she wants to instruct me in how to serve her properly too.

The lesson is achingly slow. She teaches me to tease, and how to flick my tongue against her clit so that I draw a moan of longing from her lips. Sucking, licking, blowing ever so tauntingly; she takes it all. When she pulls away, I can't help but whimper. Miss is simply repositioning herself; with a few words to Master, I find out just how well an experienced lady can do. I'm moaning beneath her, writhing and begging for release. Miss looks up; Master must give a signal, because she lowers her head again, really working my pussy with her tongue. Her own cunt is pressed against my lips, and I suck eagerly as she grinds against my face. The desire builds, and as her pussy clenches, mine responds in kind. Miss and I cum together.

She lies there, panting, for a few minutes. Gathering her strength, she picks herself up, one of the guys helping to steady her. She accepts a cloth to clean her face, and thanks Master. Her gaze drops to me briefly, her lips twitching. I wonder if she's resisting the desire to lick them. I know I certainly am. I want to enjoy the taste lingering on my lips. The boys share a similar expression of desire, nodding in agreement. They thank Master for an excellent night, and express their wishes to do this again soon. Master reassures them that it shall happen again, though perhaps not as soon as they would like. He wants to give me a chance to decide how I feel about this, first. I don't think there will be any trouble; I'm still aching with desire. I would have loved for this session to have continued until I was spent. I remain where I am, kneeling, as Master farewells our guests. The door closes, and Master returns, smirking.

"Ten times, my pet."

I know exactly what he's talking about. The tray, and the food and drinks.

"I think... One hour for every time should do it. Come along, pet."

I lick my lips and shiver, following Master into the bedroom. It would seem that my long night hasn't finished. In fact, it has only just begun.

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